Interviews from the Farm 53: Spiritual Flat People in a Round World


Interviews with Bernard Poolman

6 Jan 10


You’ll find an Astounding point that is Less Considered :

Let’s go to the point on in History where it was Believed that the World was Flat: When the point came that the World was Round – which was at that stage ‘not being able to be Seen’ because nobody could yet Travel to such an extent or… Observe the World as being Round- but it could be proven already – Who Attacked Those that said ‘The World is Round’? Was Those that have most to Lose by Losing a ‘Flat World’.

What was the Reason for the Attack? Their Fear because, what did they know? They know that the World was Round, but they did not want to Accept that because if they Accept the World is Round, they have to give up what they Believe they ‘Have’ which is ‘What they Own’ – their Greed, their Knowledge –and they have to Change.

With Desteni it works exactly the Same? Here is Desteni, a seemingly ‘Unimportant Group in the World’ that gets Vigorously Attacked by Virtually Every - Form of Knowledge or Idea in the World.

Everyone can Agree in some Degree for instance that, the ‘Law of Attraction’ in some way Produce a Result if you Utilize particular ‘Positive Energies’- So they don’t Attack each other, they kind of ‘Work Together’- But when it comes to Desteni, You’re either ‘With’ Desteni –which means Very Specific , Absolute Detailed – or you ‘Attack’ Desteni, Why? Fear.

What is these Attacks Actually Proving? If you go back in History and you Observe all the Changes in the World, it Proves one thing: That Those that is Attacking know one thing: What Desteni Say is So, and They Fear to Lose what they Know. And if They really go and look at Self-Honesty, and they go and Consider the Material Desteni is Presenting, they’ll notice: Desteni will Stand the Test of Time and They Won’t.

So - All you lot that Live in the Spiritual Flat World: There is a New World Coming -it is No Longer Any of the Knowledge that You Know, you’re going to Lose it All –either through Self-Forgiveness and Self-Honesty as a ‘Living Process’ or through Death which is Inevitable anyway – Either way: Desteni will be There. Now it all Depends on You whether You will have a Destiny.