Bruce Lee - Marijuana: A View less Seen

Addiction – Terrence McKenna described this word quite interestingly: Adding another dick = addiction – to fuck yourself with – lol. 

Quite specific actually – because addiction in itself is a manifested mind-split that occurs, the very existence of addiction due to self suppression because of fear. 

Self honestly: It is not that you are addicted to marijuana – addiction in itself is an excuse, is an justification – the ‘truth of you’ is that you’re abusing a substance to ‘not have to face you’ – but to remain hiding, within yourself – to not have to face you in every moment of breath here. 

See – all drugs suppress, the drugs that are deliberately abused such as marijuana – because beings are very much aware of the experience they have with it, and why they use it = to suppress themselves as what they actually experience within themselves – to for a moment ‘forget’. But there is no drug that can make you forget always – so beings continue using drugs to continue to, even for but a moment = forget, to but for a moment – not feel/experience what’s actually going on within self related to the mind. 

So, allover – it’s not the marijuana nor is it the addiction towards it – it is simply you fearing to just be with you here – to face you here in every moment of breath – because you are so afraid of you, yourself within – and you want, need and require marijuana to ‘help you but for short moments’ forget what you experience within you. 

The irony – as much as marijuana for instance suppress what you experience within you – for such short moments – lol, it at the same time compound and exemplifies what you experience within you – and here is where the ‘what is defined as’ ‘addiction’ originate from – because the more you want to forget and not face you, the more the shit compounds and the more you need the substance = one huge fuck up. 

So – now you know down which road you’ll walk if you continue marijuana – therefore, you have to stop you in every moment of ‘wanting to smoke’ and realise that the ‘wanting to smoke’ is actually you not wanting to face you, you wanting to suppress you, you wanting to ‘forget just for a moment’ – so, be self honesty allover – be self honest – and face you in every moment of breath – stop running away from yourself – haven’t you already by now realised that it is impossible? That you are always in your own face – as you face you always here because you’re always only with you within and as you? 

Substances = substitute – you substituting you for a substance – suppressing instead of standing up and facing you. 

So, a suggestion: Have a look at what of the past you still hold onto within yourself – write and apply self forgiveness – in doing so, you will find what it is that you have been trying/attempting to run from and hide from within yourself by using marijuana. 

Then, every moment you experience the need and want within yourself to smoke MJ – you stop and you start writing, just start writing – write what you experience within yourself – within the words, you apply self forgiveness and you walk through the experience in every moment of breath. 

And you have to do this for you. 

Bruce L.