Interviews from the Farm 24: The Atomic Universe


Interviews with Bernard Poolman

21 Aug 09


Okay, so - we're going to discuss - after all has settled down and had their fill - what we've found about the Atom.

Okay, so now we have a portal, and as we are speaking to the beings from the Dimensions, there's all kinds of events taking-place which we can call 'side-effects'. That means, things that take-place - and then when they take place: it opens-up views of Reality that we didn't ask about or consider.

So in this, initially, we had the process of Sunette leaving the body, and then one of the demons coming-into the body. And, so, then - we're at the process after that - where we've discovered suddenly that there were more-than one-being in the body.

So when there were more -like seven or eight beings- within the body who were in the body curious to also what was happening. So I says Okay, that’s interesting –

So the question was obviously: Can we speak to all of them at-once? And yes we could. So, from that perspective we say Okay. The question then became relevant to see: How-many beings can you fit-in the body? And we say Okay, let's see. "Bring all-beings in existence" - Do they all fit in a body - a human body? And they did.

So - but just before that whole-point where we brought them all-together - we went through an interesting exercise: where we started looking-at the human-body and peeling-away the Layers of Time.

So we started from the outside, peeling-away the layers and having a look at what it represented. And it represented all kinds of `formations of relationships´ that took-on some form of... like an 'armor' or geometrical format.

We kept-on peeling-away and peeling-away until we got to: a single-Atom of the human-body. And in a single-Atom of the human-body we discovered something interesting: There was a Being in-there.

And this Being presented itself as the (same) Being in the body. So, we would for instance go-on until we get-to Sunette' a Atomic-level, which would then be 'Sunette' (or that´s what we perceive it to be).

What was fascinating is then - when we realized we could speak to the being at the Atomic-level, we started speaking to beings at the Atomic-level.

And when we bring them through and started speaking to them and asked them their perspective of their experience and what they experience themselves as existing as - they all came-up with a fascinating thing:

They were basically representing the primary-Pattern of the Design of the body which was also the primary-Pattern of all the ‘past-lives’ - which was also the primary-Pattern of the ‘existence of the being’ from ‘first-Conception’ entering Consciousness. So we could trace-it-back to be the same-Pattern repeated, life after life - from the very-first Awareness.

Now - I suppose in a way, we hadn't really at that stage asked all the questions about...the...shall we say the...the Consequences of this.
So, in looking at this, we said, Okay, well, how does this look-like? What happens? What has this 'Atom' got to do with anything?

An interesting thing was observed: is that from this Atom spiraled-out energetic lines, in the shapes of Spirals, that intermingled with all the other energetic-lines of all the other-beings in Existence.
So we looked at it and said, Okay, how can we assist everyone at the Atomic-level in terms of their past-lives to Stop the Pattern that´s repeating itself?

And we started a Process - we says Okay, if we have to do it this-way, then we're going to do it this-way: we'll start one-by-one, even with the beings...we´ll start with the beings we know –
and from there we´ll move-to the ones we don't know, and we'll bring them one-by-one, establish their pattern that they are repeating, let them do Forgiveness aloud, here in the Physical through the body, do the corrective-statements - and then let them go-back and change their patterns. So we started with that.

One-by-one, for hours on-end, we brought-through the `one-atom-gods´, we establish their patterns, how it worked - then constructed the Forgiveness-sentences in terms of How to Forgive the particular-pattern, then made the Living-statement of 'this is who I am from this moment forth' - And we kept-on going.

And that went-on for a couple of days, I mean, and we realized - obviously - the futility of the exercise as we continued - because there was just no-ways that we would ever in a lifetime get to everybody's `one-atom-gods´. So we says, okay.

One evening, that... um, I mean, there must be a way one can deal with this. So, now, we didn't know what would happen if you take the being that is the `one-atom-god´, or the...if you take that being out-of the being...

We have very interesting experiences, obviously, because...I had a friend in Pretoria, so we... I says, "Okay, bring his one atom god and - he came-through and when he saw me he said "Ahh! Bernard! Am I dead?"
I says to him No no no - you're not-dead. But that was the very-first impression...when he went in a total-possession of Fear, which was really fascinating to observe.

Some were quite jovial. Others were not really interested. They all had, uh...some was quite annoyed that they were being 'tampered with' -I mean- their existence. We were still busy learning what was going-on, so we were asking lots of questions and seeing how we could assist each one with... at this level... at the Atomic-level, form which the life-path is spiraling... how can we assist them to Stop the Pattern in which Existence existed?

So, I then said to Sunette, Look, there's one-way we can test this. We take my `one-atom-god´ out, and if I'm still Alive after that, then you know, we can take everyone out, then, you know, we should be fine. She says Okay. Let's take-out my `one-atom-god´. We did that and I was still Alive, still breathing, still Here. So...

I says, okay, now we take everyone´s and we place them in a...I mean, in the Dimensions, you must understand - you can create anything instantaneously: in-Sound - you have no...there's really no-limitation.

So we then created processes relevant to each-one's patterns and each-other's patterns, and we start at a process of Forgiveness, to assist each `one-atom-god´ to clear-themselves from the path of limitation –
into a path of Full-Realization of all and everything that is Here; all possible paths. To thus then re-Integrate eventually (which was our intent) into the Physical at the Atomic-level - and then from there-on 'guide'-themselves as the Physical and the Mental - all the various bodies that's in the Physical - to a path of Self-Realization.

So we did the Processes, and then attempted to place these beings back into the Atoms... and they wouldn't go back-in. So now we're at an interesting problem. Even if they go back-in, there is no-more Spirals. The Spirals are gone.

Obviously, we didn't quite understand at that stage -yet- what we are dealing-with, because we're dealing now with side-effects = You do something and there's a side-effect.
So now we've done a correction, and we have done the Full-Integration of all-lives into each-being equal and one, so now all `one –atom-gods´ are equal. Which means...

What does it mean? Because now there was no Spiraling - no-more Energy-flow. We only later-on realized that obviously now that there was no-Energy necessary anymore - because Energy was simply a refractional, dimensional-view of a single-point, not even a life-path. It's, like, bizarre what life-paths were based-on.

A being will have, for instance, the same-life over and over and over – every-life in Anger just to understand Anger. And it will in every-life be with the same...another being, that is the same-being: it never-changes. We didn't...we were under the impression at that stage that, you know, at least your lives change and you have new-lives and so-on –

but this was how many of the `one-atom-gods´ we talked-to, from which beings = it all came through –fascinatingly- the same-paths, the same-point, repeated over and over again. It was, like, ludicrous, in a way, that it was existent like that.

So, but now - let's remain with this whole Atomic-thing, which was quite fascinating, because what one then...what was Realized is that - in the beginning when the Portal opened - is that: the whole human-body was a Universe. So what we then looked-at is then: if the body is a Universe, what is the Atom?

So we then went-ahead within-this to actually place all-beings in a single-Atom. And we found a fascinating thing: the single-Atom was also a Universe, and that a Being in the dimensions...or All-beings will fit in-there and they will experience-it as a Universe -

so that they will be virtually insignificant within the Atom, from that perspective. They are no-different to what you are here in this-Reality in relationship...this Physical-Reality in relationship to the Universe = exactly that (relation) exist in all-parts of the Physical-Reality.

What was obviously also fascinating, is that you had dimensions of the Physical-Reality which you could call 'parallel-Realities' - but in essence, it was purely 'parallel' or it appeared to be `another-Universe´ - simply because you're looking at-it from a stable-point and it has been moving, which means in that movement: you get another-view - and that view 'looks-like' it is ‘another-Reality’.

It did exist, that means- in terms of the 'Split of Self' into multiple-Selves -it did actually exist initially: that everybody existed in multiple-Realities - which caused obviously even greater Separation.

Much of this many-selves eventually through the Forgiveness and so-on ended-up being...or becoming their `own beings´ - meaning they actually individualized. And many-beings now in Existence has many-parts of themselves that are no-longer part of themselves, but are actually individualized-beings that is now `walking their own path´. Each `part´ had an opportunity to consider-that.

Now - what does that really mean? We also did interesting exercises where we placed the dimensional-beings each in an Atom, one per-Atom - as a point of `training to manage a Universe´ - which was then `managing the Atom at a Atomic-level´ - but it was actually Managing a Universe – Equal-to the Universe as it-exists right-now.

Which must give one an interesting view of what it is that´s really-Real and that What you are perceiving to be `Reality´ is definitely Illusion. And what is real-Reality: there is no-conception, no-idea or understanding of-it at-all existent in any of the knowledge that is currently-existent in this-reality.

Some of the Scientists has touched-on points where they realized the properties of the Atom must be quite-vast. They have not yet understood that it is actually exact-Replicas of the Physical Universe existent in every-single Atom, in every-single human-being, in every-Atom inside the human-being: that gives you an idea of the amount-of Universes that exist.

And that obviously the Movement of all the parts of-it is in direct-relation to each-other and in relationship to yourself, in terms of `who you are as self´ currently = you are insignificant within this. And at Death, you will explore-this from a perspective of realizing your insignificance in the bigger-picture - and that also be shown by the Universe - or the Uni(verses) - I mean it´s one and equal and equal and one - by the Universes: how you came-to place-yourself in such an insignificant-position within Existence, and what that really implies within your Reality.

Obviously, you must remember that: that-self that will be `remaining after Death´ will have no-Memory of the self existent within the Mind-Reality of the Illusion here as your Earth-Reality. So your...say, for instance, 'Darryl Thomas' will not-exist. 'Darryl Thomas' will die-permanently at the end of this-life, and no longer exist at-all, whatsoever.

That which remains-of 'Darryl Thomas' will virtually be at the level-of a Newborn-baby that enter a total-new Reality - where you have to learn a total-new Language, a total-new Interaction, Movement, Communication - Everything - just like when you entered this-Reality.

And that nothing virtually of what you did in this-Reality has any-significance in the bigger-picture. Even at the simplicity or the size -comparative size- of the Atomic-level.

So we extensively played-around with the Atomic-point, in terms of directing and teaching each-one the Responsibility that is inherent within each in the relationship to the Universe -the greater and the smaller- and the point of Equality and Why the beings now within Consciousness is Not in-fact Aware of Life at-all: but is only-aware of a projected-illusion within which they are attempting to exist `as something´ = which in essence is Nothing.

So I would suggest one first sit-back and observe and study and consider that in a programmed-Construct like the Mind - where your platform as starting-point -the Design of your Reality- is based-in Perception:

that you must really re-consider Everything you've ever known because all of that is dependent-on: something that is virtually insignificant within what is Real - and therefore must understand that you are and will be treated as insignificant, even in Death, because that is `who you really are´, and you're always Equal to who you are. That is your Oneness - and your insignificance will be relevant within Existence: at Death.

The interesting point though is that: it is possible to actually-Realize what is going-on; Actually, physically be able to Manage a Universe = which is Yourself. At this stage, obviously, the human is not doing so; is not-managing themselves and is therefore contained within a Mind, simplistically because the human in itself is absolutely-delusional and is not in-touch of any-form of Reality, whatsoever.

Understand that the beings who created the human-Form and the Systems related-to-it, did not-understand this. They did not-realize what they were `playing-with´. They were not-realizing that they were in-fact in a Process where they are going to eventually Face what they have allowed, and is...has in their process of facing-it.

So, understand: that in the Process to-come, Here and in the Hereafter, you will have to consider that: if you are unable to Stand in the Physical, you will be unable to Stand at the Atomic-level, you´ll be unable to Stand at any-level. If you are unable to direct-yourself within the Physical, within your own Breath - which is a very simplistic point of 'cycling', 'circling', in-out, beginning-end, within the Context of Reality - which is the only-point in your total-Existence that is Real = is your In-breath and Out-breath.

Which is why when you come-into the Reality: you have an In-breath; When you leave the Reality: you have an Out-breath. That In-breath and Out-breath in-essence is the only-moment in your total-Existence in the Physical that: if you are Here as-it = where your reality is Real.

If you are Not-aware of that and Everything that goes with-it within the Context of your Experience directly-Here = you are in a Delusion of which all-of-it will be no-more at you die.

We will continue some of these Discussions to give you some perspectives of the Context of various-things we've found and the side-effects of it. Obviously, at this stage understand that the `one-atom-gods´ have re-integrated, but it is now at a Structural-Resonance-level.

We are moving within and as Structural-Resonance, within an...their preparation within the dimensions as the Forgiveness they have done and the Integrations they have done of all-lives - to bring an End to Consciousness and take-part in the Support and Direction of themselves.

Within that - one will eventually Emerge as your Structural-Resonance and begin to understand that the structural-Design that is the Inter-relationship between all-things and that one must be aware-of All of these Relationships at All-time in your Movement - and in exactly how that actually-works.

So - in the meantime - have Fun.