Interviews from the Farm 21: Substance and the Structural Resonance - Man Know ThySelf


Interviews with Bernard Poolman

26 Jul 09


Okay... uhm..
The Physical - Substance.

The Structural Resonance Alignment that we are now going to do, is where you're 'Amalgamating yourself back-with the Substance of yourself'.

You have in essence become the Image and Likeness of Yourself -which is CONsciousness - but you're Not Equal to yourself as Substance. Therefore you 'have no-substance'. Which means that for instance – If you ‘die’: you are ‘ejected by the Substance’ as unworthy, and you are then having to 'Walk-a-path back-to-it’ to get 'another chance' to prove that you are worthy of the Substance.

Now in this, understand the following: In the Structural Resonance Alignment we are 'short-circuiting the Karmic-Cycles'. To do that we are 'amalgamating All the Lives' through a 'Process of Design' - where you then are placing-yourself within a Self-Honest relationship as the Substance.
To do that, you have to then place-yourself in Equality with All-beings in Existence; Which means your 'Design of Equality' must be exactly the same, so that you can say: "You are me as I am you." You will still remain individual, though.

This will be the first Process through which we will do the Structural Resonance Alignment -that will take a minimum of four Years. The Process after that will be the one where we will deal-with your Actual-Expression at the Creative-level as the Substance - what is involved in that.

So, when one look-at the whole-point - What is Love: Love is Substance.

The very Substance of the Earth - the rocks, the stones, the trees - Everything that is Here that is of Substance. That means - you're not-Aware of its Presence, but you can 'Feel it'. Many times you can See it, but sometimes you can't. Like you can't see the Air that you breathe.

All of those…All of this Substance is in an ‘Expression of Love’. It is unconditional-Love, supporting-you to understand your separation from the Substance - by manifesting that which is conducive, that which will conduct, that which will take-you-back through an 'experience of your separation' to an Amalgamation with and as the Substance.

The Mind-System is a Design-Container that contain you, so that you do not go out and harm everything around you - because that is your Nature.

Your Nature is un-contained due-to the Nature of Consciousness that has no bearing, no way of assessing Consequence. According to Consciousness, it doesn't matter what you do: "This is all an illusion" - But that is not true!

The Only-Illusion that exists = is 'You as Thought', 'You as the Mind', 'You as Consciousness'.

The only way Consciousness can attempt to validate-itself: is to pretend that everything-else is Illusion. But have a look: Consciousness cannot change the Substance that is Here - which is the Physical - from the perspective of 'removing-it from existence'.
But the Substance that is Here can remove your Consciousness from existence - to give you the perspective of 'who is really the power here' - what is really the power; Because it is not so much a Who as a What: It is that which is HERE.

Anything that you 'feel' that is Energetically-based is in Nature-of: Consciousness. Real Substance-energy is something like Electricity: you can go and feel it - it has a particular-Impact immediately on your Physicality and it will Remove your Consciousness instantaneously. Okay?

So the Point-of-Importance is: what is the Substance? What is the Substance would be what is the Point = the Reason why we are Here.

Your Substance that you can Touch physically no-matter how it is Expressed. (Bernard touching the car-dashboard as we're driving) Remember: that Expression is an Expression of Unconditional-Love, Here as a Car. You can speak to the Substance in its Form. And it will explain to you its Existence.
And you will say: "But I have formed-it." No, you did not form-it. It allowed you to form-it - so that you can See 'who you are' through your own hand…Handiwork, through your own Actions – through what you have created.

And have a look: What has Man created?
Man has taken the Substance that was given to Man - and Man has abused-it.

So that process, that Abuse, is now being 'brought-to-book' - Which means: each one will now Face the Abuse that they have allowed.
And the Abuse is based-on what has been allowed = in the Physical - in the Physical-Existence of Inequality -instead of Equality.

And in that, the Factory (Fact-Tree) - that means the place where this Physical-Manifestation was created = was the Mind; where…and the Mind is based-on ‘Knowledge’. And that ‘Knowledge’ is Useless, because look-at what it has Created! And you Are that ‘Knowledge’ that you have Accepted-yourself-to-be.

That is the ‘Knowledge’ everyone will have to Give-up: All-Knowledge - Because as long as you have ‘Knowledge’ = you are Limited to the ‘Knowledge’ you have: it's very simple CommonSense stuff.

So, again... the Structural Resonance Alignment Program will be without tolerating any bullshit. Moving effectively-fast to a point of Amalgamating. Those that are willing to Stand within a Self-Honest Design which is placing-yourself in a position to ‘prove-yourself to the Substance-that-is-Here’ that you are 'worthy-of Being this Substance' before you can amalgamate.

This is a Process that normally will take Billions of Years utilizing Karmic-Cycles - and eventually you’ll have a Self-Realization where you’ll start your 'Process-of-making-yourSELF-REAL'. We are 'Short-cutting' that to bring-it All Here into-Existence right-here, right-now in this One-life.
Those that do not Walk: not a problem - we will assist you in a way until you are able to understand it. Obviously, you will not ‘understand the way’ until you've actually gone-through-it. Not to worry = Everyone will 'get it'.

That’s the whole point of Equality.

Understand that Oneness as it exists and as it is promulgated by Consciousness: is actually One-Dimensional.
It is totally a point of Self-Interest - attempting to 'keep the Design of the System as Consciousness as it exists now' = which is the Money-System and your Mental-Systems and all the Systems that is here - the Nature-System as it is currently in its Form-to-express - to 'keep-it-all-going' the way it is = Which is obviously in itself already Proof of the Dishonesty of the ‘Oneness’ that is being promoted.

Okay, so it is about the Substance.
You have to 'Substantiate-Yourself' = Substantial! SELF-Realization - We are not there to substantiate you - We are not there to substantiate to you what we are saying. What we are saying is Common Sense. What we are saying is that you will have to Substantiate You.
YOU have to Self-Realize. You have to 'get-Yourself-Real' by becoming the ‘Substance that is Here’. Because as long as you are not the Actual-Substance that is Here = you are in Separation. And this Substance will eject you: which is Death.

We are now 'entering the Cycle' which is called the 'Game-of-Death' - within which this particular-point will be substantiated, as the Substance starts to ‘eject in rapid-succession’ those that will not be able to ‘substantiate themselves’ and self-realize themselves.

We go into the ‘Process of the Substance’ now.