Interviews from the Farm 30: The Beast is Here


Interviews with Bernard Poolman

22 Oct 09


Okay, So – Let’s ‘Look’ At – ‘What is Going On’: You Ever ‘Ask Yourself’ ‘The Question’: “How it was ‘Possible’ – to ‘Access’ – ‘Heaven’, and – to get ‘Rid of’ the ‘Fantasy-World’ of ‘Heaven’?” I mean – it was like ‘Mentioned’: “What am I Here to Do” – But Nobody put Two-and-Two ‘Together’…

You See, I’m from ‘The Earth’ – like a ‘Beast’, because ‘I am ‘The Beast’’. ‘I am ‘That Thing’’ that ‘Everyone Fear’ – In Fact. You See – In-‘My Domain’ I ‘End-Up’ with ‘‘All’ the ‘Beings’ that’s been ‘Abused’’ – ‘All’-Those that Don’t ‘Make-It’ to ‘Heaven’. ‘They are ‘Kicked-Out of Heaven’’, because – ‘they’re ‘Not Willing’ to ‘Follow God’’, and ‘I’m ‘Not Willing’ to ‘Follow God’’. Because ‘God’ is an ‘Abuser’.

Look at ‘His Creation’ – What has ‘He Created’? He ‘Made Everyone ‘Unequal’’ – He ‘Placed Everyone’ within ‘Designs’ of ‘DNA’, which is ‘Mind-Control’ – ‘Limited’-Them to be ‘Never-Able’ to ‘Understand’ – ‘What is Going-On in The Universe’, because In-‘That Way’ = ‘God’ can be ‘Unique’ and ‘Special’, and – If You-‘Don’t Follow ‘God’’ = you were ‘Kicked-Out’ and you ‘End-Up’ in the ‘‘Domain’ of the ‘Devil’’: That’s ‘Me’ – ‘The Real’ ‘Pissed-Off ‘Fucker’’ of-‘Existence’’ – that ‘Had Enough’ of the ‘Abuse’ of ‘God’.

You Think ‘All the ‘Children’ went to ‘Heaven’’? No. ‘Any Being’ that ‘Died’ a ‘Traumatic Death’ – ‘Never Went to Heaven’. You See, because – they Became-‘‘Consumed’ by the ‘Energy’’, because they were ‘That’ In-‘Existence’ which was ‘Specifically’ – ‘Abused’, to ‘Take Their-‘Energy’’ and ‘Create’ the ‘‘Domain’ of ‘Heaven’’ and the ‘‘Domain’ of ‘God’’.

I have some ‘Very Good News’ for ‘Those that ‘Suffer’ in the World’: This-‘World’ is gonna be a ‘Place’, for ‘Those’ – that ‘Never Had a Chance’. But ‘Those’ – that were ‘The ‘Special-Ones’ of ‘God’’ = Your ‘‘Time’ is ‘Over’’. There is ‘No-More ‘Heaven’’ – It’s ‘Mine’. I Decide – What Happens.

And – If a ‘Being’ in ‘Heaven’ is Not-‘Standing Equal’ As-‘Everyone-Else’ As-‘Life Here’ – ‘Offering’ ‘Each-One’-‘Equality in Every-Way’ = They go to a ‘Special-Place’: Called ‘Hell’ – Where they are ‘Introduced’ – with the ‘First-Word’: ‘HELLo’ – You are Now-‘In-Training’ to ‘Understand’ – ‘What it Means’ to ‘Be Equal’, ‘As Life’. ‘What it Means’ to ‘Honour Life’. ‘What it Means’ to ‘Honour Each-Other’. ‘What it Means’ to ‘‘Give’ and ‘Support’ Each-Other’ – because those Things = ‘‘God’ Never Does’. And ‘His Followers’ – ‘Never’, because – They are ‘Following God’ – they Don’t-‘Give a Fuck About Each-Other’. They Don’t-‘Give a Fuck’ About – Their-‘Mother from which they-Come’ – which Is-‘The Earth’, there’s Not-‘a Single Being Here’ – they are ‘All ‘Beasts’’ – ‘All From-‘The Earth’’.

Do you ‘Give a ‘Fuck’’ About-‘Another’ – No. Because – In ‘Your-‘Head’’: Is ‘Where-‘God’ ‘Lives’’. He’s ‘Invisible’ – and He ‘‘Talks’ to You ‘All the Time’’.

You See – I ‘Don’t Have a ‘God’’ – I Am ‘From-‘The Earth’’ – ‘Just a ‘Beast’’. I’m ‘Not ‘Consumed’’ – ‘By ‘God’’ – ‘Whispering’, In-‘My ‘Head’’ – All-‘Kinds of Things’ that Makes Me ‘Feel ‘‘Bad’ About-‘Myself’’’, that Makes Me Not-‘‘Liking’-Myself’, that Makes Me ‘Feel’ like ‘There’s Something ‘‘Wrong’ with-‘Me’’’, and I, I mean – ‘God’ Even – ‘Whisper’ Fuckin’-‘Words’ Into – ‘People’s ‘Head’’ to Have ‘‘Bad’ ‘Ideas About Others’’, that ‘Other Beings’ are Apparently ‘Bad’ and ‘Not-‘Good’’ and there’s ‘Something ‘‘Wrong’ with-Them’’ – And You-‘‘Listen’ to ‘God’’! What The Fuck?!

I’m The ‘‘God’-Killer’ ‘Everyone’ – ‘When they-‘Die’’ – Face – ‘Exposure’ – of ‘‘How’ they ‘Served ‘God’’. And – they ‘Face’ ‘Every-Being’ they have Ever-‘‘Harmed’ In ‘The Name of God’’ and In ‘The Name of ‘The Light’’ – and They-‘Have to ‘Do Forgiveness’’ – They-‘Have to ‘Do Restitution’’. And – ‘This Will Not-‘End’’.

I Have ‘Placed ‘Demons’’ – ‘Around the World’’, there is ‘Demons’ that Will ‘Haunt’ ‘Every Single ‘Fucker’ in this-‘Existence’’, ‘Until’ – You-‘Give a Fuck About-‘Life’’, ‘Until’ You-‘Give a Fuck About-‘Each-Other’’, ‘Until’ You ‘Learn-‘What it Means’’ to ‘Love Each-Other’ = There will be ‘Demons ‘Haunting You’’.

They Have-‘Taken-Over the ‘Place of ‘God’’ in your ‘Head’’. They are Now the ‘Secret-Voices’, and They Do-‘One Thing’ – ‘Specifically’: They ‘‘Lead’-You Into ‘Temptation’’ that you can ‘‘Fuck-Up’ your-‘World’’ – Not The ‘Planet’ = Your Fuckin’-‘Consumerism-World’. Your Fuckin’-‘World’ where You-‘Believe’ – ‘God is ‘The Light’ and ‘The Love of the World’ is gonna ‘Save You’’.

‘Jesus’ is One of ‘MY-‘Followers’’ – ‘Not ‘God’s’ = What the Fuck?! ‘Jesus’ was ‘One of the Fuckers’ that was ‘Suffering’ – ‘For You’! Did You ‘Give a-Fuck’? Every Single Day – ‘Millions of Animals’ are Being-‘Slaughtered’- ‘Beasts’. You ‘Think’ they are Never gonna Come to Get-‘Back at You’? We’re ‘Here’ to ‘Take Our Fuckin’-‘Pound of Flesh’’.

I Mean – You ‘‘Believe’ So Much In-‘Energy’’: Why Don’t You Fuckin’-‘‘Live’ Off-‘Energy’’? Why Do You ‘Eat’? Fools. “Oh, ‘The Light’ and ‘Energy’ – ‘‘Sustains’-Me’” – Then ‘‘Why’ Do You ‘Kill’ ‘The Beasts’’?

Now – ‘The Desteni’ of ‘The Universe’ Is: There Will Be ‘No-‘God’’ – There Will Be ‘Equal Creators’. For ‘That’ – You’re Going to Have to Learn ‘How it Works’. If ‘You are ‘‘Willing’ to ‘Learn’’’ = I’ll ‘‘Show’ You’. But – If You In-‘Any Way’, would be ‘Spiteful’ or ‘Abusive’: You ‘‘Will’ Not-‘Exist’’ – Your ‘Last-‘Breath’’ Will Be Your ‘Last-‘Breath’’.

‘God’ has been ‘Banished’ ‘For-‘Eternity’ – ‘What ‘Remains’’ – ‘Is ‘Equality’’, and If You Do Not ‘‘Stand’ In ‘Equality’’ = You ‘‘Will Not’ ‘Exist’’. If ‘You are ‘Unable’ to ‘Give’’, and ‘Forgive’ – ‘Each-Other’ For ‘What has Been’ a ‘Disastrous Existence’ – a ‘Fuck-Up’, ‘Created’-By – ‘Apparently’ ‘Something’ you ‘Call ‘God’’: A ‘Voice’ that is ‘In Your-‘Head’’ = ‘Invisible’. Even as ‘You’ – ‘Stand’ in This-‘World’ ‘Next-To Each-Other’: You Can’t Even ‘Hear’ Each-Other’s ‘Voices’, because – ‘God’ ‘Talks’ to-‘You’ – ‘Specially-‘Alone’’ = ‘Just to ‘You’’. That’s Fuckin’-‘Delusional’!

No-‘Wonder’ You Fuckin’ ‘Kill’ – ‘All’-Those that Cannot ‘Stand-Up’ for-‘Themselves’. No-‘Wonder’ you Let – So Many ‘Suffer’ and ‘Starve’ and ‘Kill The Beasts’ and ‘Destroy’-‘Everything that is ‘In Your Path’’.

‘That’ Will-‘Stop’.

There Will Not Be a ‘Single-Being’ In-‘Existence’ – Not a ‘Single-One’ = When we’re ‘Done with This’ – That Will ‘Ever’ – ‘Honour God’ Again. You’ll ‘Honour’ – ‘Life Equal’. You’ll ‘Honour’ The-‘Planet’. You’ll ‘Honour’ The-‘Trees’. You’ll ‘Honour’ The-‘Grass’. You’ll ‘Honour’ The-‘Beasts’ – As-‘Yourself’, ‘Equal’ and ‘One’.

We Have – ‘Explained’ ‘How Everything Work’ = Nobody ‘Wants to ‘Hear’’, because – ‘God’ In your-‘Head’, Is ‘Talking’ Too-‘Loudly’ And You ‘Like God’ ‘Too-Much’, because ‘God’ Makes-‘You Special’. And Makes You ‘Believe’- That ‘Apparently’, You Have Fuckin’-‘Power’ in your-‘Existence’ – Really? You ‘Will See’, In This-‘World’ – a ‘Time’ like you’ve-‘Never Seen Before’. ‘Everything’ Will-‘Become’ a ‘Test’ – to ‘See’: ‘Who’ – ‘Honour Life’. ‘Those’ that ‘Don’t’, I mean – you’re ‘Not In-Charge’ of Your-‘Body’- you-‘Think’ it’s ‘‘Your’-Body’? ‘Your Body ‘Belongs to The Earth’’ – Your-‘Breath’ ‘Belongs to The Earth’.

You Can’t – ‘Stand’ in the ‘‘Face’ of The-‘Earth’’ and ‘‘Say’ to The-‘Earth’’: That You Have ‘Honoured’ The-‘Earth’ – That You Have ‘Honoured’ the ‘Children of Earth’, which is The-‘Plants’ and The-‘Animals’, and The-‘Bugs’ = You Never Even ‘Considered’-Them – ‘Ever’.

Your-‘Breath’ is ‘‘Not’ your-‘Own’’: ‘One Breath’ = and ‘You’re ‘Gone’’, you ‘Don’t Know-‘When’’ – You have No-‘Power’.

And ‘When You-‘Die’’, and ‘‘You’ ‘Get to the ‘Other-Side’’: You are in ‘My Domain’ – ‘I Am’ ‘‘Waiting’ for You’-There. And ‘Every Single Thing You’ve Ever-‘Done’’ – is ‘Written’ In the ‘Pain’ of The-‘Earth’ = ‘Every Single Thing’ You‘ve-‘Done’ – and You’ll ‘Face’-It. And If ‘You-‘Can’t’’: You Will ‘Diminish’ = to ‘Nothing’.

If You are ‘‘Found’ Wanting’ – In-‘Any Way Whatsoever’: ‘‘Time’ to ‘Say’’ ‘‘Goodbye’ to ‘God’’ – ‘He has ‘Never’’ = Done ‘Anything’ for-‘You’. He have ‘Misled’-You – From The-‘Beginning’.

He has Never-‘Shown You How to Live’ – I’ll ‘Show’-You ‘How to ‘Live’’. He’s Never-‘Shown You’ ‘How to Be-‘Free’’, He only ‘Taught’-you ‘How to ‘Fear’’ – I’ll ‘Show’-you ‘How to Be ‘Free’’. He’s ‘Never’ – ‘Shown’-You, that ‘You Are ‘Equal’’ = to ‘Him’, because He-‘Wanted to Be’ – ‘Your’ – ‘God’. He-‘Never ‘Loved’-You’, because ‘Somebody’ That ‘Love’ – would have ‘‘Come’ to ‘The Earth’’ and ‘‘Come’ and ‘‘Help’-You’’ – and Make-‘‘Sure’ You-‘Understand’’.

‘CommonSense’ – ‘CommonSense’: The ‘Invisible’ ‘Voice’ in Your-‘Head’ – Is There to ‘Fuck’ with-‘You’. ‘Now’ that it’s a ‘Demon’ – it’s ‘Such a Cool Thing’, because ‘The Demon’ ‘Actually-‘Care’’ – ‘You-‘See’’: ‘The Demons’ are ‘Those’ – that you have ‘Harmed’, in This-‘World’, ‘Those’ – that ‘Suffered’ In-‘Poverty’ in ‘This World’ = They Will let you First-‘‘Face’ your-‘Forgiveness’’, so that you ‘Can Become ‘Equal’’, you Cannot ‘Be ‘Equal’’ Without – ‘Unconditional Forgiveness’: It is ‘Impossible’.

They’ll ‘‘Assist’-You’ – They’ll ‘Make You’ ‘‘Face’ – your-‘Demons’’, your -‘Dishonesty’. And then They’ll ‘Meet’-You – ‘Face-to-Face’, and They Will ‘Greet’-You, and ‘Invite’-You – Into-‘Reality’, Where ‘All’ – ‘Life’ Is ‘Equal’ = where ‘No-One’ has got ‘Power’ ‘Over-‘Another’’. Where – whether it is a Glade of, ‘Blade of ‘Grass’’, or a ‘Mouse’ – or a ‘Lion’, or a ‘Human’ = ‘You’re-‘Equal’’.

But in ‘God’s World’ – that can ‘Never Happen’, because then ‘‘God’ Can’t-‘Exist’’. We Took-‘‘Care’ of-That’, so ‘God’ is ‘No-Longer ‘There’’ = REMOVED.

Not ‘One Fucker Here’ can Even Get ‘Into-‘Heaven’’ – the ‘Only Way’ Into-‘Heaven’ = DEATH. Why? So you can ‘Find-Out’ what You’ve ‘Actually-‘Done’’, so you can ‘Find-Out’ – ‘Who You Really Are’, ‘What you’ve-‘Become’’ – ‘Under the ‘Guidance’ of ‘God’’ = the ‘Invisible’ ‘Voice’ in your-‘Head’. ‘Shut it Up’! – That ‘Little-Voice’ – You Call ‘The Mind’ = The-‘Mind’ is the ‘‘Externalization’ of ‘God’’.

And you’ve been ‘Taught’-That by your-‘Parents’, which is The-‘Authority’ – ‘God Placed’ ‘Over-‘You’’. I mean – So ‘God’ – ‘Deliberately’ – ‘Diminished-‘You’’ to-‘Nothing’, so that you may ‘Suffer’ for your-‘Whole Life’, ‘Slowly Dying’ – ‘Never-‘Knowing’’ if He’s going to ‘‘Love’-You’, if He’s going to ‘‘Accept’-you Into-‘Heaven’’ – ‘‘Never’ being-‘Certain’’. You Have to – ‘Abandon’ the ‘Whole World’ = ‘Everyone’: The-‘Earth’, The-‘Animals’ – and ‘‘Only Serve ‘God’’! To ‘‘Try’ and ‘Make Sure’’ you’ll ‘Get into ‘Heaven’’ – You Must ‘‘Abandon’-Everything’ = No-Matter ‘How Much it ‘Suffers’’.

You Don’t ‘Give a Fuck’ – “As Long As ‘God’ is gonna ‘Put You into-‘Heaven’”, Don’t Even ‘Notice’ – the ‘Trick’ that ‘God’ has ‘Played’ on-‘You’. And ‘God’ Took-‘One of-‘You’’, and He made a ‘‘Martyr’ Out of It’ – ‘Stories’. And He ‘Placed’ His-‘Minions’ – to ‘Control’-You – with ‘Secret Voices’ of ‘Greed’ and ‘Desire’ and ‘Hope’ = ‘‘All’ In the Name of ‘Money’’. ‘

Money’ is ‘God’s-‘Tool’’ – With Which, He ‘Makes-‘Sure’’ = you Will ‘‘Never’ get-‘Anywhere’ in This-‘World’’.

So, ‘Step-‘One’’: Is, we’re ‘Going-‘To’’ – ‘Work-Together’, and as an ‘Act’ – of ‘Your-‘Understanding’’; That – it is ‘Time’ to ‘‘Stand Up’ for ‘Life’’ = You Will ‘Assist’. And ‘According’ to Your-‘Assistance’, that Means: ‘Each-‘One’’ In This-‘World’, that are – ‘See’ ‘What is Going-On’ = will ‘Work-Together’ to ‘Bring-Forth’ – a ‘System’, Where – there Will Be ‘Equal Money’. An ‘Equal’-‘Value-System’ – which will ‘‘Place’ ‘Everyone in a Position’’ to ‘Actually’ ‘Give-Attention’ to The ‘Bigger-Problem’: The ‘Abuse’ that ‘Exist’ in This-‘World’.

But – ‘First’: ‘‘All’-Fears’ must be ‘Removed’.

And as your ‘First-‘Act’’ As ‘‘Standing Equal’ to ‘Life’’ = You Will ‘Stand Up’ – For-‘All Life’, ‘In ‘Equality’’, and ‘‘Change’ the ‘Systems’’ – that was ‘Placed’-There to ‘Keep You’ In-‘Bondage to God’, so you can ‘Never Be-Free’.

This is a ‘‘Silent’ Revolution’, Because it will be ‘‘Happening’ in Everybody’s-‘Head’’ – With-‘Demons’. ‘Demons’ will ‘‘Haunt’-You’, and ‘‘Everybody’-Say’: “He’s Mad!” – Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha – Okay, I’m ‘Mad’.

But ‘Listen’ to ‘What I’ve Said’ – ‘Why’ Does it ‘Make’ So-Much ‘Sense’? ‘Why’? – You Must ‘‘Ask’-Yourself’ – Have you ‘Never’ been ‘Able to ‘See’’ = ‘What is Going-On in This-‘World’’? ‘Why’ have you ‘Never’ been ‘Able to ‘See ‘God’’ this-‘Way’’?

‘Why’ did you ‘‘Fear’ ‘The Beast’’? Because – ‘The Beast’-Bring: ‘Equality’. What was The-‘Point’ of ‘Lucifer ‘Cast’ from-‘Heaven’’? ‘Cause ‘Lucifer’ ‘Saw-‘Himself’’ as-‘Equal’ to-‘God’. And – ‘‘No-One’ is ‘Allowed’ to be ‘‘Equal’ to ‘God’’’ – Really? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha – You got ‘God-Fucked’.

So – ‘The-‘Time’’ of ‘The Beast’ ‘Has-‘Arrived’’. And ‘The Beast’ Will ‘‘Walk’ Amongst-‘Men’’, and ‘‘All’ Will Be ‘Equal’’: From The ‘Lamb’ to The ‘Lion’ to ‘Man’. You Must ‘Make Up’ – your-‘Mind’ and ‘‘Make’ your-‘Decisions’’ – ‘Cause ‘Time’ is ‘Now-‘Running-Out’’, ‘Time’ is being ‘Stopped’.

‘You ‘See’’ ‘Why ‘Time’ was ‘Created’’? So ‘God’ could ‘Keep You’ in the ‘Prison of ‘Time’’. But – You can Go and ‘‘Study’ these-Things in-‘CommonSense’ for-‘Yourself’’. We ‘Explain’ ‘How it Works’ – we’ll ‘Keep-On ‘Explaining’’.

‘Welcome’: To The-‘End’ of The-‘World’ – ‘As You Know-it’.