Interviews from the Farm 37: Love is Equality


Interviews with Bernard Poolman

29 Nov 09


So – “Love Is Equality”. ‘Have a ‘Look’: ‘Love’ Is ‘Only-‘Real’’, where – ‘Equality’ ‘Is-‘Real’’.

And What is ‘Equality’?

‘Equality’, Is: “Love Thy Neighbour As Thy Self”, “Do unto Another what you want Them to Do To You”.

And – ‘Love’, In-Itself = ‘Is-‘Perfection’’ and ‘Equality’ = ‘Is-‘Perfection’’. Therefore – ‘Love As Equality’ is the ‘Drive to Perfection’. It is the ‘Exposure’ of ‘All-‘Deception’’ – No Matter What; the ‘Stop’ of – ‘Stopping’ of ‘‘All’ Inequality’.

‘Inequality’, is: Where One ‘Allow’, In ‘Your-‘Mind’’ – ‘Secret Thoughts’ ‘About-‘Others’’ = That Is – ‘Deception’. That Is – ‘Evil’. That Is ‘Not ‘Love’’. It Is – ‘Judgmental’. It Is – Forming-‘‘Opinions’ About-‘Others’’.

‘‘Love’ As-‘Equality’’, Is: When – ‘In ‘Your Mind’’ – ‘You ‘Are’’ ‘‘Working’-Towards’ ‘Standing-Up ‘As’’ ‘The ‘Perfection’ Within-‘Yourself’’ and ‘‘Within’-Everyone-Else’ and ‘That’ – you ‘Make-Sure’ it-‘Happens, ‘Through’ – ‘The ‘Principle’’ Of = ‘Tough-Love’.

‘Where‘Ever’’ ‘Inequality’ or ‘Deception’ or ‘Judgement’ or ‘Any-Form of ‘Limitation’’ is-‘Allowed’ = ‘You-‘‘Immediately’ ‘Expose’-It’’. And – ‘You-‘Insist’’, On – ‘Actions’ That – ‘Reflects’, and ‘That-‘Is’’ – ‘The-‘Actuality’’, Of: “Love Thy Neighbour As Thy Self” – ‘In ‘All Ways’’.

You ‘Change The ‘Systems’’, from ‘Education’, to ‘Monetary’, to ‘Governmental’ – ‘All’, the ‘Total Social System’ = To ‘One of ‘Equality’’, because then ‘Your-‘System’’ is a ‘‘System’ of ‘Love’’. Because Then – You-“ Love Thy Neighbour”.

There ‘Should Not-‘Be’’ – ‘Any Being’ that ‘‘Profess’ to-‘Be’’, ‘Spiritual in-Nature’ – that has ‘‘Any’ Problem With ‘Equality’’. Because, then: You ‘Have-‘Never Really Loved’’.