Interviews from the Farm 57: The Law of Karma


Interviews with Bernard Poolman
09 Jan 10


Let’s discuss ‘The Law of Karma’: Every Human Being on Earth – except those that has been Deliberately Placed in a Position where their Basic Faculties do not Function, which is a very small group –the Rest is All Aware of a Very Simple Law: ‘What You Sow, You Reap’, ‘What You Do to Another Happens to You’ - the Law of Consequence: ‘The Law of Karma’.

Now, Common Sensically, That should be Sufficient to Guide Any Being to Act in a way that Supports Life - All Forms of Life – but have a look at this World, Where do you See ‘The Law of Karma’ in the Laws? Where do you see ‘The Law of Karma’ in the Social Structure? Where do you see ‘The Law of Karma’ in the Economic System? Where do you see ‘The Law of Karma’ in the Education System?

Have a look: it’s Non-Existent.

Now - where is the Human Beings that Point this out? Where is the so-called ‘Enlightened’ Beings that Demand that ‘The Law of Karma’ be the Law that it is Utilized because it is the Law that Each One Will Face at Death?

You don’t See that – What You do See is an Apparent Attempt by Especially the Spiritual and the ‘Enlightened Ones’ and the ‘Masters’, to Create ‘Delusions of Grandeur’ that Apparently: when you Achieve a Certain Level of ‘Vibration’, you somehow ‘Magically’ are No Longer Subject-to ‘The Law of Karma’ – you can go and do the math – How Can You Bullshit Yourself so Effectively that you cannot even do Basic Math and Basic Common Sense Reasoning, that you are Remain Responsible and the moment that you turn your Eye away from What is Happening to ‘the Greater Picture’ in which You Are Participating: you Become Responsible on ‘The Law of Karma’ for Every Event that Takes Place.

Now – This is going to be Difficult to Hear: When this Point Emerged in the Universe a long time ago - the Point of Manipulation and Deception and ‘Grandeur’- it had to be - Rectified, Corrected, because As You Can See on Earth: the so-called ‘Divine Beings’ - that has Fallen from their Divinity is Currently ‘In the Flesh’ Incarcerated in ‘Characters’, still seeking-out Ways Out-of ‘The Law of Karma’. No Self Honesty, No Common Sense, No Love - Real Love that is Not Energy Based – All like a ‘Hollywood Story’ of Energetic Projections behind which The Dishonest ‘Hide’ to Not Take Responsibility – Not Self Honest to look at the Fears of Why they’re Hiding, Why they’re Not Willing to Stand Up and Actually Bring about a Reality that is Based on Laws that Supports Life.

But there is this Idea about What Exist in the Afterlife, First of all, if a Psychic ‘Sees’ somebody that is Your Dead Family Member, and that Family Member has the Image of a Physical Being with a body and arms and legs: You are being Duped - the Body is in the Earth, there is No Body - once you Die, you don’t have arms, legs, eyes – all of the stuff that you have on Earth anymore, come on! Common Sense – They are Not Seeing your Dead Family Member, they’re Seeing Your Memory that You are Projecting -They have No Ability to See the Afterlife, there is No ‘Angels’ that has the Form of a Human, come on! I mean Common Sense! Anyone seeing that has Created that in Their Own Mind, just like you have these things in your Dreams – I mean that’s why Dreams Exist, to Show you: You are the Creator of the Dreams, it’s Your Bullshit that’s playing out there like in a Fucking ‘Hollywood Show’ – What Exist After Death is Not Energy - It is also not a Form that is the Human Form -That Does Not Exist in the Afterlife.

So - For those that has Find it ‘too difficult’ to Face their Dishonesty and their Delusions of ‘Grandeur’ which they Use as a ‘Spiritual Phenomena’ to have Mastery and Control and Manipulation over Those that Has More Fear than They Have - Hear Me: There are Three Chances - as This Cycle Now Closes: where You May Transcend.

Every Transcendence You Miss, You Will Diminish – again do the math: if it is Found that You Are Unable to Handle the Information that You are currently burdening, Burdening Yourself with and that the Load is too Heavy for You to Carry to Be Self Honest, then You go through a Diminishing Cycle which will Place You in a Position to Try Again –

The First Cycle is Obviously ‘The Living Cycle’ where You Do it as Self Willed Individuals Here to Move Yourself to Equality and - metaphorically speaking – becoming Actually ‘Divine’. That Obviously has No Bearing on What You Perceive ‘Divinity’ or ‘Godhood’ to be.

The Second Cycle, the First Step of where You Diminish, is at Death -Then You Lose All the Systems that You had, to Assist you to Empower Yourself to Equality Again. Obviously there’s Consequences, I mean there is with this Diminishment - but then you get Another Chance –

The Third Cycle is where You Re-Incarnate, of which You Only Get One Chance – there is No More Cycles of Reincarnation that Gives You infinite chances – that’s Done, I mean come on, You have Wished for this Yourself, You have In Your Inner-Mind Asked for a Solution to the Mess that is Existent – and You Have Not Realized that Such a Solution is going to mean: You’re Going to have to Change As Well – Stop Blaming, Stop Finding Reasons Why you’re Not going to Take Responsibility – You Have No Option in this, You Asked for it – and Now it´s Here, not in the way you wanted it to be Obviously because otherwise You would have been able to do it -The Very Fact that You’re Unable to Do this Point in Actual Bringing forth the Information in a Way that Explains the Simplicity of the Solution - Is in itself an Indication that: You were Not Self Honest.

So - There is No Forgiveness in the Universe - there is ‘The Law of Karma’: Consequence, there is Self Forgiveness which Prepares you to Face the Consequences of your Life, there is Self Honesty that takes you to the point where You Have to Face Yourself - and then there is Common Sense where You Actually Face Yourself and Act in a Way to Stop the Cycles that has Trapped you. Three Simple Steps: Self Forgiveness, Self Honesty and Self Common Sense - Those Three Steps is the Road to Your Freedom from this Enslavement that You Have Created - Common Sensically, mathematically, scientifically in Every Possible way, you can go and work this out for Yourself - It is Simplistic.

But in this You are Alone, No One can Help You, because If Anyone Helps You = You’re Enslaved. There may be Support but the Support is to Insist on Self Forgiveness, to Insist on Self Honesty and to Insist on Self Common Sense.

So, Understand: This is the End Game and It Was Never a Game.