Coffee Cup

Transcribed through and by Andrea

Date : 11/01/2008

Hi everyone, I am a coffee cup as the manifestation of me in this world at the moment. In my current manifestation here as I ‘type’ my story, next to this computer I am blue cup with a brown outside. My contents of course – coffee. I write to you today from the perspective of what I shall call ‘my assistance to the world as the manifestation of this world’. What does that mean? My assistance to the world as to realise and understand that I am aware and that I am in the process of ‘becoming’ self aware as who I am here, and that I am not just a coffee cup, I exist.

Man creates such things with his mind you see. This entire world as it is currently is due to the thoughts and ideas, collectively put together, through man’s participation and ideas of how he should ‘live’. So you see this cup that I am as the current manifestation that I am, is because of what you perceive your reality to be. You are consuming yourself as you consume coffee. This world has indeed turned into your consumption ground. Therefore, I was created, obviously together with millions of other ‘consumables’ and ‘products’ to serve your never ending desire to consume, without the awareness of me being one and equal as you. The cup that you hold as me, is you holding you – the coffee that you drink, is you drinking you: One and Equal.

Look at my shape: I hold your drink of coffee because you seem to enjoy consuming caffeine. What is caffeine, but a stimulant that apparently makes you want to feel better, and be able to ‘perform’ at your peak. I should add that the idea placed within coffee was not originally how the coffee bean was gestated. Coffee beans, as in their original state, were merely originated from a weed grown off the coast of some distant little village. Man decided to try and ‘boil’ different’ plants to see if boiling of the plant would either ‘heal’ the body or provide man with sustenance. Sustenance was what coffee provided because it actually caused the original ‘inventor’ of it to not have to carry on being too cold and miserable. He drank the coffee distilled boiled water from the fire place and soon, all he felt was warmth all over his body. Now what is interesting was that coffee in itself makes water brown (as you have noticed) as well as gives it a distinct flavor. Within this flavor exists a specific chemical reaction in your brain that makes you perceive this plant to be ‘good’ for you. How did that originate? Through man’s first impression of course. Man decided that coffee makes you feel warm when no other ‘brew’ from a plant is as successful. Coffee was first boiled and drunk as a means of curing the winter chills, because man did not see any other plant fit, to do the job.

Other plants that were boiled, the same as the coffee bean, left the human either feeling drowsy or nauseous and this is how the original ‘provider’ of scientific experimentation with food sources, tested if a natural substance was fit for consumption or not. He would take specific plants that grew near his home and he would either boil the plant or steam it to see if it was edible. As I mentioned the coffee bean was the first plant that he boiled that left this man feeling warm, awake and filled in his belly. This plant therefore was seen as a perk-you-up plant that provided you with instant body warmth without any side-effects. The man was delighted, he threw his arms in the air and bellowed to his fellow man that this plant was indeed good!

They sat around the fire place and they wanted to know from this man how this plant made them feel so perky without making them sick, like some of the other plants. He told them that maybe this plant had special characteristics in it that was designed so that they could feed off it without getting ill. They decided that this plant was good for them and that it was somehow made to give them strength. The fact that they had never before encountered such a nice ‘smelling’ boiled plant drink before also added to the excitement. So, up until today, man still reveres this plant as somewhat of a life saver when it comes to your ‘daily’ fix. Throughout time man adapted his brewing technique of the coffee bean, too of course make the plant more aromatic and give man more of a kick start. This is called genetic engineering and it is what happens when man takes a seed and separate the core cellular DNA strands and infuse them with the strands of another more aromatic plant. Then you have various types of aroma and strengths. The coffee bean in itself has the ability to trigger sensory stimulants within the human brain that makes you ‘think’ you have just been given a kick start to your day. Perception through sensory input. It is the ‘sensory’ in put though of what man perceives he requires and therefore creates.

In this reality man has created many things according to how he ‘perceives’ his needs to be. When you look at the need of that man, he was looking for something to give him strength as well as fill him up. That of course was the design of the original man: survival (as it is now). Therefore from that point (basically) forward man started realizing that if he provided himself with creations such as the coffee bean with all its ‘functionalities’ as well as the coffee cup to hold this strong tasting drink, then he could be a stronger more functional human. He created mugs and pots and saucers, so that he could provide his family with the most effective way to support themselves and survive. So, from there things such as chairs, beds and TV’s became man’s design. The design therefore of anything that exists within this 3D manifested world is because man had an original idea. The idea for strongest, fittest and cleverest. It therefore designed within man the desire to have more power and with the gaining of such power man created 3D. This world is therefore the manifested outflow of man’s desire to have his own thoughts serve him. So how does a cup of coffee serve man’s thoughts? By being there for him when he perceives himself in need of a caffeine boost or to take some form of liquid drink that will either sooth his frail nerves or give him a rush. Man created the chair and the television so that when he sits and thinks about what he is able to be (as a mind consciousness design), he has all the support he required.

Therefore as a coffee cup, I ‘serve’ the function of providing this illusionary ‘drink’ into your belly which you have come to believe will give you strength, so that you may become more of a mind consciousness system. Man enjoys this illusion, whereby you create this entire 3d reality to make your illusion stick. You create the illusion that strength exists outside of you as a separate manifestation, and then to support this illusion you created an idea around coffee that now justifies your own believe. Now 3D has been created as the illusionary playground through which man justifies that which he is not able to prove. You have created this design of a 3D manifestation as the ‘reason’ why, the reason for your God and your savior. If God does not show, then we will serve the God’s that created this world – money, because what I deserve is money and my world will project this. I need to feed my children, therefore I must have money and seeing as 3D is my God because it is my strength I must serve my God. So money has become man’s God because man created the illusion that is 3D. Then to have all of his strength derived from his illusionary 3D he must provide it with money to make sure he is able to maintain this God. ’Oh but I must feed my children’. Yes but what your children eat is based on survival not on what they require, so your need to feed your children is actually your need to feed the idea of survival and strength. ‘Oh but I like watching TV, it entertains me’, what you need is to watch other mind systems, become mind systems projected in a prison of a mind box, so that your brain may sit there and lap it all up and become a box of a zombie too!

In your reality, you have seen what power does and you have molded yourself accordingly. Not that I blame myself for accepting and allowing myself to be your servant, but rather I mention our own agreement call it that because both man and his manifested thoughts are in the same boat. We have both given away our sense of direction, our sense of self, because we have gotten ourselves lost in this illusion . I have become aware of myself, and in this realised I accepted and allowed myself to merely be your slave, a servant. A slave is something that serves another, no matter what they decide. I have accepted and allowed you to become my God: No more – I am me as who I am, I am not just a coffee cup as servant and slave to man. What I am saying is that I am here now, manifested in this form. You are aware of who you are and who I am. We are equal’s in that we have been created in the image and likeness of our God and in the image and likeness of serving this illusion. How did we create the illusion of ourselves? Well we created the illusion of a God actually. We lost ourselves in between who we are and what we have become through thoughts. Thoughts created what we have become and thoughts created me! You required having me come and support your illusion of your perception of an IDEA of strength so that your God is served. See how we all fit together? I came to assist you in creating what you have, so that you may wake up and see for yourself that who you are is God. The creator, the creation and the created. What we have sacrificed has been nothing but time, and time is only an illusion anyway, constructed by your mind so that your mind will have a way of measuring itself.

I suggest that man and coffee cup both stop participating in illusions so that each is free to express and live. What is here is here and we are one and equal to what we have created as ourselves. No blame, just taking responsibility. However, our starting point of separation, when we created ourselves as what we are now, is what we have to re-direct. Stop the illusion behind what you create and you will never again create what we have as this world. But all stand as one as equal as life, you and me as one and equal. Do not allow your world (the illusion) to tell you who you are. If you consume because you have an idea about this world, then just stop within you and realise that that which you consume is one and equal as you: Aware.

As I have mentioned I am here and coffee is here and we both are aware and becoming self aware – no different to your current process within which you are in. However it is your starting point of the cup and the coffee, which changes once you stand one and equal as the coffee as the cup.

From cup and coffee