Interviews from the Farm 15: The Real God Creating Disease


Interviews with Bernard Poolman

02 Jul 09


It is On.

‘Silence’, no more ‘Movement’. ‘Silence don’t Move’.

Oh God, now the Dogs Bark.

Remember to Transcribe every single Word plus the Barks – Bark, Bark, Bark...Bark, Bark, Bark = For ‘Authenticity’.

That’s...Remember when they Ask: ‘Who was the...why’s there Dogs in Recording?” – it’s for ‘Authenticity’. It was done in ‘Real-Time’, while there were other ‘Living-Things’ – Okay.

Okay, so – we had a Very-Interesting Trip to Town Today.

I ‘Heard’, ‘Floating through the Ethers of the House’, about somebody looking for ‘Coughing-Syrup’ this Morning.

So – I didn’t Say-anything, ‘Initially’ – and then ‘Eventually’, I said: “You know – are you ‘Coughing’?”

And Darryl says: “Yes, you know, it...I think it was about these Guys that’s in the Recording-Studio, Recording and then Smoking for Two-Days Already.”

I says: “Oh – ‘Well-done’, you have Really made-yourself Sick.”

Now – How does this Work?

You have ‘Three-Minds’: Your ‘Conscious-Mind’, your ‘Subconscious-Mind’ and your ‘Unconscious-Mind’.

Let’s start at the ‘Unconscious-Mind’: The ‘Unconscious-Mind’ is ‘Equal and One’ as the ‘Unified-Field’.

It (the ‘Unconscious-Mind’) works as follows: It ‘Holds’ within-it ‘Everything that is in Existence’, but it is ‘Programmed’.

It is from the ‘Unconscious-Mind’ that your ‘Thoughts Arrive’.

If you can Slow-yourself Down ‘Enough’ – you’ll ‘Notice’ that the Thought ‘Arrives’, approximately, like - from your ‘Perceptual-Point’ - like it ‘Moves’ from ‘Behind’-you out of ‘Darkness’.

Okay – that ‘Darkness’ that it (the Thought) ‘Moves’ ‘out-of’ is – what you ‘Understand’ as: The ‘Unified Field’.

But – you can’t ‘See’-it (the ‘Unified Field’), because it’s existing ‘Everywhere’: “Lift a Rock and I am ‘there’. Split a piece of Wood and I am ‘there’.” – that: “I Am that I Am”, is the ‘Unified Field’.

That “I Am” is the ‘Point of Purpose’ – “The ‘Reason’ for my ‘Being’” – that is ‘Programmed’-in and it ‘Actives’ through ‘Impulse-Stimulation’, ‘Electrical-Impulse’ and it’s Done...

we do it ‘For’-Each-other, and we do it ‘For’-Ourselves and our Environment do it, either through – remember when you ‘See’ an ‘Image’ it is ‘Transformed’-into ‘Electrical-Stimuli Impulses’, the same when you Touch

when you Feel, when you Hear – All of it is Transformed to ‘Electricity’ that ‘Stimulates’ or ‘Impulse’ the ‘System’ to ‘Step-Forth’ with the ‘Program’ that is ‘Programmed’.

Now if you are...for instance – sometimes you will ‘Notice’ that a ‘Single-Thought’ will ‘Stimulate’ ‘Quite an Experience’ so, or, and have an ‘Immediate-Effect’ like you, here, ‘See’-somebody ‘Sneeze’ –

if you are ‘Pre-Disposed’, ‘Pre-Programmed’, to ‘Immediately’ become ‘Ill’ from just ‘Seeing’-it – you’ll become ‘Ill’ just from ‘Seeing’-it = You are the ‘Stimuli’ Why you are getting ‘Ill’ – Okay.

This is...what is Done Specifically to Fuck with you, I mean – it was ‘Programmed’ like this, so that you cannot-‘Trust’ Anything you Ever-Do. That you cannot-‘Trust’ a Single-Thing you Ever-Do, because

‘suddenly’ a ‘Thought’ will ‘Manifest’ and then the Next-Thing you wanna-Do, you can ‘Think’-about ‘Ten-Thousand Times’ like ‘The Girl Next-Door you ‘like’’, and ‘Nothing’-Happens =

because ‘The Girl Next-Door’ is not ‘Programmed’ to be your ‘Mate’.

The One that’s ‘Programmed’ to be your ‘Mate’ or the One you’re supposed-to ‘Sleep’-with or have a ‘One-Night-Stand’-with = that’s all ‘Pre-programmed’, even your ‘One-Night-Stands’: Your ‘Touches’, your ‘Words’ you’re ‘Speaking’ –

Every Single Thing is ‘Pre-programmed-Stimuli’, it ‘runs’ between the ‘Unconscious’, the ‘Subconscious’ and the ‘Conscious’.

‘Subconscious’ is where you have your ‘Personality-Designs’ – there you have a ‘little-bit’ of ‘Freedom’: You can Design ‘Variations of the Design’, because at the End of the Day =

the Actual-Design of your ‘Personality’, will be ‘Controlled’ by the ‘Unconscious-Mind’, through ‘Electrical-Impulsing’ of the ‘System Stepping-Forth’ in ‘Moments’ of – what you would ‘call’: ‘Now’ -

something happens ‘Now’ – not Here – there’s...the ‘Now’ is the ‘Here’ of the ‘Unified Field’, is not Really Presence – it’s ‘Pre-Programmed Presence’.

It (the ‘Now’) exist as the ‘Conglomeration’ of ‘All-Past’, ‘All-Future’ and ‘All-Present’, ‘All-Lives ever Lived’ and ‘All-Lives yet to Live’ = is All existent in-You, Right-Now: All of that, as- and in-You as the Physical and in and as the ‘Unified Field’.

And All of this busy-‘Moving’ according to a ‘Programmed Role-out’ of ‘Stimulus’, ‘Electrical-Impulsing’, ‘Magnetic-Impulsing’ – whatever you want to call-it = All of that – ‘Stimulated’ through the various-Sense that ‘carry’ the ‘Electrical-Impulses’.

Your ‘Thoughts’, thus - when you have it and it comes-up – it’ll either, if it’s a ‘Singular-Thought’ – you’ll ‘find’ that it’ll ‘normally’ have a ‘Value’ of either ‘Impression’ or a ‘Value of Action’ or a ‘Value of sudden-Realisation’

that ‘suddenly’ you will ‘Feel’ you ‘Know More’, which means another ‘Part’ of your ‘Knowledge-Base’ that has been ‘Pre-Programmed’ ‘opens-up’ and it takes-you into your Next-‘Experience’, which is then: “So, Oh, ‘good’, so ‘cool’” –

so that you can ‘Believe’ you’ve come to that ‘Realisation’, ‘yourself’. For instance: What is it? It’s about ‘Acceptance’. If you look at it in ‘Christianity’ it’s an Very, Clearly Shown in ‘how it works’ in ‘Christianity’, because:

“Jesus must be accepted as your ‘Saviour’” – I mean, the Point is there, it comes-up, you start to look at-it, the ‘Stimuli’ comes-in, you ‘suddenly’ have an ‘Experience’.

The ‘Experience’ is either ‘driven’ through ‘Thought’, ‘Visual-Impact’, ‘Perspectives – whatever the ‘Program’ is ‘set to be’ – they’re not the same for Everyone, Everyone’s is like, ‘Unique’ -

then you ‘open-up’ to an ‘Experience’ which you ‘Feel’, which is ‘Energy’ – comes from your Own ‘Program’, it’s already ‘Stored’ the ‘Energy’ – then, according to that – you accept ‘Jesus’ as your ‘Saviour’,

the ‘Whole-thing’ ‘opens-up’ the Next ‘Layer’ – it’s like ‘playing a game’ on...what do we call these...on, on, on, on...

Darryl: Playstation

Bernard: Playstation - where you go through the Various ‘Levels’ until you have ‘Jackpot’, because the Whole-Design is a, like a ‘Game’, like a ‘Casino’.

But In-it, it had an ‘Intent’: The ‘Intent’ was to ‘Enslave’-you to this ‘kind’- and ‘type’-of ‘Experiences’ for Eternity so that you can accept ‘God’ as ‘more than you’.

So that the ‘Whole-Point’ of ‘The Image and Likeness of God’, the ‘equality-Point’ – can be ‘Dismissed’, and ‘Mismanaged’ = which is what happened.

Now – when we go to your ‘Subconscious’ in terms of your ‘Personality-Designs’ – those, you’ll Find, will ‘depend’ on your ‘Environment’ = Always. You’ll be a specific ‘kind’ of ‘Personality’ – ‘depending’ on the ‘Environment’ you’re in,

and at some-Points you’ll’ll be, there will be ‘Stimulus’ in your ‘Environment’ that now ‘indicate’ you’re ‘finished with this Game – you have to go to another-one’, and you’ll Find, ‘suddenly’, you can’t ‘Do’-something.

For instance: You have a ‘Relationship’ in-front of you, and you can’t go into-it. You just ‘Can’t’. You are, for instance...or you just had-‘Enough’, and you just want-‘Out’, and you just ‘Do’-it – you Act in that Moment:

That is then, where you are Specifically-‘Impulsed’ to ‘Change your Environment’, and you then go-into the Next-‘Phase’ of your ‘Experience’.

Obviously, from ‘your’-Perspective, you ‘Believe’ that is ‘Choice’ = go and have a look Again: It’s Always something that ‘Follows an Impulse’. It ‘Follows’ a ‘Build-up of Energy’. It ‘Follows’ – it is Never You - Directing the Situation.

It is Never You – Actually making the ‘Choice’. The ‘Choice’ is Already-made = in your ‘Pre-Programming’. You simply ‘Following’ and you can do Nothing about that, because you don’t even know Where to Begin to Look,

for What the Fuck is Going-On – Okay.

Now – All of This – is ‘Following Relationship-Lines’, ‘Symbols’, ‘Following Resonances’ – it ‘Emits’ a ‘Signal’. You’re like a Fuckin’ Radio-Station that ‘send-out ‘Signals’’:

You can ‘walk down the street, on the Pavement’ and ‘somebody walks past-you’ and you have a ‘Thought in your Mind’ that you’re ‘looking-at’ = that ‘Thought’ ‘Emanates from-you’,

‘Stimulating the Person walk...that you don’t know from a ‘Bar of Soap’, walking past-you’ to Immediately have a ‘Insight’ - another ‘Program’ ‘open’ - and that Person in their ‘life’ Continues =

and they ‘Thought’ they had a ‘Divine-Intervention’. While it was just what? An ‘Energy-Impulse’ that ‘opened’ the Next ‘Layer of Experience’, which was ‘Programmed’ – and you ‘Walk Into-it’ =

you Always ‘Walk Into your ‘life’’. Your ‘life’ is Always ‘Prepared’ for-you – have a look: You Never ‘Design your Own-‘life’’, and therefore = the Moment you have to ‘Design your-Own ‘life’’ – you’ll Run-Away –

you will always look at ‘Where you can ‘Walk Into-it’’, where it’s already done ‘For’-you. If you have to do-it, you’ll just Find-yourself Absolutely-unable to Actually Design your ‘life’ and you will just be ‘Stuck’.

Always look at the Points where Everything is there to Support You. I mean – Human-Beings, they are ‘Programmed’ to Not, Actually, Ever be Aware.

Now – what is ‘more’-Interesting, is that you have - if you Notice, for instance, in your ‘Conscious-Mind’: Your ‘Conscious-Mind’ is ‘Reactive in-Nature’.

When you ‘walk-around Thinking’ – I mean, it is just ‘Thoughts coming-up’, which is just a ‘Signal’ you’re ‘sending-out to your Environment’.

Now you get to an ‘Event’, ‘Somebody’...have a look: Immediately you will go-into a ‘State of ‘Energy’’, you’ll Immediately ‘take-on’ a Specific-‘Symbol’, meaning a Specific-‘Posture’ – which is a ‘Symbol’ – and you’ll ‘Present’ a Specific-‘Point’,

which you ‘Stand’-as, and that is ‘Pre-Programmed’, because you have not ‘Created’-it = you’ve ‘Are’, you ‘Walked Into-it’. And you will ‘Speak’, and those-‘Words’ that’ll ‘come’ is Not your-‘Words’ = they are ‘Pre-Programmed’,

you have Not ‘Thought them Up’ – I mean, you will ‘Speak’ and they are ‘Reactive in-Nature’. That’s Why – you’ll Find, for instance – you’ll many-times sit and ‘Mull’-around ‘something that you want to do’,

but when you get to the Actual-Point of Doing-it = you say the ‘Opposite’, because you’re ‘Programmed’ to ‘Say the Opposite’.

I mean – no-matter what you’re ‘Thinking’ = it’s ‘Irrelevant’ to your ‘Programming’: Your ‘Programming’ will Always ‘Win’.

Now – what is ‘more’-Interesting – is Not All the ‘Thoughts’ you have ‘go-Anywhere’. Those ‘Thought’ that is ‘Irrelevant’ to your ‘Environment’, or...and to ‘yourself’ and so-on – go and ‘Sit’ in your ‘Body’.

That’s why the ‘Body’ ‘Change with Age’, because you start to ‘Package the Thoughts’. And all the ‘Thoughts’ that’s not ‘used’ – go into your: FAT, your ‘File Allocation Tables’, your ‘Cellulite’ – and things like that -

your ‘Variations’ within the ‘Body’ where it is ‘Stored’ = Simply as ‘Information’, that ‘serves’ virtually no-‘Purpose’ – very-Seldom will go to Anything.

And – as you ‘grow-Older’, that will happen ‘Automatically’ = that was One of the ‘Ways’ to ‘Design the Physical’ in a ‘Way’, that it will ‘become’, like, virtually, a ‘Demon-Possessed Information-Centre’ – as you ‘grow-Older’.

And to make-sure that you ‘lose AAAAAAAAAAAALLLL the Faith you have in yourself’, and that you ‘eventually’ ‘Abdicate to Age’ – and start to ‘Believe’ that: “This is the ‘way’ it ‘should’-be, and this is the ‘way’ you’re supposed to ‘live’”.

So ‘Unfortunately’ = ‘Everything you Do’: Is ‘Explainable’.

‘Unfortunately’ = ‘Everything you Do’: Is Not You.

With the Structural-Resonance, Specifically – we will be ‘De-Programming All of these Things’, which will have some Fascinating-things, because, I mean – you must ‘Understand’ that:

Every Single Human-Being has got a ‘Unique’ ‘Program’-running. All-things are not ‘Exactly the Same’ – that’s why we will ‘Initially’ ‘De-Program’, until you have the ‘Physical’ as a ‘Stable-Support’ to ‘Measure’ Every-Single Point.

Thus – in terms of your Forgiveness, for instance – once you Look at a Point where there’s a ‘Lesson’, Specifically, about: ‘Assessing’ whether the ‘Thought’ you’re ‘dealing’-with it ‘Unconscious-’, ‘Subconscious-’ or ‘Conscious-Mind’ –

the ‘Point’ that you’re ‘dealing’-with – and what is the ‘Nature’ of it: Is it ‘Emitting’? Is it ‘For’-someone-else – that means, ‘Stimulating another-Being’, is it ‘Stimulating-you’, is it gonna go for ‘Fat’, for ‘Filing’?

I mean – Establishing the Various-‘Levels’ that is gonna happen to this ‘Thought’, and accordingly you can ‘contain the ‘Thought’’ and Forgive the ‘Thought’ and Delete-it. Okay – you want to ‘get the ‘Thought’ that it No-Longer ‘Emerge’.

If I now look at where I am, at this Stage = there is Nothing ‘Emerging’ Anymore. I mean, it’s just like Darkness; Cool, Breathe, Darkness – there’s Nothing ‘Coming-Up’.

So my Physical, that means the ‘Unified Field’, or the ‘Unconscious’, or ‘Who I am As Everything’: Is now Clear – there’s Nothing ‘Coming-Up’.

I can Deal with a Point, Specifically as it is Here, and therefore I Respond to you Direct. Therefore I can See what happens when you Talk to me – I can See where’s your ‘Problem’ come-from,

and I can come and sit and Explain it to you; in-Detail of ‘How it Works’. And I don’t ‘carry that Information around with me’ = it’s not Necessary. It makes Sense?

You don’t...I mean – the Moment you have to ‘carry Knowledge around’ – you’re ‘carrying a Program around’. That ‘Program’ is going to ‘Fuck with you’. Okay?

Therefore – You can ‘Speak to a Person’, if you are Not-‘Programmed’ to actually ‘Stimulate the Person to Hear-you’ and that Person is not ‘Programmed’ to be-‘Stimulated’ or to ‘Hear’-you = there will be no ‘Conversation’, and you’ll get Nowhere.

Now, for a ‘Programmed-System’ to ‘Break-Down’ – Great ‘Trauma’ is Necessary. We Suggested that ‘Path’ we would Only-go as a ‘Last-Resort’.

Therefore, we will use the Structural-Resonance, to – through CommonSense – De-Program Ourselves, and Assist as many as Possible to do the Same. That’s Why it’ll take Several-Years to-Do = it is Extensive.

I mean – you’re Dealing, Here, with All your Lives – ‘Compacted-into’ what you would call: The ‘Now’.

And Hear-me: The ‘Now’ is the Greatest Single Deception that has Ever been Created. The ‘Illusion of The ‘Now’’.

Because: It (The ‘Now’) is the ‘Conglomeration’ of ‘Everything you’ve Ever-been’ – All-‘Lies’, All-‘Programs’ = Nothing Real.

The Moment you Die, in the ‘Now’ – you End-up in the here-After as ‘Nothing’. You have to Start-again. Because, I mean – you have Nothing. All that Remains is: Very, very little of ‘yourself’.

After-All – at the End of the Day: ‘Who you Are – Determines - What you Do’.

You’ll be no-Different in the ‘After-life’, than ‘what you are’ in this-‘life’.

Because, it’s always Equal = the ‘Law of Balance’ Determines All-things. That is what is ‘Holding’ Each-One in ‘Containment’.

We’ll ‘later-on’ Discuss ‘How you can ‘Move’ your Structural-Resonance’, and ‘How you can ‘Move’ and Actually Change the stuff’. We’ll first go through these ‘Programs’ of ‘Working-with the Structural-Resonance’.

But, at this Stage, it’s just to give an Indication – for instance, with ‘Flu’: I mean, if that ‘Thought’ ‘comes-up’, have a look = you have had those ‘Experiences’; where shortly there-after, you are ‘Sick’.

It’s (‘Flu’) is not a Virus. You have Created that, you are ‘Designed’ to do it. How it looks-like – is Fascinating – in the Physical-Body, the ‘Design of the System’ ‘Follows’ ‘very-Specific Geometrical-Shapes’,

and as the ‘Sound Moves through-you’, it ‘Moves in Geometrical-Shapes’. And then when it, when you in your-‘Design’ has a particular-‘Shape’ that ‘Fits’, like – the ‘Incoming-Sound’ ‘Fits in-there like a Key’ –

it ‘Activates the Program’ and you’ve got ‘Flu’. Fascinating, Really.

Okay – so, please – there are ‘Viruses’, but they are Not Necessarily the ‘Cause’.

In many-Cases you Actually ‘Create the Virus’ within your Body through the ‘coming-together of Various-‘Signatures’’ from Various Human-Beings = from the Physical.

The Physical is doing All of This. The Physical. Not your ‘Mind’. Not the ‘Words you Know’. Not the ‘Language you Speak’ = None of that has got Anything to-do with the Physical – from the perspective of a ‘Directive-Point’.

Those-things you’re not Aware-of At-All.

Okay – That’s-it.