Interviews from the Farm 6: Possessions and Suppressions


Interviews with Bernard Poolman

14 Jan 09


In essence demons are assistance – they are not a threat. What is demonstrated is exactly the same as has been demonstrated – understand that demon possession in the matrix will be different. That will be a full on possession that in cases of ‘total possession’ will not be guided. It will have many other impacts. Here the point is the same for everyone, get to your self-honest points, be self honest, and you know if thoughts come up in your mind that you are not self honest, that you have not established your starting point, that you have not forgiven you of everything that you have thought has happened to you to cause you to be who you are or you have not forgiven your desires to be more than others. I mean there are so few things really that exist in human beings, Human beings are really less functional than a fucking DVD player, the same shit fucking repeats itself over and over and over again just with different pictures, I mean really one must be so careful of missing the point of your invalidness as thought. Forgiveness to the point of changing, removing, stopping everything that re-cur within you – if a point re-cur then understand that eventually if you do not forgive the point, the moment the point disappear from your mind, it is no longer an ‘issue’ you have suppressed it. What does that mean – you have made it physical and then the point will start to manifest in your world. If you have forgiven it then obviously you have stopped it, that is basically how it works. Then when the event takes place, after the event the thought will be back and then you will see what you have done, but it will be too late. If you do not recognise your self-honest point – and understand it is seldom a beautiful point, it quite an atrocious thing and you don’t want to speak about it, you don’t really want to look at it – that is what you would see as ‘unspeakable’. Therefore you will put up defences to make yourself look better than who you are, understand one thing that all of this is known – please. The demon has now demonstrated all the thought patterns and the fears, all the suppressions that come through but those things are not even in the conscious mind.

They are already suppressed that means they are already playing out as events in the life. The moment the fear is suppressed that is what happens. It is sitting at a manifested level in your physicality and the mind as your assistant manifested as you. Afterwards when it is done you will of course say: ‘God I have learnt my lesson’, I won’t do it again, but that is probably unlikely, you will probably do it again. Until you get to the point where you really start looking for a way to stop yourself – this will continue. The way that you stop yourself is through forgiveness and to be the self honest points so that you are the silence, you are the silence of yourself. When you are creating, you are the source of your creation, that which comes from you is you – it is not something that was put into you.

If you have already manifested a level of God consciousness it is more difficult because you will become from a perspective of having understanding because understanding in its very definition is not based on knowledge given to you by others. That is not understanding, that is parrot living. You cannot form an understanding from that because you cannot trust a single thing that is inside you. You cannot trust a single word or a single definition because you were not present when it was programmed in to you – so you do not know what the fuck it was that was programmed into you. If you disregard this opportunity of innocence, this opportunity to understand that who you are is in fact innocent because you were programmed and after you know that and you do not act on it, your right to innocence is revoked by yourself. I would suggest one seriously not consider such a foolish thing and yet many will.

Utilise the opportunity – which is in the face of each one, once only – because have a look it is clear and simple. You are the result of the thoughts, ideas, and influences of other people. From that you have created an idea about yourself – which you are attempting to validate. Therefore you get an opportunity, in terms of ‘innocence’ – because you didn’t do that innocence is no longer valid – because now you are doing it deliberately. Remember dimensionally all of that, everything, all the programs are out. What remains is yourself – you facing you. Once you have obviously gone through this – you will be working with other people where you will be facing in front of them the same point: the point of innocence and the point of opportunity. If points start moving away it is to give each one and equal and one opportunity and to give to them what was given to you – then obviously simplistically you will go last in line and watch it happen to everyone else while you have to wait.

You cannot force your way through existence as a mind a as the ideas of other people. It is not possible. You cannot do that as dishonesty or as deception. That has been proven throughout existence for the best amongst us – the greatest masters. Be the fool that innocently breath in every moment and purify every expression and consider all life within that and consider self honesty and that self honesty will be curious. There might be a point where you would have to do things you would never have done because you see it as wrong – but there could be self honesty within that. So you must really be self honest in every moment and really consider to get your starting point sorted and forgive those – understand why you should forgive them – your mother, father – people who ‘did’ things to you: your mother, your father. They were innocent – common – they were programmed just like you. So you want absolution but you are not willing to give it to anyone else? Fuck that is dishonest. Do not expect to get what you are not willing to give. Got it? The process is really simplistic. It will really individually test each one’s true nature and it is not the pretty stuff and you must stop it please. Remember even in your pre-programming, just another perspective – that which was pre-programmed of course it was your nature. But of course there is a point which we can use and which works. So we have done this before and it works.