Exposing The Secret Mind: Part One

27 Dec 09

Alright – what we have ‘as ourselves’, meaning ‘what we’re existing-as’, currently, at the Moment – is, Primarily:Mind and Energy. Now, The Mind consist of / exist-as many ‘components’, ‘dimensions’ as various ‘systems’ and ‘constructs’ that we ‘live-out’ as though it is ‘who we are’ within self-definition, and we ‘experience-ourselves’ within and as those ‘systems’ and ‘constructs’ through ‘Energy’. Such ‘systems’ / ‘constructs’ of Mind are, for example:Perso­nalities – which is known as ‘Ego’.Now, a ‘curious’ thing:Such Personalities as ‘Ego’ – we, ourselves have ‘Programmed’ ‘As-Ourselves’ = In-Essence, we’ve ‘designed-Ourselves’ through and as the Mind, within ‘systems’, ‘constructs’ and ‘Energy’, and thus are the ‘Creators’ of ‘who we are’, currently, at this very Moment, Here. Because we’ve ‘designed-Ourselves’ through Self-Programming within Self-Creation – we ‘believe’ that what we ‘live’ through the Mind within Energy – is ‘all that exist’ as ‘who we are’ and ‘all that we’ll ever be’, and ‘how we’ll always be’ = ‘presumably’ / ‘perceivably’ ‘Unchangeable’. Living a Statement of: ‘This is who I am and nothing and no-one will change-That’. Now, another ‘interesting’ thing:We ‘hold’-onto that ‘living-statement’ within the starting-point of ‘defence’, ‘defending’ our ‘own-creation’ as ourselves as The Mind we exist-as that we, ourselves Programmed and Designed – because we ‘believe’ we ‘Own’-It, we ‘Own-Ourselves’ as ‘who we are’ and ‘how we are’ within Self-Definition as Personalities of Mind within the experiences of Energy that we ‘live-out’ / ‘exist-as’, because ‘we Created-it’, and because we created-it, because we created ourselves, ourselves as the Mind = we have the ‘right’ to ‘proclaim’ ‘ownership’ and thus defend-it ‘at all cost’.Within this, this ‘Self-Programming’ and ‘Self-Creation’ of ‘ourselves’ within, as and through The Mind, within ‘Energy’ – another ‘Point’ to take into consideration is the starting-point within which we’ve created, designed and programmed Ourselves: The ‘inherent’ ‘Obvious’ starting-point of ‘Self-Interest’ and ‘Survival’, wherein we’ll create, design and programme ourselves – through ‘Putting Into-Ourselves’ ‘how, what and who’ we’d ‘Prefer’ being, meaning – placing ‘Personal-Preference’ of how we’d ‘like to experience ourselves’, ‘what we’d like to be’ and ‘how we’d like to be seen, noticed or perceived by/through others’ ‘above all-else’ within-Existence. And – ‘in-Accordance to-This’: We manifest our ‘Personality(ies)’ – ‘who we are’ within Self-Definition as ‘who we define ourselves to be’ through and as The Mind and Energy that we ‘end-up’ ‘acting-out’. All of this Done, to ensure we ‘defend’ our Own Self-Existence as ‘who we are’ as Mind within Energy that we believe we ‘Own’ within Self-Interest and Survival, with our self-programmed and self-created Personality(ies) as Ego as our Main ‘Operating-System’ through which this is Done. Now – this is the ‘Obvious’-Stuff – the Point of self-programming, self-creation, the existence of ourselves as Personalities (Ego) of Mind within Energy and the Fact that we’ve programmed, designed and created ourselves as-That within self-interest, placing ‘self-preference’ above all and everyone-else to ensure One-Thing: That we as an Individuality ‘make it in this World’, meaning = ‘Win’, which is to ‘Survive’ ‘at all cost’. Self-Survival – the War that Rages both within and without, as the very ‘Essence’ that emanate and permeate within and throughout all that we are, do and experience within thought, word and deed. Alright – now that we have a ‘concise-perspective’ of the current existence of-ourselves as ‘The Obvious’ Stuff – let us have a look at ‘The Hidden’ Stuff, that is ‘Secret’, and this is ‘kept Secret’ within-Ourselves that no-one want to Face or Admit to-Themselves which ‘come-up’ within ‘Fleeting, Obscure, Unexpected Sudden-Moments’ that we ‘Ignore’ or ‘Brush-Aside’, because we don’t Realise = that what is revealed of-Ourselves in such Moments: Are Actually the REAL SELF, the actual living TRUTH of-Ourselves. I’ll first explain to-you the current ‘design’ as ‘how you’re existing’ at the Moment, to give you a ‘more’ Practical ‘approach’ to be able to ‘Understand’ the existence of-yourself as ‘The Secret Mind’, what it is and how we’ve created it ‘Inadvertently’ through denial, fear and reproach. A ‘Law’ that exist within this-Existence, which everyone is ‘familiar’-with – is that of: The Law of Balance, which exist because-of the existence of ‘Polarity’ – such as ‘light/dark’, ‘good/evil’, ‘right/wrong’, ‘like/dislike’, ‘emotions/fee­lings’, ‘positive/nega­tive’, ‘win/lose’ etc. = for every-Thing that exist within this-Existence, there exist its Opposite. Thus – Everything and every-Thing within this-existence that Exist = is always in a constant ‘Balancing-Act’And within-This, everything, every singular Thing that exist – exist within that starting-point of Self-Survival = it’s the Inherent ‘beingness’ of every single Thing that exist, and no-matter at what ‘Polarity-Point’ it-Exist – that which ‘drives’-It is its ‘Inherent Beingness Purpose’ to ‘Survive, which keeps the cycles and cycling of the ‘Law of Balance’ in constant-Movement, because – for example:You have the Polarity of Win and Lose – the One that exist in the Winning-Position exist within the starting-point of Survival and will thus ‘strive’ to remain within that ‘winning-Position’. The One that exist as the Opposite-Polarity of the One within the ‘winning-Position’ as the One within the ‘Losing-Position’, also exist within the starting-point of Survival and will thus strive to obtain the ‘Winning-Position’. Now – because of Both existing within Self-Survival, ‘striving to either remain in the Winning-Position’ or ‘obtain the Winning-Position’, and because of Both existing within Polarity = they can’t Both be ‘Winners’, because they’re existing as ‘opposites’ = and so the ‘War-wages’ between the Two, until the ‘Law of Balance’ ‘intervenes’ and ‘decides for-Them’, which one will be the ‘Winner’ and which one will be the ‘Loser’, and even when the ‘Law of Balance’ make the decision for-Them = they’ll continue ‘waging-war’ to maintain or obtain a position = because they’re living-out their ‘inherent beingness’ of Inherent Self-Survival. And so we are keeping the existence of Polarity and the Law of Balance ‘alive’ through how we’re accepting and allowing ourselves to exist within the starting-point of and as Self-Survival. Now – this existence of the Law of Balance within Polarity – exist within and as Each-One of us, as Each One of us, as the World-without, reflect the World-within, have a look:Sometimes, within-Ourselves within our Own-World – we’re ‘Winners’, then we ‘live’ to ‘maintain’ that Position, and when we experience that we’ve ‘Lost’ – we’ll do whatever it takes to ‘reclaim’ our ‘Winning-Status’. Existing within the Polarity of ‘Win and Lose’ – see-sawing within the cycles of the Law of Balance, that only exist because we’re accepting and allowing ourselves to define-ourselves and exist-within Polarity, and placing/defining our Self-Value / Self-Worth within the desire to ‘Win’ / ‘be Winners’ (as an example). So – we’ve created ourselves as the REAL SELF that is existent as The Secret Mind, as the Consequence because of our accepted and allowed self-definition and determining-factor of self-worth and self-value within and as the accepted and allowed existence of Polarity, wherein we got ‘fucked’ through the ‘flow-out’ of Polarity as the ‘Law of Balance’.This is how we created the REAL SELF, existent as The Secret Mind:Step 1:It all started with our Creation of Polarity through our ‘belief’ of ‘Choice’ within ‘Personal-Preference’. This manifested ‘Judgment’, wherein we ‘believed’ we have the ‘authority’ to be the ‘Judge’ of what exist both within and without, and within-that ‘Judiciary-Status’ – ‘Judge’ what exist within the starting-Point of ‘Personal-Preference’ as Self-Interest and Survival wherein we – through the act of ‘Judgment’ = ‘choose’ what WE prefer and what WE don’t prefer for-Ourselves, both within and without. For Example (and this is how it practically work(ed)):As a child you see a particular ‘trait’ of your Mother – such as being ‘Gentle’, and you observe the design of this ‘construct’ as ‘Gentleness’ that she’s ‘living-out’ as-herself through her physical-behaviour within body-language, the sound of her voice and her particular ‘choice of words’. Then you observe how she ‘lives-out’ this personality-design of ‘Gentleness’ within how she uses-It to, for example ‘Manipulate’ your Father to ‘Succumb’ to-Her, when he becomes Harsh/Cruel. You ‘Like’ what you See (Preference) and thus ‘Copy’ this Construct as Gentleness from your Mother that you so intently Observed to also have the ability to Manipulate someone through using ‘Gentleness’ in a particular-way within body-language, the sound of your voice and particular choices of words. This ‘Copying’ of another ‘Living-System’, manifested within and as your Mother as the ‘construct/system-design’ of ‘Gentleness’ – is ‘Copied’ into and as your ‘Hard-drive’, which is your Mind, and so you become a ‘duplicated Living-System’ of your-Mother. This is the Obvious-Thing that occur, and that is then ‘lived-out’ ‘as-you’ through The Mind that you ‘obtained’ within the starting-point of ‘personal-preference’ for self-interest and survival. Self-Interest from the perspective of having the ability to Manipulate-someone and Survival from the perspective of, through the ability to Manipulate = ensure that you’ll Win in certain-situation, because Manipulation is always acted-within/used deliberately when you want to Win.Now – as you start ‘living’ this ‘Gentleness-Construct’ more and more, ‘practicing it Into the existence of yourself’ – you ‘become-it’, and ‘come to believe’ it is ‘who you are’ = ‘forgetting’ how and why you created, designed and manifested-it as-yourself, ‘forgetting’ that the ‘Gentleness’ you’ve ‘become’ isn’t ‘Actual Gentleness’, but is existent as an act of Manipulation to Win. And so – this ‘facade as Gentleness’ forms ‘part of’ your Self-definition as Personality (Ego) of Mind that you believe is ‘who you are’.Now, within you starting to ‘Live’ this ‘Gentleness-Construct’ as-yourself, through the Mind as a System within Manipulation – ‘something-else’ start to emerge ‘Resonantly’ within-Yourself, the You, the Being that is existent within the Mind, that functions through the Mind = something that rears its head, unpredictably – and that cannot be Controlled…Step 2:Within this ‘Act of Preference’ within the ‘belief of Choice’ as the ‘Act of Judgment’ – we created, designed and programmed ourselves, through the Mind – ‘Putting Into-Ourselves’ what we’d prefer experiencing and being as ‘who we are’ = not Realising the Consequences that will emerge From-Ourselves within the Creation of Polarity through Self-Preference within the belief of Choice as the Act of Judgment, within our accepted and allowed starting-point of self-interest and survival. And the Consequences manifest(ed) as follows:Within you – ‘choosing’ to become the Construct of Gentleness within the starting-point of ‘wanting to have the ability to Manipulate-another’ (self-interest) through using this-‘Gentleness’ as a ‘protection-mechanism’ against-another who’s Harsh/Cruel towards-you, to be the ‘Winner’ (survival) = the Actual Truth of WHY (you ‘believed’) you ‘chose’ / ‘preferred’ to become/copy this ‘Gentleness-Construct’ is Judgment within Fear towards Harshness/Cruelty from/of/as other-Beings. Meaning – the ‘reason’-Behind you ‘becoming’ this ‘Gentleness-Construct’ – is/was because-of Judgment within Fear towards Harshness/Cruelty. This-Part you ‘suppress’ – the Fact that you Fear Harshness/Cruelty, and only ‘pay attention to’ that which you ‘like/prefer’ such as the ‘Gentleness-Construct’ and the ability to be able to Manipulate through and as-It – not realising the Consequences of such-Suppression of that which you ‘dislike’ / ‘don’t-Prefer’. Now you’ve created you as Polarity, along with Consequence that is existent within the ‘flow-out’ of the Law of Balance as follows:‘Syste­matically’ you’re existing as this ‘Gentleness-Construct’, which is now existent as your ‘Personality’ / ‘Ego’ self-definition, and for the accepted and allowed self-dishonesty within which you’ve ‘become’ this ‘Gentleness-Construct’ in order to be able to ‘Manipulate’ that which you Fear/Dislike/Don’t Prefer = there’s a ‘Price to Pay’ – which Manifest in you and your World as follows:The Obvious Polarity-Point is that which you’re existing as, as your Mind-Personality / Ego self-definition as this ‘Gentleness-Construct’. The Hidden/Secret ‘suppressed’ Polarity-Point ‘becomes’ that which you ‘Fear(ed)’ as the actual ‘reason’ / ‘truth’ of ‘Why’ you ‘became’ this ‘Gentleness-Construct’. That which you ‘Feared’ in this scenario as example I’ve used is: Cruelty/Harshness = which then become the Opposite Polarity-Point of The Obvious Polarity-Point and Forms ‘part of’ your ‘Secret Mind’.The Fact that you ‘use Gentleness to Manipulate that which you Fear as Harshness/Cruelty’ remains ‘secret’ / ‘hidden’ / ‘suppressed’ within-yourself, and you remain ignorant within your self-defined Personality/Ego by, ‘through forgetfulness’ – making yourself ‘believe’ that ‘all that you are’, is: Gentle, and ‘gentleness’ becomes/forms ‘part of’ how you ‘live’ and how others ‘perceive’ you. But – within-yourself = there exist a ‘Secret’, the ‘Hidden Fear’ of WHY you’re ‘Gentle’ in certain situations with/towards certain People: you Fear Harshness/Cruelty and use this Gentleness to Manipulate others within your reality and your reality to ensure that you can ‘control’ this Fear existent within-you. So – now you have this self-created Polarity-Design existing within you – you’re ‘living’ this ‘Gentleness-Persona’ ‘On the Outside’ as self-projection – but on the Inside, you’re existing as Fear of Harshness and Cruelty, which you’ve suppressed. Now – Along-with Polarity, comes the Law of Balance, which manifest as follows:Step 3:So – as you continue ‘living’ this ‘Gentleness-Persona’, ‘integrating’-It and ‘becoming’-It – ‘expanding-It’ ‘more and more’ within ‘who you are’ – ‘feeding’ This System-Personality as ‘Gentleness-Persona’, you’re ‘simultaneously’ ‘Feeding’ the Fear of Harshness and Cruelty as the ‘Original-Cause’ for/of you ‘becoming’ This ‘Gentleness-Persona’-System. How does this Work?It operates within the Principle of “That which you Fear – you Create/Manifest”. Why?We have the ‘Inherent-tendency’ to ‘Suppress’ or ‘make ourselves believe that what we Fear doesn’t exist in-Us / isn’t-‘There’’ or ‘deliberately make-Ourselves ‘Forget’ about that which we refuse to Look-at or Face in-Relation to ‘Fear’’. In doing-So, within wanting-to or attempting-to ‘Suppress’ that which we ‘Fear’ – within the very-‘Act’ of suppressing-it, through for example ‘Forgetfulness’ or ‘Ignoring’-It = the Fear-itself is being ‘Fed-Energy’, because we’re giving our ‘Power’ ‘away’ to That-‘Fear’. Because ‘it Takes’ Energy from Our-Part to ‘maintain our Fears’ within ‘Suppression’ and ‘Ignoring-It’, and the More and More we Ignore or Suppress the ‘Fears’ – the More and More Energy the Fears-Itself receive from-Us. Thus – One can ‘Say’, that: Fear-Itself ‘Feeds’ off-of our actions of attempts at Suppressing- or Ignoring-Them.And So – and thus is ‘Why’ = ‘Fears’-Manifest, and ‘How’ we actually ‘Create’ through ‘Fear’, because that is what is being constantly fed ‘Energy’, through us attempting-to or trying-to Suppress/Ignore-Them = instead of looking-at Them and Facing-Them. Also – have a Look: The very action of Suppressing or Ignoring Fears = is done in Fear-Itself. We ‘Fear’ our-‘Fears’, which continue the Cycle of constantly ‘feeding our Fears’ Energy to ‘grow and expand’ Within-Us – to eventually have to ‘discharge’ through Events, Situations or Circumstances in our Life-Experience = which we’ve Created within-Ourselves, because of accepted and allowed ‘Fear of Fear’. And So – “That which you Fear – you Create/Manifest”. Now – how This-‘Apply’ to this Example I’m utilizing to give you ‘Perspective’ of how the ‘Secret-Mind’ is ‘Formed’ within-Ourselves, is as Follows:The ‘More’ you ‘Use’ this ‘Gentleness-Persona’, which you’ve ‘programmed’ as a ‘System’ of the Mind Consciousness System within the starting-point of a ‘Energetic-Charge’ as ‘Fear of Harshness/Cruelty’ = the ‘More’ you ‘Charge’ the ‘starting-point’ as ‘Fear’ of/as ‘Harshness/Cruelty’ = which start ‘growing and expanding’ Within-you ‘at the same time’ as you start ‘growing/expanding’ As This ‘Gentleness-Persona’-System.This ‘Fear’ of ‘Harshness and Cruelty’ ‘Expand and Grow’ Within-You – ‘through Suppression’, because the ‘More’ you become this ‘Gentleness-Persona’ as System-Manifestation of Mind, through which you ‘Function’ – the ‘More’ you ‘Suppress’ the ‘Fear of Harshness and Cruelty’ and the ‘More’ you ‘Suppress’ the ‘Fear of Harshness and Cruelty’ – the ‘More’ the ‘Fear-Itself’ ‘grows’, through you Suppressing-It within the starting-Point of/as Fear. And Now for ‘How’ ‘The Secret Mind’ within-Self is ‘developed’ / ‘manifested’ from ‘that which exist in ‘Darkness’ within-Self and how the ‘law of balance’ ‘play out’ within the Polarity that you’ve created for yourself, is – as follows:With the ‘Fear’ of and as ‘Harshness/Cruelty’ ‘expanding / growing’ within-You through ‘Suppression’ – it starts ‘Manifesting’ as an ‘Energetic-Resonance Entity’ within-You. It starts Manifesting as an ‘Energetic-Resonance Entity’, forming ‘part of’ ‘you’ within the Mind Consciousness System. Now – what you’ve ‘become’ and ‘living as’ ‘in the open’ – is this ‘Gentleness-Persona’, that is, in essence – a ‘Mind-System’ through which you’re existing and within-which you’re ‘operating’ –which you’ve ‘created, designed and programmed’ as your ‘base operating system’ through and within-which you ‘manage and maintain’ your ‘Gentleness Persona’ of and as the Mind Consciousness System. This, then being the ‘One Obvious Polarity-Point’. However – what’s existing ‘at the same time’ within-You, that is existent ‘in Secret’ within-You, that you’re ‘feeding’ as you’re presenting yourself as this ‘Gentleness-Persona’: Is Fear of and as being exposed to ‘Harshness and Cruelty’ being ‘done unto you’ by/through another that you’re attempting to ‘Manipulate / Control’ within your World through the ‘Gentleness-Persona’, wherein this ‘Fear’ manifest as an ‘energetic-resonance entity’ ‘growing’ within-You through and as Suppression. This, then being the ‘Other Hidden Polarity-Point’. It is this ‘Hidden Polarity Point’ – that ‘becomes’ and ‘Forms / Manifest’ as ‘Part of’ your ‘Secret Mind’, as it’s ‘Secret or Hidden’, from the Perspective that – you don’t want anyone to know that the actual real ‘Reason’ why you’re ‘Gentle’ – is to ‘Manipulate and Control’ others and your Reality to attempt / try to make it ‘Cruelty or Harsh Free’. So – how you develop, create and manifest your ‘Secret Mind’ through Suppressing Fear and attempting-to or trying to Manipulate and Control your reality to not Face that Fear, is as follows:So – With this ‘Fear Entity’ – consisting of and existing as ‘Energy’, that is ‘expanding and growing’ within-You = the ‘Compounded Suppressed Energy’ of and as that Fear: ‘Requires’ a ‘Release-Point’, an ‘Outlet’ so to speak. Because – you’re existing within Polarity, ‘you’re living the One Polarity-Point’ as the ‘Obvious Gentleness-Persona’ continuously, the other Polarity-Point as the Fear of Harshness and Cruelty that you’re attempting-to Manipulate and Control that is ‘suppressed’, requires to ‘Balance-Out’ within the ‘Law of Balance within-which Polarity exist. So – how this ‘Law of Balance’ ‘kicks in’, to ‘balance out’ the ‘Hidden-Polarity’ as the ‘Fear of Harshness and Cruelty that you’re attempting to Manipulate and Control’ with the ‘Obvious Polarity’ as the ‘Gentleness Persona’ that you’re ‘portraying / projecting’ as ‘who you are’ on the outside as the Mind-System – is, as follows:The ‘Hidden Polarity’ as ‘Fear of Harshness and Cruelty that you’re attempting to Manipulate and Control’, consisting of and existing as compounded suppressed Energy will start ‘Emerging’ – in ‘seeming uncontrollable moments’ wherein, you’ll ‘seemingly suddenly’ ‘take-out’ / ‘release’ your Suppressed Fears on Others, and release the Compounded Fear Energy out on Others – through exerting the Energy towards others.In such Moments – you’ll become the total ‘opposite’ of and as the ‘Gentleness Persona’ you ‘portray and project’ on the outside – you will ‘become that which you Fear’, that which you’ve attempted/tried to manipulate and control within your reality, that which you’ve resisted to face (As we have discussed before: That which you Fear – you Create/Manifest) = You will become Harsh and Cruel, in essence – ‘Mean’. And so – the very ‘Thing’ you’ve been attempting-to / trying-to Control / Manipulate in your Reality, your World, the very ‘Thing’ that you ‘feared’, the very ‘Thing’ that you didn’t want to Face – you ‘Become’. The Moment you ‘Act within such Behaviour’ as ‘taking-out’ your ‘suppressed Energy’ on another, and in that ‘Action’ of exerting your Suppressed Energy out on Another – ‘becoming Mean, Harsh and Cruel’ = you, ‘tacitly accept you’ as ‘Mean, Harsh and Cruel’ and so you ‘become the living-entity’ of the ‘Fear Entity’ that you’ve created and designed within you through Fear-Suppression – you become: ‘Mean’ as ‘Harsh and Cruel’. And in that Moment = you Manifested ‘part of’ your ‘Secret Mind’, into Manifestation as-You as ‘Harshness, Cruelty and Meanness’ – that you will ‘live-out’ ‘in-Secret’ within-You, within your Thoughts – because: You have a ‘Portrait’ of yourself you have to ‘maintain’ as the ‘Portrayal of Gentleness’, and you don’t want anyone to know of the ‘Harsh, Cruel and Mean Self’ that is Hidden in the Darkness within-You, and thus – you will ‘in Hidden Secret within-You, within your Thoughts’, ‘live-out’ your Mean, Cruel and Harsh Self towards others – so that No-One knows the Truth of You as being Harsh, Cruel and Mean, and you’ll continue projecting the Deception as-You as the Gentleness-Persona on the Outside, in the Light for all to See – while in the Darkness of Thought within your Secret Mind – you participate in and as the Truth of you as Harshness, Cruelty and Meanness, as you direct Harsh, Cruel and Mean thoughts towards Others, while you’re ‘making as though you’re Gentle towards them’. And So – you’ve Created, Manifested and Designed The Secret Mind as-You, as for example you being Harsh Cruel and Mean in Thought, in Secret – Hidden – while on the Outside as the Mind-System –you project-yourself as the deceptive ‘Gentleness Persona’.