Interviews from the Farm 36: Gangs that Rule the World


Interviews with Bernard Poolman

29 Nov 09


Ok – let´s first discuss gangs specifically: Gangs are Pre-Programmed – you´re Pre-Programmed to respond to particular Key-Phrases, Key-Ideas – which will group people together, within which they will chose a gang-leader and they would experience a feeling of Power – The Point of feeling Powerful is quite important within the Human, because within the Face of Creation, the Human feels rather small.

So in the natural evolutionary development of every child that comes in Here, as you´re integrating into the Mind and into the social structure that is Pre-Existing as Consciousness Here, you will go through a phase, where you will, as a youngster go through, become part of a gang and that happens both with males and females – female ganging up is little different to male ganging up, and they will do obviously different things related to whether they´re male or female, but you´re primary gangs in the world are for instance…

Now, gangs with Sub-gangs, I mean it´s like Christianity: you have your primary gang in Christianity which has got keywords like “Jesus” and “God” and “Free Will that´s given to you by God” and that you are born in Sin and all of those kind of things which is important to identify all the Keywords – if you do not speak the Keywords to a gang-member, you are not seen as part of the gang and you are immediately attacked by all the gang-members, it is like an automated response.

You have the same with the Atheists: The Atheists will use Keywords like “reason” and “science” and “logic” and “evolution”, points like that and if you do not follow and speak the “lingo” of the gang, then the whole gang will gang up against you and attack you.

The same with Islam, will specifically have Points like “Mohammad” and “Allah” and the various ways of spelling names and working together and the way woman dress: all gang-signs that´s specific, if you´re not part of the gang: again, you will be ostracized and attacked.

You have the same with the Jewish gangs in terms of how they operate.

You´ll also see each of gangs have a specific Family-Structure and a way to educate the children to Pre-Program them and integrate them into the gang, because the gang is seen as Protection – protection against the World, protection against other gangs and each gang, you´re gonna have, look at the world on a world map, you can kind of see where is the gang-areas and where is the conflict areas, where the gangs touch and then obviously each gang has got certain wealth and resources and that wealth and resources is desired by the other gang and so they will then find ways to trade and/or take each others’ resources through gang-wars and at the end of the day, the Human Being itself is nothing but fodder, just a smaller a piece of Consciousness, unable to see how the big picture is working and unable to Realize that they have actually subscribed to a simple Pre-Programmed Survival-Point as a Gang-Member.

So, it is suggested to identify all the gang-leaders, to identify the sub-gangs, to identify the Key-words, the Key-phrases that you must give as a sign, the dress-code that is necessary as a sign, the music you must listen to as a sign, the food you eat as a sign – it´s all part of “Gangsters”. Mobsters and gangsters and then the gangsters mob together.

Whenever you show them Common Sense – Common Sense and Self-Honesty does not Exist within the realm of the gang – Within the realm of the gang, Fear Exist and the member is in so much fear for both the gang-leader, which could be “God” or “Jesus” or “Allah”, the “Mind” – that it will not Question the gang, because the gang-member understand the way the gang operates and that the gang will mob together and attack Anyone that Dare to Question the Rules of the gang.

And so the World is ruled by gang-leaders that has even created a form of “lottery” called “Democracy”, within which each gang-member has got a “vote” or a “choice” to give them some sense of Power in the outcome of the leadership and direction the gang will take and these gangs will then operate within a principle that which is Democracy which is “mob rule” which is never acting in the Best interest of All Living Things or the Planet, which is very Clearly Seen, yet you cannot change that.

Now, this will move increasingly more onto the internet, where they will gang together and utilize cyber-attacks in asserting their “authority” as the gang in their “turf”.

Now, these ”turf” is obviously not anything to do with the turf of the Earth – it is about the turf of the Mind and is the result of the basic unfortunate point of, where a Child is born and then programmed by the parental guardians, which would include obviously government, educators, religious leaders and parents and family – within that the Child will be taken into the gang as it is seen that that is the only way to protect the child in this World.

Because in this World, every single Human Being believe a very strange thing: that they cannot trust other Human Beings and other Human Beings always wants to harm them and therefore they harm first – they don’t wait. They want to harm as fast as possible and therefore the basic, the basic principle of competition is based on the Principle of Harm – to when you must harm first, don´t wait. It´s Part of the Basic education in a Childs Life, where they are taught in Secret by the parents or elders to always attack first, because attack is the best defence – which is the Principle of: War and competition which is what happens within your cooperate sectors in terms of consumerism as well where everything is more and more centralized, because the bigger the cooperation, the more control, the easier it is to use Money as a weapon to Destroy everyone around you, so that you can control the market.

You must understand that Human Beings are really limited in their ability to Perceive anything – there is no “Enlightened”, “Higher-Skilled”, “Amazing” Elite or scientists in the World. There are purely people, just like you that has particular objectives that observe the World and then act accordingly – that is how gang-leaders come up.

I mean, Hitler is a very cool example of showing how a gang-leader identify the Concerns and Fears of a group of people and then bring them together under a Particular Point.

Understand: it is important to come to grips with the Structural Resonance Alignment that is Pre-Existent in this Reality, so that you can learn How the Control operates and understand that this Control does not come from this World – It comes from Heaven, not from Earth. Those that is on Earth, even in the highest Elite-positions of bloodlines, are not capable of Designing this – it was Pre-Designed in Heaven – Deliberately to Control. The Ultimate gang-leader was sitting in Heaven having Control over All resources in the Universe making sure that all energy-flows come to it. That was the whole Point.

The way to do it, was to have a “Hive-Consciousness” where you have a “Top” – an “Eye” at the top: “I am that I am” – is at the top. “I am that I am the Father and I am One” – “I am your Father, you must follow me”. It is the same Principle that a gang-leader would apply within the context of a gang.

There is such a veneration – such a “Father-Hood” existent in all the gangs and you will see that all the followers at all times, will attempt to align themselves as close as possible to the gang-leader, because they believe that their future success is linked Directly to the gang-leader as the gang-leader represents Power and all Human Beings seek Power – not just ordinary “Power” like the ability to Live – Actually the ability to Control others for your own benefit.

That´s why the Point of Equal Money is the One Point that Rips Apart the whole Principle of “Ganging up” and forming gangs and having gang-leaders in this Criminal Society we have in this World.

All the gang-leaders are Criminals – they are exploiting the Fears of people. Equal Money will Sort out the Criminal Leaders of this World. Many of them are religious in nature. They are Dishonest and Will Not explain to you, how they came to their decision to be leader – but they have done so, through the observation of Human Behaviour and to Specifically, Deliberately Manipulate people for their own Power and Greed.

Obviously, they Will be dealt with in appropriate ways as All things Will be revealed – Every Single thought, every Single Reason behind All actions will be revealed – but at this Stage it is relevant that you understand that the Process you´re in, is Specifically to find Who in Existence, is Worthy of Life – Who will Stand as Life – and that is the only Ones that will continue this Journey of Existence.

The rest Will Not and it must be quite Clear Why, because they can´t be Trusted with Life. They cannot be Trusted with each other – There is no “Love thy neighbour as thyself” – There is no “do onto another, as you want them to do onto you”. There is No Equality. If there is not Equality in All Ways , you will Not Exist. You better investigate this – Clearly it is Obvious Common Sense.

There´s a little bit about Gangs.