Aliayea - Self-movement

Typed by Andrea

Date : 20/10/2007

My name is Aliayea and I am one of the many children of heaven that are assisting here in each human in self-realisation and self-movement. I have ‘developed' an interdimensional methodology by which I approach all situations, while assisting human beings as myself. When human beings are not aware of themselves with regards to their self-honesty I am that voice that you hear that asks ‘why are you accepting and allowing yourself to participate in self-dishonesty?'

I have noticed that humans are repetitive in nature to say the least. Human beings have the tendency to seldom learn from past (mis)takes and do not look back to see what past moments were, so that the moment here of the breath may be ‘new' / ‘pure' and what you are doing now does not come from a past moment. Today I sit down and jot down some points that I have noticed would be necessary to take into consideration while working with self-honesty and self-direction. A few points that if you apply them throughout your day, will assist you in your individual self-direction. These are the moments throughout your day whereby you ‘become' aware of how your words, actions and inner dialogue (thoughts) which affect, if accepted and allowed to through your participation in the mind, your world and the creation of yourself.

The following points I have noticed about human beings that work with themselves:

What is a transcendence point? A transcendence point works with a value that you have attached to something/someone. The transcendence part is the unconditional release of that attachment that you have made to what it is that you have attached value to. Let me use an example: Your transcendence point while working through a video on self-deceit is perhaps the value that you have attached to being self-dishonest or accessing self-deceit in your daily participations. In your daily participation you might want for something that is of the mind and if your mind does not ‘get' what it values/wants then self-deceit steps forth. This is what the mind does when you allow yourself to access and remain in polarity – a shift occurs when your mind ‘needs' something that is not given to ‘it'.

Something to take into consideration that will assist is that when you look at your day and notice when you have become ‘bored' or ‘sleepy' or ‘agitated' – look within you and see why you accessed these points. You will ask yourself the following questions:

• Why am I bored?

• What is it that my mind would rather be doing?

• Why am I slipping into my mind now?

• What about this moment here have I attached some value or greater ‘need' / ‘worth' to – which is why the mind is now getting ‘angry' or ‘tired'?

Remember: Thus, when you look within you at your thoughts, it is therefore to realize what thoughts and values exist within you – and not to create thoughts or participate in thoughts that exist. You notice what thoughts and values exist within you pertaining to the moment and you do apply self forgiveness! Simply done actually.

Then while watching the videos or reading the articles for example you pause when you experience the ‘boredom' or ‘yawning' and look within you, seeing/noticing thoughts and feeling that exist within you. Then you apply self forgiveness – out loud. Sometimes if the mind is fairly quiet – you will experience one singular thought that ‘jumps' out relating to the moment.

Each person that is applying and living self-honesty is in their own process. Do not compare your process to that of another's. Each person will come to understand self through self-honesty and self-awareness together with self forgiveness. Oneness and equality of each person is seen in their self-honesty and self forgiveness application in every moment of every breath. So realize and understand that applying self-honesty is not so that others around you will benefit. You are self-honest because you realize that your own words and actions impact in your world and that you create you. One and equal to your words and actions.

If you allow the words that you speak to reflect your self-honesty then your words will indicate to you how self honest you really are. Thoughts that you allow to run around in your head / mind will manifest in your words eventually. However when applying self-honesty you are able to immediately apply self forgiveness on all allowed and accepted thoughts, feelings and emotions which you give permission for to exist within you. When you stop the mind and no thoughts move within you – your self expression will exist within self-honesty. Once a thought moves you apply self forgiveness and allow your words to be one and equal as you – through applying self forgiveness and self corrective action in the moment.

I have noticed that many human beings fearing what thoughts they have. It is not necessary to fear your thoughts. However if these thoughts do exist within you because of constructs, beliefs, ideas, limitations, and learned behaviors – then apply self forgiveness. No thoughts – no limitations. Look at your thoughts – they are there because you use them to calculate, decide and justify. When you have no fear, no judgment and no limitations and you trust yourself within oneness and equality then who you are will not require thinking. Your expression will stand in equality as who you are – ‘free' from mind constructs that are limitations that are created by the mind.