Interviews from the Farm 82: Desteni Truths in Discussion on the Farm

Discussion with Bernard, Sunette, Anna and Matti


Bernard: So therefore, what do we do in ‘Desteni’? We take Everyone to the ‘Worst-Possible-Scenario’, so that you can ‘Face’ your ‘Fear’ – Because within-that you’re ‘Standing-up’- You’re ‘Standing-up’ through ‘Facing your Fear’ by going-to ‘Stand’ in the ‘Worst-Possible-Scenario’, so you can ‘see’ ‘How’ you will ‘React’, ‘sort’-it-out, ‘sort-out’ your ‘Existence’ so that you have ‘Power’ – because as-long as ‘Fear’ ‘Exist’ = You Have No-‘Power’ - Everyone that is Not-‘Seeing’ what ‘Desteni’ is doing is ‘Why’? Because: they ‘Fear-Desteni’! What does ‘Desteni’-Present ‘Darkness’, ‘Fear’ –

Anna: ‘Change’.

Bernard: ‘Change’, but was it … what do we ‘Really’ ‘Actually’ Present? We are Presenting ‘Honesty’ -
Anna: yeah, Solutions. Bernard: we’re showing-you ‘Exactly’ ‘What-it-is’ you have Given-‘Value’ to - which is ‘Fear’, ‘Distrust’, ‘Corruption’, ‘Dishonesty’ –

Matti: and also pointing-out where you actually haven’t been Educated, despite your ‘perception’ that you have ‘knowledge’ –

Bernard: Correct we also deal with an ‘Education Process’ I mean, the World’s ‘Education-Level’ is ‘Atrocious’- Taking-part in ‘Desteni’ you will become ‘Functional’ in so-many ‘ways’ because, it’s an ‘Education Process’-have a ‘look’-at your own ‘Experience’: You are being taught ‘How’ to work-with ‘Vocabulary’, How to ‘Write’-‘Effectively’, How to ‘Speak’-‘Effectively’, You are being ‘taught’ ‘All’-kinds of ‘Skills’- And it doesn’t cost-you a fucking-‘cent’, all you have to do is ‘Participate in the Forums’ – and you get an ‘Education’ that you can get ‘Nowhere’ in the World that is-of ‘Extreme-Importance’ in ‘Building’-you with ‘Extensive’, ‘Effective’, ‘Critical’ ‘Thinking-Skills’ and ‘Common-Sense’ –

Anna: and it’s Accelerated.

Bernard: Yes, the ‘Structural Resonance Alignment’ is ‘Simply’ a ‘Program’ where we are ‘Developing’ ‘New Leadership’ for the World, so that’s More-‘Intense’.

Matti: Yeah.

Bernard: So ‘those’ that ‘Really’ want-to ‘play-a-role’ in the ‘Future’ of this World, they need to ‘Really’ be ‘Educated’ to Understand ‘How’ the fuck ‘shit’-works! I mean, that means you have-to Have an ‘Equal-Education’ to the ‘Best-People in the World’, that will take Seven-Years, I mean that’s Not-‘much’ - The ‘price’ you ‘Pay’ for-‘that’ with ‘Desteni’ is ‘less’-than you’ll ‘Pay’ for ‘Education’ at the fucking-‘University’ and the ‘Result’ will be ‘Superior’ in Every-fucking-way.
I suggest you guys start making videos about ‘How have you Changed’ in ‘Participating’ in Desteni on the Forum- How did it benefit You, in Your-‘Capacity’ as a ‘Living Word’ as a ‘Living Participant’ in this World, to be ‘able’-to be ‘Critically’-‘Effective’ in ‘sorting-out’ your ‘Relationship’-with ‘Fear’ –

Matti: In the span of a couple of years basically.
Bernard: Yes, have-a-‘look’ and you didn’t even ‘Know’ we were ‘doing’-it.

Matti: yeah, simply by the Participation it ‘happens’ automatically –

Bernard: ‘Automatically’-

Sunette: So it’s not an Evolution ‘into’-something it’s a ‘Natural’- Expression…

Bernard: You have to ‘Develop’-it - I mean, your ‘Participation’ Developed ‘You’- ‘You’ are the ‘Result’ of Your -‘Input’ - ‘Input’ = ‘Output’ - ‘Equality’. You are the ‘Quality’ of Your-‘Input’ - That’s ‘Equality’. And if Your-‘Input’ is to ‘Give’ and ‘Present’ to the World an ‘Equality’ in ‘Education’, an ‘Equality’ in Every-way of ‘Living’- the ‘Input’ will give the ‘Output’= A ‘World of Equality’ - A ‘World of ‘Quality’’, ‘Heaven on Earth’- ‘Practically’-‘Equated’- You can do the ‘Mathematical-Equation’ –

Matti: Yeah.

Bernard: For ‘what it means’ to-have ‘Heaven on Earth’ and What ‘Everyone’ has to ‘do’- We ‘did’ all-that shit, we’re just ‘Practically’ ‘Applying’-it, We’re the Real Fuckin’-thing about ‘Heaven on Earth’, the ‘Real’ Fuckin’-‘thing’ - we ‘Tested’ this-out ‘already’. In that, we take-on ‘All’ the ‘Fears’, and have a-‘look’ what did ‘happen’?-You have all these ‘fools’ ‘shouting’, but you’re ‘shouting’ in your ‘Fear’! You have No-‘Idea’ what you’re ‘talking-about’, if you’ve ‘Dared’ to spend some-time at Desteni, you would ‘See’, it is the ‘Greatest-Gift’ you can ever ‘Give- Yourself’.