Interviews from the Farm 35: Interview with Rapport Newspaper in English (Part 8-9)


Interviews with Bernard Poolman

28 Nov 09

(Part 1 to 7 of this interview are in Afrikaans)


Part 8 in English:

Bernard: Marlen, she wants to… come and be interviewed.

Marlen: Yeah?

Johannes: Marlen can I ask you, what brings you here? How did you find out about Desteni? And why did you come?

Marlen: Well basically it was through videos in YouTube

Johannes: ok

Marlen: And then obviously I went to the website. Basically what I saw in each and every single video was Common Sense of how the World is being, you know ‘Controlled’, how the World is Existing, How we as Human Beings are in this System –

Johannes: But these were the videos with Sunette in, right? Because she was Portalling

Marlen: Yeah obviously those were like the first videos that were out

Johannes: Ok

Marlen: So when I went through the material, I didn’t see any point that I could actually doubt in terms of the Information – not the actual point of the Portal or her being outside of her body, etcetera- it was merely the information that made complete sense, that I could actually verify in my world, in my own experience and see that obvious point: ‘Hey, we’re all Human Beings, we’re all existing in the same way = Programmed, so…

Johannes: But I mean it must’ve ‘moved’ you, just not have been interesting but ‘moved’ you in some extreme way that you flew all away across the ocean to come here.

Marlen: Yeah, obviously because I see, I saw how things.. let’s say I began opening myself into seeing the world in a different way, which I

Johannes: Yeah

Marlen: I hadn’t considered before – I was severely ‘blindfolded’ by beliefs, I had a belief on you know this point of ‘god’ or an ‘energy’ or whatever – all these philosophies, all of them - I saw everything compiled yet placed with certain precision that I couldn’t actually deny anything.

Johannes: yeah

Marlen: And I had you know previously researched a lot of things, many websites, many people – they all had this point where I said ‘hey, this cannot be completely ‘true’

Johannes: But when did you come over then?

Marlen: Well I came here around 4 months ago

Johannes: Ok

Marlen: Basically I’ve been in the forum for over a year now, let’s say a year and a half now – the point of being in the Forum is applying yourself, supporting yourself, you’re not going to get any proof of ‘hey this is the ‘real-thing’- no, you have to prove what’s being provided for you as Tools of Self Support – so I had been through before ‘Self Support’ but it was never at this level.

Johannes: No,

Marlen: yeah

Johannes: Can I, who else here is from abroad?

Bernard: An interesting thing when she first came to Desteni she was a prolific weed-smoker, tell him your story

Johannes: ok

Marlen: Oh, yeah. I mean I would smoke weed, every single day and that was the first proof that I said ‘I’m not controlled by this point in my life anymore, I’m going to prove that if I’m able to stop anything within me that it’s generated by the mind as a habit, for example, I am able to do this – and one day ‘cold turkey’ I quit.

Johannes: ok

Marlen: And I mean, I’ve been like that for over a year now, so – It was one of the ‘first points’ that I took on, as Myself as a point of ‘Standing up’, lets say. So that was the first point and the Support that I got from people in the Forum, that was also a cool point because otherwise, you see people falling or ‘reinstating’ in their habits, whatever – but you see people ‘Standing up’ = that’s what actually creates the Network of Support.

Johannes: Is there anybody else here who had the experience of any sort of ‘Nasty’ Habits that you would, that Desteni, – I see everybody smokes though –

Marlen: Well, you have to define ‘Nasty’ –

Katie: Like sitting round, like being completely lost in what you’re, what you think you are and just not having any way of directing yourself whatsoever....

Johannes: Yeah

Bernard: Lots of people has been involved with some form of ‘Drug Abuse’ and that would end up not doing drugs anymore, some in alcohol as well I mean, when I first met Esteni what was her primary entertainment, was weed and stuff – it’s all gone, it’s no longer part of or being controlled by the drugs – it’s one of the points is to Stop the Abuse of things like that.

Johannes: Yeah

Esteni: Also Asthma

Johannes: Asthma? Ok

Esteni: Asthma is a symptom of a specific ‘behavior-pattern’

Johannes: Yeah – You’re from the U.S. obviously

Katie: Yep

Johannes: And you’re from?

Cameron: U.S.

Johannes: U.S. then…

Bernard: They’re both students

LJ: South Africa

Leila: Belgium

Maite: Belgium

Gian: South Africa

Andrea: South Africa

Anna: I’m from Denmark

Johannes: Denmark, how’s he?

Jorn: Netherlands

Matti: U.S.

Johannes: U.S. and?

Andrew: Canada

Johannes: Canada, you are from the website, no? Andrew I think is your name.

Andrew: Yeah.

Johannes: I saw it on the website, your story.

Andrew: Yeah.

Johannes: You’re sitting under the stream there. You do Art.

Andrew: Ah, yeah.

Johannes: Ja, no I read your story.

Andrew: Oh, ok.

Johannes: And there was another guy as well he’s called ‘Sven’ or something, young one.

Bernard: eh?

Johannes: There’s somebody else’s story on the website as well – ‘Sven’ I think or something? From Sweden? Blonde, Viktor - sorry

Leila: Yeah, he was here.

Bernard: Yeah, he’s back

Johannes: Is he gone?

Bernard: He’s already left, ja

Johannes: So how long has everybody been here, you’ve spent here the longest, 16 months –

Gian: Yeah I’ve been here 16 months.

Johannes: And the rest of you – like, what, how long have you been here?

Bernard: The Farm only exists for 16 months

Esteni: The farm’s only been here 16 months, we only moved here 16 months ago

Johannes: Ok so you’ve been here from the start.

Bernard: From the start, ja.

Leila: First people came about one year ago

Bernard: One of the things also is that, what we impress is that people must study,

Johannes: Oh yeah?

Bernard: Ok –so, he’s studying mathematics and Cameron and Katie…

Johannes: You mean study just sort of by themselves, or through some Institution?

Bernard: Study through Institution, they doing..

Katie: UNISA

Bernard: They’re doing, they started in the U.S. they’re continuing here in UNISA now, studying both what? Mathematics as Major...

Johannes: Ok

Bernard: Then several is now starting through UNISA doing Psychology

Johannes: Ok

Bernard: which is the ‘main-field’ of study with many is Psychology. And they’re doing a degree, specifically.

Johannes: Ja, if you had to do like a rough estimate, how many people have been through here that have come and stayed and moved on. I mean is it like a hundred?

Bernard: No,

Johannes: 50?

Marlen: 30

Bernard: About 30 so far

Everyone: yeah

Bernard: No we don’t have a lot of space we’re at maximum-capacity at the moment

Johannes: Ok

Bernard: We can’t handle more than this, I mean this is the only amount of rooms we have

Johannes: Now, let’s say you for instance if I may ask. What made you pick up in the U.S - I mean obviously there’s something in the U.S. somewhere you could’ve ‘gone’ or something or not, or what?

Katie: Yeah I mean, my family’s there but.

Johannes: Yeah

Katie: It’s not like a ‘risk’ to come here I mean I know, I realize I’m going to be staying here for a certain amount of time and then I’ll go back, so

Johannes: Ok

Katie: It’s not like I want… it was just cool that we were invited to come here and work with everyone here and just kind of ‘take a break’ from the whole ‘rush’ of like trying to get a job and trying to you know, all that kind of stuff – so to take time here to get to study and just work on the farm and, do anything here that’s needed.

Johannes: yeah

Katie: whether it’s working on documents or different little projects around here, so

Johannes: Where’s Bernard? Is he still here?

Bernard: Ja,

Johannes: Bernard you know like ouks-, I’ll tell you honestly what, how I see the thing: I completely ‘buy’ the idea that Soci…the World, as we experiencing it, is some ‘big brain-wash’ happening here. That we’re all ‘been taken for a ride’ and most of us either know it and don’t do anything or we – so I ‘buy’ that, but I think where I sort of, the thing I have ‘difficulty’ with and this is what most people have ‘difficulty with’- is when you start talking about the Annunaki and about the…

Bernard: Obviously

Johannes: that kind of thing – so that’s why I’m actually wondering I mean all of these things, you’re all studying and I get the idea this is above sort of ‘average-intelligent-group’ here – I might be wrong but I get the idea -

Bernard: I mean…

Johannes: so many people would read something and they would think: ‘But are these people crazy or stupid, why do they believe all these ‘weird’ things?’–

Bernard: Careful with what you saying,

Johannes: Yeah?

Bernard: We’re not saying: ‘Listen to what the Annunaki is saying’, we’re saying: ‘Check the Information’ –

Johannes: Ja,

Bernard: Doesn’t matter where it comes from, I mean everybody believes some invisible guy called ‘God’ has got a ‘major-message’ in this ‘thick-book’ – have you ever actually checked if the Fucker Exist?

Johannes: No, I know but I mean the more people ‘buying’ into the thing, the easier is I think to join

Bernard: Correct, correct

Johannes: but so I was wondering if most people here actually do, I mean, ‘believe’ the ‘Belief System’

Bernard: It’s never been Relevant as such, we’re just sharing for a moment – you must understand the Reptilians don’t as ‘Reptilians’ exist-anymore,

Johannes: Oh ja?

Bernard: I mean that was a ‘Projected-Existence’ it’s just like the Sumerians of which you read the Sumerian Tablets: they don’t-exist anymore, the Mayans don’t-exist anymore –their information is still here.

Esteni: You know how I look at the Information is: if you look at your ‘History books’ what’s written in History is what the people ‘wanted to be written in History’, but what is important in the History-points is actually watching how the ‘Patterns’ unfolded and how we are Actually Projecting and living those points today

Johannes: Ja, ja

Esteni: so the actual story is not important to me, the Information in the story is what I look at

Johannes: No, I – ja definitively



Part 9 in English:

Bernard: What was nice about the ‘Reptilian story’ is there is a lot of ‘Hype’ about-it, so it becomes a ‘nice-carrier’ for information

Johannes: right – and I think that’s the same Sunette with the work you do because it is kind of ‘spectacular’ when you see it you know? I mean it’s… after the ‘ordinary’ for yourself, I mean yourself you must be ‘surprised’ every time it ‘happens’ I would assume.

Sunette: No, no it’s really normal and natural

Johannes: Really?

Sunette: The whole experience, yes – It’s me, it’s Who I Am

Johannes: Ja

Sunette: And, the point in terms of what we’re doing and why in terms of the End-Result for the World and for everything-else, that is what is Important, that is what is Relevant

Johannes: Ok, but I mean someone like – you

Matti: Yeah?

Johannes: When you started looking at...Did you get to know Desteni by over the web, I'm assuming, the YouTube videos?

Matti: Yeah, through the YouTube videos.

Johannes: And was it, kind of, what was your first impression? Science fiction or?

Matti: Well, I'd come from a background of spirituality, so –

Johannes: Spirituality, meaning sort of like alternative..

Matti: Like ascended masters, and meditation and there's like a huge body of knowledge, spirituality knowledge. My experience had been kind of moving from this book to this book, to this technique to that technique, this group to that group, I'd been to UFO groups, things like this, I had 'spiritual experiences' and yet my experience was like a constant 'shifting' of apparently what my purpose is within all of that, according to the next book that comes in, so..

Johannes: Ja.

Matti: My experience in seeing some of the perspective on spirituality presented in the Desteni videos was that I immediately started to actually get some perspective on my experience of 'searching for my purpose' within spirituality.

Johannes: Ok.

Matti: It sort of put spirituality in context within my - within like, what's the principle of spirituality? The principle of spirituality is looking for your 'purpose', looking for 'who you really are'.

Johannes: Ja,.

Matti: So within then the perspective given about spirituality in the Desteni videos, I was able to see that whole starting point which - the whole starting point of me looking for something, looking for my purpose - looking for something, a 'better experience' of myself, which I hadn't even realized that had been my starting point when I was within all the spirituality.

Johannes: Ja,.

Matti: So then in seeing, ah this is what I've been doing, this is actually the experience of searching – is, my attraction to spirituality has actually this whole time been, me 'looking for myself. Looking for something, so then..

Johannes: Yeah, and this is Desteni that made you realize this, I mean, this was the culmination of –

Matti: Yeah, I was able to put my whole experience, and then taking the perspective given and then looking at my actual experience of myself within spirituality - I was able to see, oh this is what I'm actually doing - and then, through the tools provided, here's how you can actually start to sort out this confusion, this 'searching'.

Johannes: Ja.

Matti: You know, apply Self Honesty, write all this stuff down – make sense, start to make sense of your experience under your own Self Direction, not according to a projection of what you've read that apparently is your purpose.

Johannes: Yeah. Your name though?

Matti: My name's Matti.

Johannes: And that is M A T T Y.

Matti: M A T T I.

Johannes: T I. And your last name?

Matti: Freeman.

Johannes: Freeman. How old are you?

Matti: I'm twenty six.

Johannes: Twenty six - how old are you, Ma, Ma, Ma?

Marlen: Marlen.

Johannes: Marlen

Marlen: Twenty three.

Johannes: Twenty three - how's your real name spelled? M A R.

Marlen: M A R L E N - my last name is V A R G A S.

Johannes: Vargas - there's a well known writer, named Vargas - Fred Vargas - writes French books about werewolves and things.

Group: (Laughter)

Johannes: Did you know that?

Marlen: Might be related, might be not

Bernard: Just, where's Darryl? Get Darryl.

Esteni: Darryl is checking the dogs.

Johannes: Darryl is the guy from Iowa or Illinois or somewhere?

Matti: From Ohio.

Bernard: Leslie-John, replace Darryl.

Johannes: You guys do really smoke a lot, everybody smokes here is there a reason for that? Isn't that one of those drugs that you're supposed to be freed of?

Bernard: It doesn't influence your perspective. So, everybody smoke, I smoke - I mean, at least we all stink together.

Johannes: Ja.

Bernard: Just a perspective, when we did the videos, it was very important to report exactly what it is we are experiencing - so if there's a reptilian talking we say there's a reptilian talking, I mean, what should I say? This being, claiming to be a reptilian and we have an eyewitness saying it is a reptilian, you - what the fuck do you do now?

Johannes: Ja.

Bernard: Do you say no, somebody is lying - I mean, you can't say that, because we have done every possible point to make sure, by having eyewitnesses, by correlating the information - in terms of whatever information one can find in the world, so there's definitely, some value."

Johannes: Okay, but that's not the main...

Bernard: But that's not the point,

Johannes: Ok, ja.

Bernard: The point is simplistically to report what we found, because, say you die one day and you get to the other side and you see there's reptilians, at least you can say fuck, Desteni didn't fuckin lie to me. (Laughter) Because I mean, you're going to die."

Johannes: But the essence of your - of the message, and I mean this is obviously summarizing it to the point of maybe even summarizing it too much, but what you're basically saying is people need to start adjusting to the idea that this world and this life is what is of worth and living this life to the fullest by this process of Forgiveness, you can get yourself to that point - and you have to even walk the same route with some of these demons as well -"

Bernard: You must, you must, have a look at Self Honesty, place yourself in the shoes of another, and see if you would be willing to live their life.

Johannes: Ja,.

Bernard: I mean if you can't support them to live a life – you’re willing to live - you're not Self Honest."

Johannes: Okay.

Bernard: I mean you are not actually loving that person, you are not living any form of dignity.

Johannes: Ok, Gian hoe het jy hier gekom?

Gian: Well ek het met Leslie John umm gekommunikeer oor face book

Johannes: Ok

Gian: En met die selfoon – mix it.

Johannes: Oh, ja.

Gian: En toe hoor ek van die plaas, en toe sê ek vir hom ek wil hiernatoe kom, en toe sê ek vir my ouers ook ek wil hierna toe kom, my ma was teen dit.

Johannes: Ok.

Gian: En toe hou ek aan baklei, en toe kom ek hierna toe saam met my pa, en toe sê ek, ek gaan bly tot Desember, dit was in 2008, en toe bly ek maar hierso ver altyd.

Johannes: Ok, sorry, wie wie’s John van wie jy gepraat het.

Maite: He is now by the dogs.

Leila: Ja, he just switched with Darryl.

Bernard: Oh that is my son.

Johannes: Ok, and Gian jy is G I A N,

Gian: Ja.

Johannes: Last name?

Gian: Robberts.

Johannes: Hoe oud is jy?

Gian: Ek is negentien.

Gian: En dit is met ‘n dubbele B

Bernard: Of all the people that has been participating with Desteni, the longest it’s Darryl. Darryl started participating before the videos came, just on the documents.

Johannes: : Okay.

Bernard: So… (Group laughter)

Johannes: : So what made you come over, Darryl?

Darryl: I was uh, actually I was… very impressed with the directness of what was being presented, especially with something so ordinary that you don’t think of - but it was the concept of self-honesty.

Johannes: : Oh, Ja,.

Darryl: Very… Such a radical concept in my life, because after looking at that, I saw that I my whole life was dishonest.

Johannes: : Ja. Have you, have you been here since you first came, or do you come and go back and come…

Darryl: I’ve been here twice, second time.

Johannes: : Okay. How long for?

Darryl: Uh, four months the last time, volunteer visa right now.

Johannes: : And what I am wondering here is that do you sort of go back and spread the word? I mean, do you sort of form a group over there, discussion group or something, have lectures?

Darryl: That’s what the internet’s for.

Johannes: : Okay.

Darryl: We don’t have lectures; we have the You Tube videos, and the message boards, and the blogs,

Johannes: : Okay. So it’s all virtual community. I mean, there’s no actual congregation anywhere?

Darryl: - It’s a lot faster. It’s instant. We use the power of the internet.

Johannes: : What’s your last name, Darryl?

Darryl: Thomas

Johannes: : Thomas, and your age?

Darryl: 51.

Johannes: : 51. (Looks up again in shock at Darryl who doesn’t look a day over 35). Really? (Group laughter) Okay, so I see you push the average up a bit here.

Darryl: It’s the genes and the cheekbones.

Johannes: : Well, okay. Sorry I spoke to you as well and didn’t get your name either.

Katie: Katie.

Johannes: : Katie, and your last name?

Katie: Conklin. CONKLIN.

Johannes: : CONKLIN. Okay, “Katie” with an “ie” or a -

Katie: ie.

Johannes: : Katie, and your age?

Katie: 23.

Johannes: : 23. It is sort of mostly younger people, though. Why is that?

Bernard: Well, on the forum you have older people. (Crosstalk) For younger people it’s just easier to travel, because they’re not yet in a job, (Crosstalk) or family. So older people can’t travel so easily.

Johannes: : Yeah, but now this is eventual... inevitably going to lead to people being worried that you are going to steal their children or something?

Maite: Not really.

Bernard: Maite’s and Leila’s mother has been here, she’s a remedial teacher in Belgium, she came down and visited.

Johannes: : And what was her impression?

Maite: She really enjoyed it. After a month she was much more relaxed. And now she just basically took a vacation.

Bernard: Their brother is on the way, now. Next month.

Johannes: Okay.

Bernard: Also coming. So, Darryl’s background is what is, he’s into writing.

Johannes: : Okay. Author?

Darryl: Uh, not yet. I’m working on it. More blogging.

Johannes: : Thanks, guys. I think Bernard said we can have a quick walk around.


Johannes: : JA, I think it’s not dripping at the moment (referring to the rain showers that morning), so maybe we can, Is dit reg so.

Bernard: Ja, laat ons gaan stap.

Johannes: : So, thanks for your time. I hope you all find what you’re looking for in life.

Marlen: We’re not looking for anything.

(Group laughter)