Energetic-Substance Relationship-Entities of Consciousness


By: Bernard Poolman

18 April 2010

The ‘System’ that was ‘Removed’ tonight is a ‘Energetic-Substance’ Formed -Entity’ Manifested ‘within’ the Human Physical Body, within All Human Physical Bodies of Each ‘Individual’ Human Being.

This Particular ‘Manifestation’ or ‘Entity’ ‘of’ the ‘Mind Consciousness System’ –of the ‘Mind Consciousness System’ meaning, it was ‘Designed’, ‘Formed’ and ‘Manifested’ in its ‘Origin’ or ‘Origination’ from the Mind Consciousness System in-itself, thus is a ‘Product’ of the Mind Consciousness System, this is what ‘of the Mind Consciousness System’ means.

The ‘Existence’ of this ‘Energetic-Substance’ ‘Entity-Manifestation’ of the Mind Consciousness System, was that of the ‘Relationship-Connection’ formed ‘between’ Human Beings ‘through’ the Mind Consciousness System –meaning, this ‘Entity Manifestation’ was that-which ‘bounded’ Human Beings ‘together’ ‘In the Physical’ through the Mind Consciousness System, through the ‘Relationships’ that developed between ‘Beings’ through the Mind Consciousness System or ‘within’ and ‘as’ ‘Consciousness’ as ‘Starting-Point’.

Meaning, for example, the ‘Relationships’ that Beings ‘form’ with ‘Other’ Human Beings within their ‘Reality’, those ‘Connections’ that are ‘formed’ and the ‘Relationships’ that ‘emerge’ from-that, was all ‘Network-Creations’ that ‘Developed’ between ‘Beings’ as they would In-Essence ‘Create’ or ‘Manifest’ their own ‘Civilization’, within their Own ‘Individual-World’ and so, ‘Create’ a ‘Integral-Network’ of ‘Connections’ as ‘Relationships’ with ‘Beings’ within their ‘Reality’ but, those ‘Connections’ as ‘Relationships’ were always ‘done’ or is ‘still done’ within the ‘Starting-Point’ of ‘Consciousness’, ‘Creating’ or ‘Manifesting’ ‘Connections’ and ‘Relationships’ with ‘Other’ Human Beings to continue the ‘Cycle’ within ‘Self’ of the Mind Consciousness System within the ‘Personalities’ or ‘Self-Definitions’ we ‘Exist’-as.

For example, we’ll have Particular Specific ‘Relationships’ within our ‘Reality’, within our ‘World’ wherein Each ‘Individual’ ‘Connection-Point’ from-which in a ‘Relationship’ ‘emerge’, ‘feeds’ or ‘supports’ a part within ourselves, or a ‘Construct’ within ourselves that ‘define’ our ‘Personality’ or ‘Beingness’ within our Mind Consciousness System. Therefore, we have become in-essence ‘Beings’ that cannot-‘Exist’ without ‘Relationships’ that are ‘formed’ in a Particular-‘way’ within a Specific-‘Connection’ that ‘locks-into’ our ‘Constructs’ that ‘Manifest’ and ‘Form’ our Total ‘Personality’ within our Mind Consciousness System.

Therefore, we have ‘Created’ a Total ‘Entity’ within ourselves of the Mind Consciousness System that is that-of an ‘Energetic-Dependence’ on ‘Relationships’, or Particular-Specific ‘Connections’ from-which Particular-Specific Relationships ‘emerge’, because we ‘Require’ that ‘Energetic-Experience’ or ‘Feed’ for ‘Ourselves’, for our ‘Personality’ , for our ‘Mind Consciousness System’ to continue ‘Stimulating’ ourselves within our Mind Consciousness System and our ‘Experience’ within our Mind Consciousness System, because our Mind Consciousness System require ‘Energy’ to ‘Function’, to continue ‘Existing’ –the ‘Stimulation’ that the Mind Consciousness System thus ‘Receive’-through ‘Relationship-Connections’ or Particular ‘Connections’ from-which ‘Relationships’ ‘Emerge’ thus-then ‘Continue’ our ‘Existence’ within the Mind Consciousness System in-itself.

And so, within Each Individual Human Being ‘existing’ within such an ‘Energetic-Dependence’ ‘Possessed’-by In-Essence this ‘Entity’-Created of the Mind Consciousness System where we always ‘need’ or ‘exist’-within that ‘need’ to ‘Connect’, to have ‘Relationships’, but within the ‘Starting-Point’ of ‘Energy’.

Within doing-so, within all Individual Human Beings ‘existing’-so, we’ve Created a Total ‘Unified Field’ ‘within’ the Human Physical Body by-which we are ‘bound’ within ourselves and with Each-Other within ‘Energy’, thus feeding-‘off’ of Each-Other or feeding ‘on’ Each-Other –meaning, we’ll always have ‘Relationships’ within our Reality that are both ‘Positive’ and ‘Negative’, to in accordance ‘feed’ the ‘Polarity’ within-which the Mind Consciousness ‘Exist’ wherein we Deliberately ‘Create’ that ‘Friction’ within ourselves for the Mind Consciousness System to be able to continue its ‘Existence’ because, ‘Energy’ is ‘Stimulated’ or ‘Compounded’ through the ‘Frequency’ generated ‘within’ a Moment of ‘Friction’. Therefore we’ll have ‘Relationships’ within our ‘Reality’ in-which we regard as ‘Positive’ and as ‘Negative’, we have the ones we ‘Fight’-with, we have the ones we ‘Love’, we have the ones we ‘Hate’, we have the ones we ‘Prefer’ –you know, all those ‘Polarity-Relationships’ in our ‘Reality’ create a ‘Friction’ within ourselves and accordingly, that ‘Friction’ ‘feed’ our Continued-‘Movement’ within our Mind Consciousness System within our Reality.

So basically this whole ‘System Manifestation’ was ‘Removed’ tonight from within the Human Physical Body, so this whole ‘Entity’ ‘Physical-Mind Manifestation’ by-which we ‘bound’-ourselves to our ‘Mind’ and Each-Other through ‘Energy’ –however this does Not mean that in terms-of the Individual Human Being having to still ‘walk-through’ Stopping ‘Accepting’ and ‘Allowing’ Self to ‘Interact’-with ‘People’ in ‘Reality’ from the ‘Starting-Point’ of ‘Energy’ –meanings that Point of ‘Self-Responsibility’ still-‘Exist’ wherein one has to ‘Assess’ in ‘Self-Honesty’ ‘Why’ the ‘Relationships’ you have with People, the ‘Connections’ you have with People in your World Actually ‘Exist’ – because you’ll, within ‘Self-Honest’ Introspection, actually be able to ‘see’ ‘How’ a Particular-‘Person’ in your ‘Reality’ ‘feed’ a Particular-‘Construct’ within your ‘Personality’ of your Mind Consciousness System –meaning that you’ll ‘Deliberately’ have a ‘fighting’ or a ‘hateful’-Relationship towards a ‘Being’ because, that ‘feeds’ a Particular-Specific ‘Construct’ and ‘Justification’ within yourself in relation to your ‘Personality’ wherein you can, you know continue ‘Defining-yourself’ in a ‘certain-way’. For example, ‘seeing -yourself’ as a ‘Good-Person’ by ‘hating that-person’ because ‘by hating that person’ you can ‘Justify’ your ‘Self-Definition’, your ‘Personality’ is being a ‘Good-Person’ in ‘Comparison’ to-them.

And then, for example those you ‘Love’, ‘what is-it’ that they’re ‘Giving-you’, what ‘Sustenance’ are they ‘Giving-you’ in relation- to a ‘Construct’ within your ‘Personality’ – ‘Why’ were you Deliberately keeping-them in your ‘World’ in that ‘Relationship’ towards them in that Particular ‘way’ –‘What is –it’ that People in your ‘World’ are ‘feeding’ within your ‘Constructs of Personality’ in your Mind Consciousness System then you ‘Realize’ that, the ‘Relationships’ you have with Beings, the ‘Connection’ you have with Beings is ‘only’ for ‘Self-Interest’ in ‘Continuing’ a ‘Personality-Definition’ within one’s Mind Consciousness System within the ‘Physical’, that one Do Not ‘In-Fact’ Actually ‘Know’ a ‘Being’ for ‘Who they are’ because: We don’t even know ‘in-Fact’ ‘Who ‘We’ Are’ as ‘Living Beings’, which is the ‘Process’ within which Desteni is ‘Assisting’ and ‘Supporting’, for Beings to ‘Get-to-know ‘Who we are’ as Actual ‘Beings’ in the ‘Physical’ in Actual ‘Real Living’, so that we can Stop Creating ‘Relationships’ and ‘Energy’ for ‘Self-Interest’ and start Actually ‘Regarding’, ‘Honoring’ and ‘Respecting’ Ourselves and ‘Each-Other’ within the ‘Starting-Point’ of ‘Equality and Oneness’.