Interviews from the Farm 42: 'The Secret Knowledge of God'


Interviews with Bernard Poolman

18 Dec 09


So have-a-look: When you´re born, you have No Structured Perceptual Reality and in the few, first few years of your Life, you are taught either Directly or through observation, Particular Perceptual skills.

Bella: Yeah.

Bernard: The first seven years of a Childs Life, is Critical in developing Perceptual skills in terms of a Childs success within the System. So those that are disadvantaged in the world, are disadvantaged normally within their first seven years of Life. They are in Conditions where their Perceptual development, that means their ability to associate with the System that is Here, is not properly Developed and they become then, because of that: more the Slaves of the System, the Slaves of the Elite.

The Elite being those who´s perceptual skills within the System – the System which the Elite Dominate, is then Utilized, Justified through the Principle, that apparently, they are More intelligent and More endowed by some Invisible Force called ‘God’, to be Superior – to be those in the System that has got “The favour of God”- which is all obvious bullshit if One Self-Honestly start looking at How in the first pace, place you developed your Perceptual skill – I mean, when you look at a pear or an apple: What do you know about a pear or an apple, except what you´ve been told that it´s a pear and an apple and it´s ok to eat it and that apparently it is healthy and it´s gonna give you nutrition, but even at the most advanced stage of science, the Totality of what the apple Really is, is not understood. Not only That – The construct that you have placed the apple or the pear, or anything for that matter in Existence in -Within it´s form that you have placed it as knowledge within you: makes it Impossible for you to Conceive, that What you´re Really seeing there is Actually Alive.

All you are seeing is the knowledge you have about it. You are not Really Seeing the apple. You are only seeing your Perceptual knowledge about the apple, that somebody else taught you.

Nothing thus, in Reality, that is based on your current Perception as knowledge, is Actually Real – It´s all based, in the Relationship that you have within this Reality as knowledge and as the System, that manage this knowledge and those that is in Control of this knowledge – Which has been placed So, Specifically, so that they can take Advantage of the fact that they have more knowledge, or more Control over knowledge and that They are Controlling the System, but None of what They even do, is Real – Not even their Total Experience, the Elite of the World, the ‘Special Ones’ of the World – Not Even their experiences is Real.

This is the Completeness of the System called ‘Consciousness’ which is based on the idea that ‘knowledge is power’ and sacred – and therefore all seek the ‘sacred knowledge of God’: ‘the power of knowledge’. What does ‘the power of knowledge’ give you? The power to be better off and in a better position within the System – to be in a position where, and the System being managed by Self-Interest, which is Money – That means, you have more Money, because that Money gives you Power, so the Money becomes the ‘knowledge’ that is ‘Power’.

The fact that there is something drastically wrong within the System, in terms of how Life is being ‘managed’, is simply so because Life is not Recognized at All – Only knowledge is recognized. That means Everyone in Existence, is in Essence become a Number Only, a Construct Only and there is no Life-Force Whatsoever that in Any Way is Yet Developed.

So, therefore the Moment you Die, you Return to your Life-Force and you are basically fucked, because the knowledge that defined everything within Consciousness…

Bella: Is gone.

Bernard: Is not only gone – is so limited that it is useless. You can do nothing with it. I mean, that´s the point we found so interestingly through the Portal in the beginning is that: What we perceived Reality to be and what it Was, is two different things –so in the Portal, a Being would be and take a bite out of a apple or take a sip of cold drink or coffee and they will be absolutely Astounded in, at their Experience, that they actually have within the Body and how the Body Really Actually Interacts with the liquid or the coffee or the juice they are drinking. And they were Absolutely Astounded – it´s as if they´d never tasted it before.

Now you have to consider, that your taste buds are Trained – that means, you´re never Really Tasting. The food you´re eating, you´re eating, because you became used to it. You were Programmed by your environment or you society to like it. That´s why, depending on your cultural area you are living in, you´ll eat different food – you´ll have a ‘Preference’ for particular kinds of food, which is only indicating to the level to which you are Actually Programmed.

Bella: Yeah.

Bernard: Now – it is Relevant to Understand that because of the Idea that has become so Accepted, that you are Actually Knowledge and that you Actually Know yourself that you do Not even Realize that you have Never Actually Known yourself – So the Point of “Man know Thyself” is not understood whatsoever, because it´s based on Knowledge which is Absolutely Limited.

You´ve Never Really Met yourself – You´ve Never Actually Seen Anything, which is where Breath comes in: The Point is to Live as Breath and See Everything for the first time – Always, so that you can See what is Really Here – Learn the Language of Life – not the language of Knowledge and currently Everybody is speaking the language of knowledge, so you can´t hear Life, when Life is Speaking.

There´s a Total Separation – it´s quite Fascinating. This knowledge will now be Challenged and come to an End and Life will Emerge – Life will be Born from the Physical. You´ll notice the level of Deception that´s been going on. Obviously, you can already see it, if you look at the Systems of the World: The Money-Systems, the Government-Systems, the Education-Systems – all the various Systems and how it has focused on the Principle Belief that you are ‘knowledge’ and you require ‘knowledge’ to be something, but No knowledge in the World can Solve the problems of the World.

The Human Being have Accepted themselves to be So Limited, that they´re Unable to Deal with the problems that is Here – that has come for instance from an increase in population, just a simple example. Increase in population = increase in Suffering. Still, Humanity is Blind and Fight for their Right to have knowledge – Fight for the idea of ‘Free-Will’: to chose between this knowledge and that knowledge, but both is Equally Limited – what is the Point of the ‘Choice’? It´s useless.

Bella: Yeah.