Interviews from the Farm 20: A MicroChip Solution for Human Honesty


Interviews with Bernard Poolman

25 Jul 09


Okay - so, Today we are going to talk about an interesting phenomena. And this is especially an exercise for people that participate in the ‘Law of Attraction’, people that has a very strong belief in Love and Fairness, in Equality – to establish if your assessment of your positioning within your current Belief-status, your current Principled-status, your Value-System: if that Value-System is actually supporting you.

In the arena of Sales and ‘Positive Thinking’ and ‘Law of Attraction’, there is a little exercise which very much work like...establishing a balancing-point:
Where you draw a line in the middle of the page and on the one side you write all the positive-attributes and on the other side you write all the negative-attributes.

Now for purposes of our exercise we are going to use a very Controversial-point. We’re going to use Micro-chipping. The question is: Is Micro-chipping beneficial = best for Humanity or...and that means is Micro-chipping Good – or is Micro-chipping Evil?

Now in answering this question, you’re going to establish if you’re really pushing yourself in some Self-Honesty; you’re going to establish whether you are a Self-honest person or whether you are actually being Controlled by Information and Fear...ehm...thus you’ll establish whether you are actually interested in a Solution for the World that is actually Best for All of Humanity.

Now let’s start with the negatives of the Micro-chip – we will do some negatives and some positives.

A negative is obviously that it is all about Control. Now – Control is a fascinating thing – because Control, if in the hands of a Few for the purposes of power, would seemingly be a bad thing and that seems throughout History that that has happened; And that the Masses, that means the Many, has somehow always fallen-for the Few being in Control and always had an excuse why ‘they could do nothing about it’.

It mean, I mean it is demonstrated the fact that a single man could control a whole Nation – the Germans specifically – and get them all to stand-together on a single Principle. That means that the German race itself has a better Future possible.

Obviously it’s never seen as such a ‘positive’ message that is behind Hitler - but if one really go and have a look at What he was standing for: He was standing for a Better life for his People.

Now – if one extend that to a Better Life for All, then obviously one must...have to consider all the Control-issues.

Imagine yourself being a Parent and your Child has been abducted or hijacked or has disappeared: the amount of Anguish and Fear that you go-through while you do not know where your Child is.
Now with the Micro-chip – where the technology already exist - where the Micro-chip can be picked-up with the Satellite with a particular-Frequency = it will be simplistic to find your Child because your child simply be picked-up on the Scan.

And, although there is still at this stage some Points where they might be able to ‘hide’ and not be picked-up, the Technology is developing to the stage where that will not even be a feasible point: where for instance all the locations where the Chip will not be able to be transmitting = will be able to be Mapped, and one will have a much smaller search-area to go and find the Child.

That will also obviously serve as a control, which prevents the people that prey-on the Children for their purposes of satisfaction of their desires = will be Stopped or will at least, the very minimum, be Prevented from considering it if they realize what the problem is.

Technology exist which can be incorporated in the Chip to control your Health, meaning that it could actually, through a connection or a measurement of your current Health-status –because if you look at your physical-body: it is a chemical-Construct- so if there is certain chemicals within your Balancing-factors that is out-of-balance, which is then leaving you not in your Optimum Healthy-state:
your Chip can signal a central control-room which will then immediately let you know that you require some medical assistance = thus diagnosing a problem long before it occur and preventing the problem - which is...the purpose of Health-Care is to prevent problems; not to go to Health-Care once you have a problem.

Therefore the Micro-chip will be extremely effective in assisting you to prevent problems.
If one look at what has happened this last week in Durban with shop-looters storming shops, looting the shops because they have No Food to eat, and then demanding from government an Equal Minimum Wage for All People in the country = this kind of activity will escalate - because as the Economic-situation becomes more and more precarious and...causing more and more People to be without Basic-Sustenance and Basic...ehm...Basic Living-standards = more and more will demand that an answer must be found for those that are disenfranchised by an Economic-System that has never ever actually catered for All Living Beings on Earth –all Humans at the very least.

So – this kind of situation will increase. Obviously at the moment Governments claim that ‘it is not possible to be done’.
We completely disagree = (we say) that it is absolutely possible – because at the end of the day: We as the Human make the ‘rules’ by which we communicate –and Money is a form of Communication, it’s a Value-System – We make the rules of our Value-System.

Our current Value-System is based on: the ‘Law of Attraction’ and on ‘Positive Thinking’ and on... some ‘having all’ because they ‘have the opportunity’, they have the benefit of certain Factors in the Physical-reality to be on their side to be ‘successful’ – or they have been trained in a particular form of Skill that is sought-after and that benefit the Control-System, which is similar to virtually having a...a Micro-chip based on a Media-Control and a Education-Control System - which is already kind of existing.

But there is a Solution to this problem by having an Equal Wage for All – a Equal Minimum Living Wage for All Beings from Birth to Death – which will be very easy to direct with a Micro-chip –
to make sure that nobody can abuse another’s Wages, and to allow Everyone to be Sustained in terms of being able to use this Wage only in relation to Food and Shelter and that which is related-to one’s Basic-Need-fulfilment; To have that linked also to a central-Management System using a Micro-chip.

Why would one do that? Because you really can’t trust Humans to actually manage it - because Humans has already proven themselves to be Corrupt. Humanity requires a System that is based in physical-Control to actually prevent Humans from Harming each-other.

Because the Principle of Consideration for Each-other, you know: ‘Loving thy neighbour as thyself’ – those kind of things do not exist; those are Utopian-ideas which even Christianity has proven for 2,000 years cannot work and it will not work.
And we can no longer wait for some Utopian-idea – we need to find a Practical CommonSense-Solution that will actually Benefit All.

So another positive-point for a Micro-chip would be that’d be able to manage an Equal Wage System to benefit All.

Now you’ll say “But now, how are are you gonna do...what is gonna motivate you to be...ehm...produce food and to build roads and...ehm...Basic-services?”
For that one will have to introduce a Labour-System: a Labour-Credit-System on which one earn Equal Credits per Time Worked across-the-board no matter what your Skill – which means: that brings-in a total-form of Equality.

So whether you’re a doctor or a grave-digger – you get an Equal Labour Credit-point for the labour you do according to the Time that it takes and your Value-System for the it ‘Luxury-items’ in the world - like cars and televisions and technology and all those kind of things – is then based-on a Labour-System: If you don’t work, you don’t get; You will have Food and Shelter, but you don’t have all the other ‘luxuries’ that is available.

Obviously with a Chip it’s very nice: if somebody steals, it will be easy to track them and therefore to Prevent all Crime – a Chip will be one of the best ways ‘protect one’s property’ from your ‘fellow devious humans’.
We have a world in which these things are now extensively out-of-control, and our police-forces cannot sustain a solution.

While with a Micro-chip you’ll need a very small (human-)force to actually maintain ‘law and order’ - because many more people will remain within the bounds of their...their lives –
because their Basic minimum Needs are met in terms of Food and Shelter, their children are edu...being Educated, they are not hungry, they can pursue more principles of Expression and Happiness and all that goes with that – and have a life that is more based on Experiencing-Themselves in the Time they’ve been given on this Earth.

With a Labour-System: one will be able to Equalize everyone into a Credit-System that will allow all the people that really want some more ‘luxury experiences’ or experiences related to entertainment to gain those, through simply doing labour – whether the labour is producing food or whether the labour is producing a television or the labour is being a lawyer or the labour being a doctor or whether the labour planning what happens to the sewage of the town, Town-planning, or basic Water-planning – whatever it is according to what one know, you’ll do your labour according to what you enjoy and where you feel you could serve your fellow man effectively;
And for those Labour-Units you’ll be able to then...ehm...use to obtain ‘valued-added-items’ from the perspective of entertainment and the perspective of ‘having Fun’ in this reality.

In allowing Everyone to be in an Equal position in terms of your Basic Needs, providings...provide-ments in terms of Food, Shelter and related things like Education, and your Value -System as to that which motivates those that want to work = that will place Everyone in a position that those that do work or do use labour to obtain their items will have items – those that don’t will still have Food, so that nobody will suffer needlessly – and you will have a Free-Choice whether you labour or not.

So Free-Choice is taken care of and within that your Choice is balanced = best for All – using a Micro-chip.

Because a Micro-chip – it’ll be possible to actually manage a System like this, where one take-out all control that could ever be in the hands of the Few = by having an Administrative-body that is then elected by All –ehm...through using technology.

With a simple Rule: that nobody may be ‘in-office’ longer than a year so your Council or your Administrative-body that oversee the management of the Basic ehm...Wage-System serving All People Equally as Life and your basic Labour-System = will be changing Yearly, and will be a Basic-Service for the Best for All.

Ehm...We don’t even need Agreement by all people on Earth to do this – because, I mean, our leaders as they are now: already have all power – they can actually implement a System like this with great Ease;
All it will cost them is obviously giving-up their power. And in that: bringing forth an Equal-position. So either they will have to co-operate, or we will have to become the new Leaders of the world; put-in new politicians that will ACTUALLY implement a System that’s Best for All.
Very simple point because from a Desteni perspective: We will pursue this point vigorously.

Now I’m looking for negative-points about the Chip. Ehm... the main point about the Chip is that you’re gonna be controlled and you’re gonna be somehow ‘in-a-jail’. Now – that is a Fallacy – because: to control all the people on Earth and having them in a point where they are...ehm...rushed-off to be terminated and executed and so on – that won’t happen because:

your Elite if you look at it in the world is ‘invisible’ – they cannot become visible because they are too small-a-group and are then in Real danger.
Their only safety is in the fact that they are invisible. They will remain invisible, they will never - because their exposure will immediately place them at grave risk.

There is not a single-force in this world that can protect them, if they are known at this stage to humanity who they are / there are just too many beings that’s willing to actually do something about it.

So the Elite will remain invisible; Their control at this stage is actually: using all the gullible Conspiracy-Theorists and the fearful-Multitude – to spread Rumours as fast as possible and keeping themself (the conspiracy-theorists) in a mental-jail based just on Rumours, on Conjecture, so they can be ‘special’ – in being ‘the One’ that ‘exposed a great ‘Conspiracy against Humanity’’.

There is no such conspiracy! The conspiracy is fuelled to the benefit of the Few by the Many – because the Many is unable to sit-down and actually Agree on what is Best for All at a single point.

We suggest what is Best for All is an Minimum Wage from Birth to Life (to Death) for Every human-being. That automatically Serves the Purpose of making-sure that each one has got Food, Shelter and Education.
Those Basic-points taken care of = will place each-person in a position to actually consider Living differently. Because that will Remove much of the tension and stress that cause Violence in society, it Removes many of the Disease-formed points;

And a Micro-chip will actually allow an Equal-Health-System – because according to your...the tracking of your...behaviour through a System:
you’ll be in a position where you can ‘defend your actions’ - because you have Proof of what you’ve done and nobody will be able to falsely-accuse you of anything, because your movements will be known.
And - Having all your movements known: the only beings/the only humans that will not want their movements known to everyone else = is those that are deliberately dishonest! I mean, what is the point of hiding what you’re doing?!

And in an Equal-Wage-System: where you have a Labour-System for your point of ‘benefit of the luxuries’ – I mean, you are...You have all the Power in your Hands in what you do with your life and how you live your life.
If you then want to pursue a Happiness and...from the perspective of Not-using Labour: you can still do so! There will be groups that can do so - I mean, you have your Food, you have your Shelter, and you can have some Fun; Not all things will cost Money or Credits or Labour - Some things are just FUN.

Now – I’m still looking-for some more negative points on the Micro-chip here: Ehm... it seems to be (that) Control is the main issue and the Fear that’s linked to Control and...All the issues around the Micro-chip is simply Control; There’s no-other point.

Ehm...Let’s look at Licensing: I mean, to have your ‘licensed’, your ability to for instance drive a car or to manage a point which involves the possible-harm to other people: you know, which is for instance driving a Truck or a Airplane or so on – a license for that is necessary from the perspective: to make sure that your skills are not impaired - Because the Ego tend-to demand that one is ‘fine’ when you’re not ‘fine’ –
to have any ‘erratic behaviour’ recognized by the System to immediately have appropriate Help given to a person that is developing a...a ‘disorder’ that may harm others through a motorcar-accident = will be to the benefit of All.

I mean - so the control of those kind of points is absolutely relevant – because the only thing that’ll stand in the way is Ego, because there is nothing-else that can stand in the way of that – Ehm...
Obviously with an Equal-Wage-System and where the decision is made that: All ...ehm... ‘Value’ is based on a system that is based on the Value-of-Life = you do Not have an Economic-System that’s based on Profit: so nobody profits from anyo...anything.

You get a Direct-Result on your Labour – you have a System through which you can utilize your Food and your Shelter-module – that is based on an Equal-System for everyone – that is based on the available-Resources, no-one can have more than another – you can have a ‘better house’ through using your Labour to build a better house –but: the whole Profit-System which is what a lot of the ‘Law of Attraction’-things is being based on, to ‘have this...’ to be ‘wealthy’ – ehm...:

Your WEALTH is in: your Time which you can spend effectively with things you really-Enjoy = that’s Real Wealth!

The System will provide for such Real-Wealth situations – ehm... In terms of your Basic-Services: that will be provided by a Labour-System;
Obviously we will go into Detail of how these things ‘work’ in-detail, we have already been looking at...testing-out all the various Options that is available to test-out if this System will ‘work’: it is so-far standing the ‘Test of Time’ – which is the Ultimate-point for any System:
Will it stand the Test of Time?

And it’s standing the Test of Time – while our current Money-System = our Profit(-system), our Capitalist-system, our Communist-systems as it used to be: All of these Systems: None of them has actually stood the Test of Time.

Now you’re gonna have some Smart-Asses that’ll actually try and categorize what we are doing. Why don’t you just Stop and Consider: We are looking for an Answer that’s Best for All.

If You do not see that and you do not want to see that – consider your particular-position of Self-Honesty: whether you’re actually interested in any point that is Best for All –
which includes You obviously, I mean: a Best-for-All-Solution includes Everyone!

Obviously, your Desires which was based on a time when one was programmed to actually ‘want more than another’ – a time of ‘Competition’ – will no-longer be valid;
‘competition’ will be an Expression: if one want to go and do Sport or Athletics and so on, that becomes an Expression according to your Skill. It’s no-longer one where you’ll gain Profit from your ‘expertise’ or ‘the way you look’ – All of those things are really only used to ‘bamboozle the Multitude’ into all kinds of ‘hopes’ and ‘desires of some Greatness’ which is in the end of the day based-on ‘Success and Money’ -ehm...on ‘Wealth’, which is ludicrous in a System that does not have sufficient for All in the first place, as a Money-System.

Because there isn’t sufficient – as it has been demonstrated many times through the ways our Markets is going Up-and-Down = there is a Problem, and this Problem is not going to be resolved.
We also do not want to wait till we have Multitudes Looting Shops, destroying the Basic-Infrastructure because they are Hungry - and then at the end of the day:
still having to capitulate to a point where you HAVE to introduce an Equal-Wage-System and (where) you HAVE to consider (because your life is threatened by those that has No Food) you have to consider a System which is based in the Value-of-Life, where – it’s no different to what we have now, where it is based-on the Value of your Debt: where we have to create Money through Debt; We can just as well create Money through Making it Equal to the Value of Life. Which then at-least is an Equal-System – because: there’s sufficient Money according to the amount of Living-beings on the Planet.

And according to that can plan your Labour-points and producing Food and related items, and there will be sufficient people that actually DO CARE.

Those that profess ‘Love’, I mean, that will be your opportunity to really prove that your ‘Love’ is real. You’re going to then work for...your Labour is gonna be in Service of your fellow-man. You’re gonna actually prove that you do ‘care about your neighbour’ – I mean, all these ‘wonderful points’.

Now – in all of this, obviously, have you noticed? No religion is necessary, which is wonderful – Religion in itself is sentimental in va...value, and will have-nothing-to-do with the Basic Life-giving Needs that is required for Every human being on Earth.

Religion is simply irrelevant; it is something that is ‘relevant’ for your Afterlife, if you want to follow a particular-Pursuit that will according to your Belief ‘solve your life’ in the Afterlife = that you can do in your own Time, I mean, you will have enough Food, you will have enough Shelter, you’ll be able to do it:

And that is only sentimental, it’s got no bearing whatsoever – no bearing whatsoever on anything that’s going-on in this Physical-World in terms of the Basic-Needs for People in terms of: Food, Shelter and Education.

Ehm...Then those kind of points (religion) will be completely excluded from any System – because that is the part that will remain personal, although obviously one can debate it if you really want to but: it is irrelevant within the Context of whether the Micro-chip is ‘positive’ or ‘negative’.

The whole point of the Micro-chip being a Number -666- or the ‘Mark of the Beast’ – I mean: Every single human-being in this world is already bearing the Mark of the Beast: if you have a Bank-Account = you have the Mark of the Beast; if you Buy any Product =
you are participating in the Mark of the Beast; if you have Money in your Pocket = you have the Mark of the Beast; Ehm...Anything that you’re doing now: having an Electricity-Account, having a Telephone, having a Cell-Phone, having Water-Accounts = All of that is the Mark of the Beast = You have it already.

So you can just as well now go to a more effective ‘Mark of the Beast’ - being a Micro-chip.
And in that very Chip we will be able to actually find a far more suitable Solution, where one can be able have a System that Control Us – so that we do not harm each-other unnecessary.

This will obviously being a Global-System –that’s what’s so wonderful about the New World Order – because it place everything in place for a Global-System that’s Best for All; ehm..where there will be be Boundaries, no-longer be controls through Passport-travelling –you’ll be simply Moving and be tracked through your Micro-chip.

You’ll be able to know whether somebody wants to Blow-up your place or not, if ehm...but there would be no need – because you’re no-longer fighting about religion, everybody’s got Food;
Religion is your thing for the Afterlife I mean – you’re only gonna find-out in the Afterlife if what you belief was really true or not – isn’t it?
It’s got Nothing to do (with) what’s going on Here on Earth – whatsoever. It does Not Feed you, it does Not provide you with Shelter – there is no such thing.

These things are done through Decisions made by us All as Humans: We decide what’s best for All, we implement it, it works = it’s Best for All.

Have a Look: You can in the Afterlife ‘stand before God’ –if you believe there is such a thing- and say, you know, explain to him Why you believed what you did.

But, there is no-way you’ll be able to say to him, I mean: “Ah, I wanted just money for me and not for everyone else” – that would be not best for All and – I’m sure if there is a ‘God’ he’ll be rather pissed-off with you not-considering Everyone as Equal within the Context of this Reality.

We are All Equal in the context of this Reality – We All Breathe the Same Air – We All are under the Same Sun, we’re under the Same Moon – We All Eat from the Earth -

Nothing that is existent is original, so ‘Copyright’ in itself will not exist.
But to ‘Copy something ‘Right’’ so that when you make a Product that it lasts - and that it’s not made to only last for a short-while so you can sell-more products = Obviously many things will Change.

But – Everything that exist – have a look: comes from the Earth or (from) something that is Here before You got here.
Your knowledge is Not exclusive. The fact that you ‘find some point’ that actually ‘works together’ = is simply that you Recognized it.
It already existed before you saw it - you only Recognized it – therefore you ‘bring it ‘into being’’, you create a product, you create something that Everybody can benefit-from – you will not become rich because of that - because that simply will not serve All best, that would be Abuse of the Resources that is Here.

All Resources are Already Here before you got Here – you have no ‘Right’-to-it: All Resources Here Belongs to Everyone = that is the Value-of-Life – that is the Support-of-Life; And if a ‘god’ exist: that is what that ‘god’ intended.

That is the point of ‘Dominion’ = Dominion meaning: Whatever you do will have a Domino-Effect on Everything else – so therefore Abuse of our Resources will Stop.

We will have lest ‘ranges’ of Products – because these things are done for Profit. We will NOT be working for Profit.
We’ll be working to make...give a Better-Life for All - a Better-Life where All has Equal Food, Equal Shelter, Equal Education; and can pursue your life in (which is pretty short, I mean, 70 years odd) ...and pursue and make the best of it – and learn how to LIVE a Dignified-Life – a Life which benefits You and through which you can benefit others – learn what LOVE really means – because that certainly is not-understood in this reality.

Ehm...I suggest that one consider these points, again, there’s quite a number of positive points around the Micro-chip; The negative points I’m still looking for more, it seems to be ‘control’, ehm...

Bella: How about the point of the actual implementation of the Chip into the...

Bernard: Now the best-way to make sure everyone is protected from each-other and not harming each-other or lose their Chips or be in a disadvantage – is to put the Chip under the skin, which is quite safe, and with having that under the skin one will be able to actually pers...ehm...protect your ‘piece of connection’ to the System.

Bella: Has that been made...or done before – is it tested?

Bernard: It’s already been tested, there’s already groups...or Towns that’s running on Chips, that’s already been tested, it is already confirmed – your Body will be quite fine – I mean it’s also tested through Time in terms of the point can put-in Valves into the Heart, artificial Valves, artificial points that’s implanted in the body = that’s already proven that there is these things that DO work - and the Body is quite fine with it.

And it will be best to have implanted - then you won’t lose it and nobody else will be able to steal it – and if anybody does: it will be easy to actually solve the problem; Your Crime-ratios will Decline immensely – Corruption will End – ehm...You will have No-more Abuse between people to the extent that it exist now.

One of the things that we obviously will also propose is the End of all Alcohol – because that is one of the single things which is Profit-driven that cause most-Harm in this world where beings tend-to abuse -
either in Families or in Public- because of their desire to Suppress their Discomfort and dis...the fact that they are not enjoying their life -

And each one that has been extensively involved with Alcohol will be able to sit-down and actually come to a Self-Honest Realization = they only used Alcohol to Suppress their fears and anxieties and their discontent with their lives and...where they were unable to actually Express-themselves - because they felt ‘unworthy’ – they tried to ‘build a ‘worth’’ through Alcohol.
There was never really a benefit for the use of Alcohol – it was very much based only on (dogs barking - End of interview).