Interviews from the Farm 33: As ‘The ‘Time of The Beast’ - ‘Arrives’’, ‘The ‘Time of God’ - ‘Ends’’


Interviews with Bernard Poolman

07 Nov 09


So ‘What is ‘Fear’’? ‘Fear’ – Is = ‘The ‘Action’’ ‘The ‘Result’’ ‘The ‘Expression of Yourself’’ – ‘Based’ on the ‘Fact’ that ‘You Already-‘Know’ ‘What you ‘Did’’’.

So For-‘Instance’ –‘Fear of ‘God’’ Is – That ‘You Already-‘Know’’, that ‘In Spite’ of – the ‘Forgiveness Offered’ You’re ‘Continuing’ with ‘Your-‘Sinning’’ – You are ‘Continuing’ to-‘Harm’, and You’re ‘‘Continuing’ Greed’ and ‘You’re ‘Continuing’’ – ‘‘All’ the Facets’, That ‘You-‘Know’’ – Is ‘Not’ ‘What ‘Is’ – The ‘Image’ and ‘Likeness’ of ‘God’’ – of ‘Divinity’. Yet – You ‘‘Claim’ Divinity’.

How the-‘Fuck’ can You do-‘That’ – If ‘You are Not-‘Acting’’ in Every-‘Way’ in ‘Full Understanding’ and ‘As-‘Divinity’’. And – Even If ‘You-‘Fear’’- ‘Darkness’, I Mean – ‘How the-‘Fuck’’ can ‘‘Divinity’ Fear-‘Darkness’’ or Even ‘‘Deny’-It’.

So – ‘Understand’: ‘Compound Resonance’ Is-‘‘Something’ that is ‘Layered’ – ‘Based’-On ‘Actions’ ‘‘Deliberately’-Based’ on a ‘‘Particular’-Outcome’’. This ‘Reality’ is ‘‘Based’ On’ ‘Compound Resonance’. That ‘Means’ – ‘Deliberate-Actions’ That Is ‘‘Done’ to ‘Harm’’.

‘How’?, ‘‘Why’ to Harm’’? Because – ‘You-‘Want to Win’’. It’s ‘Done’ In ‘‘The Name’ of ‘Winning’’, In – ‘‘The Name’ of ‘Being Successful’’, In ‘‘The Name’ of ‘Being the Best’’ – ‘No Matter’ ‘What-‘Effect’ It-‘Has’’ ‘On-‘Those’ That Are’ ‘Not Going to ‘Stand’ With-‘You’’ = ‘Deliberate-‘Harm’’ – ‘Ego’.

‘Knowledge’ – ‘Is the ‘Act’’ of ‘‘Deliberate’ Harm’, because – if You-‘‘Use’ The-‘Knowledge’’ and You ‘Base’-‘your-‘Reality’ on ‘Knowledge’’ – ‘That ‘Knowledge’’ Is ‘‘Always’ Going to ‘Stand’’ – ‘‘Above’ The Individual’. The ‘Knowledge’ Will ‘‘Always’ Be’ ‘‘More’ Than ‘The Individual’’ = Therefore – There ‘Is No-‘Equality’’ – There is ‘Only’ ‘Abuse In-‘Knowledge’’.

And ‘The More-‘Knowledge’’ – ‘The ‘Lesser’ The ‘Being’’. Because ‘Eventually’ – ‘The ‘Knowledge’’ and ‘The ‘Being’’ Become ‘Polarity ‘Opposites’’ and ‘The ‘Being’’ ‘Starts To ‘Specialise’’ – Now the ‘Lies’ are ‘Getting-‘Really Special’’ – And ‘The ‘Being’ Become ‘Incapable’’, of ‘Speaking’ – on a ‘‘Individual Level’ at ‘All Times’ In ‘Honesty’’.

‘All ‘Words’’ are ‘Measured’ – ‘Based’-On ‘The ‘Design’’ that ‘The ‘Being’’ is ‘‘Busy’-With’ ‘‘Implementing’ To-‘Win’’ = ‘‘All’ Deception’ – Can ‘You’ ‘‘See’ That’.

Esteni: Ya

This Is ‘‘What ‘This Reality’’ ‘‘Exist’ Out-Of’’’: ‘Just-‘Deception’’ – And ‘‘Everyone’ In this-‘Reality’’ ‘‘Participate’ – ‘All the Time’ ‘Only’ ‘In Deception’’- ‘‘Measured’-Words’ – to ‘‘AsCertain’ An-‘Outcome’’, Where – ‘The Individual ‘Win’’ or ‘Is ‘Better Off’’ = ‘‘No-Matter’ What Happens to ‘Others’’.

That ‘Is’ – Where ‘‘Fear’ Is ‘Originating’-From’ – Because, ‘You-‘Know’’, That ‘Inevitably’ – ‘You Going To ‘Be ‘Caught Out’’’. That Is ‘Where ‘God’ has ‘Become’ Such an – ‘Phenomenal-‘Phenomena’’’ – Because – It Is ‘The ‘Way’ to ‘Justify’’ – ‘Deception’; Because ‘‘You’ can ‘Say’’: “As ‘‘Long’ As ‘I’ ‘Believe’ in ‘God’ and ‘Jesus Christ’ ‘‘Died’ for ‘My Sins’’’= I Can ‘Keep-On ‘Sinning’’, Because – ‘I Must Just Ask Him ‘Forgiveness’’. ‘I Am’ – ‘‘Human’ Afterall’, and I ‘Do ‘Make Mistakes’’, so Therefore – ‘I ‘Accept’’ ‘My ‘Human Nature’’ = I ‘Accept’ that ‘I’m ‘Born in Sin’’, because That Is what ‘God’ ‘Wants ‘Me’ to ‘Do’’ – Therefore, I’m ‘Going To ‘Sin’’, I’m ‘Going To ‘Make Mistakes’’ – …and ‘God’ ‘‘Placed’ Me-‘Here’’, so ‘He’ ‘‘Wants’ me to be ‘Successful’’, ‘He’ ‘‘Wants’ me to ‘Win’’ – that’s ‘What ‘‘God’-Wants’’. ‘Look’ ‘How-‘Much’’ ‘He ‘Want’ Me to ‘Win’’ – He Even ‘Sent His-‘Son’’ to ‘‘Die’ for Me’ so that ‘‘I can ‘Win’’. ‘‘I ‘‘Must’ be a ‘Winner’’ – ‘No Matter What It Takes’. Now ‘‘God’ Did ‘The Same for ‘Everyone’’’ – so if You’re-‘Not a ‘Winner’’ = Not ‘My-‘Problem’’. ‘Oh-‘Man’’ -‘You Didn’t ‘Take the Opportunity’ ‘‘God’ Gave You’’ – To ‘Go and ‘Deceive’’ ‘As Much As You Possibly Can’”.

‘Compound Resonance’ – ‘Consciousness’ is ‘Compound Resonance’ – ‘‘Based’ On ‘The Deception’ of ‘Humanity’’; ‘Every Single ‘Breath’’.

‘CONsciousness’ -‘CONning’ –‘‘Conning’ Each-Other’, so that: ‘You do Not ‘Have’’, to – ‘Be ‘Conscious’’ Of -‘What you’re-‘Doing’’. So ‘You ‘Forget’’ and ‘You ‘Justify’’, and – ‘You ‘Make it Right’’ and you ‘Give-‘Excuses’’ – and ‘‘Find’ Ways’ to ‘‘Enlighten’ Yourself’, so that you can ‘Justify ‘Why’’ ‘‘You Must ‘Act’ Within ‘The Systems’’ that Is ‘Currently Existent’ In This ‘Reality’’.

There is ‘No ‘Consciousness’’ – There’s ‘No ‘Conscience’’. How can ‘‘Anyone’ in ‘This Reality’’ – ‘Sleep’; with a ‘Clean-‘Conscience’’? There is Not ‘One’.

Every Single Day – ‘You are ‘‘Scheming’ in ‘‘Your’-Mind’’ – ‘Ways’ to ‘Win’, to ‘‘Help’ Others to ‘Lose’’ = as-‘Long as You’re ‘Winning’’, as-‘Long as You’re ‘Successful’’, ‘as ‘Long As’ – ‘‘Your Story’ is ‘Taken’ ‘‘As’ the Fuckin’ ‘Gospel’’. ‘Go ‘Spell Out’’ (GoSpel) ‘The Fuckin’ ‘Truth’’ – ‘‘How’ you are ‘‘Placing ‘Spells’ on Each Others’’, ‘How you are ‘‘Sentencing’ Each Others’ with the ‘‘Sentences’ You-‘Speak’’’ – ‘Never-Mind’ ‘The ‘Written Word’’.

‘All of it has Become the ‘‘Writ’ of ‘Reality’’’, But – it will get ‘‘Rid of You’ After-All’.

So – As-‘This Reality ‘Implodes’’, ‘What ‘‘Will’-Remain’ = Is ‘The ‘Truth’’ of ‘This ‘Reality’’ – the ‘‘Godly Nature’ of ‘Man’’ ‘‘Exposed’ As The ‘Deception’’ – ‘As ‘The ‘Deception’’ That It-‘Is’’ – with ‘‘The Beast’ Remaining’, ‘Having to ‘Learn’’ – ‘From ‘Scratch’’: ‘How to ‘‘Live’ In Dignity’’, ‘Self-Honesty’, and ‘The ‘Realization’’ – Of the ‘Common Nature’ of ‘‘Man’ As ‘Flesh’’. And that ‘The ‘Flesh’’ – ‘Requires’ – ‘Certain-‘‘Specific’ Support’’ to ‘Be ‘Effective’’.And That – ‘The ‘‘Godly’ Mind’’ – ‘The ‘‘Structure’ of ‘Deception’’ – ‘The ‘Structure’ of ‘Intelligence’’ that is ‘‘Designed’ to ‘Deceive’’ – ‘Evolution’ that is ‘‘Designed’ to ‘Harm’’, and ‘Destroy’ – where ‘‘Only’ The ‘Strong Wins’’ = That is ‘The ‘Principle’ of ‘Evolution’’: ‘Deception’.

As ‘The ‘Time of The Beast’ – ‘Arrives’’, ‘The ‘Time of God’ – ‘Ends’’ – and it ‘Ends’ at ‘The ‘Note’’ of ‘What it has ‘Always Been’’: ‘Pure-‘Deception’’ – ‘Pure ‘Harm’’, ‘‘Deliberate’’ Harm’ – ‘as Much as Possible’: That there is ‘‘Nothing’ Left’ – but a ‘Consciousness’ of ‘Deceit’.