Atrocities in this World that is Motivated by Money: Part One

Transcribed and typed by Audrey Hepburn through the interdimensio­nal portal

Date : 22/10/2008

The governing factor in this world currently is Money.

It is because of money that all human beings in this reality are ‘why they are,’ ‘who they are,’ ‘how they are,’ ‘what they are,’ ‘where they are’ and ‘when they are.’

Within this document, we’ll be moving through atrocities that exist in this world, which is motivated by Money.

Within each individual atrocity we’ll be observing, I’ll discuss and give perspective of human being’s existence within each atrocity that exists, within each section of ‘why they are,’ ‘who they are,’ ‘how they are,’ ‘what they are,’ ‘where they are,’ and ‘when they are’ = the ‘why’ as Money manifesting all and everything of themselves within ‘who they are,’ ‘how they are,’ ‘what they are,’ ‘where they are’ and ‘when they are.’

This is the ‘Format’ within which we’ll discuss each atrocity within and as which human beings exist in this world, that is motivated by money:

The ‘why’ : Related to Money, The ‘why’ of each being that manifests the ‘who,’ the ‘how,’ the ‘where,’ the ‘what’ and the ‘when’ – is Money for survival (though there are different various ‘whys’ according to the experience of themselves related to Money and what is done because of it).

The ‘who’:Related to the human being’s current existence of themselves as ‘who they present themselves to be’ according to the self-definition of themselves they exist as within this world, which can be seen in the way they present themselves; as the way you see them with your human physical eyes, because of the ‘why’ that is money.

The ‘how’: Related to how they ‘act’ and ‘behave’ in physical expressed mannerism, the ‘who’ that they exist as according to their self-definition which they present to the world.

The ‘where’:Related to the ‘allocation’ of the human being in this world according to the ‘who’ that they exist as in their self-defined presentation of themselves and the ‘how’ as what they ‘act’ and ‘behave.’

The ‘what’:Related to the ‘categorization’ of themselves in this world according to the ‘who’ that they exist as and present within self-definition and the ‘how’ that they act and behave, as well as the ‘where’ they exist within according to a particular ‘allocation’ of themselves in this world.

The ‘when’:Related to specific actions of behavior that will be taken in moments that validate and confirm the existence of themselves that is lived within the ‘who,’ ‘how,’ ‘where’ and ‘what’ of and as themselves.

Money has become the principle of survival in this world, because without money you cannot survive in this world and without survival, you cannot exist in this world.

Money of this world = Survival in this world = Existing in this world

Money has become the most vital, important and crucial necessity in this world that is most needed, required being able to survive in this world and to be able to exist in this world.

Yet, at the same time, money has become most difficult (and near impossible) and strenuous to obtain for most human beings in this world due to the strict incessant rules and regulations of law that one must oblige themselves, even to the point that one requires, must have and need money to obtain an education to be able to eventually make money. Where’s the common sense existent in this?

Has this ‘regulation’ that exists, considered those who don’t have money to begin with?

Money must be given to teach one how to make their own money eventually. When you do not have money within and during this phase of requiring an obligatory education (which costs money), will you be taught to eventually ‘make your own money?’


And this but one example of why human beings ‘resort’ to seemingly simpler, more practical, faster, quicker and easier methods to obtain money for themselves to survive and exist in this world.

The ‘route’ of education wherein you must ‘give money’ to obtain an education to get a job in this world to provide for yourself as the country provides the education and job for you, which you ‘pay for’ – few are able to attain to or afford, as they have no money to begin with.

Thus, many will resort to their own self-sufficed means through providing for themselves without the country having to provide for them through education or jobs within the law that humanity is regulated and controlled.

Within following this ‘route,’ ‘paying for your education to be paid within accomplishing a career – you are a saved law-abiding citizen of the country, as you’ve providing for yourself through the provision of the country and thus survive in this world quite comfortably and therefore are able to exist in this world.

Within not following this ‘route,’ because of having no money to begin with, but following your own, currently only, solution of providing for yourself without the indulgence of provision offered by the country as education and employment opportunities  – you are a ‘victim. A ‘vulnerability’ in the system as how it’s currently set in its laws, regulations and rules – and thus prone to abuse by the system itself.

Existing as an abused victim of the System itself with no support from anything or anyone but those who also exist as abused victims of the System.

A Victim, because the System hasn’t taken into consideration those that don’t have money to begin with to assist and support themselves to get into the System in the first place through the obligatory prerequisite of having an education.

Abused, because the System condemn those who are ostracized by the System itself, who literally can’t meet the demands of the controls the System exists within. The System, existing within this condemnation within designed laws and regulations specifically targeting the Victims of the System as an attempt to control the fact that it didn’t consider those that wouldn’t have money to support themselves within the obligatory prerequisite of having an education and having to ‘pay for it’.

The System attempting to amend its own mistake as the very mistake it exists as: The Money System as how it currently exists within rules, regulations and laws that has not and doesn’t consider all as one as equal in this world as is.

Because of this, there are human beings in this world that fall towards the following of their own initiative and not the initiative controlled by or through the System within obligatory prerequisites. Their ‘own initiative’ falling into the category of the System as ‘out laws’ existing ‘out of the law that is the Money-System,’ forming their own individualized methods for themselves to be able to survive in this world to exist in this world that does not follow the controlled rules, regulations and laws of the World System, as the World System.

Because to exist ‘in the law of the World System that is governed through the Money-System’ – you must have Money. And such human beings that exist within self-provided means, utilizing their own individual initiative, which causes them to exist as ‘out laws,’ the abused victims of the System – simply don’t have Money and the only means they have to survive and exist in this world – is to take care of it for themselves, by themselves without existing in, or following the ‘route of the System’ as a ‘red carpet’ only lain down for those who have Money.

Because of having no money, not being able to attain to a luxury such as education is but one example of ‘why’ most of humanity are ‘who they are,’ ‘how they are,’‘what they are,’ ‘where they are’ and ‘when they are’ as the ‘outlaws’ of the System; the World System that is, in reality, only existing within the Money-System itself.

Before we so hastily, inherently, judge or criticize and ridicule those that resort to robbery, prostitution, child labour, slavery, kidnapping for ransom money, deliberate deceit, war, gangsterism (to mention but a minuscule few) – let us observe how such human beings are as much a victim to the currently accepted and allowed existence of the Money-System, as those that starve because of it.

As the majority of human beings have decided or chosen to employ, according to them, simpler practically faster, quicker and easier methods to obtain and find money for themselves (and such methods – do not exist within the methods the System exist of, within rules, regulations and laws) they manifested a cycle in this world, this reality of abused victims of the System compromised by the System, compromising other innocent human beings to become abused victims of the abused victims of the System.

Within the Money-System currently, that represents money itself, each human being exists in ‘forced choice’ that is synchronized within the very existent design of money itself as the Money-System:

You have Money, you’re in the System and taken care of through the System as education and employment opportunities.

You don’t have Money, you’re out of the System and must thus resort to ‘outlawed’ methods to function by yourself to survive and therefore exist in this reality – ‘outlawed’ methods, of which there are quite a few.

See – forced choice, according to whether you have money or don’t have money, each one being definitive either way, because in having money, you’re ‘path is set.’ In not having money ‘you must set your own path.’

Therefore, it is really choice – or whether you are ‘saved’ existing in the System or a ‘victim’ existing out of the System, within which you must fend for yourself without the support of anything or anyone.

Let’s explore the abused victims that exist within the atrocity of this world that is motivated by money:


The Why:

With males and females resorting to prostitution, in regards to the ‘why’ – this ‘differs’ exponentially, though that which is constant within prostitution is the ‘why’ – money.

The ‘exponential differentiation’ exists within what events took place in their life-experience in this world, or in what circumstances they were born into this world, or the examples they had as those that had gone before them in this world, or experiences they endured that directly lead to the forming of themselves as prostitutes.

Even within the ‘differentiation’ that leads them to the existence of themselves as prostitutes – within each ‘cause’ exists the constant that is Money as the ‘why’ they are prostitutes and exist as prostitutes in this world.

As for example, the circumstances they were born into; being raised by a single mother only, having to work four jobs a day to only get food on the table, no money for educational purposes, which lead the child into the streets to be influenced by others through the proposition of prostitution.

Either because it’s an simpler practically faster, quicker and easier method to get hold of money, which for some males and females as prostitutes are the preferred means, as they enjoy this particular expression of themselves in this world.

Or because they literally had no other option and followed the example of those who influenced them the most during their coming of age in this world as family, parent(s), acquaintances or friends.