Interviews from the Farm 47: Sexual Pleasure


Interviews with Bernard Poolman

26 Dec 09


‘Sexual Pleasure’ is Not the Responsibility of your Partner, it is Responsibility of Yourself, it’s a matter of ‘Self-Expression’, ‘Self-Movement’ – you are Engaging in an Act of ‘Movement’, ‘Intercourse’, ‘Penetration’, all of-it based on an ‘Agreement’.

The ‘Agreement’ is to Stop the Enslavement that Exist, therefore – as long as your ‘Sexual Expression’ is subject-to Somebody else’s ‘Actions’ = you’re ‘Enslaved’ to that Person. The ‘Actual Movement’ – and we’ll discuss the ‘How’ that works In-Fact- is ‘The Act of Self-Movement’, that means: You ‘Moving Yourself’ into an ‘Orgasmic Experience’- because what are you really doing?

You are In-Fact ‘Updating’ the ‘Unified Field’ ‘Information’ so that you can get to ‘Current-Time’ and as long as you make somebody else ‘Responsible’ for Your ‘Orgasmic Update Experience’ = you are ‘blaming others’ for You Not Seeing How ‘fucked-up’ You Are in this World.

Once you start ‘Moving Yourself´, the Pleasure will ‘Change’ and there will be No More Pleasure when you ‘Update the Information’, because the Information must ‘Physically’- ‘Integrate’ into the Body, ‘Resonantly’ so that it can ‘Create ‘what you See with your eyes right in front of you, without you seeing that it’s doing it: the Body is doing it.

Ok so, Sex: It’s about ‘Self Movement’, ‘Taking Responsibility’ for all the Information that is Existent in this World.