Interviews from the Farm 59: True Face of the World and the SRA


Interviews with Bernard Poolman

Jan '10


Okay so – Looking at practical ways to involve Everyone in the World in a Process that they would experience as Fun, Revealing and Entertaining, and which will be a Road of Discovery and Mystery – is…the Idea, the Concept is: Face-World.
Because have a Look: Your whole World consist out of Faces – and the World Itself is a Face. The Face of the World is basically... you have a One-World Face – and then you have your Cultural Faces, you have your Country Faces, you have your Hierarchy Faces, you have your Face of the Rich, of the Poor, of the Middle-Class, the Face of the Systems, the Face of Education, the Face of Government, the Face of Money, the Face of the Internet – Everything is Presenting a Face. What’s going-on Behind the Face – Nobody is Looking-at.
By the Law, and the Face of the Law we have ‘Accepted’, each Point speaks as an ‘I’. Education will speak as an ‘I’, Government will speak as an ‘I’, a Corporation will speak as an ‘I’, You will speak as an ‘I’, the Animal-Kingdom will speak as an ‘I’ – Everyone is speaking as an ‘I’. An ‘I’ (‘EYE’) – a ‘View’ – a ‘Point of View’ – a Face. The fascinating thing is, that You Know: When You are using your Face – that you’re Lying. Because you’ll Put-up a ‘straight Face’, while you have Thoughts of Deception Inside you. The Face is Not ‘You’. Just as All these Faces that is presented in this World is Not really What Life Is. The ‘Real-Thing’ is That Thing Thinking Inside, while it is Presenting a ‘straight Face’. The ‘straight Face’ you are presenting is your ‘Structural Resonance’. You have created that ‘straight Face’ through the past actions of Deception. You have Practiced it – from the first time your Mother looked you in the Eye and said to you: “Look me in the eye and say you didn’t do it.” And you look ‘straight-faced’: “No!” But Inside says: “I hope she can’t see it… My eyes are not moving, my eyes are not moving… Oh No, No; I must make sure, Nothing must move, I must have a ‘straight Face’.” And there, Mother created the ‘Straight Face’. No – You did. But Mother made sure you Did. So that you can ‘Survive’ in the Face of the World.

So – in FaceWorld, we’re going to play with ‘Collages’. Which means, you want…we’re starting with the Playing of – each person a ‘Collage’ of all the Faces that you’re able to ‘Pull’ and Identify and When you’re using it: “I use this Face when I’m Lying” – “I’m using this Face…” – you know, various Faces – “This is my Sad Face”; “This is my Happy Face”; “This is my Orgasmic Face”; “This is my Masturbation Face” – I mean, you wanna Put them all Up, capture Faces – and Faces Only.
Now, have a Look, if you go back in History and… None of you are part of that ‘history’, but in the time of the Movie “Hair” – I suggest you look at the Movie “Hair”: The Movie “Hair” has a Cult Interface that became part of the ‘human experience’ – is now basically…it’s one of the ‘foundation stones’ of what you would call the ‘New Age’ today. All they’ve done is, they coloured it more in, to Fit into the Money-System. But in essence the Movie “Hair” and everything was more faced on the Point of ‘Breaking the Rules’ by growing your Hair. Okay – But, that emphasized what? That emphasized Differences – ‘Uniqueness’; And caused a massive Repercussion in the way the System developed in the World.
So – have a Look at the fascinating thing: By linking FaceWorld to the use of Chemicals; the use of Chemicals specifically that ‘enhance’ your ‘Face of Beauty’ that you are presenting to the World. Now in Afrikaans, the word ‘Beauty’ becomes ‘something else’: whenever they picture or take a pornographic picture or a picture of a woman in a bikini that is naked and looks ‘beautiful’, they call it the ‘Skone’ – the ‘Skone Dame’, that means the ‘Pure Woman’; The ‘Pure Woman’ is a sexual Object. So – the Evolution of Language from English to Afrikaans – Afrikaans being the latest Language that emerged from the World as a Conglomerate of many Languages, has taken the word ‘Beauty’ and has Purified it to its Actuality: ‘Beauty’ is an word of ‘sexual attraction’. There is Nothing else. ‘Beauty’ is a word that Cover-up what is Real, Behind an ‘Outer Venire’ of a ‘One-Dimensional Drawing’ – because a Picture in essence is One-Dimensional, it’s a ‘One-Point-View’ of the World. So, you’re gonna take All your ‘One-Dimensions’ as your Faces that you use to Interact in this World, and re-create the ‘Multidimensional Self’ – Which is ‘Who you are representing Yourself to Be’ in the World. Within that, looking at: What is Behind this creation you call ‘You’; What is Behind the Faces you are Presenting; Why is it that when you see a Beggar, you tend to feel ‘embarrassed’ – How does that ‘embarrassing Face’ look-like?
You don’t want to Look – isn’t it?
But yet, you’re still Putting-up a Face. Why is it, whenever there is Something in this World that is obviously ‘difficult to live’ –like Poverty, Starvation, being a Beggar, being a Prostitute and so on– you would secretly Desire it inside you, but you’ll put-up a ‘straight Face’, that it is ‘bad’. The same Person that stands in front of a Congregation, a Pulpit, and tell everyone about ‘Morality’, will have the Secret Part Come-Out when they go for their ‘Secret Rounds’ looking for ‘Sexual satisfaction’. All and Everyone know that the Face that is presented in this World – and their own Faces – is Deception. Yet – Everybody is Doing it.
‘Synchronicity’ – the Actualization of the ‘Divine Man’ lies in the fact that You must be Able to Present Equality and Oneness – that means: your ‘Inner-World’ and your ‘Outer-World’ must be ‘One’. So your Thoughts must be Reflected in your Face – to Prove that You Are ‘Oneness’. And your Equality is within That: Equality as the ‘Divine Man’ means that You must be Equal to ‘God’ –in the Ultimate. If you are not That, you cannot Claim to be ‘Divine’ or of ‘Divine Origin’ or ‘Godly in Nature’, because it’s a Lie. The True Face Inside is Not the ‘True Face’ Reflected Outside, in this World.
Therefore in ‘Equal-Money’: Money must become the Vehicle of ‘Divine Expression’ – an Equal Giving – the Vehicle of ‘Divine Love’. If you’re Claiming ‘Love’ and ‘Unconditional’ – Then you must See that ‘Equal-Money’ is the Ultimate Act of ‘Unconditional Love’ that can be presented in this World. And therefore we must also Look at the Face of Money.

Simply focusing on one thing: the fun it is to look at All the Faces of Everyone and have a good laugh at ourselves. So the whole idea of the site is to laugh at yourself, because you’ll find that laughing at yourself is the best medicine, it helps you to… you can say laughter at yourself is Living Forgiveness. It’s like when you have water going over a ridge you call it a waterfall –in a way, laughter is like the freefall over a waterfall where you let go of your preconceived ideas of the Faces behind which you hide. In doing that and making it fun, and then linking it to Actually show the World that Everybody can Stand Together, we’re going to make an effort and focus on bringing together at least a 100 million people in the World that cut their Hair and present their Faces, and in that make a Statement to no longer use Shame-Poo and Hair-Dye, and Anything that goes with the Outer Beauty behind which you are Hiding – So that the Inner Beauty in Each One can be Seen, so we can start focusing on What is Real, and for that we take-off our Hair - because obviously Everything is in reverse –you take the Hair off, what happens? Suddenly there is a point of Equality - Hair interfere because it gives, it’s part of the False Image you’re presenting while you’re looking for Sex –you’re going to have to give it up, because that’s Really why you have Hair. That’s why Hair is up and down the same thing I mean, you have Hair everywhere, Just the Truth of the Hair is not being Considered. Why Shame-Poo? Shame-Poo have a look, practically Common Sensically: when you wash your Hair and you take the Shame-Poo and you put water to it, it contaminates all the Water doesn’t it? You’re not gonna drink that water, are you? You wash your Hair and then that water fuck into the Earth into the underground tables –it does not go up and outside where it can photo degrade, it goes underground and it collects. If you’ve ever Dared to start investigating what happens to Water that is contaminated, with the chemicals that you use in cleaning yourself because remember: The base chemicals is various grades of fat –either plant or animal fat – it’s one of the bases of the creation of soaps and stuff like that. Have you noticed what happens to fat when it gets cold, it becomes rather an unsightly sticky thing – imagine that’s happening underneath the Earth. Now, it starts to stop what? The Breathing of the Earth - and slowly but surely, you start taking an area and you stop the Earth from having exposure to air, to Breath so that the Earth can move and interact with the environment, things start rotting –rather chemically, not a normal process anymore, not a natural process- Now imagine having billions of people daily flushing down a lot of chemicals from dyes to conditioners to Shame-Poos into all kinds of things – somewhere this shit is going, and slowly but surely it’s becoming part of the Environment and it becomes part of the Structural Resonance of the Water - which you drink. What is the Structural Resonance of the Water? That you can find out if you study Homeopathy. In Homeopathy is an example of Structural Resonance, that when they get to the stage when they are potentizing the various Essences, when it is potentized to a medicine – a medicinal quality product, you cannot scientifically measure any content in the product, it only contains the nature of it, a Resonance of it. So, it has an effect but you can’t scientifically measure it. Homeopathy has been around quite a long time, that’s an example of the Structural Resonance as it exist within Yourself as well, it cannot be measured – The only Moments where you have, where you can find out where you are Lying is when you are Physically Reacting: you’re getting hot or cold, your going stiff or you become heavy or your face becomes straight or it smiles or you blush or you suddenly are itchy or there’s suddenly a pain – that’s the only way you can find out where your Structural Resonance is moving, and if you’re not fast enough in One Breath to catch that Point and get to Self Honesty, it compounds- and you have only One Breath within which to catch it. That’s why Everybody in the World that’s got Money, set up Their World to be so comfortable that they don’t have these reminders that there is something wrong, because they got Money and Money is Power, because with Money - you can buy other people to do your shit, okay? Makes sense? So Structural Resonance is that which cannot be seen, because it only moves in a moment, but you can see because you move as it. And the best way to look at your Structural Resonance is to look at the Faces you have in this World: the Knowledgeable Face, the Wise Face, the Meditation Face, the Ascension Face - there are so many Faces – the Satanic Face, the Evil Face, the Lucifer Face, the Arrogant Face I mean there is Faces upon Faces - So I suggest one of the Projects is to make a list of All the Possible Faces that can be Presented and then we start collecting Photos and getting each one’s Collage together in terms of the Faces.