Bernard Poolman - I, the living word

Written by Bernard Poolman

Date : 04/07/2007

As a child, I was regarded as above average intelligent in all the local school assessments. This certainly seemed real in the lower grades. But in the higher grades, that became less certain as my marks took a regular yearly dive. In my final year of school, I scraped through.

Then University. Again – all tests show I should study Engineering. I did, but could not cope with the work. Six months into University, I decided to do tests again. One of the tests I did was a reading test. I was an avid reader, mostly novels, encyclopedias and historical. Soon, it was apparent that I had a reading problem. Interestingly enough that that also influenced my ability to answer questions and writing letters. More interesting was that the reading problem was vocabulary specific. That means that if the work I presented with was with my abstract known vocabulary, I was effective. When it entails new vocabulary, I started guessing or would become a blabbering fool.

I did a reading program and changed my major to Law. Immediately the improvement was visible. That though was not the final lesson to learn at Varsity. In my final year of Law, I was finishing in Contractual Law. When I failed it the ninth time, the professor called me for a consultation. We had a disagreement. I was answering the paper according to my insight and understanding, as an application of the Law. He said that if I do not give the answer according to the knowledge and facts he gave in class, he will fail me. I had no choice but to agree and please the professor. Hence, I passed and was awarded a law degree.

I was curious though. In the expansion of my reading abilities, I noticed that I became defensive and agitated in any discussion involving vocabulary that I haven't lived and become totally. I tend to land in hot water if I am in discussions where knowledge is used by me and the person communicating with me has actual experience. This became a fine line and I decided to stretch myself as vocabulary and make sure I actually experienced and live the words practically in this world before I present myself as effective.

Obviously, a few points became clear. If I am not absolutely honest with myself in my experience, I fall on my face in the words I live in my world and I am forced back to the drawing board to assess where I missed the boat of self-expression.

This became a lengthy process of trial and error. In this process I discovered forgiveness (this is another story) and discovered in one moment that I could write in amazing ways – like the flow of sound as living water.

In exploring this, I discovered another curious thing. The reading problems I had, was not unique – all of humanity had this. It was the basis of our fears and judgements, our afflictions and anxieties. We were living words and vocabulary according to the way we were taught and never actually really became the words we lived as an expression of ourselves.

I explored this and discovered that our words and the definition we gave it became a part of our functional DNA as it expresses into the plasticity of our cells and crystallizes as water crystals in our cells as shown by Emoto. We, as life then holographicaly express ourself through these crystals and reality becomes equal and one with the meaning we have become as the words we have accepted ourselves to be.

In finding a solution for this expression dysfunction that is affecting the whole of humanity, I found that a baby in its first few years learns differently to a child at school or an adult in this world. The baby learns at quantum speed – as if there is no time, like in heaven; and more than 70% of all behavioural and personality functions will be part of the personal development by the age of 7. Imagine the consequences where dysfunctional behaviour or personality disorders were copied in the original basic foundation phase of a child.

Fascinating – the problem and the consequences of this was not understood by humanity and in most cases unbeknown to all, used in an unconscious compound way to harm and control each other. No effective answer was possible from the vantage point we were looking at ourselves. In essence, man was in a trap, powerless and on the road to eventual self destruction. We placed faith in research at all levels of science and education that took the effect of the influence of the misinterpreted living words of the first seven years of life for granted. Where we were looking for our world problems anywhere but where we created and allowed it in ourselves, as ourselves. In essence, we were the problem.

What to do. Silence. I must silence my mind to see. I must return to birth – to stop all words, all worth, all definitions and start as if I am just born, one difference though – I am going to be my own teacher. I am going to birth myself. I am unconditionally going to look at any words I choose to allow within me, as me again and start again. It must be practical, not only in this world, but beyond. I must be able to live and experience the word as myself. I must understand honesty with myself. I must understand self discipline within the process of the movement of myself, as I create myself in this world. I must stop at nothing and no-one and thus I must be able to stand as all life – meaning, that the answer must prove itself, that when all of life apply it as one, we will be equal and one and live in harmony as God. I understand clearly that such a point of God/creator existed within each one of us. The process started 22 years ago and is where it is now.

In this process I found that we have created tools that may assist us, if we choose to discipline ourselves to apply this. We developed software to quantify the process and then tested it on children. It proved immediately effective in all cases. Shortly we will release this software to assist.

In the software, we present words at the speed that the natural learning ability we all have, is the only point that we are able to assimilate this; it sidesteps consciousness which is slow, prescriptive and structured and sets one free through a process of application and quantum integration.

The process is more effective with children still curious to discover themselves in the world. Adults normally must make a dedicated choice to apply themselves for at least 7 years to recreate their former years and rebirth self in conjunction with forgiveness.

I recommend this application for all. After all, common sense dictates that if we all understand each other equally in our vocabulary, we will be able to stand as one in making decisions that is best for all and we will not allow ourselves to be enslaved by and through words that is not serving the best interest of life.

More soon.