Edgar Cayce - Predictions

As transcribed and typed by Edgar Casey through the interdimensional portal

Date : 09/05/2007

Viewing predictions within the now of consciousness on earth looks like beacons – beacons placed across the world of specific events that are to occur and here are a few of them I have been introduced to so far:


  1. Tsunamis off the coast of South America – extensive damage will be done to structural foundations here. Warnings will be unpredictable during such events within nature – as nature is the example of the unpredictability of life.
  2. The Ocean dividing Canada coastline with Europe coastline will present tsunamis on both coastlines off Canada and Europe – at the same time.
  3. Australia will experience more tsunamis than ever before – they will begin with somewhat extensive force and will compound to the extent where damage will be done along the coastlines of Australia . Placing the map of the world in front of you – the three different places tsunamis will hit Australia is the bottom, pulling vertically upwards the middle top and the right hand corner of Australia – these three coastline spots will be greatly affected. Forced to flee inland.
  4. We have then the coasts off China and Hong Kong which will be hit with Tsunamis of great power – destroying all structural buildings off the coasts. Beings will be forced to flee inland.
  5. Hurricanes and tornadoes within central North America – firstly will begin on farm areas – will then progress to the more industrial economic structural areas where damage will be done to many buildings.
  6. Hurricanes and tornadoes within central South America will also occur and will become more extensive through the compounding of the weather effects.
  7. Canada will also be experiencing the extensive expression of nature through hurricanes and tornadoes.
  8. Hurricanes, tornadoes and tsunamis will be experienced in places unusual to human understanding – unpredictable to human understanding.
  9. Many earthquakes within the oceans close by coasts will be the reason for the extensive tsunamis taking place. Due to the compounding of the earthquakes beneath the ocean floor, the tsunamis will be compounding.
  10. Earthquakes within central North America, central South America, central Europe, central China , central Hong Kong and central Tokyo will be of such nature – human beings will cower with fear at the unpredictable extent of nature's expression. Buildings of great stature will fall.
  11. Russia will be hit with snowstorms to such an extent – many human beings will perish from the cold.
  12. As I am stating here – this expression within nature will be experienced across the world – aimed at these continents specifically. It will compound more than ever before – damage done to the extent of irreparability.
  13. Volcanoes across the world – I am specifically referring to the Volcanoes close by human beings who have come to inhabit such areas will be erupting as fire streaks from the skies. The eruption of such volcanoes will compound due to the compounding of the earthquakes within the earth - in both the ocean and on land. Once earthquakes across the world have become so great – the volcanoes in turn will be activated.


  1. War will be experienced between America and Iran . Iran as Iraq will become that of the Americans.
  2. Robert Mugabe will fall with Zimbabwe – an extensive amount of damage control is going to be required to rebuild the country to once again stand.
  3. The American dollar will fall greatly – America losing all its previous integrity and support from earlier years across the world.
  4. More suicide bombers within America will be experienced – many will die due to these attacks. America will experience many terrorist attacks from other countries close by Iran and Iraq . They have already placed themselves within America to prepare attacks across the continent.
  5. South Africa will for a moment become uneasy once Mandela goes – the next president will undermine most regulations and responsibility that go hand in hand with presidency – allowing mostly for the people of the country to stand up and speak and take corrective action of what has been allowed and accepted to be done within this country. Taking matters into their own hands, so to speak.
  6. The above mentioned is what is ahead for South Africa. Once the people of the country stand up as mentioned in point 5, they will be heard and corrective actions within the government will be taken accordingly .
  7. The predictions done as per Siener van Rensburg, the Boere prophet, “South Africa will become the bread basket of the World”, is specific.
  8. Countries across the world will be becoming more and more independent – this will be occurring through the extraction of relationships with America especially. As most countries primary relationship lies with America.
  9. Violence within countries will be stopped and intervened with, through the dimensions' directive application, through the infinites being here in every moment to stop what has been allowed and accepted in human beings behaviours within this country. The dimensions' directive application will for instance entail the full integration of a dimensional being within those human beings committing such deliberate acts within and as consciousness. The changes in such human behaviour will become more prominent in time to come.
  10. Money systems across the world will fall slowly but surely. The infinites of each human being within this world are taking directive action on an individual basis as human beings participate within this world of money. The money systems within the countries of this world will be collapsing from the individual human beings experience of themselves within this world. It'll first start with beings in South Africa – then America , then Europe, then Asia, then Australia and then China , Hong Kong etc. What this specifically entails for instance is that anything human beings have placed value or worth in that is of this world, separate from themselves, which they have used to define themselves as who and what they are – anything within their world that have supported them especially in the field of money - and if lost – the idea exist that they have apparently lost something or themselves causing emotional breakdowns – will be taken from them. Money that has been the God of each human being within this world of consciousness will be no more. If money has power over a being – if any being within existence have placed worth and value in anything of this world to which they have defined themselves as, it will be removed to realize that they are not money and all that have placed worth and value within. This specific process will be done through the support of dimensional beings, closing all doors that may give access as support form money within this consciousness reality.
  11. As human beings receive no support from consciousness as they previously did within the experience of themselves in the world with the support of money, this being due to their infinites directive application within their lives, they will have nowhere to turn. Most human beings within this world who will lose everything are the ones to come and stand as the forerunners of the process that will be taking place within this world.
  12. Other human beings will remain within their struggling countries for a moment until a select few human beings, as the forerunners of process, will return to re-establish the countries and the people to exist within and as oneness and equality within this world. This will be done by human beings who stand as the forerunners of process, who will be specifically prepared to take presidency positions for a moment within specific countries to direct the people within the country to establish the countries within and as an existence of oneness and equality.

All together – the individual collapse of the support of this world as money within each human beings' experience of themselves within this world through the infinites and dimensional beings' directive application, weather and nature as the animal kingdom will be the trinity which will change the course of mankind within this world. The course of this world will change as heaven on earth is established here on this planet where no more separation, enslavement and control exist.

Here is a pointed overview of the exact nature of how this change is going to be taking place. Animals are indeed also standing up and taking directive action through specific interventions within human beings' existences here on earth. Each human being within this world will be going through the Job experience as told within the Christian religious Bible – necessary to go through the eye of the needle to be able to participate within the process that is to come for existence in its entirety. More information will be released from time to time.