Alice A Bailey - From Consciousness to Awareness - Part 3

Transcribed and typed by Alice A. Bailey through the interdimensio­nal portal

Date : 03/01/2008

Section 3) I was sent to a settlement, this was during the time when beings from planets oblivious to the events of the outside multiple Universes occurrences, were being captured and taken away as slaves. To where exactly I did not know for certain at the time and frankly no-one tried to find out. The reason I’d say the application of imprisonment of beings in the outside universes were able to be carried out was due to all having the impression that existence is safe and peaceful. I remember my earlier dimensional years being that of absolute freedom and enjoyment, all beings existing peacefully within their own worlds and creations. Sharing creational abilities with one another and assisting with expanding each one’s ability to create. No-one had any impression of anyone ever deliberately harming another and therefore had no need of any protective assistance models or mechanisms. Yet, the moment arrived where other’s had taken advantage of those who existed blissfully, without a worry or fear in their world and started destroying all that are free. They deliberately destroyed creators and creations. Even turning families, friends, brothers and sister’s against each other. Sound familiar? It became an extensively difficult time to be able to trust anyone. I was grateful for my grandmother was the keeper of the settlement in which many of us were able to hide. My notes and daily observations were able to be obtained through a specific meditation application I mastered through the years. Where I came from, beings would come to me from neighbouring planets and ask me to focus on a specific planet and a specific being to reveal to them how their friends or family are doing in the different universe. I’d do this through connecting the planet and the being to my specific signature, for instance place my signature within the planet and all beings inhabiting the planet, and I’d thus be able to observe the planet and the beings current time movements and applications. Seeing everything play out right in front of me. It was a fascinating gift for which I was truly grateful for and treasured it infinitely. And so, during my time spent in the settlement, I meditated regularly and made clear notes of that which I observed in the universe’s ap­plication. I expanded my ability to be able to observe all in existence. And so I was able to open up all of existence right in front of me and see everything. The beginning and the end of existence, which fascinatingly was all here! What was quite ironic is the interesting fact that during my meditations on the planet from which I came, I never was aware of the beings who seemed to suddenly come out of nowhere and imprison all other beings. For I only used my gift when specifically asked and to now and then through my schooling years with Satya learning about multiple planets, focus on meditating on planets I learned about, to visit and observe the beings and the planet I was curious or fascinated about. Also, beings who’d pass by who secretly heard of the hide away settlement would share with me their stories and experiences of families, friends, wives, children and husbands being taken away as prisoners, barely escaping. This explaining my previous explanation of me being an observationist (a word I have just created) loner. Observationist being a being who observes for a living! Which is what I did for some time! And so I wrote, regularly, of my observations and then the few inserts and insets of my observations through conversations I had heard of the beings coming and going through the settlement. The first question naturally I asked myself during my meditations was how such applications were possible. All were existing in peace and freedom, sharing creational experiences and abilities unconditionally and equally. I then one moment opened existence in front of me. I also during the expansion of my meditation abilities had to transcend the fear of someone or something being able to find out that I am able to watch and observe them. I came to realize that it was in a way impossible as my specific meditation ability was done from the sound of equality, the one singular sound which exists in all, equally as one. I would access the sound of equality and open all of existence right in front of me, here. All of existence was able to fit in a space right in front of me and I was able to move within the sound as the sound, within and through all of existence. Why was I able to do so was my question. The answer to the question was that all and everything that exist, originates from the sound of equality and thus created as starting point from the sound of equality. The sound of equality exist within all that exist and all creations. Though, with creation come responsibility and this is what the beings who originally captured, imprisoned and enslaved most of existence did not apply. How is Bernard able to do and understand what he is able to do, merely through communication with words as the carriers of sound? The only common sense answer would be that that which he is living and applying as equal as all, have already been experienced and applied. Has he not so often mentioned that he is completely sound? Standing, living, applying and communicating as the sound of equality? Why is he able to see, understand, direct and know exactly what to do and what to say in one singular moment? Then another question is able to be asked. The words he is speaking, are beings actually hearing the sounding of the words? As the sounding of a singular word, brought myself into manifestation and embodiment of conscious sound to be able to interpret, experience, express and create within and as existence as sound around me. Words are the method of communication where sound is carried in words, where sound meets sound in a moment of sharing a experience or expression or creation. Yet, all this is non-existent at the moment. Or is it really? Have we then not forgotten our origin of hearing, seeing, creating, experiencing and expressing as the sound of equality. The answer is in sound. Hear the words, as the words are the carriers of sound which resonate through you as sound to reveal to you who you really are. To step forth as who you are as the manifestation and embodiment of sound as awareness. What is fascinating about sound is that sound has no boundaries and is limitless, endless and infinite in expression and creation. Yet, the origin of sound is equality. Just have a look at my existence and all the other beings with whom I existed. We all originated from the sounding wall, yet each one intricately unique, yet equal, yet one! This makes sharing creations and expression so much more enjoyable, sharing your own creations with yourself, sharing your own expressions with yourself, all unique yet one! Imagine the world today in such wondrous application, free movement and expression in creation. Where all understand equality, all exist equally and all experiencing and expressing their unique creations with each other. All experiencing one another on such intimate depths of self, discovering the infinite experiences, expressions and creations of self. This would be my definition of the embodiment of the sound of equality in full application, living, expressing and creating! The beings who did not understand the word responsibility as creators were those who slowly but surely separated themselves from all other beings in existence. Not sharing their creational abilities or expressions of self with others. This occurred slowly but surely, refractionally. I am now explaining what I observed during one of my meditations at the settlement whilst asking the question: How is such applications of imprisonment and enslavement possible? There was a planet named Neburu, which held four primary beings named Anu, Enki, Enlil and Marduk. They were seen as the Masters of Creational abilities, well, this is how Satya referred to them! They enjoyed creating so much and I had spent many a day with Anu especially observing his creational abilities with sound. It was magnificent and I was always in absolute awe of their creations. Yet, all always seemed fine with the four of them. They were always together, yet they did not spend much time in the outskirts of all the other multiple planets and universes that existed beyond them. They’re multiple amounts of families were amongst the travelers of the universe, exploring and sharing themselves as creators. Everyone always came to visit them, usually traveling with Satya. Yet, not even Satya was able to prepare herself for the events that were to follow. I then observed what they’ve been hiding from all beings in existence, a planet, which was hidden by a veil of sound. On this planet they manifested their creational abilities. Through speeding up the sound vibrations of molecules and atoms, they were able to physically manifest physical expressions of sound, which today is called the human body. Now what must be remembered is that I am now speaking of the beginning stages of Anu, Enki, Enlil and Marduk’s creations. They had an idea to create a manifestation of a physical body, with which they are able to climb into and walk around on a physical slower vibrational plane. The planet had always been there, yet just the same as other planets on the Universe, the sounding of the planet in manifestation vibrated at a specific frequency. The foursome decided to create the physical human body as it is known today, to be able to fit in with this specific planet, to create the exact same embodiment in the image and likeness of the planet. They then used nature as an example to be able to create the physical human body. And so it was done. The physical human body was created the exact same way in which plants existed on this specific planet, which today is called earth. The physical human body was created as the image and likeness of the planet’s plants. Have a look, the human body is the exact replica of plants in nature. It consist of the same constructs and have the exact same requirements and needs as that of plants. During this time, the physical human body was created from the sound of equality as this was the only foundational sound from which one was able to create infinitely. Then, after my visit to Anu, Enki, Enlil and Marduk, also explaining to them how I stepped forth into the existence of sound and what I understand consciousness to be, as I have explained to you previously. The foursome then decided to create a consciousness within their physical manifestation creations on the planet which is now called earth. And so it was done.

All this was kept from all other beings in existence, veiled by sound, and here is the reason why. The creation of the physical manifestations, called the human body and the creation of the fine tuned frequency consciousness, actually created a conscious being. Through my meditation application I was able to experience with the new creations, exactly they’re experience on earth. It was exactly the same as mine, seeing and hearing the purity of sound as myself, yet different at the same time. They experienced the physical manifestations of everything around them and viewed only pictures, they did not see the sound as I and most of existence understood as who we are as sound. They did not understand that they were one and equal with their existence, but was only in absolute awe of that which was around them. Nature and earth they viewed their creation and existence as pictures (as I have explained beings on earth see their reality currently). Anu then realized this and played around with these beings on the planet now named earth. All four of them wrote the book Ani, and Enki wrote the tablets of equality, which was later presented by him disguised as Anu to Marguerite and Bernard as the tablets of oneness. The book of Ani held all the foursome’s cre­ational abilities, the exact words, techniques, steps taken, sounds used, what structure that sound created to be able to specifically manifest as their creations etc. So much! And this was they’re Bible. The book of Ani became they’re way of living, expressing and experiencing themselves all written down. Even exact examples given as illustrations within the book. So clear and exact was the book that anyone who was reading it was able to create in one moment! Here originated the first establishment and application of separation within existence and equality. The planet and the conscious beings inhabiting the planet as the foursome’s creation was veiled to all other beings in existence, as well as the book of Ani. Why do I say they did not understand the responsibility that goes with creation is that they did not realize that that which they created was actually in essence themselves in manifestation. And through not realizing this, they continued with their experimentations and manifestations and creational abilities, also separating themselves from all of existence, clearly an application of what they have allowed within themselves. As they say, from the smaller to the bigger. See, they separated themselves from themselves by not allowing themselves to see that they’re creations are actually them in manifestation as the sound of equality as foundation. And through this they separated themselves from all of existence as themselves as equality. I suppose you are probably now asking how and why was it then necessary for Anu, Enki, Enlil and Marduk from the planet Neburu to imprison, enslave and capture beings from other planets? The answer to the question is quite simple: See, the consciousness that Anu specifically created, did not have any creational abilities. The reason for this is the following: As I have explained the beings created by the foursome only interpreted their existence through the pictures they were able to see with they’re physical eyes. They were very limited, only able to move around and look and touch and smell, they were able to interpret their existence through being conscious of their surroundings. Yet, they were not able to create as they knew nothing of equality of sound of creation as all other beings in existence were aware of as themselves. The consciousness was different to the other beings in the Universe as conscious embodiments of sound. The consciousness was trapped in a limited world of mere picture like interpretations. The beings were unaware of their existence actually being a manifestation of sound as themselves. Anu found a solution. Anu wanted more, to be able to truly experiment with his creations, he required the ability to control the beings through inserts of information and direct them to do as he intended. He did try this informational directive inserts through initiating sound word frequencies within the conscious frequency they created, but to no avail. It did not manifest no matter what either four of them did. The information would be inserted within the conscious frequency, but because the beings had no initial interpretation of mere sound frequencies or communication models, they did not even react to specific actions that were inserted within them to carry out and do. Their physical manifestations required a life force of sorts to be able to direct the beings into doing exactly as the four instructed them to do. Through using dimensional beings, they were able to take the essence of the beings existence and imprint and infuse it within the physical manifestations. Through imprinting, they created three different integrational levels of interpretation, communication and directive action. The first level would be the four of them inserting information within the beings on exactly how to interpret their existence. The second level would be there to fully integrate the interpretation of their existence as and abstract phase of experiencing themselves, an acceptance level. Where all applications and experiences of the beings became natural and accepted. The third level would be there for when more beings are created within the creation, and all applications and experiences have gone through the first two levels. The third was there so that the new beings who’d be born into the reality called earth, would understand and naturally accept the laws and surroundings and interpretations of their existence. All were levels of informational control, today called the conscious mind (level one), subconscious mind (level two) and the unconscious mind (level three). The conscious mind being thought information applications, firstly integrated and presented to the beings on earth. Once the specific thought informational application integrations within the conscious mind moved into abstract accepted applications of actions within the beings, the applications would move to the subconscious mind. Once it has for a certain period of time become an accepted application, fluently and easily practice and applied, the application would move to the unconscious mind. If one being accepts a specific method of action application, all will accept such application. This 3 level mind application made the foursome’s ability to directively control the beings on earth more easily accessible, as they then did not necessarily have to go to each and every being in their creation and present to them a new form of action application Anu asked them to carry out. They’d insert a specific method of application, let’s say for instance to make a fire by rubbing two pieces of wood together continuously, within one being’s conscious mind. The one being will then carry out such an application and show to other’s. By showing other’s and practicing continuously all will be able to carry out such applications. And soon those born into the reality will be able to carry out and manifest such experiences with absolute ease, this being this specific application manifested within the unconscious mind as an easily accepted method of application. And so it was done. The first beings Anu captured were the Atlantians. As they were the beings who were the purest, finest and most specific essences in all of existence. Who they are and their methods of specific applications were extensively fine tuned and of exact nature and requirement of the foursome’s ex­perimentations wit their physical manifestations on earth. The Atlantians were the first to be enslaved within the foursome’s physical manifestation creations. As soon as the Atlantians were infused within the physical manifestations, they were split in two. One half existed dimensionally and the other half existed within the beings lodged and grounded within the solar plexus to remain there as the power life force of the physical manifestations and creational interpretational abilities. Anu didn’t inform the Atlantians that he did not intend to ever let them go, and Anu also did not inform any of the other three of his true intentions. He misguided the Atlantians through informing them that he merely wanted to use them as guinea pigs for his experimentations within his creations. Naturally because Anu and the other three were well known and respected as the Masters of Creation, the Atlantians unconditionally agreed. Not thinking even twice. Anu created a dimension around earth in which the dimensional half of the beings existed. Within this dimension, the Atlantians were completely stripped of their original sound resonance energy, which meant that they became completely oblivious to their existence of who they are. Anu’s planet Neburu consisted of gold, which flourished on earth and used the beings as slaves to be able carry gold from earth to his planet Neburu. Anu placed himself as a God on earth, creating a religion of himself to validate the beings on earth’s actions and applications to dig and carve gold and leave it in extensive amounts of heaps for Anu’s civilization to collect for their planet. Anu’s empire stretched extensively and the family of Neburu had grown to three times the size of one normal planet on which beings existed when all were equal in application in existence. Thus more and more gold was required and more and more physical manifestations were required to be able to keep up with the demand for gold. The creation from scratch of the physical manifestations, as was done the exact same way as the first, was necessary as well as the capturing of other beings in the universe to stand as the life force of the physical manifestations, until Enlil incorporated genital parts to be able to automatically manifest physical constructs on earth. This initiated Anu’s search and siege of the entire Universe for power and control as he perceived himself to be invincible. The white light was created to control the birthing process of beings into the earth plane. Beings were captured and placed within the dimension where their original sound resonance remembrance of their existence were stripped. Therefore named the White Light. This incorporation was initiated when Enlil created sexual intercourse. Where the manifestations of physical human bodies occurred naturally and beings lost in the White Light dimension automatically integrated within the physical manifestations, split in half. And thus it was then not necessary for them to have to create each individual physical manifestation and individually infuse all captured beings from the outskirts of the universe beyond earth. All became automated and the white light was initially established to control the birthing integration process of dimensional beings to create as many as possible beings on earth. Anu created an entire civilization of his own, seen as a God and all were slaves under his name.