Interviews from the Farm 46: Preprogrammed Racism


Interviews with Bernard Poolman

26 Dec 09


Just a point on the… ‘Racist’ points that will be coming out more and more, based on research – that most ‘advances’ made by the Human Race has come through ‘White People’ and that there has never been a ‘Black Person’ that has made a ‘Significant Contribution’ to ‘the Body of Knowledge and Evolution’ as the Human perceive Reality to be, and then they’re quoting a lot of beings’ names from Aristotle to you-name-it, and obviously Napoleon and Newton and many – a whole list of names. And obviously the ‘Blacks’ also attempt to have a ‘Black Jesus Christ’ I mean, all of it hiddenly about the whole ‘Inferiority Complex’ to an idea that there is something ‘wrong’ with them as a race.

The Question is simplistic, the obviousness of it is: It’s not the ‘White Race’ that is special, it’s a few people that was specially Pre-Programmed – otherwise all the ‘Whites’ would’ve been ‘Newtons’ and ‘Aristotles’ and ‘Napoleons’ and ‘Great Beings’, they’re not! It’s just those few, I mean Tesla had an ‘affliction’ seeing ‘bursts of white light’ within which he would go into a state similar – if diagnosed today – would be called ‘Epileptic fits’, and during that ‘state’ he got his ‘visions’ of his inventions, now you wanna tell me Tesla ‘invented’ anything? He didn’t; he got fuckin’ visions. Some Self-Honesty will do one ‘great’ to sort-out many of the fucking delusions existent around ‘Issues’, like specifically ‘who’ has done ‘what’ – you can never look at it in any other way as an ‘Individual way’ – there is a few ‘Individuals’ that were ‘Fortunate’ that they were ‘Programmed’ to come-up (with) some ‘shit’ that everybody else ‘live’ now which is part-of How You are Enslaved.