Edgar Cayce - Pridicaments of the future

Edgar Cayce : Predicaments of the future – we have to walk through it

Transcribed and typed by Edgar Cayce through the interdimensio­nal portal

Date : 12/10/2007


Hi everyone, Referring to Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus, they prophesied that there would be cataclysmic earth changes in the time that we are now living. I realize that these prophecies aren't set in stone yet and they could be changed, altered or stopped. But, there has been an increase in volcanic activity, and earthquakes. Extreme weather conditions are expected to increase also. Are we headed toward a pole shift? In some ancient Egyptian texts they wrote about the sun rising in the West and setting in the East. There was also a pole shift in the time of the Atlanteans. Cayce also said that the Atlanteans abused nature. If that's true we have thousands of years forgiveness to do. I have another question, who created the Atlanteans, or who were their ancestors?


This is Edgar Cayce

There will be much ‘changes' of the world – nature, the animal kingdom, weather, earth, the oceans, planets and universe – this is ‘unstoppable' for it is the manifestations of the consequences of Man's actions of the mind.

Understand that what is experienced now and what is to come over the next period if three (3) to five (5) years – is actually still the ‘past playing out' through which we ‘unfortunately' have to walk – we have to face, both here on earth and in the dimensions, what we have accepted and allowed throughout our existence. Thus – we cannot stop what has already been done, we cannot unmake what has already been done – though we are able to stop and discontinue what we have accepted and allowed in the past which is currently manifesting and ‘playing out' and still to come.

It is strange – humanity fears the ‘end of time' / ‘the end of the world' when that very ‘end' has been manifested by all of humanity together throughout existence. We are currently on earth experiencing our own creation.

Though here is the ‘difference' – you will either face – head on – and walk through all that has been accepted and allowed and apply self forgiveness and self honesty in every moment to no longer accept and allow your participation and actions of the mind as done in the past – or this will be a very, very rough and tough ride.

We have to walk through all this to face ourselves to realise, understand and see what we have individually accepted and allowed to stand within and as all that has been accepted and allowed and stand up – to not accept and allow this again – to not do what we have done again.

And so it is and so it is done.

The secret of prophecies? ‘Prophets' see what has already been done – ‘meaning' what the prophet sees ‘in the future' is what has already been manifested and placed – just ‘waiting' to be ‘played out' – and who else is responsible but all of humanity as one, yet individually.

See – what was never ‘expected' is that there is ‘something else' at the ‘end' of it all – this ‘something' else cannot be given and cannot be shown – but only experienced, lived and expressed by each and every single human being and the ‘keys' are simple: Self breathing as the moment, Self honesty, self trust, self forgiveness, self application = stopping the mind. And the ‘answers' are in the most unlikely places: See Hitler's experience in the story he has written.

So – how do we stop – we stop by stopping the mind – what is the ‘end' when the mind stops – until then – everything will become gradually worse and more intensified – until human beings finally ‘wake up' and realise that they must individually stand up and stop the mind and take responsibility for themselves.

All of us abused Nature – because we have abused ourselves. We have taken much for granted – the very breath we take is because the trees, grass of nature exist – the breath is life in taking the breath for granted we take life for granted we take nature for granted and all that has unconditionally provided us with this entire existence to express and experience ourselves within. But we have separated ourselves from the very essence that is us: Life. Thus – all that exist that is us within and as oneness and equality is standing up stating: Wake up – look what you have accepted and allowed – wake up and STOP.

All that is required for you is to apply self forgiveness in every moment a thought, feeling and emotions ‘step forth' – because you know – it is not who you are. Breathe – be grateful for every breath you take – be the breath: I am breath, I am breathing. Apply brutal self honesty within and as you and remain here as the moment as you of life within and as oneness and equality.

And walk this process here until it is done.

Here is a video interview of the first molecule in existence that'll give perspective on the last question you ask on the post:

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Edgar Cayce