Interviews from the Farm 45: Holographic Diseases


Interviews with Bernard Poolman

26 Dec 09


Ok, so on ‘Disease’ -You can view ‘Disease’ as the following: a ‘Colony’ of ‘Culturally’ or ‘Pattern-like Beings’, that are ‘Same’ and ‘Similar’ ‘in Nature’ that is working together as a ‘Group’ to find an ‘Environment’, a ‘Planet’ that they can ‘Colonize’ and ‘Live-in’ and ‘Take-over’ and ‘Dominate’.So your ‘Bacteria’, your ‘Viruses’, your ‘Fungus’ all of those things, do exactly what the Human do:Finds an ‘Environment’… it’s just another ‘Holographic Truth’ – the Same Pattern exist in ‘the Big’ and ‘the Small’.So when you have a ‘Disease’ that is ‘Emerging’ in whatever-‘form’, consider the ‘Patterns’ you’re dealing-with, how is that ‘Pattern’ being ‘lived-out’ in ‘the Small’ –which is your Mind, that’s ’the Small’ part –and in ‘the Big’, which is your ‘Environment´- and where are You Not ‘Equally Standing’ to ‘sort-out’ the Problem. Remember ‘the Small’ Part is your Mind – ‘The Big’ Part is Everyone.