Interviews from the Farm 34: Social Equality


Interviews with Bernard Poolman

26 Nov 09


‘On’ the ‘Subject of Equal-Money’ – it is ‘‘Important to ‘Observe’’, that: The ‘‘Tendency’-Is’ – to ‘Use’ the ‘‘People’ that ‘Act in Ways’’, which is ‘Seen’ as ‘Criminal or Evil’ to ‘Obtain-‘Money’’ – is ‘‘Blamed’ as ‘Evil and Criminal’’. The ‘‘Fact’ of ‘The Matter’’ is, that – One should ‘Rather ‘Consider’’, that: The ‘People ‘With Money’’ that ‘Use’ a ‘‘System’ to ‘‘Protect’-Them’’ and ‘Secure their-‘Position’’ – ‘In the ‘Face of Others’’, so that ‘‘They’-Are’ in the ‘Safe-Place’ In ‘This ‘World’’, ‘With ‘Everything they Desire’’ = ‘They are ‘Presenting a Picture’’, to – ‘The People with ‘No-Money’’, that will ‘‘Cause’-Them’, within ‘Their ‘Secret-Mind’’ – to ‘Develop ‘Ways’’ and ‘Justify ‘Ways’’ to ‘Try’ and ‘Obtain ‘Money’’, which will ‘End-Up’ in ‘So-Called’ – ‘Criminal-Activity’. The ‘‘Real’ ‘Criminal in the Story’’, though – is ‘Those’ that are ‘Using ‘Systems to Protect-Themselves’’, from the ‘Have-Not’s’ – ‘Deliberately’, and – ‘Do ‘Nothing’’, About – ‘Changing a ‘System’’, that – where there will be ‘‘Equality’ For ‘All’ In ‘All-Ways’’, so that – ‘These’ Kind-of ‘Points’ is ‘No-Longer ‘Necessary’’ to ‘Exist’.

So – it is ‘Important’, To ‘Not ‘‘Look’ at ‘News and Information’’ and the ‘Way’ it is ‘Presented’. But to ‘Go and ‘Look’’ – ‘‘Behind-It’ at ‘The System’’ that is ‘Promulgating’, that is ‘Promoting’, or – that is ‘Causing’ the Various-‘Behaviours’ that is ‘Seen As-‘Socially Unacceptable’’.

The ‘‘Real’-‘Social Unacceptable Situation’’, is: That there is a ‘System’ that ‘Creates’ – ‘Polarities’ and ‘Opposites’, and – that ‘Divide People’ Into-‘Groups’; ‘Specifically’ – ‘‘Have’s’ and ‘Have-Not’s’’ – On a ‘Planet’ where ‘Nobody’ – is ‘Special’ = ‘Everybody’ is ‘Made’ ‘From the ‘Dust’ of ‘The Earth’’, is ‘‘Equal’ As-‘That’’. Therefore – The ‘Systems’ that ‘Support’ ‘Everything and Everyone’, in ‘This ‘World’’, ‘‘Must’ Be’ = ‘‘As’ Equal’ – ‘As a ‘Statement’’ of ‘Understanding’, that ‘One’: ‘Is’, ‘‘From’ the Same-‘Source’’, the ‘Same-‘God’’, which ‘Is’ = The ‘Physical-‘Dust’’, and the ‘Air you-‘Breathe’’. That is your-‘Proof’, that – ‘‘All’-Beings’ are ‘Created-‘Equal’’.

The ‘Beings’ are The ‘One’s’, that is ‘Causing’ the ‘Inequality’ = This is ‘Done’ ‘Through-‘Systems’’.

‘‘This’ is the ‘Point’’ that ‘Desteni ‘‘Stand’-For’’, that ‘Must be ‘Stopped’’. There ‘‘Must’ Be’ – ‘Equality’ – ‘In-‘All-Ways’’, ‘Not-‘Only’’ in the ‘Way’ ‘you-‘Eat’’, the ‘Way’ ‘you-‘Shit’’, the ‘Way’ ‘you-‘Breathe’’ and The ‘Substance’ of ‘Dust’ and ‘Water’ you’re-‘Made-Up From’.

So ‘Investigate’, and ‘Expose’ – The ‘Way’ The ‘System’, is ‘Causing’: ‘Anti-Social -‘Behaviour’’ that is ‘Just’, ‘Justified and Judged’ – to ‘Keep’ a ‘System of ‘Control’’ ‘In-Place’, that is ‘Not-‘Necessary’’ if ‘Love’, ‘In-Fact’, ‘Exist’ = ‘Prove’ – that you ‘Love your Neighbour’ in the ‘Actions you Take’ and How It ‘Support’ ‘Life On Earth’. ‘Prove’ – that ‘What you Do’ is the ‘Best For-All’. Don’t ‘Just ‘Pay Lip-Service’’. ‘Stop’ ‘All-‘Religions’’, because that is ‘Lip-Service’ – and it ‘Only’, is ‘‘Based’-On’; ‘Someone’ ‘Attempting to Make-‘Money’ and ‘Have a ‘Special Secure Life’’, ‘‘Based’-On’ a ‘So-Called ‘Belief-System’’.

‘Equal Money For-All’ – and ‘‘Equal’ Support-System’, an ‘‘Equal’ Resource-System’, an ‘‘Equal’-System’ where there is ‘Food’ and ‘‘Shelter’ For-Everyone’ On ‘‘This’ Planet-Earth’ = ‘Is ‘Inevitable’’. You Either ‘Going to ‘Be’’ – ‘‘With’-Us’, ‘In’ – ‘Getting This-‘Done’’ or ‘You will ‘Stand’’ as ‘‘Part’ of ‘‘Those’-Elite’’, that ‘Want to be ‘Special’’ and ‘Want to have ‘Power Over Others’’, which is – In-Itself = a ‘Anti-Social ‘Behaviour-Pattern’’. We Suggest You-‘Stop-That’, and ‘Consider’: ‘All Beings’ – ‘‘Within’ This-Reality’, ‘As-‘Equal’’.

Do-Not – ‘Look at ‘Intellect’’. ‘Intellect’ is ‘Purely’ a ‘Sideshow’, ‘Sideshow ‘‘Based’-On’ – ‘DNA-Programming’, on – ‘Specific Education Opportunities’. ‘‘Look’-At’ the ‘Functionality’ and the ‘Outflows’ of an ‘Equal Social-System’, within-which – there ‘Will Be’, through-‘Time’: A ‘Change’, and ‘Again’ – ‘Everyone’ will be Able to ‘Walk ‘This Earth’’ ‘Without-‘Fear of Each-Other’’. ‘Stop’ ‘All This-‘Control’’.

If you are ‘Unable’ – to ‘‘See’ what I’m ‘Saying’’, ‘Understand’ that ‘You are ‘Mind-Controlled’’. That means – Your-‘Perceptual-Reality’ has been ‘Shaped’, that you are ‘Unable’ to ‘‘See’ ‘‘What it-‘Is’’ you’re-‘Doing’’. ‘Stop’.‘Re-investigate’ – ‘‘What’ you’ve ‘Become’’, and ‘Embrace’ – ‘All Living-Forms’, ‘As-‘Equals’’ – and ‘Find Ways’, to ‘Co-Exist’ = ‘In-‘Peace’’.