Dimensions - Example of Practical, Physical Self-Corrective Application

25 February 2010

By: Dimensions


A Point to consider / become ‘aware’-of within one’s Process / walking one’s Process:

Initially, within the starting of one’s Walking (within the Practical context, as you participate in your Physical Reality/World as Environment and other-People) – out of the Mind, into the Physical, ‘most’-of your ‘attention/focus’ will firstly be within stopping Thoughts, and stopping Reactions – which is the ‘Conscious-Mind’-aspect of ‘how’ self is currently existing.

Because our lives, up to now – have consisted of Only functioning through and within the realm of Mind as Thoughts and Reactions (Energy of Emotions and Feelings), wherein our ‘awareness’ (that which we’re ‘conscious’-of) has been limited to only ‘ourselves within the Mind’, the consequence that manifested because of that, is/has-been ‘Physical-Neglect/-Inconsideration’, wherein we’ve been completely ‘unaware’ of Ourselves within and as the Physical, and our Actual Physical Movements within situations/events and/or with other-People.

So, ‘Initially’ – one’s ‘focus and attention’ will be within stopping thoughts and reactions within Moments we become ‘conscious’ of-Them, meaning – Moments within-which we ‘see’ that we’re accepting and allowing ourselves to participate in Thoughts and Reactions within the walking-through our daily-life.

Together with Self-Forgiveness and the Practical, Actual Stopping of Thoughts and Reactions...
(Note: the application of stopping thoughts and reactions, through/by ‘seeing’-Them in-Moments, become more ‘specific’ through the application of self-forgiveness and writing through which self ‘see’ these aspects of mind-participation, become ‘aware’ of them, and within this ‘awareness’ – manifest the support for-Self to be able to stop-them, and no-more participate within-them, as one walk/experience one’s Reality/World)
... you’ll become more ‘aware’ of your Physical-Experience of Self, in relation to ‘Body-Movements and Pain’ – within and during this initial-Process. Your Physical-Experience of which you were previously completely unaware, and/or deliberately ignored, and/or suppressed, and/or didn’t realise the ‘context’ of your physical-experience in relation to yourself. Meaning – how you, within ‘who you are’ in a Moment, influence / have an effect on your actual physical body, and your experience within-It.

With this, have a look at the following:
Understand that Thoughts, are ‘holographic resonant-imprints’ within your Conscious-Mind, of and as that which you’re ‘resonantly living’ as the ‘lived-definition’ of ‘who you are’, as defined through the Mind Consciousness System – that is ‘physically lived’ ( and can be physically seen) within your ‘Physical-Body Behaviour’ as ‘Physical Movements/Experiences’.

Because you’re not/haven’t been ‘Physically Aware’ of-Yourself, you won’t initially ‘notice’ your Physical-Behaviour / Movements in relation to the Thoughts and Reactions you’re having = this will come as you walk your Process of Self-Forgiveness and Stopping Thoughts and Reactions Practically, wherein you’ll start seeing = how you’re actually ‘Physically Living’ / ‘Behaving’ / ‘Moving’ in relation to the Thoughts/Reactions you’re having.
Wherein you’ll realise that you’ll have to ‘Practically change’ your ‘Physical-Movement’ / ‘Behaviour’ in a Moment, as an Practical Act of Self-Movement – to stop/change/transform ‘who you are’ in a Moment, from Mind-Definition that you’ve always lived within the Mind, that reflected within your Physical-Movement = to Self-Movement as Self-Expression.

An Example:

(How this Point opened-Up with Katie during Discussion with her Resonance):

Within particular-specific Situation(s) with Cameron – Katie ‘experienced’ a Mind-Race of Thoughts going through-her, wherein the ‘string or line’ of Thoughts would be exactly the same/similar based-on the particular-specific situation that would play-out with Cameron.
She applied-Herself in relation to the Mind-Race of Thoughts, to the Point wherein the Thoughts would no-more occur within those particular-specific Situations with Cameron, but -what Katie was not-‘Aware’ of – was her ‘Physical-Experienced’-Reaction, in relation to the Mind-Reaction she was experiencing in those-Moments.
Thus – she had ‘worked-through’ the ‘Mind-Aspect’ of her Reaction within those particular-specific situations, but not yet with the ‘Physical-Aspect’ of her Reaction.
So – even though the Thoughts no-More occurred = her ‘Physical-Experience’ in such Moments still-Remained, wherein her ‘Physical Positioning / Body-Movement’ will still be the same, as the ‘Physical-Actuality’ of what she accepted and allowed herself to ‘live’ in those Moments, which the Thoughts ‘reflected’.

For Example – she was ‘aware’ of the Thoughts she was participating-In, but not that the ‘Physical-Manifestation’ of those-Thoughts, as what she’s accepting and allowing herself to ‘live/be’ in that Moment in the Physical-itself – manifested a Physical-Contraction and Retreat, wherein, for example – she’d ‘slump-down’ in the chair, and slowly, but surely ‘physically distance’ herself from Cameron – through, for example – not participating within-him physically.

Therefore, she’s worked with the ‘Reflection’ as Thoughts of what she’d accepted and allowed herself to live as ‘who she is’ in a Moment within actual Physical-Experience/living – but she hadn’t applied the actual Physical self-correction as self-movement, within actually physically changing her physical-participation in that Moment.

In-This, she could she, that – yes, she stopped the Thoughts, but she hadn’t applied the actual, practical physical self-movement in that Moment, and thus – still, in essence – remained within the exact-same ‘reactive-mode’ as she did-before = she hadn’t yet ‘changed herself’, she only ‘stopped’ the reflection of herself, that revealed within her Thoughts.
From/Within ‘seeing’-This – she started moving herself Physically, from the perspective of – actually standing-up from the chair, walking to Cameron and participating with-him, rather than ‘contracting into herself, slumping physically in the chair and retreating from experiencing the Moment with-Him, as she did-Before.

This is what we practically mean with: “Applying Self-Forgiveness, Stopping Thoughts and Reaction and SELF-CORRECTIVE ACTION, changing yourself Practically, in the Physical as you walk within Participation in your Reality”. Wherein – you stop the Thoughts, and change you within your physical-participation in-Reality = Changing from both within and without equal and one.

And, so – you ‘move yourself physically’ into and as self-change, and you’ll find – within moving yourself physically, you’ll in that Moment ‘change/transform the experience of you’ – because you went-from = Mind-Experience that ‘affected you physically in a certain-way/manner in relation to behaviour’ – to self-expression, through self-movement in the Physical, wherein you actually participate with and as what is Here. From Mind-Participation as 'Observer' of a Moment - to Participant in a Moment within Reality.