Interviews from the Farm 54: TechnoJesus Arriving soon on his U.F.O!


Interviews with Bernard Poolman

06 Jan 10


We’re Announcing: Arriving in a U.F.O. at a Spot in the Forest Near You in the Middle of the Night with Bright Lights: The Savior of the World: TechnoJesus!

And, He’ll Insist on His Hair because, Apparently: ‘It’s All in the Hair’ - ‘I Cannot Be Without My Hair, My Hair is My Hair, My Hair is Me, I have Defined Myself, I Cannot Be Without My Hair – Yes, My Hair’.

So - for those that Cannot Be Equal and that Must Have Hair, arranged Specially For You in the Name of the Planet ‘Venus’ - ‘Venus of Love’: TechnoJesus. TechnoJesus will be Feeding You -TechnoJesus will be Wiping your Children’s Asses and put-on New Nappies.

TechnoJesus - You Don’t Need Money, TechnoJesus - Will Do-It All, TechnoJesus, TechnoJesus, TechnoJeeeesus.

Remember the Songs you’re going to have to Sing - And what’s nice: TechnoJesus Do Not Judge Anyone - I mean there’s ‘No Judgment’ from TechnoJesus, TechnoJesus just do Its thing I mean, it’s ‘All Love’, There is No Discrimination, There is No Worry -You don’t have to do Anything! You Are Free with ‘Free Will’! Everything is Done For You - Free Will, Doesn’t matter what you do: You can Fuck your Neighbor’s Wife - it’s Okay, You can Rape the Children – it’s Okay, You can Keep Your Hair – it’s Okay, You can Have the House You Want – it’s Okay, but somebody else wants it, TechnoJesus will project, Protect You.

You will have All the Food that you can Imagine, I mean TechnoJesus will Shovel the Shit Away afterwards – I mean, Everything: Free Will, Free Will - there’s nothing you have to do! TechnoJesus Will Do It - It is all about TechnoJesus now, I mean and Obviously the ‘Free Will’ to go with it. You’ll need No Money -because TechnoJesus Do it for Free -in Honor of your Free Will.

TechnoJesus comes from the ‘All Mightiness of God’ - You know ‘that God’? That’s ‘The One’! -Oh sorry! No, no, it’s not ‘That’ One, the ‘Other’ One Sorry I can’t make-out with All the, I mean, there’s about Six Billion ‘Gods’ just to find out Which One Will Suit TechnoJesus - Once we got ‘That’ God, I’ll Let You Know.