Interviews from the Farm 50: Why you can Trust the Physical Reality


Interviews with Bernard Poolman

30 Dec 09


Ok – we’re discussing an interesting point about ‘Trust’, an Absolute ‘Obvious’-point if one really start to look at-it, so let’s look at-it: If you look-at the ‘Physical Reality’ you’ll notice an interesting thing, and that is you can ‘Trust’-it. I mean you can build a house, go to work today and come back tonight and the house is still ‘there’- yes it is subject-to ‘Time’, it is subject-to ‘Forces’ that ‘work in’ on-it, but you know what? For the time you need to ‘deal’ with your ‘Mental Delusions’ you can ‘Trust’ the ‘Physical’, you can ‘put-up a fence’ = it will be there.

If you go into an ‘Agreement’ with another person and you Remain ‘Self-Honest’ – that means you do not go-into the ‘Mental’-Part of anything in defining the ‘Relationship’, you stick to the ‘Physical’-Part of-it: you’ll find that the ‘Agreement’ and ‘Relationship’ is Amazing, you stick to the ‘Physical’-Part of the ‘Agreement’ – in terms-of ‘Sex’ for instance – and if you remain with the ‘Physical’-Part, you will learn How to ‘Move Yourself’ As ’the Physical’ and develop ‘Self-Honesty’ in ‘Movement’ and thus, ‘Support’ each-other because the Experience will be ‘Astounding’.

The moment you go-into a ‘Mental-Position’ about the ‘Sexual-Expression’ about ‘worrying’ if you were ‘good enough’, or ‘worrying’ whether ‘you did the ‘right’ things’, or ‘worrying’ why you had an image of your past girlfriend ‘flashing’ through your Mind at the point-of ‘Orgasm’, instead of just ‘Forgiving’ those-things and ‘getting rid of-them’ and ‘Live for Real Here’, obviously you’re gonna go-into a Position of ‘Fear’.

Yes it is important, there is things in the ‘Physical’ that, you know if you don’t ‘Fear’-them, you’re stupid – you don’t go and stand in front of a ‘train’ and expect not-to, and expect to ‘survive the collision’, I mean Physically you are incomparable, one is bigger than the other.

The ‘Physical’-Points are ‘Simplistic’, according-to simple ‘calculations’ and ‘measurements’ and ‘observations’ of the ‘Physical’ – you have a ‘Stable-Reality’ – the only ‘Part’ that’s ‘Unstable’ in the Reality is the ‘Human Mental-Condition’ = the ‘Imagination’, the ‘Thought’, that which-is ‘Happening’ inside around little-‘space’ of ‘Human Endeavour’. The Actuality of the Human – which is the ‘Physical’-Part – is the ‘Part’ that’s ‘Disregarded’ which is ‘Why’ ‘Starvation’ is Allowed, which is why ‘Murder’ and ‘Rape’ is Allowed, why the ‘Human Physical-Condition’ is Not ‘Honored’- apparently it’s ‘dirty’, but it’s the only ‘Stable’-Part about the Human!

Everything that is ‘Happening’ – even in our ‘philosophies’ and in our ‘knowledge’ as it ‘Exist’ in this World – cannot be ‘Trusted’ – You can only ‘Trust’ the ‘Physical-Condition’ of the ‘Human’ as it ‘Exist’ now, and that ‘Reflects’ to you the ‘Reality’ of what the ‘Human’ has become as a ‘Mental-Being’ as ‘Consciousness’, it has become an ‘Atrocity’ because the ‘Physical-Condition’ – the ‘Foundation’ from which everyone ‘Lives’ – That which can be ‘Trusted’ – has been ‘Invalidated’ and ‘Destroyed’ by ‘Consciousness’ and now you are living-in a ‘Reality’ that you’re gonna-have a ‘problem’ ‘Transcending’ at ‘Death’ which is ‘the Mind’.

So – do a little exercise Yourself, on ‘What is Real’ and ‘What can be Trusted’ – as long as ‘Money’ is based-on ‘Secret Knowledge’ and on so-called ‘Market-Forces’ as-if ‘Money’ is Consciousness = ‘Money’ cannot be ‘Trusted’ and it will Not-‘Support’ ‘the Physical’ as it as an ‘Expression of Life’. Therefore when ‘Money’ is ‘Equated’ to ‘the Physical’ As a ‘Physical Support-Structure’, which was ‘shown’-with when the ‘Gold-Standard’ existed and Money was far-more ‘effective’, or on the time of Hitler when Money was based-on ‘Labor’, on ‘Physical Actual-Action’- then the ‘Money’ as an ‘Equal-System’ based-on the ‘Value of Life’, which is based-on that which is ‘Physically’- ‘Measurable’ as ‘Living-Being’ – not the ‘Mental’-Part, not the ‘Knowledge’-Part – That the ‘Foundation’ that can be ‘Trusted’, ‘The Physical’ is Treated-‘Equally’ with ‘Money’= ‘Life Will Become Heaven on Earth’ – It is possible for ‘the Human’ in its so-called ‘Limited-Condition’ to Actually-‘Exist’ in ‘Harmony’ –

In ‘Harmony’, the word ‘Harmony’ says-it all: ‘Money’ must-Not ‘Harm’ – ‘Harmony’ –that’s why the word ‘Harmony’-Exist, You wanna live ‘In-Harmony’ = then ‘Money’ Must-Not ‘Harm.