Interviews from the Farm 22: Talking Andrea and Portal Authentication with Jack


Interviews with Bernard Poolman

16 Aug 09


Ok, let’s talk about meeting Andrea. In the first –I don’t know, a year and a half, two years, my first point was to authenticate the portal. How would you authenticate the portal? What I realized after… –when the portal opened -you are aware that by the time the portal opened, Fidelis, Sunette’s brother was already here. So, the first time we spoke to Jesus, Fidelis walked into the room and we said to him: Fidelis please, would you make some coffee for Jesus. He says like, wow, I’m gonna make coffee for Jesus. So it was quite a laugh (chuckle) because here we are sitting, chatting to Jesus and Fidelis was gonna make coffee for Jesus (laughing), so Fidelis made coffee for Jesus. That was Jesus’s first cup of coffee through the portal.

From the perspective of the beings through the portal, it was quite fascinating, because they had a curiosity to experience things. So, most of them has never tasted for instance something like a fizzy drink (Leila laughing). So it was quite something to see them come through to taste this and feel this and then describe how they experience it. Because they have never tasted it before. Especially if they haven’t been on earth for quite a while (laughing) –I mean… Bernard: Ok, let’s return to the point of Andrea. The point of Andrea from our perspective was unexpected. Because we got an invitation to go and do a lecture on the Portal and on Forgiveness at a Kinesiology Meeting. We’d never met anybody there except for one person with whom we were doing kinesiology that had assisted us. So, we went there, we did a chat and we had Sunette leave the body and leave the body there, show that –leave it there for 5 minutes, for 10 minutes, to show that there’s nothing in it now but the body still breathes, but there’s no living force in it –which is fascinating. And then (she’d) come back and we chatted about forgiveness and related matters. Ehm, what we found through kinesiology is that, because, kinesiology in essence works with the innate intelligence of the system at an individual level and at a universal level, and… At the end, people were obviously very intrigued, and the meeting went from us having to speak for an hour to us speaking the whole meeting and they postponed everything else.

Uhm, and obviously from that meeting it went further on to the yearly congress where we were invited and we were the speakers that was mostly on the podium every single day. We had most of the sessions, more than anyone who was in the particular field of kinesiology because fascinatingly it was well and uhm people were absolutely intrigued.

Anyway, afterwards we were sitting with a few people and chatting away and Andrea mentions that she was communicating to her guide so uhm, so what we did then was an… I said “Okay, we should meet.” So when we left the place I said “Okay bring me the guide” and the guide was Jack.

So, we had a discussion about the situation and what was very clear was that Jack had an idea what was going on and needed to be part of process. So I said to Jack “It’s very simple, then you better tell Andrea she must come here and be part of process” which he then dearly did. So we would talk to Jack through the Portal and he would talk to Andrea there at her home which was like 60–70 kms away. And then I would phone her and just check if she’s getting the message and she was getting the message.

Uhm, and then she came and we chatted and then eventually what happened was immediately her life stopped working completely, everything fell away. And she was placed in a position where she had to make a decision fast about her life. And, so we got to the point where she actually came and to live with us and uhm then we came to the next interesting point where the whole story revealed where she was in a sexual relationship with Jack, okay which was quite a story because I mean… It was an unusual situation… to say the least.

It was obviously that she was obsessed by it, so the point was then taken on that and discussed with Jack with Andrea that Jack can no longer be Andrea’s guide, which was obviously also a test for the Portal that the whole thing was real. Is Jack real, will he now no longer be Andrea’s guide? Which was then what happened. That was obviously a fascinating discussion between Jack and Andrea. Jack in the portal and they were just at each other about this relationship it was quite something to watch I mean, here is it and Andrea says “But you said to me that!”and Jack says “Oh no that’s what I meant” and they just, and it’s like a normal couple having a conversation, I mean, those two female bodies but I mean, here they are having this conversation and we’re watching. Which was fascinating, uhm.

We didn’t know Andrea (inaudible) obviously and even at that stage she tried, she looked at it and said “Okay” if she doesn’t she won’t be able to handle this.

I explained to her you know what the process is all about and that it is inevitably everyone will lose all their obsessive controls…

Anyway, so it was fascinating that uhm…Andrea then realised that she really has no option, she has got to walk this and no matter what she does – Jack is gone.

And the only way she’s going to be able to have some form of contact with Jack was now through the portal, it would be no more direct contact with Jack. And that was like – immediate, which was fascinating because it confirmed that the situation and the process from that perspective was real. Uhm…And then Jack became the one giving the series on History of Man at that stage already, he was no longer Andrea’s guide. Andrea had to let go of her addiction an re-establish herself and she started working with different other beings like for instance Mother Teresa and Veno and Lily and various…Anu, she worked with Anu for a while, uhm she had then new guides that worked with her on various different situations which was fascinating uhm, the one that she wanted to be with forever which was Jack was no longer at her disposal. We had similar situations with other people, from people around the world where we have proposed to them that we will assist them but that one of the points was that their guide will no longer be part of them which they did not want to accept. Their guide was anyway no longer part of them, because the guides were all removed. Now you must understand what happens when you have a guide and you have a personal relationship with the guide – a very difficult thing happens, something very difficult to ascertain, to ascertain what is real and what is not real. Because your mind create everything immediately from the perspective of your inner reality where you are communicating with yourself or with your guide. And that then seems to be the same… And it creates like a mirror and it always say the things that makes you feel like it’s normal and how it’s always been but you don’t even know the difference.

And no-one , it’s fascinating, channelling or psychics is willing to challenge their guides because they’re too scared to lose them. I mean, common sense would dictate that you should be able to speak equal and one to any being in creation about any subject – if you don’t – your communication is questionable, it’s no different than having multiple personality disorder.

If you’re channelling just one being, you’re in serious trouble. Because you are standing in the position of trust with that being, you have not tested that throughout with as many beings as possible to make sure that you are actually communicating with a valid source. We have tested this with thousands of beings, cross referencing, checking, randomly at any stage. We would for instance walk in the shops in the streets where I’ll take Sunette’s hand, she had to stand, swap bodies, next being in, who’s here, what’s going on. Who’s died randomly right now bring me that person, that person would sometimes be a child, old person but the most fascinating one was a chap that died of alcohol poisoning. And that was one of the most fascinating deaths we have experienced because he came through and, in quite a form of a state of stability. Because he drank himself in such a stupor, that his mind stopped. And when he came, when he died he was absolutely silent, stable. Now I’m not saying go and drink yourself into a stupor and get your mind to stop, you’re going to die! And it’s NOT recommended. But his insights and experiences was phenomenal, he was from South America. It was fascinating, but they were drinking something like three days nonstop, just drinking, drinking, drinking…

Uhm, the children were the most fascinating when they would come through because they would be, the children were always pure in their expression, they were far more specific, directive and you could see the older a person die, the more difficult they experience their crossover. So, I think let’ stop over here.