Dolphins and history - Part 5

Transcribed by and through Andrea

Date : 14/05/2007

Dolphins are currently busy circling the planet doing the following application: We are busy re-balancing and stabilising man kind. As in the past 3 years we have seen an increase in instability of the physical structures leading and developing into cancers and other major ‘illnesses'. Now more than ever humans are succumbing to illness that deteriorates all senses due to how we have allowed these unused senses to go to waste. By natural senses we are of course talking about awareness, the ability to utilize all of yourself to become aware of your environment – especially your human physical body. The parts of the human that allow for this is currently being altered – meaning; being transformed into the application of supporting each human being through the process.

These would be for example the nervous system, brain, hearing, sight and so forth. Naturally the human development, with regards to your evolution is seen to take on a 3 year cycle. We are aware that every 3years there is a shift within the human psyche, meaning when change starts taking place. Have you noticed that in your, let's say 30 years of existence you've experienced at least 2– 4 shifts in your perception concerning your reality. These shifts might be in the form of a consciousness that relates to God, relationship, money or self-worth. Are you aware in this moment on how many ‘fingers' you are not able to count your awareness periods throughout your existence? Probably not many. Since you're birth you've probably become aware of a few things that you considered worthy of change and then changed accordingly . Many people don't change what they see is directly affecting other human beings in this world in a way that holds many consequences to those human beings that directly experience such effects. The blame or responsibility is always placed in someone else's hands, instead of human beings who see the consequences some applications have in this world which directly affect many other human beings, standing up and taking responsibility. Human beings know what is necessary to be done in this world to be able to make a difference when they see the affects this world have on many other human beings in this world but do nothing about it at all. As long as their life is fine and are not affected as many other human beings lives are affected by the consequences of applications in this world, they need not apparently have to do anything, rather shift blame and responsibility to remain in their own satisfactory lives. We are now coming up to the next three year phase.

Dolphins have always assisted man kind when they face these 3 year cycles due to the astronomical effect it is able to have health wise. Which means when you experience the 3 year cycle, each human being together with their human physical body experience the changes which occur within during the event of the cycle. The dolphins support the human's physical body and you as the being inhabiting the body for a moment while here on earth while experiencing the 3 year cycle. As one each being and their human physical body together experience the adjustments and transcendences during this 3 year cycle. You see when the earth undergoes drastic awareness chang es it means that all things face a structural shift, from nature, to your own body ; it all undergoes shifts and the requirement for immediate adjustment.

Now what we have become aware of here in the deepest oceans is as follows: When these shifts occur mentally, call it consciousness or awareness in some cases the human psyche tends to either correct itself or create structural imbalances. This can be seen in various forms, some of which you might be able to relate to:

• Firstly I would like to mention the shift that occurred during the 9/11 attacks. Mentally/psycho­logically most went into a state of shock followed by disbelief then preceded by guilt (that they had survived) and now we are more specifically noticing, as the 3 year cycle arrives, the following developments within human beings on earth after the experience of the 9/11 attacks: Humans are currently busy with a process to shed their consciousness. As explained by Alice Bailey and many dimensional beings the stars, planets and heavenly beings are busy assisting with this transformation. Now however we are seeing health aspects deteriorate as consciousness implants you with its effects after 9/11. Keep in mind that these are all corrections that dolphins are currently busy with. When we speak about psychology we are actually speaking about the various activities within consciousness and the subconscious mind. What we are busy correlating between human awareness and consciousness is the bringing forth of your understanding of the world and its current 3 year cycle. This we are currently saying to bring forth awareness within each human being on earth as they experience themselves here. We are not stating our side of the story for it to be used by consciousness. Many beings as in the case of 9/11 will use what the dolphins and many others are saying to indoctrinate you even more. Just listen unconditionally and trust. So, we are currently discussing what the 9/11 effects are that are being upgraded to your systems by consciousness, which during the ‘cleansing' out of consciousness will be removed. Remember your understanding within this consciousness/a­wareness debate might be lacking due to the fact that only now are you as human beings are reaching the level of human understanding worthy of having awareness brought from consciousness. So bear in mind that you're being taught about what we see.

The lasting effects of the emotional turmoil experienced during and after the 9/11 attacks are still currently being integrated into consciousness as a further means of fear and are globally playing out in each country. Skills such as protections that you have accepted as a given has now been upgraded by consciousness through events like 9/11, Tsunami's and great historical disasters. What this entails is as follows: Man experiences a great tragic event and consciousness upgrades all beings to understand what it is consciousness ‘desire's you to actually understand. From the twin towers incident for example we saw humans invert fear and decide that it is time to change their application from money saving to the turn of money that will devastate this planet. The words ‘to the turn of money that will devastate this planet' specifically relates to human beings' trust and dependency in the money systems of this world that have been greatly affected and compromised after the 9/11 attacks where human beings have turned their trust and dependency regarding their own money unto themselves only. If you pay attention to what has happened as an effect of this incident you'll see that money has now been moved from monopoly to an industry based on foreign risks. By this we are talking about the spiral effect that is occurring within the money system relating to foreign impact within the chaos created by 9/11 as well as keeping people from leaving country's to ensure that old money stays where it is. By old money of course we refer to the money system that has existed within one country for hundreds of years. So interestingly the 9/11 situation caused an inversion within money systems creating what the dolphins call the ‘island syndrome'. This is when politicians use natural disasters to further control people to maintain the economy within one state or country more than ever. Don't leave America to go elsewhere because we need your support. That is currently what the psychological/con­sciousness infusion is within each American. We must stand together. So now when these countries all start creating mass delusion about patriotism what do you see standing forth next? War. When people start understanding their ‘placement' necessary within their own country and to alienate or victimize others because ‘you just don't know what'll happen' then you have the preparation in place for a war. World War 3 is going to happen if you don't start seeing what your leaders are actually doing. So from that perspective we have the money systems forcing people to stay put and leaders telling you that your country is able to be attacked and you must hold hope that all will prevail. Basically your leaders are preparing you all for World War 3.

• Now on the other scale of human ‘illness' you have the physical body. Where you're currently holding your head saying: “Dear God save me” we are pushing you to realize that your bodies are showing you the shifts that are taking place. Some scientists as well, as well meaning esoteric types are predicting these changes to have dire results for the human body. Since about 1939 when there was a shift in your world we saw and understood that the money system was to become one of the largest control and enslavement systems known to man kind. Basically humans are being prepared according to their physiology to be able to adapt to this system. Since 1940 we have noticed the following physiological changes in the human body: Since you have two lungs it is of a great relief to us to see that most humans understand that breathing plays an important role to your survival. Since of course people aren't willing to see within their own bodies to heal themselves we as the dolphins will show you what we are busy assisting with. The lungs as told by many who understand metaphysics represent anger, grief and resentment. Now the interesting thing about what happens during events like 9/11 is that humans become extremely angry and infuriated. Anger on a physiological aspect creates crystals. Crystals are formations which manifest when the cells plasticity in the physical body for instance become overloaded with emotion such as anger and because this emotion is not released but suppressed by the human being, emotional manifested crystals form in the human body where the information of suppressed emotions such as anger are kept. Now when humans experience 9/11 events for example the crystallisation within cells look like this: Square shaped crystals have been developing in the lungs of each being that has ever experienced anger. This is due to the resonating that occurs when a human accesses anger. Anger in itself does not drive people crazy; it is rather the effect of prolonged changes to your cellular structure that changes who you become. When cells realign according to your psyche you start experiencing changes through out your body. (So – on a lighter note – smoking does indeed not cause cancer but the crystallization of prolonged suppressed anger does indeed.) Currently consciousness has two very distinct things happening that is preparing you for its ultimate ‘take over'. Now the cells are crystallising creating what is called an ‘inability to adjust to outside environment', therefore the human organism dies. What happens during some tragic events which you allow to influence yourself is that your body starts going into a protective mechanism rejecting its environment so that it's able to remain in some form of control. This rejection is basically how your awareness knows that what is being done in this world is not right and starts projecting physical manifestations according to what is required to protect the body. Your body is constantly working at rejecting the effects of consciousness; hence the 3 year cycle by which drastic changes in the body take place to adjust to what is happening. Your body is hard at work to adapt to what consciousness has allowed, yet we are always allowing science to overrule all new changes. When you adjust, then science claims that they invented this, or they insist that it is not valid. Whenever one of these 3 year cycles comes to an end, scientists claim their finding within the ‘new' to be that of scientific brilliance instead of what the new developments truly stand for. So consciousness has cleverly pre-programmed science to attest to all occurrences within the body's adaptation to awareness. So instead of your cells adapting to change, it allows consciousness to crystallise your cells according to your experience within what is happening in your world. Now what we have seen is that consciousness creates crystallised blocks according to the representation of enslavement. The shape of the block if you research crystallisation and water for example is the shape most likely to create somewhat permanent structures, due to its ability to interlock and never release again. Rounder shapes are flowing and free to adjust. So block shapes are when consciousness shapes itself into a pattern that is not able to be undone in a hurry. We see these shapes when we look at the human lungs for example due to your deep seated suppressed anger. The reason why we use the lungs as an example is due to the long term effect that having your lungs and major organ systems crystallise into one singular application will have on your future.

Humans are currently undergoing so many changes. Some exist within consciousness holding onto you and others come from your ability to adapt within and as awareness. Now when we see your lungs crystallising we understand that humans are furious with life, with themselves and the world around them. We understand why, but we urge humans to understand that this is exactly what your leaders want, war and hatred. Once all the cells in your body crystallize you stand no chance, you'll either die or your entire being will separate itself from who you really are into further enslavement instead.

• Other physical change that we are assisting with is the dehydration that occurs due to water being infiltrated with chemicals to assist with the crystallization process. We are sending your water currents through our own electrical discharge from the oceans that release the toxins and release all chemical structures.

• Other changes that are currently taking place are where you will find yourself geopathically placed within a specific application. The dolphins are currently assisting with the directing of humans as to where they place themselves relating to their new choice. We do this through the direct link that we have to your time line and where your path in life is being directed. We assist by directing you energetically along your path according to your life's lessons that will assist you to see where it is you are placing yourself. When you are directed toward certain life events then it allows you to either understand where it is you are going, whether it be towards awareness or away from it. In order for humans to reach the understanding that we are in fact all in oneness and equality it is sometimes important for us to walk the path of consciousness. This done with assistance from the dolphins, planets and other dimensional beings who is able to show you how consciousness works and why you have made your choices. So we are currently swimming through the oceans re-aligning your time lines, placing assistance specific structures and holding them in place. In the next article we will give you insight into what human illness is busy unfolding, how it has been put in place through your participation within and as consciousness to assist you to see where you are in your placement of yourself. We will show you the inner workings of dis-ease, why you're experiencing ‘illness' and how we are able to assist you through the application of self and forgiveness to correct illness.