Interviews from the Farm 52: FaceWorld - Facing the Inner Spirit of Man


Interviews with Bernard Poolman

3 Jan 10

Many, many years ago, I started that movement of my face, so that my Face become a Real Living Expression – because I was amazed: The fuckin’ thing was ‘dead’ – it had these structured... it´s like, you know, paging through a fuckin’ Magazine, my Face was like: the same as the Shit they´re presenting in this Magazine, and Everybody is trying to go Ape-Shit about this fuckin’ Faces in the Magazine and become Clones of it! Everyone in this world are Clones already – Cloned Faces. So we have to do a ‘Clone-Face’ Collage as well, where you have everybody with the same Face: “I am a Human”.

With a simple ‘exercise’ which is Fun, One can now Expose Oneself to your Inner-World and your Outer World, and the World Itself – and the various Faces that we are Facing – as we are Facing the End Times – the ‘End Game’. How long can you keep a straight Face? Not long, because gravity pulls it down until you´re a Demonic Face – so obviously we have to explore the Demonic Faces of Existence as well – How the ‘Graven image’ is busy returning to the Earth, as Gravity pulls you back six feet under, into your ‘Demonic state’ – De-Manned state, when your Man-hood are removed. When you´re in the ‘Afterlife’, you are Not ‘Male’ or ‘Female’. Your ‘Man-hood’ is removed. You are De-Manned.

Man as we said, is the Answer to the Universe. It Really doesn’t matter How Few ‘make it’ – even just One is sufficient. But this ‘Holy Ghosts’ and ‘Holy Spirits’ that is moving inside Men, and moving into such a degree that they put up Fake Faces, just to ‘look like Something’, as if they are a fuckin’ Star, when they are not: Those ‘Holy Ghosts’, we need to Expose. The ‘Holy Spirit’ that you have Inside you, that moves you to LIE all the time, that moves you to beLIEve that the answer is in the ‘Holy Spirit’ – I mean that´s ‘demonic’ – That it is in the ‘Afterlife’ as a fuckin’ ‘Spirit’. What the Fuck are you doing Here then? Kill yourself! Why wait for Jesus? Why wait for ‘God’? If you Really Believe that ‘God’ is the Answer: Go to ‘God’ Now! Why are you waiting? Fuckin’ Cowards! Go kill yourself. Don´t wait!

We are In this World – because we wanna Be HERE!
I mean, there is nothing wrong with what I am perceiving Inside me and Outside me - except that we have ‘Fucked it Up’ – So, we can ‘fix it’. I don’t see ‘God´s hand’ Anywhere – I see a ‘Holy Spirit’ Fucking with Everyone – Creeping In there, forcing Everyone to put-up a Fake Face. Ah, Some Do give themselves a Hand too many times, I mean, when they are Wanking ‘in Secret’ and playing with the ‘Secret Faces’, where they are trying to have a ‘Special Face’ that will now be ‘Their Face’ that they can ‘control’ – I mean, Why do you need someone to Suck your Cock in the way you Want it to be sucked? Do you think you know what´s the best way for you? You don’t know – You don’t have to have these Pictures in your Head.

Have you Seen what’s just in Today´s Newspaper? A group of 14 Children in Cape Town between the ages of... what was it... Between the ages of 6 and 14, watched a Pornographic film and they started to Follow what they Saw in the Film – and for the last several months, they´ve been Sodomizing each-other... Anal Sex, because they Saw it in this Video. 6 and 14 years-old; Watched the Video and what did they Do? I mean, in their Mind it´s an ‘Adult video’ – and ‘Adult’ means ‘Responsible’, isn’t it? When you become an Adult, they say: “You are now Mature – Responsible.” And then we call Pornographic movies “Adult content” – And Here´s the Children Exposing it!
And what do They do? “There´s something wrong with the children.” No! It´s the fuckin’ ‘Adults’! It´s the Fruit of the ‘Dull Tree’ – the ADULTERY of the ‘Adult’, where you are living a Face, while your Inner-World is Sick. Real sick – pSICKological. Because the Psychologists is as Sick as the patients they´re trying to treat, they obviously are Unwilling to consider the Reality of ‘What the Fuck is Really going-on’; So, ‘Psychologists’ in itself, is a Dis-ease. So is ‘Psychiatry’; if you go and study the history... “What kind of ‘Trick’ do you want? A PsychiaTRIC?” “Bowl-out the Human, Let Believe that there is something wrong with them that cannot be fixed...” You can Fix your Lying – you Know that! You can Stop Lying – it´s that Simple. Stop Lying – Stop having a Fake Face! Face the World! Have No Lies .

I mean, an Agreement should not exist, if there are Lies. Remember: ‘Punish yourself’ if you are Lying – Place very strict rules for yourself, until you can Trust Yourself. ‘Trust’ Is: when you can Trust that your Inner-World and your Outer-World is the Same – then you are ready to Face the World and take-on the World-System and say: “The Face of the World as it is presented right-now: is Unacceptable!” “I will No-longer Hide behind a Fake Face, a Fake Name.” “This is My Name! I was Born as this, this is my Face” – My Inner-Face and my Outer-Face is the same. You can See it in my Actions. Now you are Trust-Worthy.

And once you can Trust Yourself Completely and you are Acting in the Interest of Life in All Ways – and you are No-longer Allowing yourself to be Deceived by all the False Faces that´s being presented around you: You will initially becomes a Force that Everyone will ‘hate’ – because you will Call-out the Fakes – And they´ll attack you, says: “I don’t want to become Self-Honest! “I don’t want to be Honest!”, “I don’t want... I like Lying, because then I can get away with Abuse!” The Only Reason for ‘Fake Faces’ is because you’re an Abuser – you use it to Hide-Behind, when you´re Abusing. And you know it! I´m not speaking of any new fuckin’ knowledge – Everyone in this World know it, no-matter what your level of education: You Know you´re Lying – You Know you´re putting-up a Fake Face; and you´re still Doing-it! Interdimensionally the Resonances is gonna Push these things to become YOU – it´ll fuckin’ Pour out of your Mouth – Pour out of Everything you´re doing. Do you want Proof? You don’t need Proof! YOU Are the Proof!