Interviews from the Farm 25: Hollywood Secrets


Interviews with Bernard Poolman

27 Sep 09


Do you Remember ‘Where you Are’? Do you Remember ‘How you Got Here’? Do you Remember ‘Who You Are’? Do you Remember ‘What You Are’? The Memory is All-Around you in this World – it’s your-‘Memories’; you’re Living Inside your-‘Memory’.

The Earth = is a ‘Living-Memory’. The Earth is ‘The History of the Universe’ – it’s ‘The Library’ of the Universe = and you’re Busy ‘Reading’-it. A ‘Living-Memory’ – ‘Organized’ as an ‘Organism’, as an Organization within-‘You’, kept-‘Alive’ by your ‘Organs’ – which is making the ‘Music’ of your ‘Religions’; as the Organs-‘Play’, and the People-‘Sing’.

And ‘Look’: There is a ‘Holy Piece of Wood’ – a ‘Cross’ – which is: ‘Holy-Wood’, on which – so the Memory ‘Tells’-you = a Man – that ‘Died for-You’.

And ‘His-Legacy’ is ‘Written’ in ‘Hollywood’, where – you’re Being ‘Programmed’ to ‘Accept’ an ‘Extra-Ordinary’-Thing: That You can Only be a ‘Hero’ = If you ‘Physically-Transform’ – ‘Into’ – a ‘Piece of Equipment’ – that is No-longer ‘Biological’ = but has ‘Super-Powers’. And that this-‘Piece of Equipment’, this-‘Super-Hero’ – is Much-‘Better’ than ‘All the Pieces of Biological-Beings’ Walking-Around on the Planet = The Same-‘Story’ is in Every ‘Super-Hero Story’ – isn’t it?

And Every-Child, Every-Person Here – ‘Lives’ Into-this, and ‘Become’-it at a ‘Mental-Level’: A ‘Super-Man’. And you Forget-‘Completely’ – about: The ‘Living-Tissue’ that You-‘Are’. And – you don’t Notice-it = At-All.

Have a Look: ‘Hollywood’ = is the ‘Real-Religion’. It-Started with a ‘Holy-Wood’ – 2000 Years-Ago: The ‘Latest-Game’ = but you-Don’t ‘Notice’. You ‘feel’ so-‘Helpless’ you-‘Call’ ‘That Which Create-This’: “‘They’ are Doing-it ‘To-Me’”. Without-‘Realizing’, by just Looking-at ‘Yourself’ and Looking-at other ‘Human-Beings’: That there is No-‘They’ Capable of This – in the Current State of your Existence. To make One Movie – ‘Requires’: An ‘Army of Humans’.

And it is ‘Based’-On – that which ‘You’: ‘Like as Entertainment’. And Unless ‘You’ ‘Like’-It = The Movie is Not-Successful. You-Are That-‘They’ = there is No-other ‘Them’ but ‘You’. ‘How-You-Feel’ = Creates ‘Them’ and ‘They’, and – ‘Your-Experience’. Because – You ‘Show Your Feeling’ = with Your-‘Money’.

Your-‘Money’ is Your-‘Power’ – with which you-‘Decide’: ‘The Future of Yourself’, ‘Your Children in this World’.

And Have a Look – what you ‘Spend’ your ‘Money’-on: On your ‘Entertainment’. And What – do-You ‘Do’ with your-‘Money’? = You do the things that ‘Make’-you ‘Feel’ – ‘Alive’, and That ‘Creates’: ‘Them’ and ‘They’: You’re the ‘Real-Elite’, because – ‘The-Elite’, ‘Pools’ their Money-‘Together’ – which is Your-‘Money’; – ‘Many of-You’, put the Money-Together by Paying for-Something.

And You-‘Vote’ – with your-‘Money’ – the Food you-Eat… …Why do you think it-‘Exist’? It ‘Exist’, because: You ‘Pay’ For-it. It’s very-Simple, because – if you-don’t = it will just not-be Manufactured. It’s only Manufactured – because you ‘Pay’ For-it.

The Movies only-‘Exist’ – Because you ‘Pay’ For-it.

Your Existence Exist the ‘Way It-Is’ – Because you ‘Pay’ For-it.

The Violence Exist – Because you ‘Pay’ For-it.

You-‘Save’ your-‘Money’ – so that others may ‘Suffer’ and you can ‘Fear’-them and ‘Justify’ your-‘Existence’. In Every-Way, you are ‘Creating’: ‘They’ and ‘Them’ – from the Poverty to the Riches.

The Technology ‘Exist’ – Because you ‘Pay’ For-it.

The Computers Exist – Because you ‘Pay’ For-it.

The Internet Exists – Because, ‘Initially’ you ‘Pay’ For-it. Now – it’s simply used to ‘Measure’ what are you ‘Willing’ to ‘Pay’-for, because – your ‘Whole-Existence’ Consist out-of This – that One-Function: What Is-it to Be-‘Successful’, Find-out ‘What Attracts the Attention of the People’ = That is the ‘Law of Attraction’: What are they ‘Willing to Pay-For’ – and You Will-be ‘Successful’. And your-‘Success’ will be ‘Measured’ in your ‘Ability’ to ‘Pay’-for ‘More’-Things.

And in this – your-‘Money’ – is Voting: For Suffering. How do You ‘Know’ that? Every Single Piece of Entertainment – that You ‘Pay’-for – for the ‘Hero’ to become ‘The Hero’: Many Must-‘Die’, Many Must-‘Suffer’, Many Must-‘Lose-Everything’ and Many Must-‘Look-Evil’ – so that the ‘Hero’ can ‘Look-Good’, and You ‘Pay’ For-It.

The Fact that you are Creating this ‘Evil’ with your-‘Money’ and What you ‘Pay’-for: That ‘Escapes’-you.

And No-One – ‘Pays’-for ‘Finding-Out’ ‘What is Really Going On After Death’, because you don’t ‘Want to Know’ – have a look: No-‘Money’ goes to That-‘Research’. Why would that-Be?

The ‘Most’ ‘Obvious’-Thing that you Have-to ‘Understand’, because the ‘One’-Thing that is ‘Certain’ in your-‘Life’: You will-Not – Find-Out, What’s Going-On ‘There’. I mean – we have ‘Tested’-This in Every-Way.

All the ‘Images’, the ‘Image and Likeness of-Yourself’ – You are ‘Creating’ with the ‘Money’ you-‘Pay’, that means: You are the ‘God’ of this-‘Existence’, and You are ‘Creating’ in your-‘Image’ and your-‘Likeness’.

And within-That – you have the ‘Ultimate-Mirror’ that says: “But I Am Created in the Image and Likeness of God” – but you are the ‘God’ that is ‘Creating’ this-‘Image and Likeness’. And you can’t-‘Stop’ – you don’t ‘Want to Stop’. Because you-‘Want’ to be ‘Special’ – you-‘Want’ to be ‘The Hero’, but you don’t want the Pain either. So you don’t ‘See’ the ‘Dishonesty’ of your-Own Existence.

You ‘Blame’ – ‘Them’, ‘They’ – in Everything that you ‘Cannot See’, and ‘Do-not Want to See’ = because you don’t want to ‘See-Yourself’.

Have a Look at the ‘Obviousness’ of the ‘Nature’ of this-Existence and ‘How it is Created’: Do you See any-‘Research’ about that? No. You only ‘See’-Research about – ‘Finding-Out’ ‘What will you ‘Attract’-Next’, ‘What would you ‘Like’ to ‘Attract’. You only See Research, around – ‘That which will ‘Make’-you ‘Prosper’ in your-‘Experience’’.

The ‘Law’ of your-‘Existence’ is That which you-‘Attracts’ – and you ‘Pay’ For-it: In-‘Relationships’, you make the ‘Emotional-’ and the ‘Feeling-Payment’ – the ‘Payment of Attention’. And then when it doesn’t ‘Suit’-you Anymore – you ‘Divorce’-Yourself from-It, because you say: “That’s My ‘Worst’-Experience, ‘The-WORST’-Experience I-‘Have’; therefore I ‘Divorce’-Myself from-It – and I ‘Force’-Myself, because this is not the ‘Force’ I am ‘Willing’ to ‘Be’-With”.

And you ‘Find’-yourself Another-‘Piece of Meat’ – with which to ‘Entertain’-Yourself. But you Never Tell Each-Other – that the ‘Only-Reason’ for your-‘Existence’, the ‘Only-Reason’ ‘Why you are Together’: Is to ‘Entertain’-Yourself.

Then you have ‘Children’ – they must ‘Help’-you in this ‘Great-Struggle’, so that when you ‘Grow-Old’ and you Can’t ‘Pay’ for-‘Yourself’ Anymore: They can ‘Pay for-you’ and ‘Look After You’ when you ‘Lose your-Senses’. Because you See-it All Around-you: How the ‘Old-People’ in their-‘Millions’ – ‘Lose their-Senses’, and somebody has to End-Up Looking After-them ‘Before they Die’. And you ‘Fear’-That to Such an Extent – that you will Meticulously ‘Plan your Life’, to make-Sure – that by the Time you-‘Die’, by the Time you go ‘Off your Mind’, by the Time you become ‘Mentally-Unstable’: ‘your’-Children are-‘There’ to ‘Hide’-you – in-‘Luxury’ – from the World = ‘till you ‘Die’. Therefore you make-‘Sure’ they’re ‘Educated’ to be ‘Effective in the System’.

But do-You ‘Notice’ what you’re-Doing? Do you even ‘Care’? No. You Only ‘Care’-about ‘Yourself’. You Only ‘Save-Yourself’ – you ‘Save your Money’ to ‘Save-Yourself, From-‘Yourself’.

In the ‘Image and Likeness of-Yourself’ you’re ‘Existing’. Using Life in-‘Vain’ – ‘The-Vanity’ – ‘The Vanity of Existence’. You have Never Walked in the Shoes of ‘Those that must-‘Suffer’’ that you can ‘Live’ in Your-‘Creation’ the way you are ‘Paying for-It’.

How can This-‘Continue’?

How can This Money-System ‘Continue’?

How can This-Existence ‘Continue’?

How can you ‘Justify’-This?

You have Done No ‘Homework’.

You have Not ‘Studied Your-‘Existence’’.

You have Not ‘Studied Yourself’.

You have Not ‘Stopped’.

You have Not ‘Forgiven-Yourself’ so that you can Get the Answer: To ‘Get’ you have to ‘Give’ – It Is ‘Written’. So – if you ForGive-Yourself, you will No-Longer ‘Forget’ what you’re Doing – and, you will ‘Get the Answer’, because – as you ‘Empty Yourself Out’ with Forgiveness = In will be ‘Flooding’ – Initially ‘Overwhelmingly’-So: The Truth of-‘Yourself’. Overwhelmingly Disheartening: But it Is The Truth.

The Only-Way you’re going to be ‘Willing’ to Look at-This: Is if you have no-More Money with which you can ‘Create’ your-‘Existence’.

So that Is what Is Now, Here. Once there is No-Money – you will First ‘Become the Monster’ that you have ‘Seen’ in your-‘Hollywood’ – the ‘Crossroads’ – the ‘Cross you have to Bear’: As you ‘Carry this Cross – with the Thorns – as a Crown around your Head, Blood Pouring over your Face = As it ‘Feels’-like you’re going-‘Mad’ because Nothing Wants to Work, but what’s Really the Story is that: You’re going to Land-Up on your Own Cross.

And as you Hang on your-Cross – ‘seemingly-Powerless’ – you’re going to Have-to ‘Realize’-Something: “Father, why have you – ‘Left’-me?”

Then you will Suddenly-Realize: “But – I am the ‘Father’ of this-‘Existence’. I am ‘That which has given-It ‘Power’’. I am ‘That which is ‘Paying’ for-It – so that it can ‘Be’ in the ‘Way that It-Is’’. ‘My-Money’ – ‘Votes’ for ‘What I am’ – it ‘Shows’-me ‘Who I am’, and I do-it Every Single Day – that’s why I Eat, because that ‘Force’-me to do it Over and Over Again”. It’s As-if Existence is-‘Hoping’ – Somebody is going to ‘Wake-Up’. Virtually-‘Futile’, because Nobody Does. That is the Truth.

The Truth-‘Seekers’ do not ‘Understand’ what they are ‘Creating’ in their Incessant ‘Truth-Seeking’ = They Are ‘Creating’ the Truth.

And – They Notice an ‘Interesting’-thing: Nobody’s ‘Hearing’-them – No-Matter How-Much One Speak.

Have a Look at your ‘Spirituality’ and your ‘Light’ – All of That is Dependent on ‘One Singular Thing’: MONEY. Take the Money Away = and the ‘Light’ is GONE.

DeLIGHTful isn’t it? Money – Mooney – MyNeeds: The ‘Answer’ is in the ‘Sound’. To Understand what is ‘Sound’ Really: To ‘Forgive’ that One can ‘Get’. In that – to be ‘Self-Honest’ with-‘Yourself’, so that you can ‘See’ what’s ‘Going-On’. And then: ‘CommonSense’ – so that One do-Not ‘Repeat’ the same-Shit. ‘

Fortunately’ – when the ‘Harvest-Time’-Come: There is The Grim-Reaper. At this-‘Stage’: It is a ‘Grim-Task’. Because there is Nothing to ‘Reap’ = Because Nothing was ‘Sown’. And what is ‘Reaped’: Is what was ‘Sown’. And the ‘Seed’ – ‘Fell’ – between the ‘Weeds’, and was ‘Covered’ – and Never Bear-Fruit.

One-Day – the ‘Tale’ of the ‘Grim-Reaper’, will-‘Change’…Will you Be The One – that Change-it?

Will you Be, The One – that Stop?

Will you Be, The One – that Give: That you May Receive?

Will you Be The One that ForGive?

Will you Be The One that Hear – what is Here?

Will you Be The One that See – what is Here?

Will you Be The One that See what you have Done?

Will you Be The One that ForGive, Yourself?

Because you are Giving – To-Yourself, this-Existence – the ‘Way it-Is’. It (Existence) is ‘Slowed-Down’ in ‘Space-Time’ – so that you may-‘See’ what you have ‘Created’.

How ‘Slow’ do-You ‘Want’-it? The ‘Slower’ It-gets = The-‘More’ ‘Painful’ It-gets. Because you have No-‘Patience’ = Because you’ve-Become the ‘Patient’ of this-Existence, you Spit-Out in the Hospital – in the ‘Disease’ of-Yourself… …

Will you ‘Stop’? Must you First get-To the ‘Top’? And then ‘See’ that Everybody is Together in a ‘Pot’? And if you don’t want-to ‘See’, then – “Let’s Smoke some-more ‘Pot’”. Who is the ‘Potter’-Here = but ‘Yourself’? Don’t you ‘sPot’ the ‘Difference?

I-‘Suggest’: STOP, and ForGive-Yourself so that you may Get the ‘Answer’ and Never ForGet-Again. But you will Not ‘Get the Answer’ before you ForGive, because you have to ‘Give to Get’.

And at the-Moment – you are Giving-‘All your Attention’ to what is-‘Here’ as ‘Suffering’ in-Your ‘Quest’ to become the ‘Super-Hero’, to become the ‘Movie-Star’ – the ‘Star that Moves’; “Look! There is a Star-‘Moving’, ‘Wow’ – It’s ‘Me’, ‘Wow’ – let-Me Look in the Mirror, Ooh I Like-‘Me’, ‘Wow’ – I am FAMEous.” “I Miss the Flame”. “I Miss in my Aim”. “I AM the AIM” – “AIM that I AM” – “I AIM that I AM” – “I AIM that I AM”, “The Father and I AIM-One” “But I Missed in the MissTree (Mystery) – How this Tree, Bear-Fruit.”


CONsciousness – Is – what is Here.

CONsciousness – Is what is ‘Attracted’.

CONsciousness – Is what you Spend your Money-on.

CONsciousness – Is that is, what is Causing the Suffering.

CONsciousness – Is your ‘Attempt to Ascend’ to be a ‘Super-Hero’, where that which is Life is ‘Disregarded’ in the ‘Attempt’ of a being a ‘Super-System’ – that ‘Stand-out’ and is ‘Untouchable’, ‘Untouchable’ by-‘Everything’ = That’s why you don’t Want-to ‘Feel’, and you have Only ‘Programmed’-Yourself to ‘Feel’ ‘Energy’ = and Not to ‘Feel for-Real’. And to ‘Feel’ ‘Energy’ – you have-to ‘Have Energy’ at certain-‘Vibrations’. ‘

Vibrations’ is: That which is ‘rATEd’ (VibRATE) – and ATE, that means – ‘Processed in the Past’. It’s a ‘Fossil-Fuel’ – it is in your ‘Creation’ of the ‘Vehicles’ In-which you Travel, which only-‘Move’ due-to ‘Fossil-Fuel’ = Just-as you only-‘Move’, due-to ‘Fossil-Fuel’. Money – is just a ‘Representation’ of your Apparent-‘Labour’ as ‘Fossil-Fuel’.

How-much ‘Longer’ are you going to ‘Wait’ for-‘Yourself’?

How-much ‘Longer’ are you going-to ‘Abuse’ Life?

When are you going to ‘Take’ – your-‘First Real Breath’?

Will you be able to ‘Bear the Pain’ of ‘Real-Breath’ as you ‘Walk-Through’ your-‘Existence’ and ‘Clean-Up’ the Mess in this MESSAge – in this Age of MESS, and No-Longer Miss the Tree in the Apparent ‘Mystery’ (MissTree).

What is REAL – in this Real-Time ‘Movie’?

You are ‘Missing’ the ‘Images’ of your-‘Likeness’ – STOP – Stop Time – It is Time to Stop.