From Energy to Frequency in The Physical


Interview with The Physical


Alright this is the ‘Physical’ - doing an ‘Interview’ with regards-to the ‘Changes’ that will be ‘Experienced’ by ‘Human Beings’ more ‘Prominently’- and ‘Why’ these or such-‘Changes’ that we will be Discussing will be ‘Manifesting’, and ‘How’ it will be ‘Affecting’ the ‘Human Being’ ‘within’ Ordinary ‘Daily-Functionality’, and also for ‘those’ that is listening to this Interview to ‘Assist’ and ‘Support’-themselves through the ‘Changes’ that will be ‘Experienced’.

Okay, what’s been ‘Happening’ over the last 24-hours is that the ‘Mind’ has ‘shifted’ its ‘Dependency-Platform’ from ‘Energy’-to ‘Frequency’- meaning the following:

Let me first ‘start’-with a bit of ‘History:

The ‘Mind Consciousness System’ ‘Physical-Relationship’ was ‘that’-of the ‘Mind Consciousness System’ ‘feeding-off’ of ‘Physical’-‘Energy’ - and also ‘Utilizing’ its ‘own’ ‘Produced-Energy’- in-which the ‘Energy’- both ‘Physical’ and its ‘own’-created, ‘Self-Created’-‘Energy’ would ‘Function’ as its ‘Life-Force’ - to be able to ‘Function’ within the ‘Physical’ in ‘Control’ and ‘Enslavement’-of the ‘Being’ ‘within’ and ‘as’ the ‘Mind Consciousness System’.

Now what’s been ‘happening’-through ‘Time’, is that the ‘Mind Consciousness System’ had been ‘Integrating’ and ‘Manifesting’ ‘into’ and ‘as’ the ‘Physical’ more, and more, and more, the ‘more’ the ‘Being’ was in the ‘Mind Consciousness System’ started ‘Becoming’ the ‘Mind Consciousness System’ in-‘itself’- ‘Why’ this has ‘happened’ is because, the ‘Being’ that was ‘Integrated’ into the ‘Mind Consciousness System’ ‘also’-‘Manifested’ into-the ‘Physical’. So the ‘Being’ became the ‘medium’ between the ‘Physical’ and the ‘Mind Consciousness System’- the more the ‘Being’ started-‘Integrating’ into ‘both’ kind of ‘Equally’ at the same-‘Time’, the ‘Mind’ started going more, and more, and more ‘into’ and ‘as’ the ‘Physical’. From a certain ‘perspective’ this was ‘detrimental’ to the ‘Mind Consciousness System’ because, the ‘more’ the ‘Mind Consciousness System’ ‘Integrated’ into-the ‘Physical’ = the ‘less’ ‘Physical’-‘Energy’ it-could ‘gain’ for its ‘Own’-use to continue its ‘Systematic’ ‘Pre-Programmed’-‘Existence’- Because, to be able to ‘produce’ its ‘own’ ‘Self-Created-Energy’ it ‘needed’ ‘Physical-Energy’- because the ‘Physical-Energy’ was its ‘roots’ from-which it ‘derived’ ‘Substance’ so-to-speak, from the ‘Substance’ all its ‘Networks’ and ‘Constructs’ and ‘Components’ would-‘Function’ through-which it could then-also ‘produce’ its ‘own’-‘Energy’ to be able-to ‘Exist’.

We’re Now at a ‘stage’ where there’s a ‘Unification’ - so-to-speak- between the ‘Being’, the ‘Mind Consciousness’ and the ‘Physical’- a Total-‘Complete’, ‘Full’-‘Integration’ - So In-‘Essence’, the ‘Being’ at the ‘moment’ Is the ‘System’, In-the ‘Physical’ – ‘Existing’-as a ‘Pre-Programmed’ ‘Mind Consciousness System’, ‘Functioning’ as-that ‘Actually’. Now ‘with’-that as ‘Consequence’ to the ‘Mind Consciousness System’ it now had-to ‘Reduce’-itself to ‘other-means’ of …‘Survival’. To ‘do’-that it has now ‘Transferred’ its ‘Primary’ ‘Life-Force’ ‘within’ and ‘as’ that-of ‘Frequency’.Through-‘Frequency’ what it is ‘busy’ doing-now it’s ‘Creating’ a...a ‘Space’ for itself that’s ‘permeating’ and ‘infiltrating’ the Total ‘Mind Consciousness System’, wherein it’s ‘Creating’ a ‘Space’-of ‘Timelessness’ in-which it is ‘holding’-itself within ‘Frequency’ to ‘Remain’ within its Current-‘Functionality’ ‘as’ a ‘Human-Being’, so-to-speak. ‘Within’-that it doesn’t ‘Need’ or ‘Require’ its ‘own’ ‘Self-Created’-‘Energy’ or ‘Physical-Energy’ to continue ‘Survival’, because it’s now... ‘Stopped’-itself in a ‘way’ within this ‘Space’-of ‘Timelessness’, but ‘Functioning’-‘Now’ at a very, very, much of a ‘lesser’ ‘slower’-pace than it did ‘before’ - when it had ‘Free-range’ within being-able to ‘Function’ with ‘Energy’, wherein ‘Energy’ more-‘Functioned’ like a ‘lubrication’ for-itself, when it could ‘move’, like-‘oil’ so-to-speak. Now with ‘Frequency’ however it literally has to ‘hold’-itself within the ‘Space of Timelessness’ the ‘whole-time’, ‘moving’ the ‘Frequency’ in an ‘Equilibrium’ within ‘all’ its ‘Parts’ to make-sure that it ‘Remains’ literally ‘Intact’ - so it’s in a ‘constant’ state-of ‘Big Brother’ on ‘itself’ so-to-speak, making-sure that - it remains ‘Stable’, ‘Constant’ and ‘Functioning’- whereas ‘previously’ it was all ‘Automated’ thanks-to ‘Energy’.

The ‘Consequence’ of-‘this’ in relation-to ‘Human-Functionality’ is the following: ‘Previously’- if you have a-‘look’ at the ‘Human-Being’, you’d ‘perceive’ the ‘Human Being’ to-be quite ‘Controlled’, ‘Ordinary’, going-about ‘Daily-life’ normally, ‘normally’ in terms-of ‘speech’, ‘participation’, ‘movement’, ‘walking’-But - on the ‘Inside’ of course within the ‘Interdimensional ‘Physical’ View’ of the ‘Human Being’ it’s a completely ‘different-story’. Now what is been ‘Maintaining’ that ‘Ordinariness’ of ‘Control’, in which you have a ‘sense’-of ‘Directiveness’ over ‘what you think’, and ‘what you say’, and ‘what you do’. That-‘Part’ is now - that which ‘Functioned’ those ‘Attributes’ of what would-define a ‘Human’ As the ‘Mind Consciousness System’ has now been ‘moving’ much ‘slower’, attempting ‘more’-‘Control’. Therefore, there’s now a ‘Consequence’ that will be ‘Experienced’ by Each ‘Human-Being’ in relation-to ‘that’-which ‘seem’ to-be ‘Ordinary’ or ‘In-Control’ -which is ‘what you think’, ‘what you speak’ and ‘what you do’-because, the ‘Mind Consciousness System’ is now ‘moving’ much-‘slower’ within this ‘Frequency-Space of Timelessness’.

For ‘Example’, you will start ‘stumbling’ more over your ‘words’- especially when you start ‘speaking’ within the ‘Starting-Point’ of your ‘Mind’ because, usually your ‘Mind’ would-‘move’ quite-‘fast’, therefore your-‘speaking’ would-be ‘Immediate’- Okay, but ‘Now’ your ‘Mind Consciousness’ is moving much-much ‘slower’, therefore it’s like You’re ‘moving-faster’ than your ‘Mind’ so-to-speak so that ‘Separation-Friction’ will start ‘happening’,where ‘that’-of the ‘Being’ will still be ‘wanting’-to ‘come-out’ ‘through’ the ‘Mind Consciousness System’, but now the ‘Mind Consciousness System’ is kinda ‘back-tracking’ at the ‘same-time’ and ‘that’ will Cause ‘difficulty’ within ‘speech’ at-times.

There will also-be a ‘Lack of Concentration’, wherein ‘previously’ that was ‘also’ an ‘Automated’-‘Function’ of the ‘Mind Consciousness System’ which could ‘Extend’ over a ‘long’ period-of ‘Time’-whereas Now there would be a great-‘difference’ because ‘Concentration’-takes ‘Energy’. And because the ‘Mind’ is currently within its ‘Frequency’ ‘hold’ of-itself, less-‘Access’ or less-‘Frequency’ ‘extent’ can be given-to certain ‘Aspects’-of ‘Functioning’ as the ‘Human’ such-as ‘Concentration’. So therefore your ‘Concentration’ will start ‘diminishing’ as well.

‘Bodily-Actions’, ‘Bodily-Movements’ will start becoming ‘Dis-orientated’ more, wherein you’ll ‘see’-yourself, or even ‘Human Beings’ start ‘moving’ more-‘strangely’ kind-of ‘Out of Control’ in ‘seemingly’ ‘unexpected-Moments’ because even ‘Physical-Movements’ that was ‘Controlled’ by the ‘Mind Consciousness System’ – If you have a-‘look’-at ‘How’ ‘Beings’ ‘move’ and ‘behave’ amongst-‘themselves’ there’s ‘Always’ a ‘Reason-behind’ ‘Why’ they ‘move’ a ‘certain’-way. And that ‘Reason’ ‘Accessing a Personality’ always, also used a lot-of ‘Energy’ to ‘Hold’-yourself in that ‘Personality’ to be able-to ‘move’ and ‘manoeuvre’ in-that ‘certain’-way, because the ‘Mind Consciousness System’ is now ‘Holding-itself’ in this ‘Frequency-Range’ of ‘Timelessness’ that will also start ‘diminishing’ its ‘hold’ on ‘Control’ of ‘Physical Body Movements’ and things like-that. So for example where you ‘intend’ to ‘move’ a ‘certain-way’, you’ll find-yourself Not being ‘able’-to or something just ‘happening’ where you kind-of ‘stumble’ inside-yourself. You won’t be ‘able’ to ‘hold- yourself’ within the ‘Ordinary’/ ‘Programmed’/‘Controlled’-‘way’ that the ‘Mind Consciousness System’ usually ‘helped you’ -with.

These things will start ‘Collapsing’ more and more and will be able to-be ‘lived’ ‘less’, ‘longer’-than You used to-be ‘able’-to. So we’ve got ‘speech’, ‘concentration’, ‘thinking’ also ‘Incoherent-Thoughts’- That was also ‘Controlled’ with a ‘lot’-of ‘Energy’ by the ‘Mind Consciousness System’- Your ‘Thoughts’ will become less-‘Coherent’ because it ‘has’-to now ‘diminish’ its ‘point-of the ‘Allowance’ of the amount of ‘Thoughts’-
‘That’ would mean the ‘Human Being’ in-‘Essence’ would Start-‘Diminishing’ –


Because the ‘Human-Being’ was ‘defined’ according-to ‘Thoughts’- the more-‘Thoughts’ you had, the more ‘seemingly’, more ‘conversations’ you had in your ‘Mind’ within-‘Thoughts’, the ‘more’ you seemed to ‘develop’ or ‘plan’-things or things like-that.

So, to ‘Assist’ and ‘Support’ those specifically ‘Walking-Process’ - all that you have-to ‘Realize’ is-that:
these ‘things’ can ‘only’-happen if You’re Not the ‘Directive-Principle’ of-them - in other words, if you are ‘Dependent’ on ‘Thought’ to be able-to ‘speak’= of course you’re gonna have a ‘Problem’.‘Speaking’ is and Never ‘has-been’ ‘dependent’-on ‘Thoughts’ - You don’t ‘need’ ‘Thoughts’ to ‘Speak’- it must just be a ‘Realization’ - that, When you ‘Speak’ make-sure that ‘You’re-‘speaking’ and that you’re Not-‘’Thinking’ ‘before’ you’re ‘Speaking’’. So when You’re ‘’Thinking’ before You’re ‘Speaking’’, that’s your ‘Mind’ ‘intervening’- then you’re ‘Speaking your Mind’ and you are Not ‘Speaking’-You - it’s quite ‘simple’.

‘Behaviour’, ‘Body Movements’ around ‘people’, just ‘simple walking’, make-sure that it’s ‘You’-walking – ‘I’m Walking ‘Here’ with my ‘Physical’, I’m ‘Directing’ my ‘Body-movements’’ – I know ‘I’m ‘deciding’ to put my hand here’- ‘I’m ‘deciding’ to pick-up this cup’ – ‘I’m ‘deciding’ to ‘touch’ this person ‘there’- it’s Not-just ‘Automated’, ‘Run-by the Mind’ ‘Behaviours’ of ‘Personality’.

‘Concentration’ – ‘Breath’ - All you need for ‘Concentration’ is ‘Breath’, ‘Being-Here’, You-‘Being’ the ‘Directive Principle’ of your ‘Focus’. You’re Not ‘dependent’ on ‘being’ in a ‘Certain’ state-of ‘Experience’ to-be ‘able’ to ‘Concentrate’- wherein, you know ‘I ‘have’ to-be ‘this way’ or ‘that way’, only then I can work’ – That’s ‘usually’ how ‘Concentration’ is –‘I ‘have’ to-be ‘In this space’ and all those type-of things- You ‘must’-be able to-be ‘Multi-taskful’ in a-‘way’ that it doesn’t matter ‘Where you are’, or ‘What you Experience’, your ‘Concentration’ is Not-‘Dependent’ on-that- ‘I’m ‘Here’, I’m ‘Deciding’, I’m ‘Focussing’, I’m ‘getting this done’, I’m ‘doing’-it - and then you just ‘walk’- through the ‘point’-of ‘doing’-it No-matter what ‘Resistance’ comes-up.

So those are the ‘Primary-Points’, the ‘Main’ ‘Aspects’ of the ‘Human’ in their ‘Daily-Functioning’s’. Just some ‘perspective’ on the ‘Changes’ that will slowly-but-surely start ‘Emerging’- most ‘prominently’ what will start being ‘Experienced’ is your ‘Physical-Control’ that you ‘usually’-had, where ‘Humans’ seemed ‘Ordinary’ in their ‘Walking’ in their ‘Participatory-Behaviour’, ‘Beings’ will just start-moving ‘strangely’ –Make-sure that, whenever you start ‘Feeling’ or ‘Experiencing’-yourself as kind-of ‘low’ like you’re just ‘cruising-along’ in your ‘walking’ shoulders-‘hunched’ and, your feet ‘slurring’-along with you, that’s gonna start to become more a ‘Constant’-experience if you don’t ‘pick-yourself-up’ ‘within’-yourself and be ‘Directive’, ‘Certain’ that ‘It is ‘Me’-walking, I’m walking, I’m walking this-‘way’, I’m picking-up my feet, I’m experiencing the ‘ground’, I’m experiencing my ‘hands’, I’m ‘Here’ in-my-Body’.

So from this ‘perspective’-of the ‘Mind’ attempting more-‘Control’ of its own-‘Survival’, it’s ‘in-Essence’ ‘Diminishing’-itself to ‘attempt’ more-‘Control’- which for those in ‘Process’ is ‘Absolutely’ an ‘Opportunity’ in-which you-can ‘Assist’ and ‘Support’-yourself ‘further’ in Being ‘Self-Directive’, determining-that for Yourself ‘in-the Physical’. So you’ve got more ‘guidelines’ for yourself to let you ‘know’ when you’re Not ‘You’ ‘Walking-Here’ in-the-‘Physical’- Okay?

Esteni: How did that come about or…?

Physical: That’s what we Explained in the ‘History’, through the ‘Eventuality’-of the ‘Being’ ‘merging’-with the ‘Mind Consciousness System’ with the ‘Physical’, where the ‘Mind Consciousness System’ started ‘Integrating’ more and more ‘into’ the ‘Physical’ – which means its ‘roots’ couldn’t go ‘deeper’-enough into-the ‘Physical’-itself to Get ‘Physical-Energy’, which was its primary ‘Platform’ to be able-to ‘Function’. So it’s, you could say if you ‘look’-at the ‘Tree’ in comparison to the ‘Mind Consciousness System’ it’s like Everything started ‘Inverting’ into-‘Itself’ because, if you have a ‘Tree’ and you have ‘Earth’, the ‘tree’s roots can ‘expand’- But in-the ‘Physical’ it’s a different-‘story’ because now the ‘tree’ as the ‘Mind Consciousness System’ has Limited-‘ground’. So all the ‘roots’ started ‘moving’ ‘in’ and ‘through’ the whole-‘Physical’, ‘inter-tangling’ and things like-‘that’, where there was no more ‘Earth’ or ‘ground’ to-Get ‘Physical-Energy’ ‘from’. From that ‘perspective’ the ‘Mind Consciousness System’ needed to ‘Evolve’ to be able-to ‘Survive’ - In that ‘Evolution’ it decided to use-‘Frequency’ in-which it can ‘hold’-itself in a specific ‘Space’- In that ‘space’ it can allow-itself to ‘Function’, however...

Esteni: But In that it limits-itself.

Physical: Of course, yes ‘Evolution’ ‘Limits’.

Andrea: Interesting.

Esteni: Ya.

Physical: Okay?

Andrea: Okay