Interviews from the Farm 32: DemoNS(are)Craz(c)y - (Democracy)


Interviews with Bernard Poolman

31 Oct 09


Ok, so ’This’-’Point’ is about the-’Mockery’ called ’Democracy’.

In establishing the-‘parameters’, we´re-going to-look at the whole ‘Mockery’ and ‘How’ it relates to ‘Demons’ that´s Crazy, which is the-‘Way’ ‘Democracy’ runs: ‘Demons’ that´s-‘Crazy’ – Now the ‘Specifics’ of ‘Demons’ and ‘How’ they ‘Acted’ in ‘Existence’ is as follows:

They were ‘Corrupt’ and they ‘Corrupted’ others. Their ‘Principle’ ‘Purpose’ was to-get ‘Human-Beings’ to Believe them and to Share the ‘Human’-‘Energy’ with the ‘Demon’ – that they had to do by getting the ‘Human’ ‘Mind’ to ‘Recognize’ the ‘Demon’ as friend and Not as foe – that´s very interesting because that-is ‘What’ our ‘Democracy’ politicians do as-well with ‘All’ their followers: Making sure that they Believe they are ‘Friends’ and Not-‘Foes’ and thus they ‘Corrupt’ the follower to Believe that the ‘promises’-‘Made’ Will be fulfilled, which is exactly the same-way the ‘Demon’ would convince the ‘Mind’ and I mean, you must understand the ‘Human-Being’ does Not-‘Exist’ – The ‘Human-Being’ ‘Exist’ as a ‘Mind’ in-a multi-‘Dimensional’ ‘Reality’ – therefore the ‘Demon’ could ‘penetrate’-the ‘Mind’ through Many ‘Realities’ without the ‘Occupant’ of the ‘Human-Body’ which is a ‘Non-Functional’, ‘Ignorant’, ‘Bundle’ of-‘Fear’ called a ‘Human’ ‘Being’, being unaware of what´s ‘Really’ going-on in anyway whatsoever, Because the ‘Mind’ ‘Confines’ the ‘Occupant’ to a ‘Very’ ‘Limited’ ‘Frequency’ ‘Reigns’ of-‘Perception’ that ‘Moves’ at a ‘Pre-Programmed’ ‘Timed’-‘Designed’ ‘Frame-Speed’ that do-Not ‘Allow-you to even ‘See’ what´s Really ‘Happening’ in ‘Reality’ at All – ‘All’ you have to-do, to do-‘This’ to go and have a-look, Yes, yes, yes – go and have a-look: If you Slow-down ‘Movement’, you will See what´s ‘Really’ ‘Happening’- then you must ask-yourself: Why do you have to slow down time to ‘See’ what´s Happening in-‘Time’? ‘Why’ was it ‘Designed’ like-‘That’, and ‘Why’ are you Not even taught how it-‘Works’? Or Shown ‘How’ it-Works, you can See how Easily to ‘Fool-You’.

Anyway, let´s continue with the ‘Mockery’ called ‘Democracy’, where the ‘Demons’ are ‘Crazy’ –

One of the other interesting thing about ‘Demons’, is that they-tend to-‘Form’ Groups around ‘Leaders’, Purely because they regard the-‘Leader’ as ‘Stronger’ than-them and they Never-intend of Actually or Never-Consider the ‘Possibility’ of another-‘Leader’ Unless they get to ‘Some’ ‘Point’ where they may, through ‘Some’ ‘Form’-Of ‘Manipulation’ may find a-Way to become-‘Leader’, very similar to All our ‘wonderful’ cooperation’s and our ‘wonderful’ political parties, that Run in, always around ‘One’ ‘Simple’-‘Thing’: Who´s gonna-be the ‘Next’-‘One’ in-‘Power’ and The ‘One’ that is in-‘Power’ is ‘Honoured’.

Another interesting thing about ‘Demons’, is that their ‘Basic’-‘Function’ is ‘Greed’ – They ‘Need’ ‘Energy’ – They ‘Need’ ‘Power’- They ‘Need’ ‘Control’ and They Do-‘Anything’ to get-‘That’: ‘Lie’, ‘Deceive’, ‘Cheat’ – you name-it. Who else does ‘That’? ‘Holy’ ‘Fuck’! I mean, What does a ‘Basic’ ‘Human’-‘Being’ do for-‘Money’? What does our-Leaders Do to gain-‘Power’? – They ‘Cheat’, they steal, they-‘Rape’ the-‘Environment’ – They´ll do ‘Anything’ necessary, ’Whatever’ it-‘Takes’: ‘War’, ‘All’ ‘Demonic’ Actions, ‘Whatever’ necessary – but the ‘Picture’ they´ll-‘Present’, would be-‘One’ that is ‘Beautiful’, of ‘Light’ – You can even-‘See’ the ‘Movies’ that-‘Keep’ the ‘Populous’ with ‘Money’-‘Busy’ call themselves ‘ Search-Light’

The Populus with Money-‘busy’ call-themselves ‘Searchlight-Productions’ –‘Why’? ‘Let the ‘Greedy-Human-Demons’ ‘Search for-Light’, call-them ‘Light-Workers’, ‘Promote’ their ‘Religion’, their ‘New-Age’, give-them ‘Hope’ that ‘there’-is ‘something-better’ – all-the-while they ‘Cheat’ just as much-as Everyone-else, they-also ‘Desire’ this ‘Power’ to-be ‘Great’ as ‘Light’, ‘Desiring’ another ‘Reality’ but Not-‘Seeing’ what’s ‘going-on’ right-under their ‘noses’.

So ‘Greed’ is a ‘Principle-Factor’ within -the ‘Existence’ of ‘Demons’ – and a ‘Search’ for-‘Light’ is ‘Greed’, a ‘Desire’ for -Money’ to ‘Attract’-it to-you is ‘Greed’, ‘Desire’ for-‘Power’ to-have ‘Political-Power’ within-which You-Can ‘Decide’ what-‘happens’ to ‘Resources’ of-the Countries and to-be ‘Famous’ – all of-those kind-of-‘things’ are ‘Greed’.

You’ll ‘Notice’ an ‘Interesting-thing’ is busy-‘happening’ in-the World, for instance the ‘Music-Industry’ is ‘Collapsed’-‘Essentially’, Everybody ‘Wanted’ to-be ‘Musicians’ have a-‘look’ on YouTube, oh so many, many, many, many – Have a-‘look’ how-many Now become ‘Successful-Musicians’ that ‘Actually’ ‘Make a-‘Living’- very-few- What-‘Happened’? Through their ‘Greed’ of Everybody wanting-it ‘to-be’, and at the same-time having the Music ‘For-Free’ on the Internet, and ‘Download-it For-Free’ – you-don’t ‘need’-to ‘pay’ for-it – What-‘Happened’? Oops, ‘Music-Industry’ Fucked, by ‘Who’? By ‘Everyone’, the ‘Listener’ and-the ‘Music-Maker’ – Altogether – will they ever-come and ‘ride’ again? Nope, ‘Unfortunately’-Not – all you ‘Musicians’ out-there: You’re Fucked, Your-‘Greed’ ‘Fucked’-You.

So, let’s continue with Our ‘Wonderful’ ‘Immense’ ‘Leaders of the World’, our ‘Demons’ that ‘Guide’ the ‘Demons’, you know? You must-remember there’s an interesting-thing that, the ‘Beast’ Is-Not a ‘Demon’, the ‘Beast’-Is an ‘Animal’, a ‘Demon’ is the ‘Darkside’ of-the ‘Mind’, and you wanna ‘tell’-me, do You-‘know’ Any ‘Human-Being’ that Do Not ‘Have’ a ‘Darkside’ of-the ‘Mind’ that ‘Tend’-to ‘Come-out’ whenever-it ‘Suits’-them? Hmm- You know what-is on Earth-Now? ‘Demons’ called ‘Humans’

What do-We Say at Desteni? ‘Don’t ‘Embrace’ your ‘Demonic-Self’, ‘Embrace’ your ‘Animal-Self’ ‘Be’ the ‘Beast’, Not- the ‘Demon’, because the ‘Demon’ is ‘Divided’, it’s an ‘Individual’ an ‘Inner-Divided-Duality’ with a ‘Fight’-between ‘Good’ and ‘Evil’ in-your ‘Mind’- while the ‘Beast’-Suffer, the ‘Animal’ in-you ‘Suffers’, While-You ‘whatever’ ‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’, while-you ‘Fight’-between ‘God’ and ‘Demon’, ‘God’ and ‘Satan’ and ‘Lucifer’ – all of-it it’s your-‘Imagination’, you know? That’s the whole-‘point’ about ‘Imagination’, a ‘Studios’ you know? They are ‘Presenting’ to-you through-‘Magazines’ – have a-‘look’ at the Word ‘Magazines’ it’s a ‘similar-word’ to ‘Imagination’ have a ‘look’-at your ‘Hollywood-Movies’, who’s ‘Producing’-them? What is-being ‘Produced’? that-which ‘Entice’ Your ‘Demonic-Self’, Your ‘Light-Self’ and Your ‘Dark-Self’ to-have the ‘Eternal-Duel’ of ‘Individuality’- ‘Who wants?’Obviously those ‘Demonic-Leaders’ of-You because they-get ‘All’ and ‘Everything’ you are ‘Producing’ after-all: You-‘Voted’ for-them-

This is ‘How-Much’ your ‘Vote’- ‘Count’, your ‘Vote’ ‘Count’ only-‘Once’ in-an ‘Election’ to ‘put’-some ‘Demonic-Idea’ into-‘Power’ that Do-Not ‘Give a-Fuck’ about what-is ‘Real’ in-‘Reality’, that do-not ‘Give a-Fuck’ about ‘Environment’, that do-not ‘Give a Fuck’ about ‘You’.

And you’ll-make your-‘Decisions’ based-on ‘What?’ Maybe it will ‘Improve’ but-mostly you’ll ‘make-it’ about whether you’ll-get ‘more-Money’, because you’re a ‘Greedy-Fuck’ just-like your-‘Politicians’. Have a-‘look’, ‘Self-Honestly’ it’s ‘so-cool’ to-be ‘able’ to-say ‘I am a ‘Greedy-Fuck’ when you-Know you’re a ‘Greedy-Fuck’, and then to-‘look’ at-it and then to ‘Stop’-it

You-‘know’ That, the ‘Leaders’ in the World can ‘Come-Together’ Today and with a ‘Simple-Decision’ and without ‘much-Difficulty’ Can ‘Approve’ an ‘Equal-Money System’ for the World within-which ‘All’- ‘Greed’ as-it ‘Exists’ ‘Disappear’ within-which All Suffering and Starvation in-time will ‘Disappear’-as the System Will-‘Equalize’ Every-Man On-Earth and ‘Place’-them in-a ‘Position’ to-have a ‘Dignified-Life’.

You-‘know’ what ‘Demons’-Do? Do they ‘Care’- about ‘Dignity’ for ‘All’? No, I mean ‘Demons’ are all-about ‘Winning’, ‘Demons’ Always ‘Play to-Win’. And I mean ‘who’s’ been-‘Winning’ ‘All’ this-‘Time’ Here-on Earth? Which ‘Part’-of You? Your ‘God-Part’ or Your ‘Demon-Part’? Which ‘Part’ has ‘Won’? Which-One is Always-‘Winning’ for Sure: Your ‘Demon-Part’ Always-‘Wins’. And then you-go and stand in front-of your ‘Imaginary-God’ and you ‘Ask’-for ‘Forgiveness’, but ‘Tomorrow’ the ‘Demon’ is ‘Out’-Again, ‘Man-o-Man’, ‘Viciously’ ‘Greedy-Grabber’- ‘Get what-it Wants’ isn’t-it?

And then ‘Tomorrow’ you ‘Forgive’-Again – How-‘Useless’, this ‘Cycle’ , How-‘Useless’ to ‘Continue’ within-this ‘Mockery’ of ‘Democracy’ where our-us Only-‘Demons’ that’s ‘Crazy’ –‘Time’ to-‘Stop’ and ‘Look’ at What-You’re ‘Doing’, ‘Look’-at What You’re ‘Doing’ because you’re.-Not ‘Seeing’, ‘Who’s the Demon, ‘Who’s the Demon’? I’m the ‘Beast’, ‘Who’ the Fuck Are-You?

Get ‘Rid’-of ‘Demons’ and ‘Gods’, ‘Angels’ and ‘Shit’ and ‘Get-Real’ in-this ‘Physical-Reality’, Support Each-Other in the Physical, because after-all, That’s where it’s ‘Real-Pain’, That-is the ‘thing’ that requires ‘Real-Food’ that-is the ‘Part’ that ‘Must-Do’ the ‘Labor’- The ‘Mind’ is ‘The House of Demons’ many, many ‘different’-ones, every Personality is a Demon.

Do you-‘know’ how-many you-‘have’ On-average? 18 ‘Demons’ In-‘You’, if-you ‘Dare’ to ‘Look’-at your-Life you’ll-‘Watch’ when they ‘Come-out, you’ll-‘Watch’ ‘How’-they ‘Dominate’ your-‘Reality’ and ‘How’ they ‘Play to-Win’ No-Matter ‘What’, and you-know what? ‘Who- knows’ the ‘Truth’ about this? Every-Listener to ‘this’ ‘Knows’ the ‘Truth’ because-You ’Talk’ to-Yourself while-you ‘Lie’ and ‘Deceive’ and you-know ‘Exactly’ what-you’re ‘Doing’ – ok, you’re ‘doing-it’ – Fascinating.

‘Time’ to ‘Realize’: the ‘Demons’ have been on ‘Earth’ for a very ‘long’ ‘Time’ and is Actually in-‘Control’ as ‘You’, as ‘Human’…ah sorry, as ‘You’: ‘Human’, Yes – as ‘You-Man’ you-better let the ‘You’ Out-of the ‘Human’ just: ‘Man’: ‘Equal’ – no ‘You-Man’, because ‘You’, man, is the ‘one’ you can’t trust, you ‘Man’.