Interviews from the Farm 38: Special Feelings


Interviews with Bernard Poolman

05 Dec 09


And we continue on the Understanding of How the Resonant Alignments is Structured within Relationships and why Relationships are Not ‘Agreements’ that you are the Directive Principle-of. You’ll find a Fascinating thing is that there are within your Relationship in this world, a curious thing that is ‘Guiding’-you, you have this ‘Feeling’, this ‘Feeling’ that there is a ‘special place’ for you and you are looking for this ‘place’, and this ‘special place’ is a ‘special person’ – with which you can share your life – it is a ‘special job’ where you are enjoying what you’re doing and you’re comfortable, and it is a ‘special relationship with Creation’ or some ‘Greater Power’ that confirms your Purpose to be in Affect within Alignment of this ‘Greater Power’ so that you can ‘Live-out your life’ without a ‘worry’ because you have ‘found’ the ‘Purpose’, the ‘Reason’, ‘Why you Exist’ that was ‘given to you’ – and therefore, you stop all questioning and you Live-out the Answer you have ‘received’ – whether it’d be Religious, Job-wise or Relationship-wise.Now this whole thing, let’s start with Relationships – has been Programmed into ‘Layers’ or ‘Phases’ or ‘Comparisons’. Now in Afrikaans the word ‘die Stappe van Vergelyking’ that is ‘Stages of Likeness’ it is all a movement from a ‘smaller’-point to a ‘larger’-point, it is – what is those words used when you say words like ‘Best-Better’ – ‘Best’ – Eh?Cameron: Superlative?Ber­nard: Is that Superlatives? Comparative, SuperlativesOk that’s what makes Life all more ‘Super’ isn’t it? ‘Superlative’s, it is the Relativity of Superlatives, Superlatively I mean: ‘Super-Relativity’, you wanna move from one word to a word that is ‘bigger’ and a word that is ‘bigger’ and that makes you feel ‘more’ and ‘more’ and ‘more’ until you have found the point where you are ‘Equal’ to the ‘Feeling’ that is in-you. This ‘Feeling’ you become aware of quite early on in Life and once it starts to ‘show’ it tends-to ‘overpower’ everything you do in your ‘Search’, your ‘Seeking’ for ‘Reason and Purpose’, your seeking for the place ‘where you belong’ in this Reality – once you have or you are within that point obviously it’s going-to ‘fuck with you’ in quite a various number of ways. If you dare to be Self-Honest within the Observation of the ‘Levels of Comparison’ that you ‘move-through’ as you are searching for this ‘Feeling’ that you ‘believe’ is ‘you’, you’ll notice a peculiar thing that the tendency of this ‘Feeling’ is: to ‘Isolate’-you or ‘Pin-point’-you, or ‘Direct’-you more and more to a singularity, a ‘singular-position’ where you feel your ‘Position’ in this Reality as ‘fully-defensible’ – you can ‘defend yourself’ in all-ways and you are satisfied with your ‘position’ and ‘nobody can move you’ and you’ll ‘stick’ with-that ‘Until Death do you part’ from this Reality. This is also even embedded within the Contract of Marriage in terms of ‘Death do you part’ within that Construct – so how does it ‘Operate’?You will for instance start within your ‘Teenage-years’ with a peculiar experience where you suddenly become aware of the ‘opposite-sex’, of the ‘Desire to be with someone else’ because it makes you feel ‘special’- have a look how it starts – it start as a sudden ‘Energetic-Awareness’ within you, you’ll find it curious that before that ‘Energy’ started you normally would have a ‘problem’ with the ‘opposite-sex’ and do not want to be ‘near-them’- but suddenly, you become ‘aware’ of this Feeling and it becomes quite ‘over-powering’ and this Feeling is ‘Driven’ by one-singular-thing: you want to Explore Sexuality, the only thing that prevents you from doing that, is all the ‘Fear’ messages that’s been given to you during your upbringing by the Parents and your Religions that ‘you should wait’ with Sex till you are a ‘certain’-age and you are ‘mature-enough’ because if you would have Sex too early, there’ll be Children and you’re not yet ready to Educate Children – but you can’t help yourself and you’ll Design all kinds of ‘Secret Ways’ to have ‘Secret Meetings’ where you will Explore Sexuality as a Child – this starts at various ages, and within that you are so consumed by your Desire that you really don’t care about anything-else and you will ‘push’ that point and that point will cause-you to Develop quite a number of ‘Survival Techniques’ which is based on ways of Deceiving everyone around you so that they do not find-out what you are really doing. And this is all Part of Developing your ‘Deceptive Nature’, the way to Deceive another and you are Integrating this in your ‘teenage-years’ which is the Time of the ‘Emotional-Body’ to a great extent so that when it comes-to later life, you can ‘live it out’ without any trouble and with ‘great ease’ to make sure that ‘The Secret’ you are desiring to ‘fulfil’, the ‘Feeling’, the Point of ‘Power’, the Point of ‘Position’ that you can ‘Live this out’ with Effectiveness and Control and nobody ever find-out the Real thoughts that went-in behind the ‘planning-out’ of what you’re doing. But now in your ‘teenage-years’ you will now Explore-this and you’ll move between Relationships. Now, what is fascinating within-this is that: as long as the Person submit to your ‘advances’ for sexuality, you tend to be with them – if they would ‘Reject’ you, and they are not particularly ‘popular’ you will attack them and you will say ‘nasty’ things about them and you’ll try and ‘move-them’ or ‘place-them’ already in the category of being either a ‘whore’ or someone that has got some ‘sexual-dysfunction’ – while it’s obviously not true but at a ‘teenage-age’ when you are searching for ‘your feeling’, ‘your desire’, you’ll have no-morality whatsoever and you will Harm extensively. And I mean you all have seen this happen or even participated in this to a great extent, where when whenever you cannot get ‘your way’ – we have the same thing happening with Desteni where we will get messages on the ‘Private Message’ where proposals of marriage and sex is made and if that is not answered or rejected, then the being will become very Nasty and attack- Frosti2008 is one of them that started with ‘Love messages’ and then it all turned into Hate, it just shows the absolute ‘maturity’ of the being and how they’re being Controlled by their ‘Feeling’ they believe is ‘real’ – and then obviously Manipulates as much as possible and all the Fools that follow ‘fall’, because they’re only looking-at what is being presented, they’re not looking at the CommonSense Point and ‘How’ the Energy and the Feeling actually ‘Operates’, they have no Actual Understanding of this Reality.Any form of ‘Spiritual Process’ that is presented in this world that do-not Explore the Actuality of ‘How’ things are Actually ‘coming-together’ which everyone in this Reality has Actually-Lived, is Deception, it’s based on this Deception of Looking for this ‘Feeling’ and is Manipulation, and will take-you Nowhere. So let’s continue in terms of the point of the ‘Teenage-years’. So now, obviously Multiple-forms of Abuse develop during the ‘Teenage years’ as kids will ‘Gang-up’ and when you don’t ‘get your way with a girl’ where you will destroy her Image, because: she dared to say ‘No’ to you, and you wanted to fuck-her. And I mean, the Basic ‘Human-Teenager’ is a Real ‘Ugly-Nasty-Piece of Meat’ which is the result obviously of the Suppressions of the Parents that come out, because the Parents used to do the same shit –and they have Suppressed-it and Transferred-it to the Children which is how ‘The Sins of the Father are visited upon the Children’ – and obviously the Parents do not want to see that, because they are already trapped in the next ‘Feeling’ which is normally Religion and where they Deny what they have done as Child ‘at all costs’, because they are just ‘weak’ and ‘sinful’ and ‘Jesus has died for their Sins’ –and that Death has ‘washed them clean’ in ‘Red Blood’ that’s very ‘sticky’, but apparently it does not work like that in Religion, I mean you don’t use water to wash yourself, you use fucking blood – playing ‘Satanic Worship’, but ‘who fucking cares ?’ because it shows you that the Human Being in the search of this ‘Feeling’ really do not look at: Reason, Common Sense, obvious things that they have experienced-themselves, no Self-Honesty and simply ‘play out’ the ‘Feeling’, the Pre-Program. So now the Pre-Program will also run in a peculiar way in which it ‘moves’ when two people go into an Relationship, one will develop ‘faster’ than the other, normally within an ‘Intellectual Capacity’ or within an ‘Observational Capacity’ and when two people are together they will-then tend to ‘move’ in Opposite Directions, because this is a ‘Reality of Opposites’. In the movement in ‘Opposite-Directions’ there will eventually develop a Separation in the Relationship and eventually you will face each-other and say: ‘You know, we can’t be together anymore, we don’t have the same interests anymore’. But, not too long ago you had ‘the same interests’ which was obviously Sex, but I mean you had ‘the same interests’.Now in your ‘moving apart’ you have had your eyes ‘dwell upon the ‘Great Crops of Flesh’ that is placed-upon the Earth for your ‘Pleasure’ and ‘Consideration’, and as you have dwelt upon-it you have moved from one to another, to another seeking-out the next one you could ‘captivate’ and ‘hold captive’ so that you can Fuck the thing, I mean that’s the point of Flesh isn’t it: ‘Let’s fuck and have Pleasure’ –But you will never ‘Speak the Truth’ about-it, because: that is not ‘Socially Acceptable’ –you mean you do-it between four-walls behind curtains with sound-proofing to make sure nobody finds-out what the fuck you’re doing–but, who would dare to be Self-Honest about ‘what the fuck it is they’re really doing? Not a Human Being because, if you are Self-Honest, you will be Exposed to the ‘Attack of the Gangs’, you will enter ‘Gangsters’ Paradise’ – ‘Gangsters’ Paradise’ says: ‘Let me judge-you until you go to Hell, I will place-you in Hell’.The fact that Jesus said: ‘Judge not, lest ye be judged’ –because you will-only ‘Judge’ that which you have Done-Yourself –you can only ‘Speak- it’ because you’ve ‘Done-it’, which is why Self-Forgiveness is Relevant. Now this ‘Feeling’ is Pre-Programmed to never-be ‘Satisfied’ – so, when you get to the point where this ‘Feeling’ comes-out again, you have already-developed more ‘Specific Skills’ for the next time you enter the ‘New Dimension’ to search-out your ‘New Relationship’= you’ll be ‘More Effective’ and you-will ‘Diminish Yourself’ to peculiar-‘points’, particular-‘ways’ to make sure you-have ‘more Control’ until you find the point you will be ‘Willing to Settle-with for the Rest of your Life’ no-matter ‘how fucked-up it-is’, but you-will ‘Settle’ for-that because I mean, you have learned one thing: you just never can get the ‘Ultimate Perfect Answer’ and therefore you have-to ‘Submit’-to ‘Limitation’ and ‘Less-than’ and, Accept that you are somehow-‘Flawed’ and Everyone is somehow-‘Flawed’ and in-that you have Accepted a peculiar-‘thing’: you have Accepted that there must-be some ‘Power’ ‘Greater than-You’. What you do-not Realize is that you give your ‘power’-away in ‘thought’ in your Dishonesty, which is ‘why’ you have no-‘power’ because, you cannot have an ‘Inner-being’ that is ‘thinking’ all this shit and an ‘Outer-being’ that is acting ‘differently’ – two different ‘realities’ apparently ‘cooperating’ when it’s Not-‘cooperating’, is Not Equal and One – You are ‘Your own worst-Enemy’ – you will-only ‘find’ your ‘True Perfection’ when inside-you there is no-more Abuse of Yourself or another – and that happens through Self-Forgiveness because You must-be Self-Honest with Yourself on what you are Allowing to go-on ‘inside’-you. And you’ll be ‘surprised’ how-many around this table – even now after everything – is still doing-this ‘Inside’-thing, and Not-Breathing – Breathing means: that you are ‘Breathing’ and Not-‘Thinking’ – you are Not giving Attention to all these-‘thoughts’ that arrive – you do-not look at a girl and wonder how it looks ‘up-skirt’ – if that happens, you are still the Nasty Fucker that is deceiving inside, you must be able to look-at the girl in her short-thing – even it’s got no panties on and it’s ok, you are not having anything coming-up ‘inside you’ that you participate-in and take-into the ultimate ‘Pornographic-movie’ in your own ‘Holy-Wood Theatre’ in your head . I mean, you would be ‘Holy’ if you could have all your ‘thoughts’ Manifest, isn’t it? – but it will be ‘rather disastrous’, imagine: you walking down the street and you think about how would it feel to touch that ass and the next moment: your hand is on that ass – I mean, immediate-manifestation, it’ll be rather ‘embarrassing’, isn’t it? – it’s Best that the Mind is Contained, because if you had to Manifest all-your ‘thoughts’, I mean you’ll be walking and looking at the asses and it would be nice to fuck in the ass and the next-moment your on the pavement fucking the girl in the ass, I mean, your ‘thought’ Manifested Immediately – or I’ll be so cool if I can give that-one a nice little cock-sucking and then the next moment you’re doing-it – that would be ‘Immediate Manifestation’ means your Thoughts become Reality – CommonSense isn’t it? – But why do you not ‘See’ that your Thoughts are-not Actually Manifesting? It is your ‘Resonances’ that Manifest that takes a lot-of Attention before it Manifest. If you go-into a ‘Resonant Possession’ you have spent ‘days and days and months’ on the same-thing in creating-it, Great Dishonesty went into-it, to have – and you cannot-even Remember ‘where it-all started’ because you will ‘move the thoughts’ Dimensionally to ‘suit-you’ based on your Past Experiences, and you-will Look at your Past Experiences to find ‘how you can change things’ so that the ‘next-time’: you have more-‘Control’ – and you can have the ‘outcome’ you ‘desire’ – Great Dishonesty, isn’t it? So – now in this Process why was-it ‘Programmed’ like-this is simplistically to get-you to Accept one thing: that you are Essentially-‘Flawed’ – You are the ‘Thoughts’ that is ‘happening’ within your Mind – that is the Point that Existence, that ‘God’ had to ‘get-you’ to ‘Believe’ – but hear me: You Are-Not those-‘Thoughts’, you are Actually ‘The Physical’.If you had to Die as those ‘Thoughts’ = you will end-up as a ‘Thought’ and you can Imagine how ‘easy’ it-is to Delete your own ‘Thoughts’ – that is how Irrelevant you-become in Existence. If you Die as ‘The Physical’= you become Part of ‘The Physical Universe’, ‘that’ is Substantial, that is yet to-be Explained in Time to Come – which is the Point-of ‘Structural Resonance Alignment’ you are going to-be ‘Structurally’ ‘Aligning’ Yourself to Self-Honesty as ‘That which is Real’ – that means when you-then ‘Express’ or ‘Touch’ it is Not-based on a ‘Comparative-Thought’ – it is an ‘Actual Direct Real Experience’ it is Not you-‘trying’ to ‘fulfil a Feeling’ – it is-You Actually-‘Feeling’, Directly – because currently Humanity lives as ‘something’ that is ‘First Created in the Mind’ and then ‘Attempted to be ‘Fulfilled’’ – which is this-whole ‘Feeling’-thing, which is Not ‘Real’. That is ‘why’ there is kind of like an ‘Aversion’ to ‘The Physical’ and like ‘The Physical is Irrelevant’, ‘The Physical is the Illusion’ – No, no, look ‘carefully’ in Self-Honesty: The Physical is Reality – it is what you are ‘thinking in your Mind’ that is Illusion, that’s why you can’t even ‘remember’ what you ‘thought’ last-week – you can’t ‘remember’ all the thoughts you had about your current Partners in your Life – you can’t ‘remember’ all the thoughts you’ve had about all the People you’ve seen in the streets or the ‘shopping-malls’ – Why are we having these ‘shopping-malls’? Is basically so you can do some ‘window-shopping’ and ‘check-out’ if there’s some ‘new piece of ass’ that you-can ‘get-onto’ – and even ‘New Ways’ how to ‘pick-up a new piece of ass’ is developing. And, have a-look, all Participants know ‘exactly’ what’s happening, it’s a ‘sign language’ – I mean, it’s in the ‘words’, it’s in the ‘movement’ – ‘Oh I went to Milky Lane for an ice-cream and I picked-up this piece of ass, I mean she’s ‘so cool’, she’s my ‘dream-girl’’ – I mean, What the Fuck? Have we really-diminished to such-an ‘Obvious Disgusting, Ghastly Fucking-piece of… Being’? You’re Missing ‘the Point’ because you’re Dishonest, you’re Missing what you’re really Doing – And you ‘Justify’-it – ‘Justification’ is the Greatest single-way of Self-Deception, where you start to look-at a ‘thought’ and say: ‘There must be a ‘Reason’ why this Thought is here, let me find a ‘Purpose’ and give-it a ‘Purpose’, so let me let it ‘look-nice’ because there must-be a ‘Reason-Why’, it doesn’t ‘just-happen’’– It ‘just-happens’, it’s fucking Pre-Programmed to ‘get-you’ to Accept the Ultimate Deception, that ‘there is a God’ – to let-you Accept that ‘Apparently’ you are Incapable of ‘Handling’ or ‘Directing’ or ‘Standing Equal’ as All of Creation, that you are Not In-Fact ‘The Image and Likeness of God’ – I mean, In-Fact you are, but Not as ‘your Thoughts’ – as ‘your Thoughts’ you are Creating a Disaster, because you are Creating a ‘Resident Evil’ within you as an ‘Energetic Entity’ that will take-you over in critical points and Direct your Life in ways that is absolutely ‘Disastrous’ in which you will ‘miss’ Everything that’s Real in Reality and you-will ‘submit’ and cause Abuse and you will Refuse to See What is Real Abuse, What is Really ‘going-on’ because you are ‘Possessed’ by ‘Energy’.Please, you want to see how ‘Energy’ Operate? – get some oil, put a fire to-it and watch-it and hold your hand over-it and check-it-out I mean, that black sludge called ‘oil’ – that’s how ‘Energy’ Really ‘looks’-like, you’re only seeing ‘the fire’, ‘the light’ that comes from-it – its really ugly, if you look the source of ‘Energy’. I would not be Deceived by ‘the Reflection of the Light’ that comes-from ‘Energy’, I would first go to the Source – what is the cause? –where did it come from? – and you’ll notice that this Reality ‘Reflects to-you’ the Actual Nature, the Actual Practicalities of How everything ‘operates’This ‘Reality’ and as-it Exist now is your ‘Real Nature’ – is ‘the Truth’ about you = You have Created this As your Mind. ‘Stop’ all of-that and start to consider ‘What is Best Equally for All Physical-Beings in this Reality’ – and then you’ll-find ‘Heaven will-be on Earth’ – and then you will-find ‘you Love your Neighbour’ – and then you’ll find why doing ‘What’s Best for All’ that everyone will-do ‘What’s Best for All’ – it is-Not a very ‘giant leap’, it requires ‘No-Faith’ = it Requires CommonSense – The Mind requires Faith because you are trying to ‘sell’ each-other Bull-shit while inside your Thoughts is giving a total different story that the Bullshit you’re ‘selling’ – while you look the person in the eye, you will have Thoughts about the person – I mean that’s Dishonest, it’s Dishonourable – Imagine: when you Die that all-that ‘shit’ is ‘Revealed to Everyone that you Ever had a ‘Thought’-about’ and you have ‘no-way-out’ – There is No Forgiveness for that, there is No Forgiveness Possible for-that because: You Did-it Deliberately – There is No-Forgiveness for Deliberate Action – and the Place where ‘Deliberate-Action’ takes-place is within The Mind. Therefore that’s why when we Realized through the Portal ‘what the Fuck was ‘going-on’ in Reality, why we took ‘the Road’ we-did in Explaining ‘What is going-on’, to Explain that: When you-Die and you Die in Dishonour and Dishonesty in Separation from what is Real, in Separation from ‘The Physical’= you’re in ‘severe-Trouble’ and you become ‘Irrelevant to Existence – This is not a ‘Fear’ Message, it’s a ‘Common-Sense’ Message- Observe: when you look at a Human Being – even your wife or your girl-friend- Observe ‘How’ Thoughts ‘arrives’ in your Mind and the Thought is different to the Words you speak, that’s Separation, that’s Dishonesty, that’s Dishonou­rable: it’s Abuse – the whole Reality operates like this, because Reality is: the Result-of what is being Accepted in the Mind. At the moment you’re not going to see another’s thoughts, because: you can’t even ‘handle’ your own. First, become Self-Honest, Stop what is ‘happening’ inside-you, it’s not Serving you or anyone else, it is Not even Real – Come on, can you remember ‘any’ of the thoughts you had during your school-years up to … if you look back any of the years you had, you can’t remember any of your thoughts, everything looks ‘Surreal’, have a look: It’s just ‘gone’ – Careful what you give Importance-to.So here we are looking at ‘how’ this ‘Feeling’ has caused the Principle of ‘Searching for the ‘Holy-Grail’’ it has turned Humanity into a ‘Holy-Grave’ and the World is becoming a ‘Graveyard’ where you have ‘Crosses’ all over with Names that says: ‘Here lies the late…’ so and so, you were a Liar and you were ‘Late’ because the Relationships you formed were Deceptive in Nature. And as you ‘Return to the Earth’ and your ‘Spirit’ is ‘ripped’ from-you and put in a ‘Containment’ in Existence so that you can ‘Face your Dishonesty’, you are Completely-Irrelevant and by-your ‘Own Will’ you have Diminished-yourself to Irrelevance through Dishonour and Dishonesty – and how easy was that done: just with a ‘few programs’ – and all to do with one singular ‘Feeling’. A ‘Feeling’, have a-look, you can’t even ‘Define’-yourself, I mean it’s like ‘searching’ for the fucking ‘Jackpot’ – it’s impossible unless You-Direct the ‘Spinning of the wheels’ isn’t it, and You’re Not Directing the ‘Spinning of the wheels’, It’s being Directed by your Programming, that’s why you’re Unable to Direct your Life, that’s why you’re waiting for Events to ‘Happen’ to-you instead of ‘Directing Yourself’ – instead of Actually ‘Creating’ and ‘Directing’ your Reality.Have a-look, at Desteni we are Not going-to Assist you with ‘Self Direction’, we will Leave-you to Fuck-yourself, because the ‘Greatest-Gift’ you can-get is to learn how the fuck to ‘Move Yourself’ and ‘what is Real’ and ‘what’s Not-Real’ – there is No ‘Greater Gift’ because once you know that, you’ll Stand in Equality, Here and: You’ll Stand Up for Life. If you don’t ‘Stand Up for Life’, we know: You’re Dishonest – you don’t know-it yet, but You Will ‘Find-out’. And Understand, we really do-not ‘care’ whether you ‘make-it’ in this Life, because we know what happens in the Afterlife and you have no-access- Because have a look: if a Channel dared to be Self-Honest, they can see how they’ve created-themselves to be ‘spewing’-out the Dishonesties to everything-else and everyone-else, because it was ‘Deliberately-Created’ within the Mind. And there are two or three or four different-beings within – depending ‘who’s there’ – but the Real-Being that is the ‘Host’ of the Physical, that is the person on Earth living: is just as Dishonest as any-other Human Being, and you’re just creating your ‘Holier than Thou’ Part which ‘spews’-out Bullshit about ‘Feelings’ and ‘Love’ and shit like-that = None of it Real, because You are Not Standing Up to ‘sort-out’ the System in this Reality that is Causing this-all, you are Participating in the System of Abuse – but everybody is Confused and Deceived by ‘Beautiful Words of Love’, Promises of ‘Greatness’.Have a look Why the question you must ask-yourself is: Why are you unable to see this Deception? The reason why you’re unable to see the Deception is because you are as-Deceptive in your own Mind, that’s why you’re unable to see CommonSense, you’re unable to see how you’re being Deceived because you’re still Deceiving – you’ll only be-able to see the Deception once you Stop Deceiving-Yourself. That’s why you’re all waiting for me to ‘Explain’ this stuff and you’re not able yet to see anything, because you’re still Deceiving, still the same-shit – Still the same Deceptive-Thoughts going on, that’s why you don’t Stand Up or ‘come-up’ with any Point of being able to Explain ‘how Reality Operates’, because you’re unable to ‘See’-it. The only reason you can’t see-it is because: You’re Still ‘Thinking’ – as long as you’re ‘Thinking’ = You Will-Not ‘See’ what’s Real. Once you ‘Stop’, slowly but surely, you prove your Honesty and your Support of Life, you’ll start to See and then: you better ‘Speak-up’. That’s why Nobody Here is willing to Defend Desteni, because you’re still Dishonest – you don’t ‘mind’ whoever attacks Desteni, but you will-not ‘Stand Up’. No matter ‘what’ we have done-already Support-you: You Will-Not Support. You should investigate your fucking-‘Realities’ find what is Important. And, have a look ‘why’ you’re unable to Support those that is ‘given-up their lives’ and why you’re unwilling to ‘give-up yours’. And whether you’ll be Standing – if you were-not Supported – and you’ll notice you won’t because you ‘can’t’ because you’re Dishonest, Inside-you there’s this incessant searching for ‘Reason and Purpose’ and you’re just Abusing Desteni ‘to get somewhere’Get Self-Honest, you’ll be Exposed Inevitably –We don’t ‘mind’ Deceivers because they’re just ‘Irrelevant’ – Makes sense?Everyone: YeahBernard: So I suggest you find-out why it is you’re unable to Actually Understand the ‘Desteni Message’, why is it that you’re unable to ‘See’ for Yourself – why is it that you Allow ‘Thoughts’ to ‘arise’ within-you and that you Search those ‘thoughts’ and you give them ‘names’ like ‘Kundalini’, trying to reach ‘great orgasmic experiences’, ‘fuelling’ a ‘Mind System’ – Great Dishonesty –Anyway so, let’s continue with this whole-point. So your Searching will initially in ‘Teenage-years’ center-around specifically ‘Sexuality’ and I mean, we’ve gone through this all of us, you kind of get ‘possessed’ – and then, that will set the ‘tone’ for your Relationships within which you will develop a certain-level of ‘Nastiness ’if you do-not ‘get your way’, and you will eventually ‘tone yourself-down’ and diminish as ‘Time’ progress. Then you will also develop a peculiarity, a ‘psyche’, a ‘Decision-Making Process’ around the ‘job’ you want-to take – within that, you will start to compare-yourself throughout your upbringing as you grow-up with all the adults around you – and you’ll observe-them, in terms of the ‘role models’ they play and you will Observe your own ‘Mind’ and your own ‘Fears’ and your own ‘Thinking’ and observing ‘what’ you’re capable of doing in Action and what Not’- and within that, you’ll come to a conclusion of ‘what you’re able to do’ and ‘what you’re unable to do’ – and according to that, you’ll form the ‘willingness’ of the jobs you’re ‘willing to do’ in this World, based on your-own ‘Self-Judgment’ – which you’ll never discuss with anyone, because it’s happening ‘Inside-you’, have a look – And within that context, you’ll come to the conclusion of ‘what it is you’re able to do’- and you will already ‘know-yourself’ because what ‘stands in your way’ always is this ‘Thinking-Process’ within you, it’ll always ‘question’-you, it always ‘questions’ and it ‘weakens’-you, all the time – therefore you then end-up in a point of ‘Survival’-only and anyone that attempts to ‘Stand up’ in this World, you’ll ‘Attack’, vehemently you will try and Stop them from becoming ‘great’ and when they ‘become great’ you will ‘honour’- them because they must give you a job, so you can Survive – It’s like ‘sickening’ beyond imagination to watch the Human-‘Blob’ operating in this Reality. And that’s what happens around jobs and slowly but surely, you will seek ‘your place’ – and have a look ‘your place’ you’ll seek is where you are ‘safe’ and do not have too-much Responsibility, where they must give-you the ‘exact-parameters’ of ‘what you must do’ and if even a single-action is outside the ‘written parameters’, you’ll say: ‘This is Not my ‘job-description’’ – And ‘inside-you’, you will laugh at them because apparently you have ‘Power’ over-them. It is sickening to watch those that ‘Labour’ – ‘By the Fruit of your Labour you’ll be Known’ and ‘the Fruit of that Labour’ is your Thoughts in your head, that is what you will-be ‘Known’-by, by the Time of your Death – No Self-Honesty.Then there is the Third point – is ‘Finding your Spiritual-Home’, which is also the ‘Third-Seeking of the King’ you are wanting to See, which is ‘to See the King’ isn’t it? ‘See-King’ – ‘I want to See the King because the King must See ‘Me’ – and within that a peculiar-thing will develop which is ‘very great’ if you look on the Internet, where you have All-kinds of Beings ‘Believing’ they have ‘Personal Communication’ with ‘God’ or ‘Jesus’ or some ‘Higher Spiritual Being’.What they do-not Realise is that you have spent many, many years ‘Seeking for your Spiritual-Truth’ and in that you have made Decisions, Instructions, Thoughts where you look-at the Thought ‘this way’ and ‘that way’ and says: ‘No, it’ll only be True if it says ‘this’, it’ll only be True if it says ‘this’.’ So in that you are Programming an ‘Entity’, throughout your Life until you get to the point where you Realise you… that this Entity is somehow ‘Communicating with you’ – and what you do not Realize is that you have Programmed this ‘thing’ Yourself, with Instructions throughout your life. If you are Self-Honest, you will see that you have ‘Programmed’ this ‘thing’, you’ve given it the ‘exact instructions’ of ‘what to say to you’, for you to ‘believe’-it – and that is ‘why’ no two-beings that is having this ‘Divine-Spiritual Experience’ is having ‘the Same-Communication’.And as you grow older and you start to seek-out your ‘Spiritual Path’ – you’ll read lots of books and you’ll listen to other-people that is ‘Believing’ in their ‘Higher Self’, their ‘Special Entity Speaking’ and you will ‘Learn the Lingo’ because you know one thing: as long as ‘Your Lingo’ fits the ‘Gang’s Lingo’ – that’s all fucking Possessed by some ‘Spiritual Entity’ that they have ‘Self-Created’ – you’ll be Accepted, and all you have to do is Be ‘Part of the Gang’ – develop the point where you have ‘Your Spiritual Entity’ ‘Speaking to-you’ in the same ‘Lingo’ and suddenly you are a ‘Channeler’ of ‘Ascended Masters’. And these ‘Masters’ are saying all these ‘wonderful things’ that you ‘Agree’-with – But you gave-it the instructions in your Mind in the first place, you just ‘don’t-want to Remember’. You don’t-want to Remember because you were ‘so scared’ there’ll be something that ‘Possess you’. The Fear was Incredible within-you, all your life – Fearing a Possession. Therefore you gave-yourself ‘very specific instructions’ on ‘what is Possession’ and ‘what is Not’. Ha! Fools! Look at what you’ve done! – You have Programmed Your Own Possession – Now you have ‘Aligned’ yourself ‘Structurally’ to this ‘Possession’ and you’re spreading these lies as if it is ‘real’ – and you are teaching others how to become ‘Self-Possessed’- and fuck up their whole-Life and their Hereafter.I would not consider Any Channel in this Reality in any-way whatsoever. If you would investigate the path that was walked to bring-about the ‘Channel’ and how it was Programmed – if Self-Honesty was existent, you would be Astounded to find ‘how’ these-things were Created. There is No Communication currently with any form-of ‘Being’.So, Have Patience when you look-at yourselves – Observe what you are doing – Be self-honest -See what is the Impact, what problems it cause, before you Consider ‘What is Real’. So in this search for ‘Spiritual Support’ it exist in all the areas of Religion – whether it’s Islamic, Christian, New Age, Spirituality, Atheism, all of it! – Everyone is creating ‘their own Entity’ with which they have a conversation that will give them Direction and always Answer in the way that they ‘have Pre-Programmed the ‘Entity’ to answer, so that they can ‘fee’ they’re doing ‘the right thing’. And then they ‘stand’ by that because you have Created the Power of ‘two or more in my name’, that’s You and the ‘Entity’ that is speaking the same language: that’s why you ‘believe’-it – and you believe ‘That’ to be your ‘Divine Answer’. Self-Honesty: ‘Stop’, observe how you have created these thoughts that ‘pops-up’ ‘Inside-you’. They are Part of your ‘Structural Design’, you have ‘Aligned Yourself’ to-it – That is your ‘Structural Resonance Alignment’ that is ‘Possessing-you’ – It’s gonna get ‘much worse’ as we progress on this ‘Path of Revelation’ to find-out ‘What is Real’.Now, understand that this all ‘interplays’ within the Relationships and all of this is given as examples to the Children as they are born and that in the first 7-years of a Child’s-life, the Child is ‘taking-in’ Information, not-only through their Senses but also ‘capturing’ Information ‘Electro-Magnetically’ from your ‘Pre-Designed Energetic-Presence’ – And therefore they become ‘copies’ of your Dishonesty and become more ‘proficient’ in Creating these ‘Spiritual Entity Possessions’ faster. And the Great Dishonest Ones of this Reality that ‘Channels’ will ‘Defend’ their ‘Channels’ and their ‘UFO’s’ and their ‘Great Lights’ – but they will Not go to the Source. I dare you to Stop your communication and for a month, investigate ‘how it all happens’ and ‘challenge-it’, and you will find-out: you have been lying to Everyone, your Experience was Not-Real – If it was Real, your ‘Spiritual Entity’ will-not ‘Mind’ you ‘testing’-it, or ‘shutting the door’ on-it, because it will be apparently focussed on…oh I am not gonna tell you how it’s going to work, because then you’ll Create the ‘Fucking Answer’.Get-Real! you are Creating-it, you are the Real-Creator of Existence. But, you are so ‘Powerful’ that you are able to Destroy-Yourself for Eternity. Do-not be Confused by ‘Trusting’ what’s going-on ‘Inside your Mind’. Within-‘there’, you’ll always ‘get the Answer’ you have ‘given-yourself’ already. Therefore you are always ‘Right’ and ‘Righteous’. You want to Find-out ‘The Truth’? Look at ‘How’ the Physical-Reality Operates in this World. Look at ‘Why’ a Billion-People has-got Not Enough-Food. Look at the Sexual-Abuse. Look at the Education-Levels that is ‘Bullshit’ in this Reality. Look at ‘How’ few-people can Actually-Read. Get-Real!

This Conversation will Continue at a Later-Stage.