Interviews from the Farm 56: The Gauntlet of the Living Word


Interviews with Bernard Poolman

11 Jan 10


Ok - Understand that Existence has been set up as a ‘Gauntlet’. You are running the ‘Gauntlet’ in Every Breath.

If you look at a ‘Gauntlet’: every Breath, there is a Movement from left to right, there is a Polarity Movement. And within that, you have a ‘Time-Keeper’, within which you assess the ‘Gauntlet’ - Which is your Breath.

 The condition that is Pre-Existent within You, as Programmed: is either keeping you within one of the ‘Gauntlets’, that is making sure that you never get Through and Actually Birth yourself as Life - which is the System of the World - and in That you have very peculiar type of ‘reward’ - which is: you get Money, ‘Happiness’, ‘Energy’ as long as you Deceive Everyone else. That’s the one ‘Gauntlet’.

 For those that don’t know what it is, go and research or watch a ‘Knight’s tale’ [correction: ‘The First Knight’] and you’ll see the ‘Gauntlet’ how it works, in the movie a ‘Knight’s tale’ [‘The First Knight’]. So you get a good idea of how it works.

So – Understand: that the ‘Nature’ of the ‘Gauntlet’, the Tools of the ‘Gauntlet’ - is Words. You either Think the Words, you Feel the Words, you Speak the Words or you Write the Words, or you Read the Words. This Reality is a Information Reality about ‘Living Words’ and You are the ‘Transfer-Point’, where the Words are being Directed.

The only ‘Power’ you have, is how You are Directing Your Words and whether your words are Directed either with Intent, without Intent, with Understanding or without Understanding and whether Your Words are Actions by yourself - Indicating your Understanding - according to Your Words, it can be Assessed with Absolute Clarity: what you Understand of the Universe.

If you are, for instance, Only running the ‘Gauntlet’ of ‘Energy’: Obviously, you are Only Understanding ‘Energy’. What you don’t Realize, is that obviously from your Perspective: you’re only running the ‘Gauntlet’ of ‘Energy’. From a Real Perspective - you’re running the ‘Gauntlet’ of Everything in Existence, and your Ignorance is No Excuse.

So - Look at How you can run the Gauntlet using Breath – The Bible has got a wonderful saying. It says: “Put a Guard in front of your Mouth before you speak.” Let me add: Put a Guard in front of your Mind before you Think! It´s Simply, what we are saying. It’s been said for Thousands of years - but Nobody is Hearing what we´re saying – we are Purely taking it to a Practically, Practical Living Application Standard, of Equality and Responsibility -There is nothing new to it. There is only the Fact that we are Pointing Out: That Everyone is Deceiving and Not Standing - in the Interest of Life or Using the Tools that’s Already Here.

So, How do you Use Your Breath - In this ‘Gauntlet’? When you Breathe In – Look at what you are going to Say.

You see, because, when you speak, you normally will speak on Your Out-Breath, which means your Out-Breath, because the air moves over your Vocal Cords and through the cavities in the forms of the Mouth, that Forms the Words, so in your Out-Breath you speaks. You can sometime speak ‘Under your Breath’ or On the In-Breath but you Can’t do that with comfort. That´s normally done with Deliberate Deception anyway. So, you speak normally on Your Out-Breath.

Then you have gotta look at the Context of the Words you´re Speaking within the Context of your Responsibility within the Moment that you are Present -That is Your ‘Here’. So - that means you must make Sure: whoever is going to ‘Hear Your Words’, is going to Understand what the fuck you’re saying, otherwise your ‘Here’ is no longer ‘Here’ – it becomes Divided.

So therefore, you Breathe-In - you look at what you’re going to say within the Context of ‘Here’ - You look at the Implications of Your Words. Within the Implications of your Words, you then Look within the Context of the Person as you understand them. If the person has being Lying to you, Obviously, your Words will be within the Context of what you Understand and there will be a Greater Consequence for those that Deceive. Remember: you can never be Deceived – you can Only Deceive Yourself. So if somebody Lies to me, I mean, I Allow it. I Allow that Lie and misrepresentation Deliberately, because - when I say to them: “you Lie to me”, They say: “No I´m not Lying to you.” – You´re always your own Judge, as we’ve explained with Judgment-day - Your Words are Your Judge.

So – In your In-Breath, you look at the words and if you are Truly Innocent – I mean, the Consequences of your Words, will be Supportive. If you are not truly Innocent, it´ll be Destructive – If you are Truly in Manipulation, when Manipulating: Your Words will follow you for seven generations. And it´ll Destroy Everyone around you as well. And the Consequences will not be necessarily yours - but that of your Children, as you can see in the World, where we have Real, Truly Deceptive Words that´s spoken by Everyone – Who Pays? The Children and the next generation and the next generation.

I mean, these things were made very Clear in the ‘Holy Books’, but Who the Fuck read the shit, to Actually Understand How to Practically Live Effectively? No one is Interested in That, because Everyone is Interested in One Thing: Money – Or a ‘Safe Afterlife’. Now, Hear me: You better Live as if there is no ‘Afterlife’ – Because if you don’t: You may just End-Up in a ‘Place’, where you are Totally Fucked! So the Way to make Sure, that you do not End-Up in the ‘After-Lies’ - life’ in a Fucked-up Situation: is to Live Your Life – Effectively, On Earth. But if you are waiting for the ‘Afterlife’ – the Odds are Against you!

But, and it says: “Do not gamble!” So, if you are waiting for the ‘Afterlife’: you are ‘throwing the lot’ – you are ‘gambling’. And you are ‘gambling’ with insufficient Understanding. Rather – I suggest: Live Effectively and make Sure that Every Word and Every Thought, being of the ‘Nature’ of ‘Frequency’ and ‘Energy’: is Measured that it Do Not Harm – Anything in Creation! Not only Humans. Anything in Creation.

And make Sure that you Never ‘Justify’, and study What it means to ‘Justify’ – We´ve got All the material available – there´s books available, everything on What is ‘Justification’- ‘Justification’ Is Deliberate Deception. Justification Is - For instance to say: “Oh, but the World is the way it is and there´s nothing I can do about it” – That´s ‘Justification’. That is Actually saying: “I have a reason why I can Lie, and I will stick to it!”.

I mean, there was a comment today on YouTube by a person, he says: “Read the bible, that is where the truth lies.” – I mean, the person don’t even See their Own Words! “Read the bible, That is where the truth Lies”... I mean, when you´re dead: You have a Cross or a, thing on your grave, where there is messages written. And it says: “Here lies the late so and so.” - The Direct Implication of these Words, and remember: Your Mind measure Words ambidextrously, moving it around – that´s proven that you can swap around the letters in a word and your Mind will still ‘rearrange’ it and come-up with the closely related word –

So, your Mind seek out related words – the Moment you don’t Clearly Understand something: Go and find-out what it means! Do not make up your Mind through Assumption – which most are doing, that´s Self-Deception. Go and find-out what it means. I mean, you at least have That Responsibility towards yourself, to make Sure you don’t End Up in a position, where you´re Lying. Okay? Make sense?

All: Yeah.

So – the Gauntlet is: Once you Know that You have the Tool, with which to make Sure that you Never Speak Words, that Will Deliberately Harm or Deceive Another, Or Think Thoughts that will have Consequences, where a person cannot Self-Realize - And where it is of Revenge or Jealousy or Harm or Diminishment unnecessarily-There is a Consequence!

When I Speak to you and I Speak to somebody, I See their Whole Life – From Birth, in the Very Beginning, to All their Choices, to Everything they´re doing: How they Fuck, How they masturbate – I See the Whole Fucking Thing. So when I´m the Placing Words, I Place the Words in the Context of All their Thoughts, All their Words, Everything they´ve Ever Done –

If you can´t Do That, then you remain within the Context of the Words they have spoken or the Words they have written. Do not throw them with knowledge – use their Words and Pull them Apart in CommonSense. You have to be Self-Honest within the Context of your ‘Here’ – otherwise, you will not be Effective. You cannot do What I Do! You can Do What You Do! Make Sure You Do That Well! Make Sense? Yeah. Okay.