Interviews from the Farm 23: The Age of Knowledge - The Point of Consciousness and The Power of Now


Interviews with Bernard Poolman

21 Aug 09


Part One: Age of Knowledge with Eckhart Tolle and The Power of Now

Okay, so let's discuss a little bit...the Point of Consciousness and the ‘Power of Now’.
Now - the ‘Power of Now’ - which is also from which comes the ‘Power of One’ - which is both the word One - of 'oneness'- and the power of W-o-n: Won - from Win to One.
That means: where you want to confirm and ensure that ‘you are winning’ in this experience that you are having - which you are calling a ‘Consciousness-experienced’ - that is: experience that's based-on an interesting thing: your apparent 'Free-Will' and ability to ‘make Choices’.

Now - what is fascinating is that obviously within the realm of Consciousness: Free-Will and Free -Choice exist - Within the realm of Consciousness = this is relevant. What is Consciousness?
Consciousness is the Energetic-experience you're having within-yourself while you are Thinking. Obviously, what is fascinating about all of this is that:
How you arrive-at the Thought, or even have the ‘ability to think’ and where that actually come-from = has very little consideration within the whole-process of your own Awareness.

So therefore - by disregarding How-it-come that you are ‘able to think’ and Why-it-is that you Think in a particular-Language... if you are English-speaking you'll end up thinking-English.
Sometimes if you speak several-Languages you'll find that -when you speak in a Language- that you will Think in a different-Language – the reason why your Thoughts will be Language-based, must already be a Sign that ‘there is something strange going-on’, because you were first-of-all Not born with a Language. You were taught a Language.
So you were Not born ‘able to think’. You were actually Taught to Think. Therefore your-Thoughts, as is your-Language, as is your-Vocabulary = is Not your-own. It comes from someone-else.

Now - within the Context of the Unified Field of Consciousness – call it the Universal Mind – within the Context of that, the ‘body-of-evidence’ of Consciousness on this Planet: is written in books - as the Memories of people that's gone before-us.
It is transferred through Stories like in the Indian-times -the ‘Red Indians’ – as the Memories of those that went before you. All of these Memories has become something 'sacred and holy’,
that apparently is worth ‘more-than’ your-own Direct-observation, your own Direct-consideration within the Actuality of what is going-on on the Planet-Earth.

So, if you look at Mr. Tolle - and I have been exposed to him from the time that he brought out the book “The Power of Now” which is quite-some years now - at that stage already: I understood the point that Consciousness itself isn't-real.
Consciousness is the Delusion. And when reading “The Power of Now”, it was very clear that Mr. Tolle did Not-understand that, and that also did Not-understand that the very-existence of ‘Now ‘ is the result-of: the Past and the Future –
the Past being repeated in the Future - so that you can ‘control your current condition of life’ - Which is why the ‘Power of Now’ is already linked – or is linked-to things like the ‘Law of Attraction’, to ‘Health-building’, to ‘Happiness’, to Joy, to all-kinds-of-things which require you to ‘control your experience’ in this world.
Therefore you will only mix-with those that will feel ‘like-you-do’. And those that is in-Suffering: you will simply ignore - because they're not applying their ‘rules’ of Consciousness effectively.

So, the Rules of Consciousness in-itself require-you to Only give-attention to ‘certain-parts’ of What is Here in this World.
Those things that ‘make you happy’, those things that ‘make you feel ‘love’’, those things that ‘make you feel that you are supported’, that you are ‘wealthy’, that you are ‘rich’, that you are ‘abundant’ –
the fact that that is Not-so for ALL PEOPLE on the Planet - is really-irrelevant within your-equation. And to appease yourself: you'll do some Donations for-it - because that is what the Church taught-you when you were a child.

The New Age actually is not anything 'new.' It's simply another-version of the Church. It was particularly designed as that - as is the whole 'Power of Now.' It's just another division-of the Church. The same message - just different words:
all about 'silencing the mind' from a perspective of ‘being in-control of your thoughts’. But, I mean - if you are under-Pressure in a Real-world-scenario with No-food, No-money - I wanna see how long you're going to remain 'quiet';
I wanna see how your 'Power of Now' is gonna take-you-through that. Because that is the Real-experience that you're gonna have to put-yourself-in. And that is the kind of experience I put myself into, to understand and to see if this 'Power of Now' is real.
I took myself to the point where I had nothing; Where I was ostracized by Everyone, rejected by Everyone, because I had No-money. And I deliberately destroyed my world to test one thing:
is the Love of the Angels and this whole-point of Consciousness, and your ‘focus on Positivity’ sufficient-to-support-you in this Reality…So I lived it completely. And I can tell you - you can go and do-it yourself - and I didn't do it once – I did it three times.
Meaning: when it didn't work, I would go and do the normal-stuff to get-money, I'll go and work, I'll create my reality again, and then I'll go do-it again. I says “Maybe I did not Believe enough. Maybe I didn't have enough-Faith. Let me do-it again, maybe that's ‘the test’. Do it again!” So, I did it again.

So if you have Not-done this several-times to see-for-yourself - you'll probably…especially when you have a scenario where you have-Money, and your love-life is ‘working’, and your sex-life is ‘working’, and your party-life is ‘working’, and your ‘happiness’ and your entertainment and all of those things are ‘working’ – and you feel ‘supported’:
then you would not hear me. You are not able-to - yet. You will remember my words Only once you are ‘against-the-floor’ - that is inevitable, fortunately. We have arranged-that for-you, specially. Each-one on the Planet will go-through-this many-times until this Point is understood. You'll ask: “How?” We will probably explain-later 'how' - maybe we won't.

Hear me: when it happens - you'll see-it happen on-television, you'll experience-it in ‘your-world’. You'll see = that Consciousness itself – no-matter how much 'positivity' you give-it, how how you fuel-it: (Consciousness) will Not sustain-you, will Not support-you, will Not feed-you, will Not educate your children, will Not pay-your-bills –
and eventually you'll become Deceptive within all-of-this and you’ll even steal to-survive. And you will justify that as “part of ‘God's-Will'”, as ‘Positive-Thinking’, as “the way Consciousness is ‘supporting’-you”, “otherwise God wouldn't have placed-it in your-path” = You'll find so-many ways to Justify these things - it is amazing.


Part Two: Age of Knowledge with Elite as First Wave

Now that we are in…moving from the ‘Information Age’ into the ‘Age of Knowledge’, you'll also find a fascinating-thing: Everybody ‘knows everything’ and believe that what they know is The Answer.
There is now…virtually every-second person of the First-Wave believe themselves to be the ‘Reincarnation of Jesus Christ’ or some ‘Holy-Being’ that knows all-the-answers and that's here to ‘save-Humanity’.
Who is 'the First-Wave?' The Elite in the World. The Elite in the world are those who has access to be able-to manipulate Consciousness - that is the Elite in this world. And many, many of them are now 'Spiritual-Gurus'.
These 'Gurus' are teaching many-things and is creating their own-little-empires to keep-them-going and to have a very-good life and to have those that follow them have a ‘special life’;
All-the-while there are millions-upon-millions Half the Planet: Suffering, in-Poverty, in No-practical-way able to ever support-them in this life and in this lifetime and No-solution in-view. There is No-solution in-view for the world at-all, at this stage.
This will be Realized in time-to-come. There is No-solution. A Solution will have to be Actually Created. We have suggested a Solution for this, being: Equal-Money and Equal-Labor-System. These things has been tested on the Planet and they Do work.

Obviously, it is an interim-Solution. Ultimately, man in its True-Form will Not-eat - but at-the-moment we do. Let's not be delusional and not consider what is currently Here. Currently Here: a more ‘advanced’-Man is Not-even-possible.
We first have to just get-rid-of the Fear of Survival. ‘Fear of Survival’ are deliberately implanted by those that want to keep their own-reality in-a-way where they are ‘in-control, and their ‘happiness’ has got their world ‘working effectively’.
They are Not-considering those that are also part-of ‘the One’ that should be Supported.

Everything that is Here – if you study Holographics – understand: that Every-part is Part-of-a-Whole but is also Equal to the Whole. We are thus in a peculiar-position: That none at on the Planet is 'more than’ the lowest-point of those that are Here.
No-matter how you look-at-it and you experience-yourself as some 'Higher-Consciousness' - you are also the lowest-point. The pure Denial of-it, or the point of Not-considering it as part-of-your-Here completely, is simply only separating-you from the inevitable-point where you'll have to face-it.

So - Consciousness itself is the process of: attempting-to continue a ‘point of control’ – called 'Free-Will' or 'Free-Choice' - through Energy - as an Experience - so that your world ‘remain consistent and abundant’ until you Die.
And then apparently when you Die you are going to ‘continue-existing as Consciousness’. Now that is quite-a Flaw – because, if you remember as we started this discussion: you are Not ‘thinking in-something’ or in a ‘language in-which you were born-with’.
You are also Not thinking through a ‘process of Energy’ that you automatically had. You Have-to Eat to Think. So that means - if you want to Really test-this-out: Don’t Eat until you pass-out, and see if you are still thinking. You need the Food to Think. You're not Eating = you don't have Energy.

So the Energy that is generated with which you are ‘creating with thought’ that you have been taught by your parents and your teachers and your leaders – those Thoughts, those Energy – is Not your-Energy! It belongs to your body; the thing that Eckhart Tolle call is “just a vessel” within which you leave-behind when you Die.
Yes, you Really leave-it-behind when you Die - But you also leave-behind All your ‘Energy-generator-machine’ - the thing that generates the Energy. And you end-up on the ‘other-side’ Without-Energy – which is quite a big-problem.

Now also have a look at a peculiar thing: Your Memory-System. Your memories – you'll notice an interesting thing – you cannot even remember your Memories of the Thoughts you had Yesterday. Never-mind a week ago. Never-mind a year ago.
If you cannot remember your thoughts - you are in severe-trouble, because, I mean - you HAD those thoughts. They are somewhere Stored in-your -body as Compressed-Energy. Because a Thought is an ‘expression-of-Energy’ that you had, which you then gave-value-to, and according-to the value, placed on your body as a Memory.
Because you wrote a 'memo' to yourself - You wrote ‘instruction’ as the Memory: “I like this memory” – “I do not like this memory”. So you have Memories Categorized within-yourself, within your physical-body.
And these are stored in your physical-body at the Cellular-level in what is called the 'plasticity of the cells' (go and study Plasticity of the Cells) - and which is then Activated through Energy–imprints or -resonances
that happens during Communication, during your Senses…taking-in information that relates-to the Memory. That's why - when you see something sometimes a Memory will come-up from a past-event which will indicate to you: “Oh, I have seen this before, it's so wonderful, my system works! I can still remember.”
But these memories are in a physical-level of your being. When you die, it dies with your body. At the moment of your Death, a fascinating thing happens - we have studied this extensively in multiple different ways, randomly, under great-pressure, to check this information.

And we are fortunate because we are using what we are calling a ‘Portal’, simply as a form of definition, that allows us to have a 'side-view' - to actually observe the side-effect of what we are doing; Because you do not want to look at only the direct-Result. You want to look at the side-effect.
For instance, when I stood as the White Light, the side effect was that the Angels were deleted.
I did not do anything to the Angels - they were automatically no-longer there, when the ‘Masters of the White Light’ emerged. Why can't you see these things or test these things? Because we deliberately cut you off from Heaven - into a Mirror of your Mind –
while we're testing these things, so we can explain to you how it works – because otherwise there will just be lots of in-fighting; Nobody will work together.
So you don't have a choice because Consciousness only exist in the Mind - I mean, you only have a ‘choice’ between thoughts, and ‘how you feel’, and what you do with it, and how you treat others - you don't really have a choice.
That is proven with Death. Because when you die, I mean, you have no-choice: you're simply gone. So, at your Death, a fascinating thing happens: Immediately - you lose all your memories.
Now imagine this:


Part Three: Three Age of Knowledge with The Beast of Revelations

Now imagine this: Who are you without your memories? You immediately lose all your memories.
We contain all the information in the Portal, simply relevant to the Process, but in actual fact - when you Die: you are aware, but at a total different-level. You are aware first-of-all that Everything in Existence is Alive.
You are being shown by Everything in Existence, how you got-to where you are, and what you have disregarded.
What you will find fascinating is that - your ‘life on Earth’ - was worthless. You cannot even…if you had children you can't even remember their names; you can't even remember your own name.
Now how was this manipulated before? Through time there has been a Belief which is fascinating: that, wherever you can control Knowledge you can control Outcome.
To do that a Soul Construct was created in the creation of ‘Heaven’, particularly to control Information - which is to control Knowledge.
According to that, the Akashic - it was stored in the ‘Akashic Record’ which is just like a giant-computer.
Within that, the information was then utilized in the ‘planning of lives’ so that you can have kind of a different-life, so you don't end up remembering there's something wrong.
Many do remember there's something wrong - but they simply can't put their finger on it. There is many reasons for that, in time we may go into that, we may not. It all depends on…entirely on whether it is relevant or not.
All we can say is that there are physical-Systems, in Existence, within the Human Body, that is Millennia-old, that is able to control you at a physical-level, and possess you, and direct even what you think and what you say.
They are experienced normally as forms of emotional-possession, where you go into a ‘state of emotion’. They are particularly doing-it because they feed-off the Energy you create.
So not only the Mind feeds-of you, but also even Physical Systems within you - they are Metaphysical in nature.
They are sitting inside-you and you will only experience their existence at your time of Death. At this stage, there is no-other-way currently yet for you to experience them - unless you are able to transcend your Fear of Death.
And if you can't leave your body, then you fear Death - and there is really nothing you can do about that. Because - your Body never lies. You are the only-one that lie.
The Body always give-you the truth. And - the Body decides when you die. Not your mind, not god. The Body decides when your time is up.
Now, in the Soul Construct obviously the information was stored specifically to control the flow-of-information so that Nobody ever-notice there is something wrong.
The knowledge was made God - the Knowledge of God. Within that, a Structure was created of Belief, and within that: a Structure of Energy-generation called Consciousness.
This Energy-generation was used to feed both the Mind, the Physical - and the Metaphysical, that means Heaven. Because Heaven could not exist without Energy. Heaven was subject to Energy, and all of this was controlled through Magnetic Grids.
Just like information nowadays, as we have 'evolved' as the Machine as Consciousness, as Technology - as you can observe how that has evolved within magnetic-forces, laser-forces - all the variations of Energy in application.
The same things existed for a long-time already. You can go and study the ‘Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East’, where they could even show the points a hundred years ago of things not yet discovered - because it was already Pre-programmed.
Now, understand, Consciousness is not 'evolution'. Consciousness is simply a process within which you are able to ‘imprint your will onto the greater will’.
So it is simply a Model within which Everyone exist as Ego. And you go through processes-of-Ego, depending on the amount of ‘power’ or ‘will’ you can exert on another - the amount of control and manipulation you can actually exert in the name of – ‘love’, or whatever point, ‘light’ (etc.)
The amount-of-influence you have is the size of your Ego. And that's the amount-of-influence you have on Consciousness, to have people follow-you, instead of Teaching them what Life really is all about.
We have tested every-single Psychic in Existence, we have tested every-single Channel in Existence - we have spoken to the whole lot.

Now what is fascinating - when we removed the beings that was – the Mind immediately intervened and created exactly a Copy, as Mind, of these Channels: that’s why the Information has remained ‘static’.
It is not coming-up with any-solutions – it is simply repeating itself and just using different words to say the same-thing. It is not coming with any practical-Solution for the problems in this world.
And it’s sticking to one peculiar-Message – you must understand this Message has been pre-programmed: the Message of ‘Love’.
The Message of ‘Love’ is Deception – because the System is ‘God’, and Money is ‘God’ – and Love of Money is = the Law of Attraction – The Secret.
“Love it and you have it” – that’s why ‘Wealth’ and ‘Health’ has become the big-business of the future – because: that is the Deception – keep you busy and you won’t notice.
You are the Elite of the World – that’s why you hear my message. I’m not speaking to anyone else but the Elite. The Elite of this World is those that is in the position to Hear this message.
You are the real-ones that is causing the Suffering in this world – you are the real-ones that’s created it – through your own Self-interest – you are the real-ones that is keeping Everyone enslaved – you are the real-ones that is already ‘chipped’ and has been ‘chipped’ from Birth –
by your Birth-certificate: that was the first Number you were given – you are already just-a-Number.
Revelations – that which is written in the Bible has happened a long-time-ago. With the advent of the Information Age – was when the Beast took-over, where everyone became a Number.
Therefore everyone in this world is now a Number. And that is by virtue of your Birth-certificate –is by virtue of your date-of-birth within a astrological-System.
You are Numbered – and your days are numbered.
And now – with the banking-System – you cannot buy without a Number.
You are becoming Number and Number – refusing to See what is Really going-on – because you don’t really want to See – because the Fear is too much – that you do not even want to admit that this Fear is existent within you –
because you really know one-thing: You don’t know what to do with all of this. You don’t know how to stop. And you cannot see yourself stopping – because “it’s just too big.”

We know that. We also know that you will not stop. We also know that – even if there is an Atom-Bomb that explodes on the Planet, you will still not stop; Even if there is a Third World War you still won’t stop. Even if half the Planet die due to Famine, you still won’t stop, you will just look-after your own-ass.
And we also know that there is Nothing you can do to stop.
The only Answer we’ve been able to find,


Part Four: Age of Knowledge with Reptilians and Demons

The only Answer we’ve been able to find, where we can stop this: is at a Individual-level – through the various tools that we represent.
And that is only possible at a global-scale if there is an Equal Money and an Equal Labour System –where all this Control by the Elite, which is yourself, is Stopped – and you allow everyone equal access to what the Planet Provide in the first place –
You didn’t create that which Provide – it comes from the Planet. The Resources come from the Planet- it is Not coming from Man – Man is simply using What is Here and then controlling it for the Interest of the Few so that the many can suffer =
that is the Real-Law of Attraction: the Suffering in this World is the Real-Law that is at-play – it’s the Real ‘balancing-factor’.
Now – Obviously anything that has been promoted extensively in this World – it is only promoted because it is actually supporting the System – as it is with ‘The Power of “Now”, and Mr. Tolle and his related friends – that is attempting to ‘keep the System going’ so that they can live in abundance – like Oprah.
I mean – she should go and live with their black-buddies in Africa for a month or two – and see if her ass will still be as shiny as it is now. But it is certainly not, from her experience, anything ...that she actually knows of what the fuck is Really going-on.
She is just there to entertain the Elite – so they don’t feel bad about What’s going-on in the World “because there’s so many other bad-things”.
And all they do is sharing all the ‘bad-stories’ and all the ‘sad-stories’ – and how they live-better and have a psychological more stable-existence: that’s Psycho! – to be that logical, isn’t it – ‘psychologically’ speaking.
So a lot of Psychos is what the Elite of this world is – all ‘protected’ by Money – ‘protected’ from the Truth of What’s going-on in this world.

Now let’s have a little-chat about a Mr. David Icke.
I went to one of his Chats in Durban, many years ago; I was exposed to his books extensively – I read his books and I had a pure interesting-little-problem: I couldn’t get this ‘Reptilian’-thing – I mean, Where the fuck did he get-on to these Reptilians – because, he made like a sudden ‘quantum-leap’ in his research from... ‘finding a solution for the world and the abuse’ to...a ‘Reptilian-force’.
So I must say that in the beginning I did not agree with Mr. Icke that there was such-things as Reptilians or...and I did not also agree that there was things like Demons.
From my perspective - I was fully emerged in Consciousness, which is all about the ‘good’ and the ‘love’ and so on - and I meditated daily for several-hours, I was extremely good-at-it - to the extent that I could meditate in absolute-Bliss, hours-on-end – which, those that meditate know it’s not easy, because your physical-body will resist such meditation – so it takes extreme-discipline to be able to meditate at such-a-level - I did all this shit.
I have meditated at levels that is unbelievable - in absolute-Bliss, in ‘Nirvana’ – I got to the fucking-‘place’. And I wanted to prove-it practically in this world – and that’s where it proved to not stand.
I wanted to prove that the angels are actually speaking the truth and that they are ‘beings-of-love’ and that their messages are true. I wanted to prove that ‘god is love’ – so I tested it and I tested it over and over and over and over and over again –
and it is very clear eventually that: we’re all Alone – there’s a big big big problem – and I mean, half the Planet confirms that – 10% of the Planet are the Elite, 90% are living either in Poverty or on the brink-of-poverty.
So the 10% of the Planet can live in Abundance – what a ‘Law of Attraction’ is this, what Bullshit is this.
10% of the Planet is quite a lot-of people – it is about what…Seven Hundred Million people that live in Abundance in this world - while the other couple-of Billion is Suffering –
“who cares” - because apparently: that is ‘God’s will’ - it is the ‘will’ and their ‘own Consciousness’ that is allowing-it and the ‘Law of Karma’ and their ‘paying-off Debt’ – I mean there is Excuses that is books-full – we have Libraries full of Excuses called ‘Knowledge’ –
what is Knowledge but a bloody-Excuse as the ‘reason’ to Why You can have the sex you want, the drinks you want, the life you want, the car you want, the house you want – all the things you want are ‘protected by Knowledge’ – but there is No Self-Honesty.

So through the Portal -where I was obviously very-curious because when we initially…before the Portal even opened - I had contact with Reptilians - and I didn’t think these Fuckers were true - but I mean, it was really specific.
And I could see that there is definitely something going-on, but I did not speak much about-it because I was -at that stage- very content with myself, working with the Demons - and I was doing ‘the work of God’ with Forgiveness and Demons, proving that Forgiveness even works for Demons –
I mean, those Fuckers that do Forgiveness – If you can’t face a Demon = your Forgiveness isn’t real - you’re bullshitting yourself and you’re lying to yourself.
And for that reason we’ve arranged Demons in this world so you can face-yourself and actually find-out for yourself.

So the Demons that was removed initially was only the Demons of those that died and become Demons – the Demons that’s here now, man! Are they Fuckers - they are in your Mind already - in every-single being in existence: there are Demons – and are we gonna have some Fun. So we can get this Forgiveness thing sorted-out and we can get some Truth going Here.
You want the Real-Truth? Then you must face the Real-Shit. The Real Shit-is = what has been allowed in this world.


Part Five: Age of Knowledge with David Icke's Reptilian Control

So on Mr. David Icke I must say one thing: When we first started speaking to David Icke’s ‘Higher-Self’ through the Portal, we…I had an interesting-observation: that Mr. David Icke’s ‘Higher-Self’ was much ‘nicer’ than Mr. David Icke in Real-Life –
I mean, I wish Mr. David Icke’s ‘Higher-Self’ was actually Mr. David Icke – but he isn’t. So the David Icke in this world is just an angry-man trying to get his point across, believing himself to be some Reincarnation of some-form of a ‘Christ’ – living ‘I am Love – I am Free’ –
fucking everyone without having a practical-Solution, unwilling to listen to possible-Solutions to the problem - because he already believes he’s got something - and he has never-ever considered Forgiveness – he has never Forgiven the Elite, he has never Forgiven the Reptilians, he’s never Forgiven Any-one – he’s just fucking carrying-on with his shit.
And what is he doing? He’s not willing to listen – we tried to contact-him several -times saying to him: “Mr. Icke, you got a fucking-problem: you’re being fucked-with” – So let’s have a little bit…Anu will give a nice-little description of how Mr. Icke is fucking with himself and how he’s being fucked with.
I mean he was pre-programmed into this Reality to keep the whole Reptilian thing as a side-show going - while the Real-Shit is actually happening - with his solution of ‘Love and Free-Choice’ –
and obviously now that he’s been cut-off his information for some years – because you can notice, if you study his sites, you will notice that there was a definitive-change in the amount-of-information he was able to access some years ago –
and that he’s now only following the things that is here and he’s placing ‘news’ at and he’s trying to make-up fucking Conspiracy Theories – all the shit that’s here – he has no-longer the access he used to have with the ‘great-insights’ that one would actually access –
I wonder where the fuck did that come from? And even that changing in his life, Mr. David Icke still did Not ask questions.
Now Mr. Icke is why you don’t have that shit anymore is because we stopped it – we took your ‘Higher-Self’ away – you don’t have it anymore – the Fucker became Self-Honest – he can no-longer support you – you now have to become Self-Honest.

Now what was fascinating in the whole process of speaking to Mr. David Icke’s ‘Higher-Self’ - we also spoke to his One-Atom-God to all the various-levels – what we were looking at understanding:
understanding how does Information move Interdimensionally – and David Icke’s ‘Higher-Self’ found a way to move information interdimensionally.
We did not realize at that stage - it was actually a pre-program. We did not realize that Mr. Icke was actually in the Service-of the Reptilians specifically.
We did not realize that the only way the ’Higher-Self’ could move the way it could move was if it was pre-programmed allowed within the Magnetic Gridlines – we still believed at that stage that there was a ‘Higher-Force at work’ – ‘there was something ‘more’’ - we didn’t realize We Are All there Is.

So we’ve questions specifically around the point-of the Information-flow - and the ‘Higher-Self’ of David Icke had connections with the ‘Higher-Selves’ of the ‘Main Players ‘in Reality in terms of how Reality was manipulated and constructed and directed –
and that is how the information was filtered-down through ‘coincidences’, through meetings, through insights, through meditations, through various-ways the information was then filtered to David Icke - which he then would write about with great clarity.
And believe me: David Icke is not a ‘bad’ person – he’s simply somebody that is being obsessed by what he became, without realizing that the obviousness of his obsession indicates already his pre-programming (as) to keep-everyone-busy.
He doesn’t have an actual-Solution for the world – you can’t have a Solution without Forgiveness, it’s not possible.
Because without Forgiveness you’ll keep-on fighting, without Forgiveness you’ll keep-on wanting to ‘win’, without Forgiveness you’ll keep-on wanting to be ‘better than’, without Forgiveness you will not allow Equality for All – without Forgiveness there is No Solution.
I mean Jesus really hit the nail on the fucking head: Forgiveness is the Key.
Without having a Practical Solution where Every-One in this World is Fed and Educated to an Equal-level = there is no Solution possible – we’re not looking at a Solution even maybe within our Lifetime.
We’re going to need dedication for many, many, many years-to-come to have a Practical-Solution in this World that’ll have to start at the moment a child is born in this Reality. We’ll have to sort-out our Education, our Living-Conditions, our Support of the Children in this world to create a Better-Society.
Have a look: there is being no ‘Evolution’ or Advancement within the Psychological-‘Well-Being’ of the Human which is called Consciousness – there is being No-Advancement, there’s been only manipulation.
Some taking-advantage of the others while they live in a little-Bubble and the Rest Suffer - the Rest has no-access to the so-called Consciousness, this so-called ‘‘special’ ‘form-of-being’’ –
there is no access unless you have Money, so let’s give Money to Every-One. But – those that’s controlling the Money will say “No! I don’t want to change my reality, I’m happy in my Reality, I have-everything-I-need in my Reality, I don’t want to diminish-me to an Equal-level to everyone-else”.
Equal Money will diminish some, yes - in Wealth - but it will Uplift everyone-else. There is even enough Money in the rich-people of this world to give sufficient Money to All-People – and still it’s allowed - nobody questions-it.
There is no Morality in this World, Morality - to even speak the word - is like far-worse than the word ‘Fuck’ - because it’s a Lie. Rather use the word ‘Fuck’ than using any ‘nice’-word like ‘Love’ or ‘Morality’ or ‘Goodness’ - because all-those-words are Lies that are Not being Lived to Support Life Equally –
I’m not even talking about Animals, I’m talking about just Humans at this stage. I mean, you can’t even begin-to-consider the Plight of Animals in this world – because we’re not even considering the Plight of the Human-Factor.

Now I have some ‘good-news’ and some ‘bad-news’ on Mr. David Icke - we’ll do an extensive-story with Anu about his peculiarities. If he can find Forgiveness, I suggest he Does It. We can’t…I mean, the problem – Death will sort it out and at Death Mr. Icke will be no-longer, which is Good Riddance.
Understand, Death is the Final-Point: Everyone exist as One Life Only - that’s why you cannot remember the detail of all of any of your previous-Lives – you might have some ‘flashes’, those ‘flashes’ are pre-programmed, they are Not-Real.
We have followed Every-form of Energy-Implant, we have followed the way the Information move, we have tested-it-out, we have followed it form its Source, we’ve checked-it-out – you are programmed with those memories: they are Not-Real.
You have only One-Life: if you do not Amalgamate in that Life with your Source – which is the Physical – have a look: ‘Dust-to-Dust’ = You are from the Physical – you simply do Not exist anymore.


Part Six: Age of Knowledge Is the End Here?

Those that speak through the Portal are only able-to-speak through the Portal because we’re having access to the Total Unified Field through the Portal.
So we can access the Information and we only access that which is relevant-to the Process in terms-of the Research we’ve done: we’re not going to prove anything.
Common Sense is Sufficient to Prove the situation in this World. Self-Honesty is Sufficient - If you cannot work with those things, you are Not-Worthy of Life - and therefore you will be disregarded. See if you can stop your Death, there’s not a Fucker that can do that.

So that is the Final-line for everyone. We’ve studied this extensively, there will be new-documents going-up on the subject as well on What happens at Death. And I mean that is people that I’ve known that has ‘walked the path’-of-Meditation and the path-of-research with me that’s died and they did not Amalgamate –
Oh my God, at the point of Death they cannot even remember their own name, never-mind the children, never-mind anything else. Immediately at Death they’re taken to Shame and Regret –
because Everything in Existence that is Alive, that means All of the Physical, speaks-to-you and Explains-to-you What you have done – if you cannot Hear the Physical, all Manifested-Form of the Physical and speak-to-it =
you have a problem: you’re not speaking with What is Real and it will not prove-itself to you, because it do Not regard-you as Worthy of Life – that’s Really serious.
You have to prove your Worthiness of Life through Self-Honesty and Self-Forgiveness and CommonSense. You have to prove that you have the capacity and the ability and the insight to consider Life in All, Everywhere –
the basic-Principle of Holographics is existent within the Physical: that ‘holographic-principle’ as you’re observing-it in Consciousness: is Not Real, it is Energy-based, it requires a ‘source’: the Source is the Physical –
take the Physical away and you are Dead as a Thought in the Dimensions.

The Dimensions are not going to assist Existence in their process – the Dimensions is in their own process. You have no-access to that, you will gain no-access to that because you’re contained within a System - a Mind System –
you cannot have access to What is Real as-long-as you’re not Self-Honest with what you’ve become - and you have to walk that to its ultimate-degree: where you’re Equal As the Mind Consciousness System.
That is extensive study and consideration - that takes a minimum-of Seven Years in which you have to re-program yourself at a Physical-level, because ‘who you are’ is Automated - it is programmed at a Physical-Level, it automatically happens;
You’re just not going to Stop it, because you’re not even aware that you’re doing-it. You were taught to do this: you are Not-Real as ‘who you are taught-to-be’ - it will Not sustain-itself at Death. It took me 14 years of programming to break through this shit - 7 years is the minimum.
And hear me: we really do not care if you make it or not – because: how could you care about an Illusion? An Illusion really doesn’t matter, it simply cease to exist.
Existence as you experience-it now in the Physical are simply: Knowledge Packaged-as-Time; Time packaged-as-Knowledge.
Time is actually in-control of-you - Time exist only as Knowledge. You as the Physical as the Physical-being is simply Time-Packaged as Knowledge - your Consciousness flows from-that - it’s Not-Real, it will Not sustain-you.
Everything that happened before for billions of years is Irrelevant to Where you find-yourself now – because you have everything that you have allowed in-front-of you in Existence as your Fellow-beings.
So – Understand this: No-One can Save-your-ass, nobody wants-to either - You’re going to have-to-do-it for yourself; if you don’t – and this is how it’s been designed: You will End You.
It was done-so because it was the only-way that could be-done. That is why Earth exist = To Purify Existence once and for All. You will either be Pure from Here or you will not be Here. You decide.
There is nothing that can decide this for-you, because you cannot stand One and Equal with and as Life Here unless you are Pure-Life – thus: Purify yourself.
For years-to-come we will Support, but understand that there is a line. That Line is Death, with Death due come to visit you. Obviously there is a consideration for those that did not have an Equal-Chance, they will come back for an Equal-Chance –
but where there has been Abuse and where there has been No-consideration given and an Equal-Chance existed = those beings already as they die at-this-moment: do not exist.

As time progress we will share more-information and we do Not require your belief - we do not require you to consider what we’re saying, we will not prove anything –
Death is the Proof: you either are able to Transcend Death or you’re not. It is definitively a Final-Point within the Existence of each-One - I suggest: Don’t Die – unless you’re Equal. If you do – we won’t miss-you because: you didn’t exist in-the-first-place.
If Fear exist or is activated through this message, this discussion = then you must know: you are in-trouble, you’re dishonest, you’re Not applying-yourself and you’re Not-considering All Life Equally,
you will not be willing to ‘die in a cross’ for another, you will not be willing to ‘love your neighbor’ as yourself, you’re not willing to consider: where you’re from, what is Supporting you, that you can Support it Equally as well.
Have Fun -
Maybe we See You, maybe We Don’t: You Decide.