Interviews from the Farm 16: Discovering Heavens


Interviews with Bernard Poolman

10 Jul 09


Let’s, let’s start at the beginning: Ehm… We met Sunette and Sunette started working and eventually she didn’t have a place to stay. And so we said: “Ok we have a room available,” says okay, “come and stay there.” And so we…

She had no idea about anything and she was introduced to the Tarot cards, the Osho cards. ‘Cause that’s what we played with. But essentially, you know we ran business, so we worked. And then, on weekends and so, especially, we would do demons. Now, where we as support the demons. So I had a fascinating experience. The portal opened. I was quite surprised. I mean, I had ten years with a deep trance medium in the family. So I know what the fuck is deep trancing.

I have, I’ve seen materializations. I have seen cataleptic paralysis where the human body turns into a statue, like a statue. I touched it, moved it, try and move it myself. I have seen doors open and close.

I have seen animals in a single moment with the movement of a hand lose consciousness and become like a piece of rag that run, and they would run it over my arm. So that, you know like, there’s, as if there’s not even a bone in it. Totally out. Strange enough, there was always a certain thing about… At that stage Deep-Trance mediumship was especially based on a substance called ectoplasm. (Oh right) Ectoplasm was required for Deep-trancing.

I mean, light-trancers, or uhm, or uhm, telepathy – different story. But with Deep- trancing you had the actual, you could get a more real experience – meaning: the actual being could come through and speak through the body.

But they could not move the body with great effect. That was not so simple. Anyway, so I was very surprised, because… the being coming through from the dimensions was speaking to me like normal, saying: “Hallo”, I mean, it’s not like a ‘high, mighty fucker from heaven’, I mean, it is a normal being. So, the second thing is: I wanted to know where’s the ‘door keeper’; and they said: “No there is no door keeper.”

‘Cause normally with Deep-trance mediums you had your doorkeeper. So, in all the cases, and I have worked with two deep trance mediums, both cases, having the same door keeper – which is highly unusual. Which were very cool for cross-referencing – having the same doorkeeper. Because, I mean, fuck, it’s, how cool, how cool is that?

I mean just even having two deep trance mediums in your life in different areas having the same doorkeeper; already very few beings in the world has ever experienced that. So… I was a little surprised. I mean, they’re speaking to me like normal. Like: “Hello”, like we have a normal discussion like a normal being, like you just meeting and say: “What’s your name?”, like, you know, this is your name, “Hey, what are you doing?”, “No, uh, I am here” – I mean, a normal conversation.

So I was initially a little bit like: ‘Okay, is this real or not real? I mean, there is no effort. I mean, with, with any mediumship there is effort and preparation. You don’t just fucking channel. (Right).There’s, there is effort and preparation.

This was fuckin’ instantaneous. A single breath. I mean, I have not seen this before anywhere. And, they can move the body, I mean, like normal.

‘So okay, fuck, what the fuck is going on here?’

So obviously at that stage I have already decided that…Or, I’ve, I’ve… We were discussing the point (status of heaven), because, there was a problem.

We didn’t know what was the problem. We have already established at that stage that you could see, with the, some of the beings that we’ve managed to get abilities developed; which could see interdimensionally – at that stage already.

So we could already establish; who’s on earth reincarnated, and who’s in the dimensions or in heaven. Because they would be different but you could speak to both – which was fascinating.

Which is, was confirmed also in the research of, Newman: Destiny of the Souls. So, we had the same experience. So, but not only that, we could communicate in various different frequencies and all kinds of shit. So, I was now a little bit surprised, so we, we chatted with beings. Fortunately at that stage, through my daughter, we already had sessions with some beings that came through.

So immediately, what do I wanna do? I wanna speak to some of those beings. And fuck they were real they were there .

Checking, I mean. What does…Sunette doesn’t know about these things. She’s never been there. She, she doesn’t, didn’t know these things happened. So she can’t conjure it up with her mind. So I look at the extreme points to get validation: ‘Am I at the real point or not a real point? Am I being fucked with?’ I mean, I have had those events in my life already. So, I’m like, extremely cautious, because of the events I had in my life in extreme situations.

So, started chatting. Obviously, first of all, we are still busy with demons, and we are to find out what’s going on. So, Sunette would go out the body, and then she’ll explore and she comes back and she’d tell her story; what she’s just experienced, who she, who did she meet. And then she met someone, I says, ‘Okay let me speak to the person you meet’, ‘Whoops’, the person is there, then I speak to the person. And they ,tell a story and it’s another being, I mean.

Then, ‘okay, off to the next one’ – off she goes, investigate, investigate and tell what she’s getting. She says ‘it’s like layers of existences, like, bands of existence. You can go up and down with it’, and shit like that. And, uh… So now we are talking to beings. Mostly, every time she meets somebody new, bring them to the portal and… Now, we don’t know how the portal functions, at this stage. I mean, they explain to us how it looks like, it’s like, they say: ‘ it’s as if you walk into infinity and in the next moment you are in a human body’. I mean, that’s a fascinating way to describe it. You would consider the human body to be… limited.

How could it be, that when they are moving from heaven to earth into a body – that they’re moving into ,what they experience as infinity? Which is immediately like, ooh okay, here’s something unusual – what’s going on, I mean?

So, we then started, obviously, then I started exploring, talking to beings that I have read about. It was peculiar, from a certain perspective, that, one could see that beings were not the same; than what they were on earth.

But, they could speak a lot more comfortable and about various situations than ever, was ever possible with deep-trance channel, I mean. So, and you could do it continuously for hours and they don’t get tired. I mean, the portal don’t get tired. While the best you can normally go with a deep trance is about two hours. Then they need to rest, it drains the body, of energy. But seemingly, the portal doesn’t need energy. It just keeps on going.

So, it doesn’t go higher or lower energy or getting tired or shit like that. Obviously, we challenged points there was points that came through that just says: ‘unacceptable’. I was full of shit then already. I mean, full of shit…

I mean if you have, if you have worked with demons for like, two years where you had to take them into your body and, and show them forgiveness and assist them, until they transcend with forgiveness; you get full of shit.

Because otherwise, you are gonna get possessed. But from my perspective: ‘how can I leave the demon in the state they are, knowing that they can transcend it through forgiveness? I cannot leave them, like that. I mean, that would be an absolute crime to do that.’

So therefore I looked at showing other people to do the same. Somewhere it interested that some where scared of demons, I mean, if you really believe in God and love and God is Almighty and all that shit and Jesus – how can you be afraid of demons?

Because that is a contradiction of your very belief, cause: what’s the worst that can happen? You get possessed. I mean after all apparently jesus drives out demons then he can drive them out again, hopefully. I suppose no one is certain – that’s why they won’t take the risk, cause their belief is not deep enough in their dear jesus – sorry jesus, I mean. But I mean, we did find Jesus. So obviously I wanted to find Jesus – now how did we meet Jesus?

That was fascinating, I mean, I suppose if we didn’t meet Jesus the way we did I would have doubted about this extremely but we were now chatting with the portal, we were talking with Osho and the next moment my son walks in and he says to me:“I just wanna say to you Jesus will be here just now. When he comes, come and call me.” So I say: “Ok, what the fuck does that mean, jesus will bere here?”

Ten minutes later the portal says Jesus want to come through. Fuck, there is Jesus, call Leslie-John and says: “Come hey, Jesus is here.” He walks in, the portal gets up, the two fucking hug each other as if they have known each other forever.

Then I found out they had been talking for months already. So I : “Ok, fuck” – I mean, I was not in the loop with this one I was a little bit out of the loop but I mean it gives you a perfect kind of validation: Something you cannot construct, something nobody can construct – it requires various practical events to take place that come together with specific events, words, stuff that happens and that is validated right there, so I mean…

And then Jesus with Sunette and with others went and cleared up the demon dimension. They brought all the demons together and sorted them out with forgiveness and so on. So that was the first thing Jesus did, I mean, after we had the discussion.

He didn’t wait for me to tell him to do that, they did it themselves, so from that perspective I would say it is pretty fucking valid isn’t it? So now we are exploring this. Obviously we have no idea what this is really going to mean, because we are now having to establish what does this mean. We have a point where we now can speak at that stage as far as we know to all the beings we ever want to speak to and we started doing that, we started speaking.

And then we meet a strange or a fascinating story; we meet somebody claiming to be my mother and my father and that me and Sunette are brothers and sisters and that whole thing plays out.

I mean, we found these, like, from some… dimensional kingdom, we are the children of the king and the queen, shit like that. But I mean fucking real shit here, they are speaking real shit and it’s like pushing the memories and shit like that.

So, I said: “Ok,I’ll play along with this.” Because at this stage, I mean, I never really know what is going for what. I can’t just discard it, because then I will always wonder.

I mean, why did I discard it? Was it out of fear? Let me play along, what’s the worst that can happen? I get fucked. What the fuck, then I get fucked, I get deceived, so what the fuck; it doesn’t change who I am – let me do this, let me find out for myself.

After all Jesus said: “Explore all things” – so let me explore it. I am willing to take the risk, so I took the risk. We discussed it and Sunette and I tried to make head on tails on this, because already years before the portal opened I had already disconnected my interdimensional abilities at all, at all times, because i found that to be not trustworthy.

So now obviously I am super-sensitive to fucking everything, because i have been fucked badly with spiritual stuff and psychic stuff. So, and I pushed the boundaries of investigating it. If i got something, I would go to the point of actually physically investigating it, the information and stuff like that. When i was in the police I used them. I used psychometry, I used psychics, I used channeling, everything – in terms of finding leads and finding criminals… and 50% of the time the fucking information was correct, 50% of the time it wasn’t. So now you have this dichotomy. So we had those events taking place and so on.

Now, at this stage the white light still existed, so now we keep on exploring. Sunette is out in the dimensions and events take place and she meets people and we talk to beings about solutions and by about the time we had all the beings sorted out, was the time the white light story happened. Sitting, having a cup of coffee, chief that came through the deep trance medium – a long time ago, i mean it happened in the 19… 1980’s,

end of the 1980’s, chief was coming came through a deep trance medium every six weeks giving me the gifts from the White Light. So here is chief now through the portal, so he is fucking real, I mean, what the fuck? And all the gifts that came, they are real, I have spoken to them all – and here is chief now me and chief sitting and drinking a cup of coffee and they like to drink their coffee, I mean, because that was quite fascinating.

Like having, say we have a coke, to watch them take a sip of coke, because their senses are enhanced multifold, so they will go like “oh god, feel that”. I mean, they are really, like I mean – it’s fascinating to watch their experience.

Obviously, the most fascinating experience was… we have an old boor war veteran, which was part of the history of South Africa, I mean, I learned about this fucker in history and at that stage – Was it Mykey that brought him? Or was it Kieran? – At that stage we already had the next event. The next event was very fascinating because Cerise was going out with a chap in a relationship and they were… one day they walk into the room. The dad was dead in a motorcycle accident.

I suggested to Cerise obviously: support. I mean, you learn a lot about support in situations like this, support unconditionally and see what happens. I mean, walk with and so she did that.

And now the oak’s dead, obviously, I mean, he’s dead, three weeks later the son is there, Cerise is there. We are all busy with the portal – we are 15 people – we are now busy with the portal, next moment they let us know that someone wants to come.

Woops! Here he is: Kieran, dad, the oak’s dad, and obviously big tears and shit like that goes with it. It was about three weeks or so after his death.

Then suddenly a scene unfolded, again that I didn’t know about. There have… some event that took place from the time of Kieran’s death to the time Kieran now is in the portal, which was done in secret.

I mean, the son sleeping around and Cerise has just found out. I didn’t know yet, but Kieran knew, so when I wanted to find out what’s going on Kieran told me: “Wait, you don’t know what’s going on here, I’ll handle it. So I say: “Ok,” fuck, and he handled it and the whole thing came out and the point was taken to forgiveness right there: face to face forgiveness. So when that was done Kieran said: “Ok, what now?” So I treated him just like a demon, showed him everything.

And then asked him: “Now, what the fuck Kieran? Why are you dead?” Understand, this oak was wealthy beyond measure. He had his own yacht in the harbor, a 100 million yacht – massive thing. Money was not an object, he had everything.

He said a strange thing, he said: “I saw you through your daughter and I saw what is going to happen to the world and I decided I am not going to wait. Obviously I didn’t see that from a conscious aware level, I saw it as myself and accordingly I removed myself from the reality. So here I am: ready to assist.” I mean, what do you say to that? I don’t even know what I am fucking apparently supposed to do, I mean, they are seeing shit that I don’t know what the fuck they’re seeing.

Cause I am here breathing, a piece of meat that eat shit and speak, I mean, what the fuck can I do? I mean, apparently all I am interested in is forgiveness and self-honesty. I am not interested in anything else. To me those tools are effective and valid for all human beings who dare to apply them. I mean, it’s that simple: we, each hold the key to the solution of this reality in those simple tools. So what do you say to that?

I mean, I don’t know what to say to that. So anyway, so Kieran is off with… Kieran Jesus and Mykey, it was the three of them that cleared up the dimensions, the demons. It was roundabout…

Yeah so, at that stage – remember the white light still existed – so, Kieran said an interesting thing after his death. He was immediately in a room and from that room he came through the portal. And to him there was no concept of time, he didn’t know how long he was there, he said: “You simply don’t experience time in the dimensions.”

(Was this before the White Light was taken out?) That’s before the White Light was taken out, so we are now looking at this thing and they say: “Look” – so we are now looking at this thing and they say to me look, they got a surprise for me.

Ok, fuck, surprise me, I mean, what can surprise you? Next moment they got a chap through the portal that speaks Afrikaans like real boer, I mean, and his name is Piet Retif and he looked at me and he said “HAAA! Rudi Landsman”. I said: “What the fuck?” “I think you are Rudi Landsman we were together at Fechtkope,” he says. I say: “What do you mean? Was I in the fucking Zulu war and my name was Rudi Landsman?” And he says: “YEESSS you are Rudi Landsman” I say: “What the fuck, ok yes.” What the fuck, I mean, I am Rudi Landsman? I said: “Ok, ok, I have no idea, but if you say so.” He says: “Ahh yeeah you were young and you looked at it all and said ‘there must be another way’”. Ah ok that makes sense I would have said something like that I suppose I mean; there must be another way

He says: “Ahh yeeah you were young and you looked at it all and said ‘there must be another way’”. Ah ok that makes sense I would have said something like that I suppose I mean; there must be another way – lol – which is the primary thing I have said many many times this life; there must be another way. So then he started looking around and he saw a cell phone and he says: “What’s this?” I say: “What do you mean: ‘what is this?’ – A cell phone!” “What’s a cell phone?”

I said: “Ok, what? Wait a minute – what is going on here, sure, how do you not know what is a cellphone ?” Then we found he had been in the demon dimension since the war with the Zulus and whatever, a long time ago, and he has been shooting blacks ever since – and the same scene replays over and over and over again: he and a couple of kings keep on shooting.

That’s what they have been doing for all their time and he has seen no progression of anything on earth. Now he must watch this face, this experience – I mean, at that stage we were not recording yet or anything – as this man explores what is here from TV’s to cars; he couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw cars. I mean, he said: “FUCK where is the horses?”

I mean, I mean, you must understand I dubbed him innocence because his expression of innocence when he was so astounded with what he saw… and even when he saw the first black person, he said: “Oh, we may touch you now,” lol.

They were killing each other that time, I mean, so he says: “Ok, may I stand up and give you a hug now?” It’s like fascinating stuff like that, I mean, fuck, it’s not stuff you would ever consider. It’s like – what is normal expression?

I mean, we are living such suppressed lives that we can’t even consider what is natural normal expression. So it’s little bit like ‘what the fuck? Is this oak real or what?’, but I mean – there it was happening right infront of us and we were laughing and really starting to enjoy Piet Retif… And uhm… So that was an interesting experience, I mean: Kieran, Piet Retif – and now I look at all of this and obviously I regret from one perspective or how can anyone fuck with me? So, I am ok, I am willing to consider what is here – I am not gonna believe it, I will participate though – and I am satisfied with their expression. I mean, I can’t make that shit up, I mean, you don’t even see that shit in movies. I mean, how the fuck do you script that shit?

So, then we got to the White Light thing. Eventually, at that stage, we had all kinds of experiences. I mean, Sunette for instance was turned into a vase by a goddess in one of the heavens because she dared to not obey an order from the goddess.

But at that stage she had dealt with demons and shit like that, so we already dealt with the demons. So now we are busy exploring the heavens; seeing what the fuck is going on, how does it work? So, there is multiple heavens. Each heaven has got its own god, which is quite similar to Eckankar, soul travel. In soul travel you… – if you study soul travel you’ll see they talk about shit like that. You have levels with gods and shit like that.

We found shit like that: cities, …, all kinds of stuff. Obviously we are now interested in how all of this works, I mean; this is now heaven, I mean, we now have a doorway into heaven – let’s find out how this fucking thing works.

I mean, where is god? I mean, I am curious you know, I am like also cautious you know, because I mean; is he allowing me into this? Why is he doing it? I mean, how far am I allowed to go?

All that questions come up, I mean, you have to consider that you know. Will the next moment be a fucking lightning bolt and I will be no more? I mean, you consider all that shit. So, me and chief sitting there, having coffee.

So the question that is asked: “Wouldn’t you now,” chief’s asking me, “wouldn’t you now after all this trust in god?” I mean now I have had many experiences, been in heaven, the whole story – as I looked at that question, I looked at it in a peculiar way.

I looked at it in a peculiar way: I looked at it from the principle of self-honesty; can I honestly say that I can trust god from all my experiences and everything that has happened? And I couldn’t honestly say ‘I can trust god’, so I said: “No, I can’t fucking say that, even after everything that has happened.” So, I said to Sunette: “Where is Sunette? Sunette, come.” And now we know there is a white light that is now god. So I say: “Go ask god / white light ‘what the fuck is going on?’, I mean, what the fuck do we do? Get some information. I mean, we’re in this, I mean, we have been sorting out the demons we have been talking to everybody.

What are we supposed to fucking do now? I mean, what the fuck is going on?” And she went and as she was going and she started asking questions – and before this, there was like a white wall that stretch into infinity and you talk to the wall and the fucking wall speaks back, it answers your questions and shit like that – so, but I was like getting, like really, like agitated, because it’s like… something is just not ok. I need to have…

This is the moment in my existence when I have the opportunity to find out what the fuck is going on. Am I going to miss this opportunity or am I going to go where I never even considered I could go? I said: “Fuck this, I am going to check.”

So I brought everything right here and I was standing as the white light as the wall as the question, the question to all of the universe.

This is the question I asked: “What the fuck is going on? Why is heaven not assisting the demons? Why is heaven not stopping child abuse?” – my basic question, I mean – “Please answer me that, I mean, you are god!”

But in that moment something happened. Now remember Sunette is in the dimensions. I am at the white light now in the dimensions and she is seeing what is happening – and as I did that, the white light is gone and there emerged, what?

26 beings, masters, very pissed of that I dare to challenge the hierarchy of heaven. But I mean, no more surprised than me, because, I mean, I still don’t have a answer to my fucking question. Please and that which I believed was god, that gave me all the gifts that guided my life apparently – from my perspective – wasn’t real. I mean, now I am breathing because I am observing what the fuck is going on here. I mean, how do I know that this is real?

So, obviously, it what’s the first thing I did? I spoke to the fucking masters: “What the fuck is going on?” Well, so we spoke to several of the masters and we looked at the feedback, but at that stage things were starting to emerge, that there is definitively much deception going on. Now at this stage Anu, has Anu emerged yet (asking portal)?

Not yet, no. (Portal speaking: inaudible) No, he only got involved after the white light was deleted. Anu was suddenly on the foreground and he was supporting forgiveness, so we then started. So, we then said: “Ok, what are we going to do now?” We are sitting with many beings in heaven, because with the deletion of the white light an interesting thing happened: all the heavens and shit was deleted virtually.

Obviously, at that stage now, there was still dimensions and alternate realities, fucking all that mess. Many things many, many, many gods and shit we found.

Remember that whenever you served the hierarchy well you were given your own dominion, your own heaven with your own slaves and you were god and your were god in your heaven, or goddess. And there were many, I mean, many. Ok, so at that stage, lol, we haven’t, we haven’t met Satan and them yet. I mean, do you think I believed that Satan existed from my perspective? Nooo. I mean, what the fuck? God was everything as far as I was concerned.

The white light was everything, there is no Satan. Satan existed as the human mind from my perspective. So, I am sitting there on the couch. The next moment there is something in the portal and It fucking challenges me, it says to me: “Hey you, who the fuck do you think you are?” I say: “What? Who, what now? Who the fuck is this?” “I am satan, who the fuck do you think you are?” Satan is asking me. I say: “Where is Sunette?” He says: “Don’t worry, Sunette is gone.”

I mean, you are kinda like, says, ‘oh fuck what do I say to her parents? Here is her body, Satan is in here.’ What do you say, I mean, holy fucking Christ, I had a little bit of a situation on my hand. So I breathe, I mean, jesus, I trust breath, I mean, I just breathe.

I say: “Ok what the fuck, so, Satan, what is your story? Where is the dimensions? Where is heaven?” He says: “It is mine. It is all blacked out.”

So, he fucking blacked out. I didn’t know at that stage, when Satan is in the portal heaven does not exist. It is fucking taking over everything. So I say ‘fuck, here I am sitting with Satan in Sunettes body. What the fuck?’

So I said: “Look, I don’t know what’s your story, Satan? I mean, from my perspective you are not different to me, so what is your issue?” So, we chatted. We chatted for a good twenty minutes, this way, that way. I explained forgiveness.

I explained what I am experiencing, how I see things, how I perceive life and I said: “I don’t understand why you can be what you are when life is actually here available for you, if you would dare…” I mean, and initially he then…

And that was when we started to find out a fascinating thing, or we already knew that, but I didn’t know that worked so well. We already knew a demon that would go into the portal could not leave unless forgiveness was done absolute – only then, otherwise the demon was trapped in the portal. And you know what was happening to Satan? He was fucking trapped. And I looked at it, said: “Ok, am I willing to walk for the rest of my life with Satan in a woman’s body?

I suppose if I have no alternative, i’ll do it.” So, I said: “Look, Satan, it is very simple: you are fucking here, you are gonna have to fucking live with me – let’s get going or you gonna have to consider what I said. I mean, what else can I do?

You better do some forgiveness and consider that there is something more.” And he looked at it and eventually we came to an understanding, you know, it was common sense. He chose life and he did forgiveness, so, which was very cool,

I mean, fuck, Satan doing forgiveness, you being there – I mean, imagine that: you being there while Satan is doing forgiveness, that must be an event that is unfathomable to consider, that such a thing could take place.

So, he must have seen my resolve around forgiveness as extremely strong, specific. I have practiced it for many, many years effectively and I know that it is absolute effective if you are self-honest. I mean, and there is Satan as proof. He has just experienced that event. I mean, fuck. Anyway, so off he goes. Sunette comes back and she tells me all about it, that the next moment everything just went black and they were just not existing.

So, Satan takes over heaven, which sounds like a fucking story out of the bible, I mean, what the fuck. But anyway, there we go, Satan has done forgiveness. Me and Satan would then chat quite a bit and we started cleaning up heaven in terms of forgiveness.

So all you do is: bring everything here and bring all beings here and work with forgiveness. First the externalization of the universe – we went through all the levels of it, multiple heavens and shit like that. Then we did the internalization of it. That means: to the minutest form imaginable. We found exactly the small and the big were the same. I mean, you find the same shit, heaven and all kinds of shit. We had a fascinating fucking experience.

So, now, we’re off to the casino. We are sitting, playing there, me and Satan playing, doing forgiveness, exploring the points and so on. And we get to a point, suddenly he says to me, he says to me: “Go to the top button, press once: jackpot.” Bububu, top button – which is a big bet, I mean, fuck it’s a big bet – one of those video things, one bomb, press: jackpot.

I mean, I say: “Where the fuck did you get that?” He says: “The machine told me.” I say: “Ok fuck, the machines talk, here is another story coming.” I mean, how the fuck, how do you deal with that shit? There is a fucking machine telling you ‘one spin: jackpot’ and you do that and: one spin: jackpot.

What the fuck? You are going to take note, isn’t it? You are going to consider: ‘ok something is going on.’ So, obviously then, one of the other events after that, was the devil. Now, the devil was quite a story, because we simply couldn’t get the fucker. He was something like underneath everything. It’s like fascinating: you had like doorways and realities and underverses and backdoors – and I mean, it’s like a fucking sci-fi movie, all the shit that was existing within the universe. And now we’re trying to get the devil, because he is fucking around.

So, I have been chatting to Satan and a fascinating thing came out: Satan did not actually exist. That was quite clear; he existed for the only purpose to fuck through the portal and was created by the devil. So, he was like the spawn of the devil.

What they didn’t know, was that I had learned a little trick a long time ago dealing with deep trance mediums, because at one stage the deep trance medium wanted to die and left the body and I was shown how to bring him back into the body and I did that then. So, I said: “I know what to do.” I said to satan: “Give me your hand.”

I took his hand and I used the signature – it’s like, you’ll call it DNA, let’s call it DNA for sake of convenience. The sound signature, everything in existence has a sound signature that you can call your DNA, is a fragment of that.

Holding the hand and I said: “Bring.” And there’s the devil in the portal and he is full of shit. He wants no fuck’ol, I mean, jesus fuck’ol about forgiveness. Eventually I created a containment in sound and said: “There you are. You can watch what happens, but you are fucking gonna remain there until you do forgiveness and until you do that, all you are gonna be able to do is not participate and see how everyone applies forgiveness” – and so fucking devil eventually did forgiveness. Obviously a lot more things happened, but I think that is enough for now.