Interviews from the Farm 49: Having Equality is The Kingdom of Heaven


Interviews with Bernard Poolman

30 Dec 09


Ok – so let´s look at ‘Nature’: If Every Human Being Here was Responsible to ‘Take Care’ of the grass for the grass to grow = There would have been only desert on Earth, cause the Human cannot be Trusted with any action – especially that of ‘Taking Care’ of the ‘Basics’ that is ‘Existent in this Reality’, which is the Support of the ‘Physical Human Body’ and the Support of ‘Physical Nature’.

Now Understand: ‘Nature’ itself is simply a ‘Programmed Reality’ that works with ‘Triggers’ called ‘seasons’ and that works according to ‘heat’ and ‘cold’ and according to ‘water’ or ‘no water ‘– it´s Simple: ‘Have’ or ‘Have-Nots’. The ‘Human Condition’ in the Physical works similarly: ‘Have’ and ‘Have-Nots’.

The Human actually have the opportunity to ‘Change’ ‘Conditions’, as is shown where deserts are ‘converted’ through ‘interaction’ by adding simply: water to a ‘desert-condition’.

In ‘Reality’ for the Human, the Human can Change the Condition of the ‘Haves’ and the ‘Have-Nots’ as well – by simply adding ‘Have’ – to Everyone. You add ‘Have’ to Everyone = Equal Money: and you wont have ‘Have-Nots’.

Obviously there will be a few problems in-terms of some ‘mental conditions’ that require some ‘correction’, but to Fear-That is Stupidity! Because ‘That’ which is ‘Better for All’, ‘That’ which will ‘Support All’ – ‘That’ will, which will remove much of the Fear ‘Existent’ in this ‘Reality’ – which is having Everyone as ‘Equal Position’ of ‘Have’: would ‘Indicate’ a ‘Recognition’ of One´s ‘Common Origin’ – as a ‘Physical Being’ – coming from a Planet.

The ‘Disease’ is ‘to-Think’.