Interviews from the Farm 44: Masturbation & Ascension - Give Yourself a Helping Hand to Heaven


Interviews with Bernard Poolman

16 Dec 09


We are looking at masturbation and the ‘Secret-Mind’ – Now, during the process of masturbation, there is also a process going on inside the Mind –and if you ‘slow-it-down’, you will ‘note’ that you have ‘particular points’ within the Mind that you will be ‘more’ ‘stimulated’ with than others and that in your ‘progression’ of your ‘Mastery’ of ‘Masturbation’ you would progressively ‘change’ your ‘stimulus’ – that is as you ‘grow bored’, more and more bored with one –you become more daring – and you’ll find, especially during ‘teenage-years’ and beyond, that… and even in ‘marriage’, that your ‘normal’ ‘Sexual Expression’ is not ‘sufficient’, the Physical body can’t ‘handle’ the amount of Sex that you are ‘imagining’ you-are able-to ‘have’ – Obviously that is a ‘Key’ that ‘says’ to you: ‘you think too much about sex’, but – nobody gets the ‘picture’.

So – ‘MASTERbation’, the ‘Mastery’ of this ‘bait’ this Temptation, that ‘haunts’ everyone in this Reality all the time ‘Secretly’ and the things you never talk about, because you will tonight masturbate about the person you was looking at yesterday and it could be anyone –from your ‘friend’s mother’, to your ‘friends lover’, to the ‘neighbors daughter’, to… – I mean it’s all these things that is not ‘defined’ specifically, therefore you can give it any picture that you believe and that ‘turns you on’ and from there – you can ‘create’ that Image, ‚Impulse‘ it into your Reality and then when you are ‘done’, and you had your ‘oh my god'-moment and you reach your ‚Ascension‘ in the ‚moment-of-orgasm‘ – and from a ‘MASTERbation’ you become an ‘Ascended Master’, you can then ‘let go of it’ – I mean, it just ‘disappears’.

What is interesting is that – you have everyone ‘imagining’ it – you have some that’ll actually ‘live it out’ –and you will have some that ‘force it out’, that means that will by force make others do what they ‘imagine’ in masturbation – and then you have the most, which will do it by Money, that’s all done in ‘Secret’ – prostitution is one of the ‘Great Secret Realities’ of the ‘Secret-Mind’ in which many people in this World take part in – and most women don’t know that their men is taking part in/participating in prostitution – it’s done in ‘Secret’ – it’s never spoken-about – and it is part of this Reality in every way –most males has taken part in that.

So just a point on masturbation –masturbation is like the ‘quick upload’ of the ‘Unified-Field’ – ‘Unified-Field’ is the ‘Matrix’, the ‘Unified-Field’ is ‘Consciousness’ and ‘How’ you ‘Synchronize’ with ‘Consciousness’, so that you can move within ‘Synchronicity’ within it, so that your ‘life’ can ‘work’ –you need, because Reality is a ‘Mind-Reality’ of ‘Consciousness’ within which all exist within ‘Systems’ – you need-to ‘update’ regularly and therefore you will be ‘Impulsed’ to ‘update’ which will either happen through sex or through masturbation and with your ‘Update’ you’ll experience a ‘Rise’ of ‘Energy’ and within you will ‘Rise’ a ‘feeling’ of immense ‘Greatness’ and as this ‘Rise’, you are actually ‘Ascending’ to meet as Equal the ‘System’ which is ‘God’ and then as you reach ‘Ascension’ and it goes: ‘Oh my God!’ you become the ‘Ascended Master’ of that moment and you have ‘downloaded’ the ‘information’ and now you will start ‘moving’ in it.

If you have understood how this all worked I mean, you would have Realized already that you can actually ‘benefit’ your Reality by masturbating effectively and do not feel ‘guilty’ about it – the problem is that you will be ‘trapped’ within the ‘System’ as an ‘Ascended Master’ – now what is fascinating is that most Beings will now ‘use’ the ‘idea’ of their ‘immense skill’ during masturbation as a projection of ‘how good they are’ when they are fucking as well – which is not true and therefore each Being in this Reality believe that they are fucking good with sex; they are all ‘Ascended Masters’ –Why? Because they´ve been ‘managing’ their masturbation quite well and that whole Impulse of that has become a ‘Mind-Fuck’, where they believe it is Real – that they’re experiencing, and their experience during masturbation is actually their ‘skill’ in sex -it’s not so!

You are making an ‘ass’ out of you –when you claim your ‘greatness’ in ‘sexuality’ –Understand one thing: as long as you’re experiencing an orgasm of ‘Great Energy’, you are not in Fact – experiencing a form of ‘Ascension’ – you’re in Fact ‘updating’ a System –if you experience great pain beyond measure, during masturbation or sex, then you are Real –because what happens you are actually Aware of the ‘Systems’ that ‘download’ from ‘Consciousness’ into the ‘Physical’, – as long as you are experiencing orgasm, you are not part of the Physical, you are in Separation, you are still living in a ‘alternate reality’ – one that’s not Real. If you would Die while you are in the ‘alternate reality’, you will diminish, extensively.

The point of getting ‘sexuality’ ‘sorted-out’ as a measuring tool of your effectiveness of your integration in and as the Physical is to Assist you when you die, so you do not ‘lose yourself’ –so that you can reclaim your original ‘Godhood’ for Real and not have it as a fucking fairy tale of spirituality.

There is not a single Being in Existence that is ‘spiritual’ in nature or that has worked with any form of spirituality or had a ‘Consciousness’ that has a fucking clue of what is Real -and much of it, they use also their experience within all of this to manage their sexual lives, but they never talk about that -The reality, Sex that is Real – at the Physical level, is like with an Animal- Animals do not fuck all the time, they fuck to procreate –they do not experience pleasure, in Fact for most it’s very painful.

Ok, so if you want the ‘benefit’ of an experience in the Physical, that would Support you, you’re going to have to get grips with what is Real and what is not Real – Anything that you need in this Reality, to Exist, which is like eating, pissing, shitting -that’s Real –Anything that you can live without, in this Reality is not Real and is a System. And as long as one believe that those Systems, and manage those systems in ways that harm each other, there is a problem – One can obviously create Systems to Support each other, but one must beware of the Delusion, that those Systems that you do not need – to live in this Reality – is not made more important than that which is Real in this Reality.

So what is Real in this Reality is that Sex has become part of a System – within which you create multiple Systems that will create ‘Structural Resonance Symbols’ within you and that will dominate all your decision-making – and you will never find an effective way to live, because you will never be satisfied –because you are never gonna find ‘The One’ that can be Equal in Sexual Expression in what you can achieve during masturbation – masturbation is always better because you know all the ‘buttons’ to push.

Therefore, dear ‘Ascended Masters’ – Next time you take your dick in your hand or you stroke your clitoris, remember: it’s just a dream.