Interviews from the Farm 39: 'Free-Wheelers'


Interviews with Bernard Poolman

03 Dec 09


So – we´re gonna talk about ’Free-Will’ – ’Free-Wheels’ – ‘Free-Wheelers’.What are ‘Free-Wheelers’? They´re ‘Takers’ and Not ‘Givers’, but what are we Really talking about, is ‘Free-Will’.

What is ‘Free-Will’? ‘Free-Will’ and the ‘Free-Willer´s’ which is the ‘Free-Wheelers’ of Existence believe that they have the right to have ‘Free-Will’ and that That right gives them a Autonomy in What they do and how they do it – but what they don’t understand within a Reality of Consequence, where the Consequence is based on their Own Directive Principle, where they subscribe to ‘Justice’ and ‘Injustice’, ‘Fair’ or ‘Not Fair’, ‘Consequence’, ‘Karma’, ‘Revenge’ and all measures of Balance -that they Moment you subscribe to ‘Free-Will’: you are subscribing to the implied, in tacit Consequences of Everything that is implied through that. Your right to Understand becomes immediately irrelevant. You are also within the Desire of ‘Free-Will’ Stating Categorically that you´re a ‘Free-Wheeler’ and you want it your way – “Fuck everyone else”. Which you so Clearly can see with those that is proponents of ‘Free-Will’, as we have exposed the Very Nature of ‘Free-Will’. If you look at how they approach the Point as well and the ‘Claim’, that it was given by God, is simply used as an Excuse to not Directly become Accountable for the Consequence of the Will that is Expressed, or the Will that is Allowed to be ‘flowing’ or ‘Free-Wheeling’ without Directive Points and having all kinds of Consequences that is affecting many.

So – but news for the ‘Free-Willer´s’: I suggest that it is relevant to start placing, onto to paper all the Points, where One Desire to have ‘Free-Will’ and to start to Consider the Consequences of this ‘Free-Will’ – because even if you have a ‘Free Wheel’ and a Reality that is based in Polarity and Energy, your gonna have Resistance – your gonna have Consequence. Nothing Here happens without a Balancing Consequence. Now, how did this all come about? There were a few clever Beings long, long, long time ago that saw a ‘Gap’ – very much like many in this Reality see a ‘gap’ and then they take the ‘gap’ and it doesn’t matter what the Consequences, as long as they benefit. Because they believe that Everyone has got ‘Free-Will’. All they have to do is manipulate that ‘Will’, which they then do Deliberately by Placing information in such a way that they are certain of the outcome of the ‘Will’ and they manipulate the ‘Will’ so they can have all the benefit.

Now, this is not unique to Earth. The same thing happened in Heaven. For the purposes of Manipulating the Will of all the Beings in the Universe, the ‘Soul’ was Created, the ‘Soul’-Construct was Created as a ‘Wheel of Life’. This ‘Wheel of Life’ moved between Heaven and Earth and was based on the Energy that was Created on Earth and those that were behind this Design, never incarnated on Earth Directly and those of their minions that did incarnate, were protected Deliberately – so that they always Stand at the ‘Benefit-Point’ of the ‘flow’ of ‘Free-Will’, that means they always stand at the positive point. Now, those that all believe in the ‘positive point’ of Existence and the positive point of Expression, must understand that by their Very Expression, they have Aligned themselves with the Abusers of Existence and are thus Equally Accountable as All Abuse in Existence.

You must also understand that for the few to be in a beneficial position of ‘Light’ – many, an uncountable amount of Beings is, has been trapped in Existence that is at the Behest and Control and Dominance of those few that is of ‘The Light’. The rest has been trapped in a Darkness, where even their Very Awareness was stripped away, so that they could not complain about their condition as many Beings on Earth, is born into a Reality and into a condition, where they have no ability to Speak up for themselves, at all. Yet, those that can Speak, will not Dare to Speak and do not even and do not even Allow anyone to Speak and is not Willing to Stop and See what they have Allowed. The Consequences of all of this, come from One simple thing: ‘Free-Wheeling’ – to have a ‘Free-Will’.

That ‘Free-Will’ is what is the ‘Jail’ of Everyone Now – there is no way out. The only way to Stop this, is to give up All Will -To Allow the Consequences to Flow out, so that it may be Balanced in a way that is Equal and Best for All. The Way to a bring the fastest Correction within this, at this Stage, is an Interim Solution as an Equality System and an Equality, which is Equality Money and Labour System.

Simplistically because that Allows sufficient time to Correct the outflows in the generations yet to come. Many of those that is currently Here, will not benefit much from the Changes and they will find it extremely difficult because their Programming is such, that they would demand ‘Free-Will’ without Considering outflows and Consequence.

Again, observe the CommonSense: When you demand ‘Free-Will’, you are in fact demanding that you should Not be Accountable and you are Acting in such manor as to prove that you are Not Accountable. When you have done that, you cannot expect from Existence, any form of Forgiveness or any form of Mercy – because you have Acted Without Forgiveness, you have Acted Without Mercy, you have Acted in a way to do Deliberate Harm to those that were not in the same position of Power that you were, than you were placed in. You were in a special position of Power, where you Actually had the opportunity to Express your Power as apparent ‘Free-Will’ – regardless of the others and you have Dared to say that that is justified by a ‘Soul-System’, without understanding how the ‘Soul’ was Created, who´s behind it and how it operates. Instead of dealing with the Actuality, where you can see the Physical Manifested Universe Here on Earth, as it happens, in the System that is managing the way Humans Live, instead of looking at That and Connecting That – By Projecting the apparent knowledge to some books or some information that you cannot confirm yourself Directly, simply to protect Your ‘Free-Will’ and Your Accountability: is Dishonest – and Deliberate and Cruel, to say the very least.

So – we ask now that you do Consider that ‘Free-Will’ and do your own exercises, you can do your own math, can work it out for yourself, because those that hear this message, are the Elite of the World – if you hear me Speak: you are the Elite of the World – you are under the special protection of the Abusers of Heaven – you are been given the ‘privilege’ to Abuse others – to have dominion over them, in the name of God. None of it, is Real. You should have been able to see it yourself – if you were Self-Honest, but I mean, you were not Self-Honest in Heaven, before you came Here. Why would you be Self-Honest now? We understand that. We simply explain to you that you have limited time, within which you can make a difference to the Consequences that will unfold.

In Structural Resonance Alignment, we´ll Assist those that Support the establishment of an Equal Money System and an New Labour System, in every way possible to Align themselves with CommonSense and Accountability and Responsibility for All Life Equally, so they can understand and you´ll notice in interviews we´ll be doing about Equal Money, we´ll show how Simplistic such a System is and how Actual CommonSense it is, and how easy it is to see that it´ll work.

So ‘Free-Will’ – is for the ‘Free-Wheelers’ that is Unwilling to take Responsibility or be Accountable for their actions and for their Secret Mind – Be warned: There is something inside you, that you do not understand. That something, run by itself. It is your Secret Mind. You are trapped by it. You have made that your God. Be Careful – do not listen to your Secret Mind. There is no more ‘Soul’ in the After-Life – the ‘Soul’ was just an Energetic Entity, like a ‘body-thing’, within which you had a Mind in the After-Life, there is no longer a Mind in the After-Life, as there used to be, that you can understand in this Reality. There is also no ‘Free-Choice’ – there has never been. There was simply a postponement of Consequence for it all to build up. You postponed it, by Creating the ‘Soul’. Now – it´ll all come together again.

‘Free-Wheelers’: Better give up your ‘Free-Will’ and become Accountable. Suggestion for Accountability is that One must never Speak or Write a Single Word, unless it is in your own name -so that you can show your Accountability and your Willingness to take Responsibility – If you Express yourself, without your own name, it becomes useless – even if it´s seemingly are ‘Wisdom’ and ‘great knowledge’, because you´re in fact not Expressing it as yourself – you´re in fact Expressing it as Deception. We will start dealing with you Accordingly and Simply Disregard your input, Purely because you´re unwilling to Stand in your own name, Here – taking Responsibility for what has been Allowed to become this Reality.