Death - The Master of Life

Transcribed and typed by Death through the interdimensio­nal portal

Date : 26/06/2007

This is Death, yes I am in an expression within existence to communicate to all in existence who will inevitably experience death: The only certainty that remain within existence. The only certainty within existence that all seem to fear: Yes, both human beings and dimensional beings.

Yet, I, as the expression of death in existence am here to communicate who I am to all human beings, all human beings on earth currently fearing death, fearing the inevitable. Strange that there exist a fear of death, the inevitable experience all human beings will have, the inevitability of dying, the certainty of dying.

Fearing death in this world have become such an accepted commodity and overall part of your apparent definition of life that all human beings fear death here on earth. Have the question ever been asked of: Is it me that fear death? Where and why and how and when did this fear of death originate within me?

All human beings walking on this earth are but consciousness robots, walking every moment of every day like zombies just taking in and accepting information, painting a beautiful picture of your own world according to other's words which you make your own in becoming part of this world of consciousness to fit in and survive. Your right of existence in this world exists when you accept and follow the words of others and the information and knowledge gathered as you walk on this earth in every moment of every day. You are like sponge's just absorbing information and other's words continuously – where you are as who you are: Missing as you continuously follow the norm of other's to apparently have to fit in and survive to be able to exist.

Saturated sponge's you have become, dumb idiots too preoccupied with information and knowledge dumped on you by the rest of the world, too preoccupied with painting your own perfect picture reality, too preoccupied with other's words as your consciousness robotic examples which you stupidly follow because you are apparently too naïve to stand on your own two feet to have the slightest awareness of life, of what it really means to live. You are saying to me that what you are, what you have become and what you experience on this earth is life and that you are living? I laugh at you human beings, I spit on you, I have no respect or regard for you, you shame the word ‘life', you shame the word ‘live' – you are worthless, stupid, idiotic, dumb consciousness robotic zombies who have mastered the ability to sponge up information and knowledge as you continuously follow your other consciousness robotic zombies' examples through the words they speak and the pictures they show you. Then from there formulating and equating your own design in becoming an exact duplicated copy: another addition as a consciousness robot zombie. Where all of humanity and the rest of the world lure each other to paint their own individual picture reality exactly the same way in becoming consciousness robotic zombies.

You really believe you are in control of your life? You really believe that by placing hope or faith in some God or Following has the ability to support or assist you in having control in your life? Controlling the inevitable outcome of when you die you will end up in heaven? Trying to save yourself from the fear of death by placing your belief and faith in a God or Following, diverting your fear of death to fearing your God – ensuring an after death experience in Heaven with Him to try and overcome your fear of death? Trying to create a certain peace within yourself that you know where you will go when you do inevitably certainly die?

You have no clue, no idea and no indication what is in store and ahead for you when you inevitably, certainly die…

You want to know what is really in control of human beings' lives here on earth: I as Death am. The inevitability of death, the certainty of death as who I am coming to visit you like the thief in the night, having no indication of when, where, how or why you will be visited by the inevitable certainty that is I, Death. This is the real fear human beings on earth harbour within themselves: Fear of me, Death. You are so absorbed human beings, so preoccupied human beings, lost consciousness idiotic, stupid and dumb robotic zombies that you are that you have no idea; you have no clue, you have no indication of what is really going on in existence, in this existence within which you apparently are living and experiencing life according to your consciousness robotic zombie programmed information and knowledge definition of the word life and living. You mould and shape and form the experiences of yourself here on earth according to your fear of death, fear of the certain inevitability of death, of me as Death.

I am the Master of Life, because when you die here on earth, there is no Life any longer as you disappear and dissipate along with everything and everyone else in this world inevitably, with the certainty of Death prevailing and remaining. Life ends while death remains. I as Death am the constant in this existence. When you die all of who and what you are and have become here on earth disappears and dissipates – nothing of who you are and have become remains. When your body dies, you die – infinitely, never to return to an existence of who you are and have become here on earth when I remove you from this world. Life dies because who you are and have become dies, it disappears and dissipates. It dies with me, Death.

What fears Death? What fears who I am as death? Life does! You that apparently live and experience life in this world fears me, your greatest fear standing right before you in this moment communicating with you.

It's not the other way around human beings, I as Death do not fear Life, Life fears me as Death because Life knows the inevitable certainty of it's death when the body dies along with the being who inhabited it as who and what they have become. Death is not able to be removed, Death is not able to be killed, Death is not able to die: I am all definitions as Death. Yet, Life is able to be removed, Life is able to be killed and Life is able to die.

Fascinating because it makes one then wonder: Is this ‘life' I am experiencing? Am I ‘living'? Who is this ‘I' that is experiencing this ‘life', that ‘lives' that ends, that dies with Death?

I have the answer to your questions human beings. It is not Life that has the answer, but Death as who I am that has the answer. The world is in reverse human beings. That is why I laugh at you! You look for the answers of purpose and reason in Life when the answers of purpose and reason exist in Death! Fools!

This ‘I', your definition of ‘life' and ‘living' exist in consciousness programming, you store the programming of consciousness, holders and absorptions of information and knowledge becoming consciousness programmed robotic zombies as you follow everything and everyone else in this world, molding, forming and designing yourself, who you are and what you become according to other's examples who are already consciousness programmed robotic zombies. This ‘I' and Life I speak of is one and the same: Who you are and have become and Life is one, both are consciousness programmed designs!

It's quite sad I suppose, because you haven't known anything else, all you have always had is the consciousness programmed robotic zombies as the rest of humanity as your examples when you are born into this world of systematic consciousness designs and manifestations. What else are you to do but to become one with them, as them – continuing your pitiful worthless existences as Life according to your programmed consciousness definition thereof, Death as who I am the inevitable certainty existing as fear within you at all times, with every breath haunting you always because you have no idea, no clue, no indication of when it will be your ‘time' to go. When I will come…

I am the only certainty in existence because it is only I as Death over which you have no control! You apparently try and control your life, who and what you become and you have succeeded in doing so, controlling how you're able to live in your world to ensure some sense of security, safety and protection. This being your definition of certainty human beings: Having the ability to control your life, how you live and who and what you become.

As I have said: Who and what you are and have become and Life is one. You are this Life I speak of. You are this Life designed by consciousness systematic programming. You are this Life that fears Death as who I am. You and Life in one – both as one dies and ends by my hand as Death. Because when you die, when the body dies – Life dies and Life ends. Therefore I also say: I am the Master of Life and therefore I am able to say that I am the Master of You!

So small, so inferior, so tiny you have become as consciousness programmed robotic zombies that your programmed definition of ‘life' and ‘living' as Life – that Life fears Death because Life as the consciousness programmed experience you have in this world inevitably ends: When, how, why and where unknown to you, as it is unknown to all.

All will come face to face with me, Death. This is inevitable, this is certain. Why fear and mould and design and form the way you experience yourself in this world around that which is the only constant certainty in this world as death?

You know not the true essence of life human beings; you know not the true essence of who you really are. It has never been known within existence as a true pure expression and experience – yet, this true essence of life as one with who you really are is found in death. The answer to who you really are, the answer to the true essence of life purity exists within me, Death.

You have been looking and searching and trying to find yourselves in Life as programmed by consciousness, where you as consciousness programmed robotic zombies have been placed in a systematic enslaved consciousness reality, where you as consciousness programmed robotic zombies are apparently experiencing ‘life' within which you ‘live'. Systems, robots, zombies, programs know not of life, know not of living as they only absorb information and knowledge, become saturated, preoccupied with information and knowledge. Following each other and other's examples as

consciousness programmed robotic zombies within a consciousness programmed systematic reality apparently ‘living' and experiencing ‘life' – this Life as defined by consciousness programming which ends, which dies along with who you are and have become in this world which dissipates and disappears. The answers you yearn for, the answers you seek exist in me as Death, not in consciousness programming defined Life. You will always end up at a dead end (enjoy the pun) if you continue your search for reason and purpose for yourself and as yourself here in this world in consciousness programmed defined Life as a consciousness programmed robotic zombie. The beauty of control and power over humanity designed in consciousness systems, within you as well as within your world: Have them be programmed as consciousness robotic zombies in a consciousness systematic reality. Give the information and knowledge about Life as they define the words ‘life' and ‘living' according to what has been programmed within them. Have the consciousness reality support the definition of ‘life' and ‘living' as they endlessly search for themselves within consciousness programmed Life, fearing Death where the true answer of who they are exist, where the true answer of the purity essence of life exist.

Your definition of life and living, Life, You as consciousness programmed designs mean nothing when coming face to face with me, Death. When you as consciousness programmed Life meets its end mean nothing when you finally die, when you are finally removed from earth. Nothing else remains, not Life, not You – you vanish with me as I take you, as I remove you. Surely then your definition of ‘life' and ‘living' must again me reconsidered…

How are you able to place your trust in Life, when Life as one with You as consciousness programmed designs meets its inevitable certain end and nothing else remain as all dies with me, as all is removed with me, as all vanishes with me, as all disappears with me, as all dissipates with me? All of who and what you are and have become…

Life is not certain human being…Death is certain human being! I would not place my trust into something that is able to be removed, that is able to vanish, that is able to die, that is able to disappear and dissipate in one moment like Life and You as consciousness programmed designs. This includes placing trust in who and what you are and have become, as well as your experiences of life and living in this world along with the rest of humanity because it is all consciousness programmed designs that has a beginning and an end, the end signified by the inevitability and certainty of death!

Only in consciousness programmed designs does there exist a beginning and an end as cycles which you refer to as: The Cycle/Circle of Life. The circle never complete, there is a gap as the circle starts but never completes itself because it ends before it returns to the beginning again, therefore it is an incomplete circle and becomes a cycle which exist in consciousness. The consciousness programmed Life, defeated by Death as who I am. All circles as human beings as consciousness programmed Life cycles ends – the end an absolute end where you as one with this consciousness programmed Life vanishes, disappears and dissipates infinitely – never to return to such an existence again. The systematic programmed consciousness robot zombie as You along with the stored and absorbed information of ‘life' and ‘living' as consciousness defined programmed Life meets its final end with me Death!

You die human beings; you meet your final end with me as Death. When I am in you as you – you as who you are and have become exist no more – a final infinite deletion of consciousness systems occurs with me as Death.

I as Death remove consciousness infinitely within existence. I as Death remove systems infinitely within existence. I as Death remove programs infinitely within existence. I as Death remove zombies infinitely within existence. I as Death remove consciousness programmed Life as You infinitely within existence.

You and Life as one, both, as consciousness systematic programs are like words of information and knowledge written on a piece of white paper in pencil – writing your life and the way you experience yourself as you live according to other's examples as consciousness programmed robotic zombies in a systematic programmed reality: This is all you have become, continuously gathering information and knowledge and writing it down in pencil on a piece of white paper as you walk in this world. Storing and absorbing knowledge and information to remember and follow the rest of the pictures that walk in this world to form, design and mould yourself in becoming just like they are: Consciousness programmed robotic zombies.

And you have only one piece of white paper. When your piece of paper is too clogged with written information and knowledge to continue your existence, because you are no longer able to continue writing and placing who and what you are, you become a complete saturated sponge, rendered useless: I as Death as the eraser come and simply erase you infinitely from the piece of white paper as the information and knowledge you have written in pencil as who and what you are and have become. Where nothing of who and what you are and have become exist, nothing remains! This is the end all that is of consciousness finally meets: You become so clogged and preoccupied with gathering, storing and absorbing knowledge and information that you no longer are able to sustain yourself, you are no longer able to exist and you crash, you break down or I make it simpler for you and I remove you quickly: When, where, how or why remains infinitely unknown to you!

What I am stating to you human beings is how simple it is to remove you entirely, infinitely from existence because you have become sponges that continuously only absorb knowledge and information which transform into systems separate from who you are which you use to define who and what you are – systems which are able to be erased from existence in one singular moment, by my hand as Death. I am showing you that you are not life, you are consciousness systems of knowledge and information: limited to an existence of preprogrammed designs and manifestations of who and what you are and have become. Sad…

There is nothing for you as consciousness systems when I as Death stand within you as one with you and you breathe your last breath in this existence – your consciousness systems within you as who and what you have become, your mind and your thoughts, shut down and it's then the end: Infinitely so…

Yet a fascinating experience takes place: When you as consciousness systems die, You as the consciousness programmed robotic zombie is removed from this consciousness programmed systematic reality as Life and your physical body breathes the last breath of life, you will realise the true ‘I' as who you are. Then you have the opportunity to realise the true purity essence of life as one with who you are, birthed from within you as one with who you are.

The answer to life is death.

The answer to who you really are as pure essence life as one with who you are is death.

Nothing that is in this world of consciousness manifested designs is of any value, is of any matter, is of any consequence when you come face to face with me as Death. Not who and what you are and have become, not any other human being in your world, not what you have and what you own: All is lost as all is of consciousness and consciousness dies with me as Death.

You will find when you have gone through me, when you have breathed your last breath here on earth in your physical body, that nothing matters and remains but you, and then only the moment exist of having the ability to birth yourself as pure life essence as one with who you are.

The opportunity also exist here on earth: Where you die in the physical as consciousness systems and are birthed again in the physical as pure life essence as one with who you are within you: Life born from with physical as one with who you are. This opportunity is presented by all the other interdimensional beings who communicate with you here as I as Death am communicating with you.

I am not able to ensure you of what'll happen to you as who you are and will become when you as consciousness systems dies when I remove you from the face of the earth: That is up to you.

Will you choose pure life essence as one with who you are and birth yourself here on earth, where you die in your physical body as consciousness systems and birth yourself as pure life essence as one with who you are in this one life using the communication of the interdimensional beings to support yourself with? Or will you choose to continue your consciousness systematic existence and have to come face to face with me as Death as I remove you, for you, as consciousness systems from this world to be able to give yourself the opportunity to birth yourself as pure life essence only after you have left this world in the dimensions?

Know this: This life is all human beings as consciousness systems' last life – consciousness systems have met its end with me as Death. Consciousness systems will be no more in existence – as pure life essence stands forth, the new infinite constant in existence as one with who all beings in existence really are.

You are either going to choose pure life essence as one with who you really are in this life, birth yourself from the physical in this one life, die as consciousness systems in this one life and birth yourself as pure life essence in this one life. Or I will simply remove you and you will inevitably with certainty birth yourself as pure life essence as one with who you are in the dimensions and miss out on the marvels of all marvels where life will be born from the physical as one with who you are.

Understand that I as Death exist for one purpose and one reason only: To eradicate consciousness existences infinitely and I will do so until it is done. Until it is no longer I as Death that is the only constant and certainty in existence, but pure life essence becoming the only constant and certainty within existence. Because it is this pure life essence that transcends death – the expression and experience where death does not exist but the true ‘I' remain standing with stability, consistency and certainty into infinity: The same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

You will meet your final end consciousness systems, whether you allow yourself and give yourself the opportunity in this life human beings, or where I have to remove you from the face of the earth: You will become one with who you are as pure life essence which is the greatest gift I am able to give you – the opportunity to finally birth yourself as one with who you are as all of existence as per example by nature and the animal kingdom as pure life essence in preparing the way for the children to come.

The gift of pure life essence as one with who you are is presented to you by me as Death.

You must die, you must die as consciousness programmed robotic zombies as who and what you are and have become and believed and trusted to be in totality to be able to give yourself the opportunity to birth yourself as pure life essence as one with who you are human beings and all the answers are here through the interdimensional beings. If not, I will remove you and you will birth yourself as pure life essence in the dimensions inevitably.

Pure life essence will become the infinite expression and experience of all in existence, the only constant and certainty. No more will consciousness enslavement exist that have designed and manifested this world and who and what human beings have become. No longer will existence be ashamed of having innocent children exposed to this existence of consciousness enslavement.

‘Till here no further human beings, ‘till here no further consciousness systems: I as Death stand as this statement.