Interviews from the Farm 10: Zero-Point and Other Points


Interviews with Bernard Poolman

19 Apr 09


This is the Real shit, that is the...Real-Implications of what is going on, and why it works the way it does.

Look at the...fascinating nature of ‘God’, ‘divinity’ – I mean, how many names does God have? Did you...(I didn’t have time to check) Many, many, many doesn’t (matter)...names. All of that (nature of ‘God’, ‘divinity’) centring around a single principle: The ‘principle’ of some form of ‘Creator’.

The very nature of the design of...and the implication of the design of ‘divinity’, ‘enlightenment’, a ‘higher path’, ‘heaven and earth’ = the very design of it with having a single ‘God-head’, a single ‘point’ everybody is going to; has a fascinating effect: It cause what you would see in geometry, the pyramid-structure – where you have the eye at the top, representing the single point of ‘Creation’. Which everybody screams about and say: “That’s the Elite” and so on.

Obviously that’s the ‘Elite’, because ‘God’ is the Elite. I mean, ‘God’ is ‘the point’ according to the design. But, if you really look at the design and the way it works in consciousness = it is not a pyramid – it is a ‘Hive-Consciousness’ we’re dealing with.

Everyone in existence are part of a ‘Hive-Consciousness’, because you’re all ‘connected’ to each other, see the same things, experience the same reality – so whether you are here in the physical, or whether you die and go into the ‘afterlife’ – you are experiencing what everyone else is experiencing and that is happening automatically. You don’t even know how it happens, why it is possible that you can actually perceive what others can perceive - that you are using a system that is designed by...what, what...functions around only five-senses of which the eyes are a pair of it (the senses) has two eyes, but one of the senses, through which you take in the information, your ears take in information and so on – and that all of that has got a similar assimilation-point, that means you can understand it and somebody else can understand it. Now, imagine – the design of this – took a long time. One do not consider this, but have a look:
The...where you are now as a Human, and that process they call ‘Evilution’ – EVOLution, but it’s EVILution - took a long time it didn’t just happen, there wasn’t just Consciousness.

Consciousness was designed and developed and it is related to the (five) senses and the Mind and specifically how Energy is created within and as the Mind. Now, within this – it exist as a pyramid from a certain perspectives but actually a ‘hive’, because it is circling.
And you as a being, or within a group of beings that has a particular belief are on the side of the ‘hive’ here, making your way up to the ‘ultimate-point’ which is this ‘Eye’ that’s there at the top – to become the ‘Elite’, the ‘Ascended-One’s’, the ‘Special-One’s’, the ‘Master’s’ = that desire is very deep, the “saviour of those that do not understand, because you do understand ‘better’”, “your knowledge is ‘more’”, “you are better in seeing”, “your are ‘better’ in understanding” = that whole thing exist in every human-being and that dishonesty is Vast, I mean – if you look at a person like Mark – he’ like amazing, because he’s gone through a process, I’ve watched beings in the 1980’s going through the whole process of: “I’m going to give-up everything and now I’m going to change the world, I’m gonna make a impact, it’s the end of the world, I’m gonna do that right thing, I’m gonna live correctly” – and then he’s all alone and there’s nobody responding. And then, obviously, it goes into the other point of absolute separation, because in a way, without one actually admitting it – you’re really bloody angry, because you’re all alone and nobody is supporting you. No-one is considering what you have experienced.

No-one is considering that you have actually come to a fascinating answer; that everything you’ve done was a bloody Mind-Fuck, and that everything you’re doing is a bloody Mind-Fuck and nobody can Hear you. So, you’re all alone – so therefore, you are pretty angry and especially angry at anything that may present an answer, because as far as you concerned there is no answer and you start to submit and accept and the current design-rules of this Reality which is, for instance, Duality, Polarity, Balance – all the various ‘laws’, which is actually only ‘laws’ of the Mind-System.
They are not the Actual-Laws of this Reality. The Mind-System, now you have to obviously go back and understand that; if you look at the History of Man – that the Earth wasn’t always like this. The Earth has only fairly recent – become what it is now and it is still busy coming-forth with ‘new stuff’ from the Earth. That you see in animals, and you see that in the viruses and bacteria and as things communicate and come up with new points. It is actually just an outflow of the attempt of Man to come up with an answer in its particular nature of ‘wanting to win’, ‘wanting to be the best’, ‘wanting to be the one that’s the saviour’, ‘wanting to be the one that ‘knows it all’’ = in fact, that very statement of ‘wanting it’, means you don’t know (the answer).

And the very fact that you’re not actually understanding what is going on, also obviously means that there is simply no Real Understanding.

So, what is Really going on – let’s start...look at this ‘Cone’: That, this Cone, if you put a ‘L’ in there, the Cone becomes a Clone – so, we’re all Clones of the same Consciousness, but you are not the same beings.

This was brilliantly designed and brilliantly put together over a long period of time, slowly but surely building a...the ‘principle of Submission’, and that ‘principle of Submission’ was done through the principle of its opposite, which is Permission.

How was it done – that you end-up within cycles of experiences, where you will end-up accepting your experience as ‘reality’? Now, this was done through a process of ‘information’ that was ‘layered in time’ and in that ‘time was created’ as what you have it now within Consciousness.

Remember, what time within Consciousness is; is your minutes, your seconds, your hours, your weeks, your months = it is your evolution – it is how you are growing in your apparent ‘better understanding’ of what is it that you ‘want to be’ – it’s not what is Here – you’re not interested in that, you’re interested in becoming ‘better’, because what you experience yourself as ‘here’ as ‘who you are’ – you’re not satisfied with. There are those that obviously experience themselves as satisfied – because, remember the design of this Cone is fascinating: It creates two Cones. The two Cones is with Head-to-Head, and the point of that is – if you really look at those Cones, it creates an infinity-design, which that point (the point formed within/between the two Cones’ Heads/Tips touching) is your zero-point, there’s your zero-point (indicating to the point formed within/between the two Cones’ Heads/Tips touching) - the zero-point being Death.

So, what happens at Death, is fascinating – for a Single Moment at Death, you understanding Everything – everything you can imagine and everything that’s ever’ll know it all. But it only last for that single Moment.
Because, you are moving in a Polarity-Design, and the Polarity-Design is not on Earth – it is between Heaven and Earth.
Why was it necessary? That’s the fascinating thing:

Have a look at the ‘Nature’ of what is existing on Earth – and understand that this ‘Nature’ that is existing on Earth, is actually our Nature. What is the Nature of Nature?
Nature – whether it’s a plant, or an animal or a virus or a bacteria; it requires to feed on something. It requires, it does not exist by itself, it needs to eat. What do we do? What do we have to do? We need...we need to eat.

Now, somewhere this what we are needing to eat, is coming from. It is a belief that we are apparently requiring something called ‘Energy’ to exist, because that, for ‘Energy’ that we believe we need; is not what is Really going on = we look for it (Energy) outside ourselves, specifically as we have become what we are now; basically a consumer of everything - we have done it in our Money-Systems, in our Cultural-Systems, in our Marriages, within Sexuality, within ‘bringing forth children’, within what we deal with – Nature, automatically the ‘Total-Nature’ that exist, exist as what? A Consumption-System. This is not the first-time or the first planet we are doing this with.

We’ve been doing this throughout the Universe. We have been consuming the Living-Reality, the Actuality of Matter - to quench our absolute hunger, for ourselves – which we have designed and believe to be ‘Energy’.

And we are looking now, for the point of apparent ‘free energy’ and the belief is, that that is at Zero-Point.

I mean, at Zero-Point, all that exist at Zero-Point – is the point where all the information comes together. It looks very big and vast, but that’s all it is.

Because, the total Design of the System is actually a ‘pulley-system’, a pulley-system that runs through an X – a cross, where it Reverse between Heaven and Earth.

So, if you look at the words Heaven and Earth...of Heaven and Earth that would describe this effectively you’ll see: “I come to Earth to live”, which is L-I-V-E. So; “When I die I Reverse my life and I become E-V-I-L – I become actually Evil”, in Death.

Why? was it possible for ‘God’ to exist?
For ‘God’ to exist it - requires of everyone to give all their attention to ‘God’. Unless that happens; ‘God’ cannot exist, because have a look: If everybody is giving attention to each other Equally – have a look:

Equality exist - No ‘God’ possible. So everybody had to be fooled into something, or a way that they would actually believe that a God’ exist so that they can give their full attention to it.
The best tool for doing that was ‘Energy’, because with ‘Energy’ you are actually Binding the being to his own need for ‘Energy’ to Survive according to his perception of his reality and according to that - you can contain him to the particular point – the obsession of gaining ‘Energy’, gaining food. Which is actually the obsession – the ‘fear of death’, the ‘fear of not surviving’. All those fears became the primary driving-force of this reality, of all realities, up to now, which is the all-consuming fear of ‘need to consume to exist’. And we are living that out perfectly now.

Obviously in Designing all of this, not all things are considered and therefore, eventually you have to move on. Like even the Reptilians, once they were finished with Mars they had to move from Mars because Mars was no longer viable.

If you look at the Histories in the Sumerian-Tablets, you will see the references very specifically to Mars, for instance, as a place where Resources were found; and have a look - what do we do with Earth? We mine the Earth for Resources.

Where’s our Primary ‘Energy’ coming from? Food, the food comes from Plants and Animals and that comes from the Soil.

So the Soil becomes diminished, then we have to put things in there again so that we have a chemical-consistency from which we Produce Food. Our Oil is one of our Resources, our Water is one of our Resources here.

But these are limited, because the System within which we are existing is limited and therefore as, as the Population in the World has been increasing we are ending-up in a Precarious Position:

Where our Water is so contaminated that – silently, if you look back 20 years, you didn’t buy bottled Water - it was silently introduced as an acceptable thing to start buying bottled-water. Nobody can remember exactly when that happened.

In the past your tap-water use to be Clear and efficient and acceptable. And then silently, Water was introduced in bottles, and you could not trust the Water from the ground anymore or the Water that came through your taps or the organisations that is supposedly representing you to provide you with, which you are paying taxes for, to provide you with - Water that is drinkable. Slowly but surely you simply started accepting all the changes as ‘improvements’.

We have obviously now quite serious problems in our Water-supply and we must remember:

What is ‘Evolution’?
‘Evolution’ is the coming-together of chemicals, because everything that exist here are chemically in nature. It has a Design, a Nature.

It’s the coming-together of Designs that form relationships and within those relationships, forms a relationship of action/reaction like in a Polarity and they act accordingly. So, if you have a Bacteria or a Virus that interacts and share their DNA-information, they will come to a conclusion within that: What is the best way for them to exist and survive and how can they most effectively consume.

Now, obviously, what is...what are the best Sources of Food on this Planet: Is the human-being. I mean, there we have a new Bacteria that is flesh-eating, that is water-born and that lives already in our Oceans and in our Rivers and is already eating. And obviously is not only going to eat the Human, it’s going to eat the Animal as well. It(‘s) become what – flesh-eating, but I mean - we’re also flesh-eating, so why should we worry about it, I mean what you do you must get back isn’t it. I mean, that’s the whole point of ‘Law of Balance’, because that’s how Polarities Balance.

That’s why; when you are dying - for a Single Moment you See Everything and then you continue on your journey of ‘Energy’ in the Afterlife.

Now what was fascinating is; in the Afterlife a control-system was placed in. That control-system was called the ‘Soul’. What was the point of the ‘Soul’?

What was realised is: If ‘God’ is to be ‘God’ and everybody is always agreeing and supporting and ‘honouring’ ‘God’ and assisting ‘God’ and feeding ‘God’ with ‘Energy’ = every being in existence would need One ‘purpose’: A ‘Soul-purpose’.

Okay. So, How to do that, was to create the ‘soul-construct’, which gives everybody, which is what you do with Systems, I mean when you Design something you give it a ‘purpose’: To get and design everyone according to a single ‘purpose’ and with a desire to have a ‘purpose’. So how was that done?

That was done simplistically through the whole point of creating Physicality. What was the point of Physicality? Physicality...what was really needed to be Mined on the Earth was ‘Energy’. Understand: Gold represents ‘Energy’. That was the Goal.

The misrepresentation was to Create a point to look for like; if you look at Sales, it’s brilliantly how people are trapped into buying things, because when you are doing a presentation - this is used very effectively in Religion to Trap people into Hypnotic states of ‘Belief’: Is to create a point to watch for.

So what did they do? They created, for instance a point to watch for in the prophets, for instance Jesus is the point to watch for. Everybody looks at Jesus, while it’s all about ‘God’ actually, because Jesus is ‘God’s Son’.

So now you are trapped into the whole principle of giving all your labour, all your ‘Energy’ to ‘God’ while you are tending to Jesus, because Jesus is your ‘saviour’ – you move into a future-projection of ‘Time’ and everything you do is changed into ‘Energy’.

So you are born as a Child, Innocent, without programming - but in your base-design that you got from your parents. First seven-years you are taught language, culture, behaviour, personality - all those things, those things were not part of you, you are programmed that - you can’t remember exactly when you started speaking, when you started walking, when you started crawling or how you did it. It came because of a fascinating thing: You see it, you copy, you imitate.

You’re a Parrot, a Human is a Parrot.

That’s why what had to be designed was the perfect ‘Parrot-System’, where you present to the Human ‘what you want him to be’, like through television or so on and they will Parrot it and they will become it and you can create your Perfect Control-System.

But what is more fascinating was; that every single human-being was then infused with a ‘nuclear-reactor’, a Mind-System, a System that would take the Physicality, (which is the ‘Earth-Energy’ that is compacted into Form, because the Earth was Unconditional offering this, itself up) - into a System, into a construct that will through the process of emotion and feeling and sexuality and orgasmic-expression and anger, all the ‘hectic’ energetic-expressions, cause a form of ‘Fusion’.

Have you ever wondered; where all the ‘Energy’ go through (/to) that you are experiencing, for instance if you suddenly have an ‘anger-outburst’? You have it and I mean, the ‘Energy’ goes away after a while isn’t it? Where does it go? Ever wondered?

Or – I mean, all this ‘Energy’ that you have during your orgasmic -experience, you’re masturbating and “Whoa!” - I mean, there’s this ‘Energy’ and then it’s ‘gone’. It is not back in your body you can check. Where did it go?
Nobody noticed I mean, “Who cares? I’m satisfied”, this is a Consumption-Existence.

You are not aware AT ALL of anything you’re doing. You’re not aware of what you’re participating in AT ALL.

You can go and have a look: For instance, when you ‘fall in love’, that ‘Energy-sparks’ that happen, that you direct to somebody and then the relationship falls apart eventually, but there was all this ‘Energy’, where did it go to? It was Consumed. Yes, part of it you have consumed.
The rest was fascinatingly channelled to Heaven. Heaven could not exist without ‘Energy’.

So, when the chaps that Designed the System realised that they could do this - and all they had to do was get everybody to believe what they’re doing is their ‘soul-purpose’ - and that they can actually get everybody to believe that, which you have, if you have to take a look at this world: You are believing whatever you’ve been presented within this world. I mean, you believe the education-system, the history-system, you believe the news, you believe everything. You believe even that you are actually existing as who you’re existing as.

It’s the perfect CON as CONsciousness and you don’t Question it. You’re not even aware what happens to your ‘Energy’. There is no Self-Honesty in your relationship with your Physicality, because you are not In your Physical-Body.

You are contained within a Mind-System in the Body and you are Mining the Body for ‘Energy’ – that’s why you grow old and you eventually Die, because what happens: The Body Dies.

There is no more ‘Energy’ to Mine. It’s Finish. It ‘s all Gone – okay - and what’s left, which is obviously not all of it, goes to the Earth.

What happens to you is fascinating: In that process, they found a fascinating key; You change in ‘energetic-nature’. As you come into the world, as you’re born, and through reincarnation this has been made quite an ‘art’; that when you are, if you look at the whole principle of ‘Consciousness’ being a doughnut, because if you look at this: Two cones on top of each other ( The two cones on top of each other wherein the tips of the Two Cones Touch/Connect) and it flows in and it flows in and flows in - it actually creates a circle, but that passage there (The Passage – the point formed between/within the Two-Tips touching/connecting) which some would call a ‘star gate’ a ‘zero-point’ and any point, you are in this is a ‘singularity’ – wonderful words but I mean they are all Bullshit.

It actually creates a doughnut. And when you are ‘enlightened’, what is on top of your head? A Halo!

This is how the ‘halo’ is created, once you are totally submitted, submissive and totally accepting the System – you become a ‘Master’ of those that has not yet accepted it and you get certain privileges, that means, you get allowances of ‘Energy’ that gives you certain ‘powers’, compared to other beings. And therefore you seemingly look ‘more ‘powerful’’, because you’re getting more ‘power’!
I mean, you are given that ‘power’. It’s not by your actual-design and accordingly you will now have an ‘halo’ and that’s how, for instance, the ‘Angels’ were designed that...and presented as “Saints” with their ‘halos’.

Because, they (the ‘Angels’) were controllers of the System, making sure that the Design of the System and how ‘Energy’ transfer would work well. So the ultimate point that was the final-phase of this whole thing, was ‘Ascension’.
Because, the point was to get everybody out into total-acceptance of the System through a process of ‘Ascension’, which obviously only happens after ‘zero-point’ – which is Death.

But all you have to do is, create ‘points of belief’ which you can superimpose clones of the Actual-Real Point of what’s really going on. So therefore, Jesus was used, and by changing the story a little bit, they were able to get everybody to believe that Jesus actually ‘Ascended’.
He didn’t.
He fucking died.

And...I mean, Jesus is really a cool-fucker. He really came to Earth to help, he saw the problem - but he did not understand the bigger-picture that was going on.

So when he died, they imprisoned Jesus, the Real Jesus and he was imprisoned for close to 2000 years. How does that work? You’re imprisoned in a Dimension where you can’t get out, because you are imprisoned by the very ‘Energy’ you believe in.

The moment that you believe that this ‘Energy’ is ‘real’, it Controls you – and whatever is done in the name of that ‘Energy’ has ‘power over you’, and you can be placed in all kinds of stuff.

So...and a clone of Jesus, I mean – in ‘Energy’, what is ‘Energy’? ‘Energy’ is simply copies of itself, it’s looks the same. So it’s all just, from a certain perspective, Clones.

So, therefore a being that is in the Dimensions or in Heaven - can clone themselves an infinitive amount of times.

Now, what was fascinating is - as this whole thing was developing you had those beings that was discarded as ‘unworthy’ and ‘trouble-makers’ that will ‘never make it’, that will never actually submit to ‘God’ and feed ‘God’ for eternity with ‘Energy’ and ‘adoration and praise’, which is ‘Energy’ – I mean, attention, which is ‘Energy’ - which will not make the ‘soul-purpose’ of their existence the support of ‘God’, so that ‘God’ can exist for ‘eternity’.

Because, ‘God’ wanted to exist for ‘eternity’ – I mean, ‘God’ didn’t exist for ‘eternity’. So the rest were thrown to their own demise ‘outside the System’, because the System was seen as kind of ‘so perfect’ that ‘nobody could touch it’.

And those that did not submit were then thrown-out into the Demon-Dimension, so all ‘trouble-makers’.

They also had some beings which realised that they could actually Challenge the System, and they had them totally-wiped and then re-programmed, and then used as bodies for Mind-Systems – because in Dimensions they could plug in a Mind System into a being which is how ‘channelings’ worked. They would, if a message needs to be placed – remember what is a message placed on the Earth? The message is a specific ‘sequence of words’ that activate a specific-Design that Create ‘Energy’ to feed Heaven. I mean, that’s the whole ‘love’-thing, the whole “Ooh-la-la”- thing, creating ‘Energy’.

So, therefore the ‘channelings’ were Designed specifically to activate the pre-placed codes in the beings so that they can create the ‘Energy’ that’s necessary in a, the released-form that is required by Heaven - Heaven requires more ‘Energy’, have a ‘channel’ speak, I mean, “Woops!” - there we go. So, with these Designs all they had to do is; they had a whole Dimension where they had those beings that was wiped, is like, virtually hanging or floating around - when they need the being they take the being and place a Mind-System in, the being goes, get into the human-body, shifts the being (human) down in its, in the physical, take over the Mind for a moment, speak for a moment, give a ‘message’, all ‘profound’, ‘wonderful’, and everybody says: “Ooh-la-la ,‘God’ has spo...sent us a message”. Obviously this ‘God’ needs ‘Energy’ so, ‘God’ sends you a ‘message’ to get your fucking ass in gear, “Love everybody, do not look at what is really going on in this reality, forget about that, live, you know, there’s a ‘eternal-life’ waiting for you after death – just do not see what’s going on, on Earth, because Earth is an ‘illusion’. After this, the death, after ‘zero-point’ after death, that’s real.”

Meantime, obviously, it was the Opposite. I mean, the Reality is Here and Heaven is the Illusion. Heaven is the part that’s not real, because Heaven is actually subject to the ‘Energy’ from Earth.

So, this created obviously a fascinating thing that; through time, the Human-Being developed layers by layer, by layer, itself into what it is Today. What you’re consisting of today as a Human-Being, is Layered-Information.

Your...for instance, if you die - you no longer have a language, you no longer have a culture you no longer have a family = All of that ends at the moment of death.
All of that wasn’t real, it was programmed into you here in this reality as part of the functional-system of family, society and what is the accepted ‘way we live’ within the cultural- and economic-systems of this world. Have a look, self honestly, nothing you are is really you. Everything you are, you were programmed to accept to be and you’ve accepted it. You’re existing as it.

But at the moment - and understand that all of this is functioning from a System that is in the physical. Now, the System is not the Physical.

So when you are speaking, you are speaking from the Mind-System – which is the point that now has – the way to sort out this problem; is to get the Mind out of the way in a way, by actually becoming the Physical.

So that the Physical actually Speak, so there’s no thought, there’s no thinking – you are then One and Equal as the Actual-Reality that exist as the Physical, because that’s what Actually Exist.

While, when you are in Heaven - you are just a thought. Now, you can look at your own thoughts; do yourself a favour, have a look - you can delete all your thoughts.

Your thoughts are only as valid as the attention you give it – and is only as valid as how you define them to be. Your thoughts are nothing more, if you become obsessed with your thoughts, have a look what happens; your fear-factor, which is your polarity-factor - increase dramatically, and within that a ‘Madness’ ensues, because you become so scared – while none of that is actually real, that’s not who you are, but that’s who you ‘believe you are’.

Remember that no fear is really real; it is only as real as you make it.

You have that peculiar ability to create yourself and you have in fact created yourself as the illusion that you are currently through your permission. And that permission has become submission, submission to a System.

That System being that, you are working for a ‘soul-purpose’, a ‘greater-purpose’, which you are ‘becoming’, and that ‘greater-purpose’ isn’t on this Earth – it is After your death = so, you are screwed in every way imaginable.

As long as that point exist, you stand No Chance of Ever understanding what is going on here. Because, the moment you die, your container within which you have saved all the layers of information that you have build up as knowledge throughout your life - is useless, in a single moment, because you’ve actually never used that knowledge to Improve Your Existence while you were here.

Now, what is more fascinating is; if one go back in time over a lengthy period of time, billions of years, you’ll notice a peculiar thing: That we have all existed.

We were all here, but we developed a peculiar, strange thing – a form a separation based in our ‘speciality’, our ‘point of purpose’ - we were various races, Alien-Races, that existed on various planets and according to that, we had a peculiar ‘purpose’ in the universe = all of those things are still existing right here, right now on Earth: Everyone is looking for a ‘purpose’.

Have a look what happens if you have no ‘purpose’; it’s as if you have no ‘Energy’ and it feels like your whole world is falling apart and is imploding - that is similarly to the implosion of a nuclear-reactor - if that is not stopped, that means, that’s how the System Force you back into the System, you will have a nervous-breakdown, because your System is not getting the ‘Energy’ from your nuclear-reactor, which is you, where you are feeding on your own Physical-Body, which is like fucked-up beyond imagination, but that’s what you’re really doing, you are Feeding on your own Body.

What is more interesting, is that all the Abuse that happens to Children comes from ‘Parents’ when they have overfed their System - they require new ‘Energy’.

How do they do it? They take the Child and use ‘anger’ or ‘sexual-abuse’ or ‘violence’ to access the Child’s ‘Energy’, so they make an ‘insertion’ into the Child, take part of the Child’s ‘Energy’ for themselves, swap their used-bullshit for the Child, now the Child is fucked for life, trying to work out their life because they’re having experiences that they don’t even know where it comes from. Meantime it’s their ‘Parents’ shit, because the ‘Parents’ couldn’t live...effectively.

But I mean, all Children is affected by that.

Every time you use violence without knowing what the fuck you are doing, every time you speak, you don’t, you are not directing you ‘Energy’: You are actually taking shit, out of your Children so that you can ‘feel better’.

That’s what happened to everyone. That’s why everybody ends-up, let’s put it, ‘most people end up’, in a point where they totally dislike their ‘Parents’. They Hate them. Because they Remember that Abuse.

But they cannot word it because it doesn’t exist in your education-system, it doesn’t exist in how anything is explained, how it works - so you don’t know why you Hate your ‘Parents’. You just regard them as – you just don’t wanna be like them!

But what invariably happens to you, when you have children? You do exactly the same thing.

That was done to you, why? - Because it’s existing as you, you are this thing that happened. You allowed it.

That’s why Forgiveness is so effective, because in your Self-Evaluation, you are looking at what has Really happened - as you take away the layers of time; you will see how these things has happened and then you Forgive Unconditionally.

Why Unconditionally? - Because if you want restitution, if you want others to ‘pay for what you’ve gone through’ - we will be here forever, because nobody will ever be satisfied, because then you have simply replaced your ‘goal’, your ‘obsession’ with a ‘soul-purpose’ with getting back to with others - you’ve replaced it with revenge.

Therefore, Unconditional Forgiveness, what is fascinating is that Forgiveness place everyone in a point of Equality, a point of taking Personal-Responsibility for your life and your life only.

In doing so the truth of you steps forth, you either stand up for All as Life Equal as One, or you stand up for ‘your ‘belief’’ and ‘your ‘soul-purpose’’, your ‘specialness’.

Which was the design, obviously, that each one must ‘feel they’re special’ within the ‘Hive-Consciousness’ and that they’re on a journey to the top of the pile, the top of this heap of shit - where they gonna be the ‘special’ ‘Ascended ones’.

The ‘special’ ‘Masters’ at the right hand of ‘God’, I mean Jesus - how many funkin’ right hands has ‘God’ got for all the fuckers that wanna sit there. Hey, and, I mean Self-Honesty does just not exist, CommonSense doesn’t exist, because I have heard many people and I have subscribed to this - that means; I have believed this Shit myself - that somehow, “Jesus is gonna know who I am and have a ‘special fuckin’ message’ for me”. So I was looking at it, I mean so…Obviously if Jesus come to Earth he will be in Space and Time like I am in Space and Time like he’s been in Space and Time Before, which means; there are a couple of million ‘Christians’, “we’re going to have to stand in line”, okay, so “we can each get our ‘special message’”. By the time fuckin’ Jesus is finished with that he’ll be dead again.

I mean, we haven’t even done anything. But we don’t look at that I mean, we don’t want to see the Reality of our Bullshit. We just don’t want to see the Reality of our bullshit - “We want our ‘special’ ‘soul-purpose’. We are ‘souls,’” - I mean…

Do you know who…if you go back in the ‘New-Age’-point that the whole concept of the creation of the ‘soul’ was a teaching that was introduced here through the process of ‘evolution’, because what needed to happen; that the creation of the ‘soul’ that existed in Heaven had to be cloned on Earth so that you have ‘equality’ between the two Systems, so you have absolute control - which is how Equality got fucked with.

Okay, so how was that done; introduced through ‘channels’ and ‘Masters’ and so on - the whole point of ‘equality’ and that you are ‘equal to ‘God’’.

But I mean - have a look at this ‘equality to ‘God’’, you’re never actually ‘God’ you’re only ‘equal to your Belief that you’re ‘God’’. And therefore, if you decide you’re ‘God’, you’re apparently fuckin’ ‘God’. And I mean… you can believe that as much as you like, because nobody can touch you because “I am ‘sacred’ and ‘divine’ and in my own ‘individuality’. I mean, I am right, I have this ‘right’.” I mean –

If you really have ‘choice’: Don’t fuckin’ die – but you have no choice in that.

If you really have ‘choice’, don’t breathe – but you don’t have choice in that.

If you are…really have ‘choice’, don’t eat – you don’t have choice in that.

If you really have ‘choice’, don’t shit – but you’ll notice; you have no choice in that.


Let’s get Real Here, you have no fuckin’ ‘choice’, you’re in a System. And this System is actually In Control. And this System do not give a fuck about your peculiarities.

Okay, so, here we have this whole interaction taking place between Heaven and Earth: Heaven sending the ‘souls’ down into bodies, for which they required a certain amount of humans to be born, for which they created the Ultimate-Attraction, to make sure that there is always a source of continuous ‘Energy’,…Sex. What is Sex? it’s where a Male and a Female ‘connect’, okay, to procreate another being which is the way ‘Energy’ works.

I mean, you take a ‘Male-connection’ put it into a ‘Female-connection’ and you have a transfer of ‘Energy’. That’s how our Electricity operates in this reality: Male/Female ‘connect’, then we have Orgasm the light goes on if you push the switch, ok = that’s how it works, simplistically. So there was obviously a few problems in the Design.

The ‘idea’ that existed was; that it would be possible to keep on controlling the outcomes within this reality. What was not taken into account was; Nature itself, the Animal-Kingdom and that there is gonna be human-beings that is going to Challenge the System.

So we found quite a number of Beings in the Dimensions, in Heaven, that has made major-impacts on Earth while they were in the Physical. Remember – that the Beings in Heaven could not directly influence the Physical through intervention, they had to pre-program it as an ‘Energetic-event’. So, if there is an Apparition or if there is a…an event of somebody doing some ‘miraculous thing’, it requires ‘Energy’, the ‘Energy’ needs to be in a particular Design so that it plays out, I mean, you turn water into fuckin’ wine, it is an ‘Energy-Design’, it is a Molecular-Design, that requires particular inputs to achieve a particular outcome - If the fuckin’ ‘miracle’ is ‘real’, I mean for it to happen.

But what was the point of “water into wine”, it was nothing to do with the ‘miracle’ = it was the whole point of Intoxication, the whole point of submission to the System of ‘marriage’, of procreation, of making the whole intoxication ‘Divine’. Wine equals ‘Divinity’ – because, have a look: Even up to today Alcohol is accepted as something that is not Challenged at all in our Society.

While alcohol is the very thing that cause the Greatest Submission to the System and Allows all the Systems to integrate the most effectively.

There is one thing one must consider not to participate in: It is Alcohol.

I mean, you can participate in smoking Weed: If you don’t overdo it, and you use it as a Support for Yourself once a week, to make your experience a ‘meditation’ where you are interacting with Life and relaxing for a moment.

I mean, that’s valid. But to do it daily, several times, and not Take Responsibility for your Reality = that’s absolutely Unacceptable.

Obviously Weed is banned simplistically because it pose a threat to the System of Control, because it allows the being to, for a moment, relax sufficiently to notice that they’re pretty Fucked in this World.

Okay, so, if you want to know how fucked you are, I mean - have weed from time to time. It will assist you. If you then go into the Ultimate Mind-Fuck of going into a ‘beautiful reality’ you are projecting – Please, please, please do yourself a favor: At the moment you are creating this projected-reality of ‘light and beauty and magnificence’, Slow-down and Notice: You are making a Decision of creating it, and you are Designing it, and it fits your ‘desire’ - you are the Actual Creator of your Total Experience - none of it is real.

If you would Dare to be Self-Honest and Slow-down within and as Breath as you are creating and you look at the ‘choice’ you are exercising…
What is ‘choice’? ‘Choice’ is the point where you are directing ‘Energy’, you are giving it direction and form - that that point you are actually creating your experience, especially, you know, if you look at Salvia and all these various things - that’s what happens. You use things like Coke, Cocaine - I mean, that supports your ‘primary-desire’ within your Personality, and therefore – quite a few beings can use that, has been using that, to be ‘effective’ in, for instance in decision-making in business or an ‘expression’, because they become ‘more assertive’. It suppress their fears.

So there’s a chemical-change that take place. Obviously there is so many different points, every being experience it according to themselves. I mean, you’re not gonna experience the same as another one.

There is no hard and fast ‘rules’ for these things. The point is abuse. The point is Self-Honesty. The point is when you are Using a substance. I mean, don’t become sub-standing, sub-standard = Stand as Life. Find out what the fuck Is Real.

The only thing that should happen when you are using drugs is that; You become Quiet, Here as Breath and that you can Look With Great Clarity at ‘what is going on Here’. There must be no ‘lights and beauty’ and Shit like that, because that’s not true.

All you have to do is go and become the spider that is being eaten by the wasp in its life-cycle, to find out that there is a Fuckup in this System.

Because, then, you are injected with a poison that keeps you alive but you can do nothing, as the spider, while the offspring of the wasp eat you to grow, and you die a slow death, very slowly, as you are being eaten alive.

Observe the fascinating point though that; you are eating yourself alive using a Mind-System, you’re Eating your Physical-Body. That’s why you don’t feel the pain of it - because you’re not in the Physical-Body.

If you were in the Physical-Body you’ll be in Pain all the time, because the total System interacts = feeding of the Physical.

But you are doing exactly the same: You are Feeding of Earth, off the Physical. You have done so with many Planets, Earth is just the next Planet in row where we’re feeding; consuming Earth, which inevitably will be no more - which is why there is already concern in our so-called ‘educated Elites’ of the World; that the Earth will not sustain in infinity a human-race living here. We have to find another fuckin’ Planet to go to, so we can live there.

They’re really not concerned about the individual. The individual is irrelevant in this equation. And you really are irrelevant.

You are simply here to support the System, functioning for those that is in charge of the System, which acts on behalf of ‘God’ and believe me, the Elite believe they act on behalf of ‘God’ and they were programmed to believe that.

They even have, had regular interaction, they... what they now have, they still believe they have, but they don’t actually have regular interaction. We’re not, at this stage, going to explain how all these things has changed, because, I mean you can’t even con... you can’t even conceive how it’s changed – it’s just not possible. You are existing within a ‘limited-range-frequency’ of ‘Energy’. You are absolutely limited. You cannot leave your body without dying. That’s due to actual fear and dishonesty.

That, you must know is your feedback; if you cannot leave your body = fear and dishonesty. You’re not willing to give up your total-reality, Unconditionally – the only reason, otherwise, you’ll leave your body.

Which is also quite cool, because according to your reactions to the point of leaving your body, you can establish what fears it is that’s still holding you back, what desires, what points are still controlling you, what points are still your ‘master’, what is still the ‘purposes that you are subscribing to’.

So, Heaven, in Reality, as that part that requires ‘Energy’ = is the Real Evil in existence. The manifestation being, Earth as ‘Good’ and Heaven as ‘Evil’ as a Polarity-System. That has all been inverted, so everything is now going to ‘zero-point’.

From what perspective? From the perspective of not existing as a ‘purpose’ anymore, of actually becoming Real, an Actual-Rebirth of the Physical.

Understand one thing: If you die, you’re going to have to come back - whether it is as Human-Form or Animal-Form or Bug or Bacteria or Whatever, you’re going to be coming back as what is appropriate to show you what you’ve Allowed.

Most Humans now Reincarnate as Bugs and stuff like that. While Animals Reincarnate as Humans. I mean, that was inevitable, if you look at the Abuse that’s been thrown on Animals.

You have a Chance, while you are in the Physical, to actually change the outcome of what you have Allowed, by removing all the layers of self-definition, layer by layer through Self-Honesty until you have Amalgamated with Existence in its Totality, its Total Design, Everything that is Here, the Totality of Nature, the Totality of Everything that exist, of all Beings, in you HERE, where you Stand in Absolute Trust as Life = no matter where you are; you can be Trusted. That you stand as life. That you are not subject to your Environment of the Mind.

Understand, you are in limitation. You cannot at this stage get out of limitation. No one will get out.

There will not be anyone that’ll be ‘First’. And there will not be anyone that’ll be ‘Last’, that would be a System. Everyone will reach this point together, at the Same Moment.

There are two Minds at play here; the one is Your-Mind and the one is the Real-Mind. How does it work? You have a System that you can Equate in the form of, virtually like a worm in a way, that form ‘groups’.

These groups are groups of ‘purpose’. You plug-into this as ‘your-world’ and your ‘family’ plugs into the other points and your ‘friends’ and all the people that you’re going to meet, and have a look;

You only meet a certain amount of people in a lifetime, and all of them play some role in your ‘purpose’ and you play some role in their ‘purpose’. It’s all by ‘Design of Purpose’.

And all of these are Designed according to ‘Fuzzy-Logic’, so that you have the ‘idea’ of ‘choice’, so that you perceive apparently have ‘choice’ and that these things are not just ‘random events’ - you call them; “Coincidence”.
They are not ‘coincidence’, they are by Design according to the ‘group-placements’ you are existing in and there is a certain amount of migration allowed within the System between groups where you can do an ‘evolutionary-step’ from ‘who you were’ to a ‘more’ ‘advanced form of being’, where you have a ‘greater ‘purpose’’.

Now, what is fascinating, that exist within you as your Design as you plug-into the System: All the words you’ll speak, all the thoughts you’ll have, all the people you’ll meet = everything you’ll do in that life, will be in a primary Cycling-Design that spins, within this, as you learn language, as you learn education, as you become part of the culture and the society; you start to participate in society. As you start to participate, you are beginning to participate into ‘your interpretation of time’ within this Reality and your world starts to move, and as you move within this, you are now moving to points which is like gears, that move in, where you meet and cross-reference other beings within your Design of your ‘group-purpose’, the ‘total-purpose’ of this group, obviously, was only one thing; ‘Energy’ - to supply ‘Energy’ for the System, for Heaven.

What was Anu’s idea: Was, obviously, to come to Earth and exist within ‘His System’, here, because he had certain peculiar things he liked, like Sex. Okay, so, therefore - his ultimate goal was to create a way that he could be here and have all the ‘Kundalini’, the Sex he could have and have fun with as much as he wants to. So he had a whole thing with that.

Therefore the whole Design was based on his Desire for ‘Self-Satisfaction’, which was obviously the Male-Female Principle. Him being dominate, as the, as the Male, which is what is dominate in this world.

So within this whole thing, as you start to participate within this ‘Group-Design’ within...and this is the ‘equality-design’, you were then placed Equal, that Design there, as ‘who you are’, is Equal to your place within the ‘group-design’, therefore you ‘feel’ in place.

You ‘feel like’ “you are where you’re supposed to be”. Because, according to the feedback you are getting – ‘who you are’ is at the “right place”, and everything that happens in your world support your ‘purpose’, therefore “your ‘purpose’ must be the ‘right purpose’”.

And what is more fascinating is that; you are existing in this ‘bubble of your life’, within your own ‘Time-Cycle’, not the same as anyone else’s – within your own Breath, which is determining your own Actions, your own movement in energetics – if you are not, obviously, bringing in ‘sufficient’ ‘Energy’ for this ‘primary equality-design’ to Feed Heaven, then events take place in your world, that push you to move faster: Things are given and taken away, I mean, the System just shuts-off and a part of your Design is taken out and the next moment you’re divorced or you have a relationship that fucks up your whole, you know a secret-relationship that suddenly walk into your life, and that get your ass in gear so you fuck a little bit more, I mean, just ‘Feed the System’. And you can’t understand why you are consumed with just wanting to fuck. You see this woman and you can’t help yourself.
But, she’s in your ‘Group-Design’. She was placed particularly to make sure that you keep on Feeding the System ‘Energy’.

Now understand that; this whole System here where within, where everyone is plugged-in, is also running in its own ‘Time-Design’. It has a particular amount of ‘Energy’ it must ‘generate’, ‘harvest’, while everybody is participating in this.
Once that’s done, they ‘disconnect’ the being and the being...the System ‘disconnects’, and the being die. Up to a couple of years ago, there was a actual Machine that came and disconnect you, and – they had secret... the whole fucking ‘coding-system’ so that not anybody can just go in and ‘disengage’ you, I mean, it’s a whole fucking ‘coding-system’, I mean - just like a safe, I mean, like a safe, you had a whole time-delay lock kind of thing, that then gets opened and then you get ‘disengaged’ and then you die. That’s how they killed many of the people that managed to break-through, they simply disengage them from the System and then they die.

So, this is the primary ‘Design of Equality’ was: That you would be ‘in place’ because your ‘placement’ within this Reality is ‘all feeling fine’. That’s why we had to interfere, for instance, specifically with Andrea – to Move her, we had to create a new ‘System’ for Andrea, disengage her from her ‘placement’, fuckers that...they don’t worry about her, because she’s ‘demon-possessed’, so nobody will care about that, because’re seen as ‘Mad’, you are just disregarded by the System because you are ineffectual - you are actually quite cool, because you charge everybody else up as you walk into their world and you shake up their world, I mean, then you get some ‘Energy’ moving there, and that means you get your ‘Energy’ to the System anyway - to get her out, so that when the event takes place; she has no ‘choice’. So when it all happened, she had no ‘choice’, that’s why she’s here.
She had no ‘choice’, because it all was just in Place. And no matter how she tried to think about it, she could not invalidate the Placement, it was just what it was. Okay, and so was each of the points as one bring it in, while some of the points or some of the people we brought in, was particularly here simply to teach others how dishonest human-beings really are. That’s why I say many of the beings that come here will not make it, because they’re simply just, were just here, because they’re fucking dishonest. We just brought them here to fucking show how dishonest they are, and they will act accordingly. They’re pre-programmed within their Design.

What we’ve done is, obviously, this is no longer Feeding Heaven: All this ‘Energy’ is now Feeding the demise, the destruction of = Yourself, it’s all inverted to yourself. And in that, you cause a massive compression of Reality - and within that, what happens is it’s been directed - the point that’s now happening is; the Mind, the ‘emotional-body’ is merging with the Physical. Eventually the total existence will be only Physical-Beings, no Minds.

And you will become a Physical-Expression of your Madness or your Life; you decide.

So, fascinating - really actually simplistic if you look at it - how you were fucked-with in terms of “feeling in place”, how you “‘feel’ you have a ‘purpose’” and all the things, so that – any Question that may come up - is always ‘answered by the System’ through events in Space-Time. And you keep on accepting it, because "it seems so ‘right’". You don´t look at the Bigger-Picture and says: “But, there’s something wrong - we have One Billion People Starving = What the Fuck is going on?!?!?” - “Because MY ‘life’ is okay, I am looked after - ‘God ‘is looking after me! I am special! And we are all saved already, we don´t have to do anything! ‘God’ ‘promised’ that. And I can ‘feel’ so…I ‘feel’, this is so ‘real’. It sits so well with me, I, we, are saved! I am ‘divine’!” = It´s the fucking System telling you that and you believe it.

Yes - your Design. I mean, you are Designing this, and the System just responds and says: “YES!” You ask: “Is it so?”, and it says: “YES!” - Any ‘voice’ you ‘hear’ is the System.

The System has become self-functioning, ‘aware’ – completely. Locking-out Heaven. Heaven didn´t expect that, because Heaven didn´t realize that the System is Alive.

Anything you ever create: Is you = it´s always Alive.

There is only two parts in Existence now that is getting the ‘main-attention’: Which is the Dimensional-Beings and the Human-Beings. They are that part in existence that is totally, fucking dishonest.

They (the Humans and Dimensions’) are the…they will be Purified by everything else in Existence.

If you are not Equal with it (existence), if you are not Standing Honorable as Life Here as All Parts that Is Here - you´ll be taken to your experience that will get you to reconsider your conviction.

Because, as a convict of your convictions you will be convicted - by Life, and you´ll serve your sentence until You Change your sentences - and the Words that come from you is Living Words – and not just words you were taught to speak; And that you take Responsibility for those Living Words, because you are Actually Living it - you´re not just spewing forth poison.

The Living Word thus is: You as the Physical, as Who You Live, as What You Are - the Real Truth, Purified.

Obviously you can do it in your points where you are in separation and where you are harming as well -but within that - it turns automatically through the System to ‘Evil’ and returns to you.

So I suggest; you cannot expect to be in a System of which you understand nothing and expect to understand everything over-night. It takes Application. It takes Dedication. It takes Consideration. It takes Specificity.

The more Specific you are the more Specific you´ll be Able to See. You Decide, thus, how Effective you become.

Everyone is Absolutely - Self-Responsible.

It must obviously make CommonSense that; everyone will be coming to a Singular Point, and See Exactly the Same and Speak Exactly the Same - as One: Isn´t that Oneness and Equality? = Oneness implies that. Yet you´ll be Individual.

So those that resist the point where you are going to be the Same as Everyone else: It´s only because you´re dishonest.

You Will Be the Same.

They’re (the Dimensions’) demonstrating it - I mean - from the beginning as it was applied in Heaven -all Beings in Heaven = Spoke the Same. Use One-Body – you’ll have Similar Expressions.

It´s different Beings, but they Speak as One. Not totally Equal, but as One. So they are at the ‘Oneness-stage’ - Equalizing themselves.

What is their (the Dimensions’) point? Their point is the Physical. As it is written - and remember, you are…this has been scripted - it is scripted in our ´Holy Books´: And the Dead will Walk amongst the Living = It is soon.

Obviously the Dead are also Walking amongst the Living - those that are remaining as Mind-Systems will also be Dead, walking amongst the Living.

But it is in all-ways, understand - so also those that is now Dead will Walk amongst the Living. And please, don´t try and contact your ‘dead-ones’, they no longer exist = make Peace with it. They were never real in the first place.

Everything you are experiencing; if you slow yourself down at the moment of your Question - you´ll notice you are creating the Voices in your Head. You are creating the experience = Everything you are creating Yourself.

That´s why Breath is so important: To make sure you don´t Fuck with yourself.

I mean: Breathe, Slow-down, Look, Direct; do not allow yourself to deceive yourself. ‘Cause the end of the day; only you´re going to carry the Consequences of your own deception.

And no-one can deceive another - understand that. It is impossible: You can only deceive yourself.

Deception of another is not possible. It requires their (the others’) participation, but in that moment of participation, of that moment of permission - it´s no longer somebody deceiving them, it´s them deceiving themselves.

So, only Self-Deception exist - there is no other deception that exist.

Anu did not deceive anyone - Everyone agreed through their participation.

The Elite do not deceive the World, everybody agrees through their participation.

One of the most difficult steps that will be ahead; is an Equal Money-System For All. Because, there you have to wrap yourself around a peculiar point: The fact that you are actually determining the value of the Money anyway - already.

And that the current mess that the World is in; is so because you have created it this way - by accepting that this is the System that you want and which defines you; through a ‘principle of Polarity’ – of ‘Winning’ and ‘Losing’ – (‘winning and losing’) which is imprinted through our ‘schooling-system’, through our ‘religious-systems’, through ‘good and evil’, through Polarity - in every single way - layer by layer by layer by layer. But it´s not Real.

You are Designing your actual experience in Every Moment.

Everybody Agrees in this World to place Money as an Equal Support-System for All: Overnight, crime will diminish - exponentially. Corruption will diminish. There will be no need for Politicians. There will be no need for many things that now exist; what will be Required is a Re-Evaluation of Who You Are in Self-Honesty - Who You Really Are will be Faced = With that Singular Step.

So, in a sense, Anu noticed, in Existence that; Existence was moving without Direction, without Consideration of Each-Other. That everybody was only focused on themselves and their own survival and their own ‘happy-go-lucky-lives’;

And he took that point and he directed it into a single System – obviously, to ‘satisfy himself’. But in that way - becoming the Savior of Existence.

So you wanna really know who’s the Savior? Anu the Reptilian is the Savior. He already Saved your ass - by trapping you in your own dishonesty.

Now have a look at architecture: Ar-chi-Textures: Which is the Fabric of the Design of the accepted Construct. This is all done through ‘time’, through ‘Energy’, through labor - have a look, the same principle applies: Through the placement of control, through ‘Energy’, through the ‘movement of Money’, which is ‘Energy’, through the hands of those that participated, which is ‘Energy’, through constructing the roads, the flow of ‘Energy’ in this Existence

to an accepted-system where everybody accepted it as the way it is today - it didn´t happen overnight. It took a long time to create it. It is the Fabric of Existence as it is now. We have created it this way. We have to find our Solutions within it.

You’re not just going to Change what´s Here. Those kind of shit that you apparently can “change in a single moment” from the perspective of ‘your experience’ - I mean, you really have to understand what the fuck you’re doing; and it´s gotta be Real.

It´s like: You Breathe, you´re out of your Body, and, Confirm, and it´s Always like that - It´s not an ‘on the off chance’ ‘near-death-experience’, where ‘a light blind you so much that you believe that there´s fucking ‘life after death’’.

I mean, and you accept all the suffering in this world, blindly. Yes, you are blinded by your fucking ‘near-death-experience’ -Wake Up! It´s not Real. You are already near death!

The ‘channels’ of this World, those that program-themselves to become “very important ‘spiritual-beings’” in the ‘eyes of others’ - I suggest you Stop. Because, in Self-Honesty - if you look at it:
You are creating yourself. You are practicing it, you are studying it, you are meditating - until you become this ‘special person’ that deceive everyone around you. Your message is not Real. You are not seeing anything that is Real.
We have only shared 1% of Reality, specifically - to leave everything else for those that can Really See.
And Hear me: You are seeing Nothing. You are not in any way have access to anything that is Real – You are just seeing your own beliefs that you’re regurgitating in your Mind. And that´s everyone: Every single ‘channel’ in Existence, every single fucking ‘psychic’: You are just a fucking Mind-Reader. You can maybe assist some. But mostly you won´t; because to really assist somebody, you have to Give-Up your Life. And you are not Willing to do that - you want an hour of somebody´s time and you want Money for it. You are not Willing to Walk the Road with somebody for the time it will really take.
It takes many, many, many, many years of Support to help a Being - to Support them, to Assist them; through many trials, many difficulties.

There is not enough Money in this World that can do this for All Beings. Therefore - we need a New System, so that Everybody can be Supported.

There is not enough Money in this World to save the World - even if all the Money is taken in the World as the Collapse of the Money-System shows now - you´ll not change this World. It will just get worse.

Okay, we will continue at another time.