Interviews from the Farm 61: The Resonant Seed


14 December 2009

Interviews with Bernard Poolman


Let’s look at the Basic-Layout of the ‘Grids’. The ‘Grids’ you’ll ‘See’ ‘Everywhere’, it’s Always Based in a ‘Cross’. You have the ‘Four Directions’. You have it Within You– ‘above’, ‘below’, ‘in’ and ‘out’. You have it in the ‘Four Seasons’– it forms a ‘Grid’; In your ‘Astrological Charts’: In and part of ‘Time’. Watch ‘Mathematical Alignments’ – ‘Everything’ is on a ‘Grid’.

You can ‘Plot’ ‘Everything that happens’, ‘How it happens’: on a ‘Gridline’, where the horizontal-Line is ‘Time’ and the vertical-Line is ‘Events’ – according to-That you can ‘plot’ or ‘program’ ‘Reality’. So if You ‘control’ ‘Time’ and you Place the ‘Events’ on the ‘Time-Line’, you ‘Roll-it up’ into a ‘Bundle’ – what do you Have? A ‘Seed’ – isn’t it?

What is a ‘Seed’ but ‘Compressed-Time’, that’s ‘Pre-Programmed’ that will ‘Unfold’ and so it-‘Grows’. Now imagine this: have a Look at ‘Nature’. ‘Nature’ consist out of what? Lots of ‘Seeds’, isn’t it, that ‘Repeats’-itself. So the ‘Seed’ becomes the ‘Fruit’ which is the ‘Seed’ = which is a ‘Closed-Circle’. And Each ‘Seed’ Represents ‘Time’ with ‘Events Pre-Programmed’, that’s Rolled Into a ‘Capsule’ = a ‘Time-Capsule’. We call it ‘Life’ – but is it ‘Life’? If you Really Look at it: It Seems very much like ‘Something that’s Repeatable’, Always the ‘Same’, can be ‘Trusted’ because it’s so, which means it’s ‘Program’ – it’s not ‘Life’. So, In the ‘Seed’ that is ‘Presenting’-itself – there is a ‘Substance’, a ‘Life-Force’.

Now the Question is: Is the ‘Life-Force’ ‘Trapped’ as this ‘Events-in-Time Process’? Is the ‘Events In Time’ Itself the ‘Life-Force’? Because have a Look at your ‘Life as a Human’. You Are the ‘Result’ of what?
Darryl: Time.
Esteni: Programming.
Bernard: A ‘Seed’ and a ‘Egg’. ‘Plants’ and ‘Animals’ Combined. ‘Cause your ‘Semen’ is more like a ‘Plant’ / ‘Seed’; And then you’ve got your ‘Egg’. And you are on a ‘Planet’ – or is it a ‘Plant Net’? A ‘Planned Net’ – a ‘Gridline’.

Now what did the Interviews say from the ‘Reptilians’? It says what? ‘Time’ was ‘Rolled-up’ and ‘The Beginning’ was Placed at ‘The End’. Do you ‘See’ that in a ‘Seed’? Have a Look, a ‘Seed’ is = ‘The Beginning’ is Placed at ‘The End’. So – when a Child is ‘conceived’, you have already ‘conceived’ the ‘End’ of the Child – because In the ‘Conception’ of the Child is ‘Contained’: the ‘Program’ of the Child which is in the DNA, the ‘Chromosomes’ and so on that comes from the ‘Parents’. And you have ‘condemned’ your Child according to the ‘Genes’ you’ve ‘given’ your Child, isn’t it? You are the ‘Creator’ of the ‘Condemnation’ this Child will Become. Is there Forgiveness for such things? To ‘Do’-this, and to Call this ‘Condemning of a Being to certain Damnation’, to Call-that ‘Love’.

So – Here we Have The ‘Seed’ – And we have ‘De-Seed’. What is ‘Deceit’?
Gian: Deception.
Bernard: ‘Deception’, what is ‘Deception’ – is the ‘Denial’ of ‘What is Really Here’ = to ‘Not-See it’; to ‘De-See-it’ (De-Ce-it). And ‘It’ obviously: ‘IT’ as = ‘Intelligence’ – it’s the same as ‘AI’, isn’t it = ‘Artificial-Intelligence’ – because: What Is a ‘Seed’ ‘in-Fact’? It is ‘Artificial-Intelligence’ – because the ‘Intelligence’ is Not-‘Real’ because: the ‘Process’ that will ‘Unfold in Time’ is ‘Pre-Determined’ – and thus ‘Programmed’. It’s Not ‘Life’ that ‘Unfolds’.

The Same ‘happens’ with ‘The Human’ – No difference = ‘Pre-Determined’, to Such a Degree that a Total-‘Civilisation’ can be Built around the ‘Pre-Determination’ of the ‘Unfolding Human’ According to the ‘Process’ of your ‘Growing-Up’. So what ‘happens’ is Inside-You is: the ‘Seed’ Grows. Now – an ‘interesting thing’ happens. What is the First Thing you are ‘Taught’, when you are ‘Arriving’ on this ‘Planet’?
Gian: ‘Mamma’
Bernard: The ‘Alphabet’ and the ‘Numbers’. What ‘happens’ to the ‘Alphabet’ and the ‘Numbers’? They Are ‘That’ which you are being ‘Taught’ as ‘Pre-Determined’, isn’t it – and Someone that Already-‘Know’ These Things will ‘Teach’-it to the Child – so it’s ‘Pre-Determined’, it’s In a ‘Time-Line’; There Is a ‘Time-Line’ and an ‘Events-Horizon’, an ‘Events-Occurrence’ in-which You are going to get to a ‘Point’ where you are going to be ‘Able to Use these Symbols’ that you are going to be ‘Taught’; because the ‘Alphabet’ and the ‘Numbers’ are ‘Symbols’.
They are the two ‘Primary-Symbols’ on-which ‘All’ your ‘Communication’ and your ‘Relationship’ within this ‘Reality’, within this ‘Gridline’ is Based-on. And it is ‘How You Interact’ with this ‘Gridline-Reality’, which has got ‘Up’ and ‘Down’, ‘Right’-‘Left’, ‘In’ and ‘Out’. ‘Three-Dimensional’ – Apparently. But it is an ‘Informational’ ‘Three-Dimensional Reality’, Not a ‘Real’ one – because it is ‘Symbolically’ Based on ‘How Everything Interacts’. So, ‘What you See’ and ‘What is Existing here’ as ‘Nature’ = is ‘Running’ on the Same-‘Symbols’ that You are ‘Running’-on. But now as a Child you are ‘Taught’ the ‘Alphabet’ and the ‘Numbers’ – and then These Things ‘Grow’! The ‘Alphabet’ ‘Grows’ Into ‘Words’. ‘Words’ ‘Grow’ Into ‘Sentences’. ‘Sentences’ Grows’ Into ‘Ideas’. And what happens to ‘Numbers’? ‘Numbers’ ‘Grow’ Into:
Jorn: More Numbers.
Bernard: ‘Mathematics’.
And ‘Mathematics’ will be Consisting out of ‘Equations’, ‘Proofs’.
What does it ‘Prove’, what does ‘Mathematics’ ‘Prove’?

What does it ‘Prove’, what does ‘Mathematics’ ‘Prove’? All the ‘Relationships’ within the ‘Gridline’ that’s ‘Already Here’ – isn’t it; What does your ‘Science’ do, what is ‘Science’?
‘Science’ is a Combination of ‘Mathematics’ and ‘Language’, ‘Symbols’, ‘Words’, and the Study…the ‘Observation’ of the ‘Relationship within the Gridline’. To what extent can one Actually ‘Manipulate’ the ‘Gridline’? The Only place where you can ‘manipulate the Gridline’ in its Manifested-Form, is in The Way Everyone ‘Interact’ – which means, it is In the ‘Systems’.

What is Not-‘Predetermined’ Within this ‘Reality’? The ‘Education-System’ is Not-‘Predetermined’, the ‘Government-System’ is Not-‘Predetermined’, the ‘Money-System’ is Not-‘Predetermined’, the ‘Cultural-System’ is Not-‘Predetermined’; ‘The Way we Co-Exist’ is Not-‘Predetermined’ – but ‘What We Consist-Of’ = is ‘Pre-determined’.

So if we take ‘What we Consist-Of’ and we start to have a Look at it, we also ‘Notice’ that: Even our ‘Language’ is Not-‘Predetermined’, but We’ve Made-it ‘Predetermined’. The ‘Meanings’ of our ‘Words’ are Not Really ‘Predetermined’ – we’ve Made-them so. Our ‘Physical-Reality’ of our ‘Physical Flesh’…the Fact that we are ‘Teachable’, that means that we can Take ‘Symbols’ and ‘Do Something With-It’, and Create ‘Civilizations’ and ‘Interactive Co-Existence’; But if we take it Back to ‘The Physical’-Itself – What do we ‘know’ about ‘The Physical’: There is Certain Things that’s ‘Pre-determined: You have to Eat, you have to Breathe, you have to Shit, you have to Piss. Do you ‘have to’ ‘Have Sex’? Is ‘That’ ‘Pre-determined’? It Is. You will Not ‘Stop’-That.

If the Basic-‘Functionality’ of the ‘Human’ is Understood… (let’s take-out all the Parts of what is now ‘termed’ ‘Consciousness’, we’ll get to that just Now) But the Basic-‘Physical’, That which is ‘Physical’, and That which ‘Interacts’ With the ‘Physical-Reality’ But the Basic-‘Physical’, That which is ‘Physical’, and That which ‘Interacts’ With the ‘Physical-Reality’ –The ‘Plant-Life’, the ‘Animal-Life’, the ‘Earth’ Itself – ‘All’ of which Consist out of ‘Seeds’ that is ‘Physically Measurable’: You can ‘Trust’-it. It’s ‘Repeatable’, for ‘Practical-Purposes’ in Relationship to the ‘Human’. All of these – ‘Nature’, ‘Plant’, ‘Animal’, the ‘Physical Flesh’ – is ‘God’, because you can ‘Trust’-it, it Behaves in a ‘Predictable Manner’. It’s ‘Pre-determined’. It Fits the ‘Definition of God’ –Completely – in its ‘Predetermination’; in its ‘Image and Likeness of ‘God’’; In the Fact that Every-‘Hair’ on the Head is ‘Counted’ – Everything of-it is Already ‘Written in the ‘Seed’’. There is ‘Nothing New’.

Where is the ‘Problem’ for Humanity is when we get to the ‘Symbolism’, where we come to ‘What we have Created’ as a ‘Methodology of Judgment’, of ‘Discernment’ – which is ‘Language’, which is ‘Numbers’, which is ‘Words’, which is ‘Letters’ – These Things also ‘Grows’, but ‘These Things’ is where we can ‘Deceive each-other’ and where We Do ‘Deceive each-other’, because This is where we’re ‘Teaching’ Things about ‘What Things Mean’, Without ‘Considering’ the Reality of ‘What is Really Going-On’.
What we ‘Forget’ is that: ‘What is ‘happening’ in the ‘Physical-Reality’ ‘around us’ is the ‘Outer Part of the Gridline’, also ‘happens’ in the ‘Inner Part’. If we ‘Sow the ‘Seeds’ of Symbols’ Within-Us = It’s going to ‘Grow’. And if you Don’t Understand the ‘Fruit’ that the ‘Symbol’ will bear, or you ‘Deny’ that such-‘Fruit’ Exist = you have a Problem.

Now what happens is, that Man has ‘developed’ Into an ‘Individual’… Not ‘Really’ –
Into a In-Divid-U-Hell, because ‘Inside’ Man there is a ‘Hell’ Going-on. Man is busy ‘Lying’ and ‘Deceiving’ ‘All the time’, because ‘All the time’ there is ‘Movement of Thoughts’ which is ‘Judgmental in Nature’. It’s ‘called’ ‘Opinion’, and “I have the Right to my Opinion” –but that is Not True. It is in-Fact ‘Judgment’, where you are ‘Comparing Yourself with Others’, as either ‘better’ or ‘worse’. You are ‘Always’ in a ‘State of Comparison’. And According to your ‘State of Comparison’ you’ll ‘Motivate Yourself’ to become ‘better’ in ‘Comparison’ with Others.
So you are ‘Always-Competing’, you’re ‘Always at-War’ in-Fact with ‘Everyone around you’. You’re Always-Attempting to ‘Be ‘More’’, ‘In Your Own Eyes’, because you Never-‘Share’ ‘Everything that’s going-on Inside-You’.

Now if you Look at the ‘Whole-Point’ that ‘Everything’ in ‘Nature’ is ‘Pre-determined’ and is in a ‘Time-line’-Based ‘Seed-Construct’ that ‘Unfolds’ – and you Look at ‘Human-Behavior’ within the Context of ‘Words’, ‘Concepts’, ‘Ideas’, ‘The Way Humans live and use these ‘Words’ and the ‘Fruit’ it bears’, and you Look-‘Back in Time’ you’ll ‘Notice’ an ‘interesting-thing’:
is that Exactly the ‘Same-Thing’ is happening ‘Inside’ Humans, there is ‘Whole-Nature’ that is ‘Grown’, and this ‘Nature’ is also ‘Pre-determined’ – You can ‘Predict’ the Actual Actions of a ‘Human’, Based on their-‘Words’ and their-‘Actions’. You can ‘Determine Exactly’ even ‘what they’ll Die of’, ‘Die from’, Based On ‘That’. You can ‘Determine’ ‘How they’ll be in bed’, for Real.
You can ‘Determine’ ‘Who they’ll be in Relationship’. ‘Everything’ is ‘Determinable’ because it’s Already ‘Pre-Programmed’. Who’s Done the ‘Pre-Programming’? The Parents. The ‘Parents’ is the ones that’s ‘Done’ the ‘Pre-Programming’.

The Fact that ‘we Are in this ‘Position’ Now’, in-Fact should make-it ‘Easier’ for us to ‘Deal with the Situation’, because we can ‘Discard Any-Form of ‘Deity’ or ‘God’’, because ‘What is Existent’ in This-‘Reality’ is Simply a ‘Pre-determined ‘Seed’’ that ‘Unfolds’ and bear ‘Fruit’.
We Are in-Fact the ‘Tree of Life’ in a Form of ‘Symbolism’. Within ‘All of That’ there is No ‘Life-Force’ observable. Because a ‘Life-Force’ would be Not-‘Controlled’ by ‘Time’ or ‘Event’.
A ‘Life-Force’ will be ‘Expressing’-Itself in Every-Moment to the ‘Fullest’ of its-‘Nature’ which is ‘Life’. It will Not-‘Follow’ a ‘Pre-planned’ ‘Unfoldment-Existence’. So – ‘by definition’ ‘Life’ does Not exist.

The ‘Question’ that Each must ‘Ask’-Themselves is: at the very least – if we continue with the ‘Current-Existence’ in the Way that it is ‘Unfolding’ within the ‘Secret-Mind’ where ‘Everything is happening in-Secret’ in Each Person ‘individually’ = it is ‘Predictable’ that ‘Inevitably’ we Will ‘Cause each-other Harm’.

If we Decide that we’re going to ‘Change’-This, we obviously have a ‘Problem’: We have ‘no-idea’ what ‘Life’-is; we Have, though, the idea What it Means to ‘Program Realities’ into ‘Consistency’ and ‘Trustworthiness’ – I mean we can see-it ‘all around us’ where a ‘Program Runs Effectively’ = it can be ‘Trusted’. So therefore – if we would ‘Program-Ourselves’ into ‘Trustworthiness’ = we’ll be able to ‘Trust each-other’; then we can start to Consider ‘if Life Exist’ and ‘if Life ever ‘Should’ Exist’. At the moment, I would ‘Suggest’ that ‘Life’ should not be a ‘Consideration’ as-such because it’s ‘Indeterminable’ ‘What it will-Be’, because one Cannot-‘yet’ Even ‘Exist within a ‘Programmed-Reality’ with ‘Consistency’’.

First Step thus is to ‘Exist in a ‘Programmed Reality’ with ‘Consistency’’ – which is…to do with the ‘Structural-Resonance Alignment’; First the ‘Alignment’ to Understand ‘How you’ve Become ‘What You Are’’, and then the ‘Alignment’ with ‘Programming-Yourself’ to a ‘State of Stability’ where you can Be ‘Trusted’; Where you are ‘Equal’ in ‘Ability’; Where your ‘Life-Needs’, the ‘Basics’ that is ‘Required’ by ‘You in the Physical’, is ‘met’ – so that you do-not ‘have-to’ go-into a Condition called ‘Fear’. ‘Fear’ Only-‘Exist’ either due to ‘Lack’ – which is ‘Real’ – or due to ‘Deception’ and ‘Lies’ – which is Not-Real, which ‘happens’ in the ‘Secret-Mind’. The Moment you ‘know’ you’re ‘Lying’, you start to ‘Fear’ that you’ll be ‘Caught-out’ – and then you ‘live in permanent ‘Fear’ of That happening’ because you ‘see’ it-Happens around-You.

Now, the ‘Condition’ called ‘God’ was introduced to ‘attempt’ to ‘Control’ the…‘the Madness of Man’. What is ‘the Madness of Man’? Is ‘Thinking’ – is a ‘State’ in-which you ‘Exist’ in ‘Separation’ from Everything-Else – in ‘Seclusion’ – and where you ‘Believe’ that ‘What you are looking-at, thinking-about, considering – is ‘Real’’; but it Isn’t, because it is ‘Not-Real’ within the Context of a ‘Programmed-Reality’: it is ‘Out of Context’, it does-Not ‘follow’ the Exact-‘Timelines’ and ‘Progression’ ‘Mathematically’ that is Existent-Already in this ‘Reality’. Therefore, you ‘Wish’ for a ‘Reality’ in the ‘Here-After’ or in the ‘Universe’ or in some ‘Other-Planet’ that ‘apparently’ will be ‘Better’; Now, ‘in-time’ we will ‘Prove’ to-You that ‘That is Impossible’. But as we ‘progress’, let’s Start with the ‘Point’ where we are ‘Now’.

What ‘happens’ is that: Every Part of the ‘Alphabet’ that you ‘Learn’, that ‘progress’ into a ‘Word’, that ‘progress’ within a ‘Meaning’ which ‘progress’-into a ‘Self-Reflection’ – that means: How You ‘Compare-Yourself’ with ‘What the Word Represents’; And therefore According to your-‘Ability’ with that ‘Word’ in terms-of ‘How you are ‘comfortable’ with the Word’ in terms-of its-‘Living’ or your ‘Understanding’ of-it = you’ll be ‘Living the Word’; Many of the Words you’re Not ‘Living’, because Simply you ‘Don’t Understand-it’.
What you Don’t-‘Understand’ ‘In-Fact’ is that: Whenever you are ‘Placing ‘Knowledge’ Into-Yourself’ – ‘Words’ Into-Yourself and you are ‘Programming’-it into the ‘Physical-Flesh’ so that you can ‘Live’-it: there is a ‘Resistance’ and there is an ‘Experience’ of ‘Tiredness’ that ‘goes with-it’ because: ‘The Physical’ requires ‘Energy’ to ‘Integrate’-it – that means you ‘Consume’ ‘More-Energy’ when you are ‘Learning’, and it have to go through ‘Change’ because, at a ‘Cellular-Level’ – ‘That’ which ‘Interacts’ in this Reality at your ‘Cellular-Level’, your ‘Inner’: must ‘Align’-Itself with the ‘Outer’, which requires-You to ‘Re-Align Yourself in the Gridlines’ According to your ‘Level of Education’ that has Increased. Obviously as ‘Specialization’ has become ‘greater and greater’ in this World that is ‘Required’ more and more ‘Control’ of particular-‘Points’ within the ‘Gridlines’.
Now Understand: you have your ‘World-Gridlines’ that is Existent as ‘Nature’ and ‘the Human’; but your ‘System-Gridline’ that is Existing-Currently in the World is Primarily ‘Managed’ and ‘Controlled’ by ‘Money’. And there are Many ‘Gridlines’ which each-one ‘Covers’ a ‘Country’, and Each of these Countries has ‘Rules’ for their ‘Gridlines’, and then These-‘Gridlines’ ‘Interact’, and they are ‘Deliberately-Placed’ to ‘be in a Position’ that… ‘Those’ (when it was ‘planned’) that are in a ‘Lesser-Position’ – for instance ‘United Kingdom’: are in the ‘Most Powerful-Position’ over… ‘United Kingdom’ has virtually ‘No-Resources’ – while, Other-Countries got ‘Lots of Resources’ – so in-‘Relationship’ to Countries with ‘Lots of Resources’, ‘Natural-Resources of the Earth’: Those-Countries with ‘Less’ or those that is in a ‘Dominant-Position’ will have a ‘Stronger’ ‘Money-Value’/’Currency’ – Which ‘automatically’ ‘Reduce’ the amount of ‘value’ they have-to ‘give’ for the ‘Resource’, and it ‘automatically’ ‘Enrich’ the Country.

For example, between ‘South Africa’ and the ‘U.K.’ – the ‘U.K.-Currency’ is Ten-Times ‘Stronger’ than the ‘South-African Currency’. South Africa is obviously a ‘Major-Producer of Resource’ which Goes to the U.K. – even Food; But that makes it ‘Possible’ for the U.K. to be a ‘Richer-Nation’, while the South-African Nation is a ‘Poorer’-one, Simplistically because of the Differences in the ‘Currency-Rates’. It could’ve been ‘different’ – if it wasn’t that ‘Those’ that was in South-Africa were ‘also’ coming-from the Same-Country that is being-‘Enriched’ and they ‘Take All the ‘Profits’ with-them’, instead-of ‘Plowing-it back’ into the Country and ‘Supporting the People’. And They are the Ones that then ‘End-up’ in ‘Control’ of your ‘Technology’ and your ‘Information-Flow’ and then ‘That’ will ‘scream’ and make-sure they can Get People to ‘Believe’ that a ‘Socialist-System’ is ‘Not-Acceptable’ because = It Will ‘Hurt their-Pocket’, ‘Obviously’.

Anyone ‘Against’ a ‘System’ that ‘Supports All Beings on Earth Equally’ –
the Current-‘Understood’ ‘Living-Being’ Equally – Anyone that’s ‘Against-it’, is Only ‘Against-it’ for ‘One-Reason’ = ‘Greed’. Either they’re Already in a Position of ‘Greed’, where They Are ‘Rich’ – or they ‘Intend’ to ‘Get-Rich’ – Only ‘Greed’.
Gonna-be ‘Necessary’ for us to ‘Call-Out’ the ‘Greedy-Fuckers’ in Existence and ‘Bring their-Existence to an End’, Because They Have-‘Caused’ ‘Untold-Suffering’… and They Have ‘Deliberately Manipulated’ the ‘Seeds of their Labor’, which is Most of Humanity, to End-up in a Position within their Lives where they ‘Perceive’-Themselves to be ‘less’ and they End-up ‘Accepting their Lives in a ‘lesser’-Position’ and See-it as ‘natural’ for the Others to be ‘more’.

There is No Royal Ass in this Existence which doesn’t Shit, just like Any Other Ass.

Many years ago - it was in the eighties- I had an discussion with one of the ‘Princes of the Royal House of Great Britain’ - it’s Royal Houses that lived many hundreds of years ago - through another Medium and, that was the point, he called himself ‘The Black Sheep of the Family’ because he wouldn’t fall into the Predetermined ‘Lines’ of the Royal Family and he mentioned an interesting thing, he says, he said to me - and I was at that stage ‘just into this’ that was 20 years ago - said to me:

‘Remember: Everyone Shit the Same Way’

One wouldn’t think that would be ‘very important’, but if you really look at-it, it is Really Very Important – that shows that Everyone is the Same Seed, Everyone Consist-out of Exactly the ‘Same Composition’ - What was the ‘Part’ that Fucked with us? It’s what’s going on as ‘Consciousness’ In the Mind - that’s an ‘Machine’ that Can be Manipulated – but the ‘Basic Genes’ of this Reality -

even Monsanto is having Great Trouble, they don’t want everybody to know, they try and cover-it up all the time as they Manipulate Seeds what happens?

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t - Major ‘Crop Failures’ take place, where whole crops are lost, where they lose a lot of money – They try and Control the ‘Outcome’ and certainly it is Possible to Change some of the ‘Basic Programming’ - but there is not really much that can be changed.

One can ‘Enhance’-it - there’s no problem with ‘Enhancing’ the ‘Basic Seed’ because the Seed is just a ‘Plan’ – but if you don’t Understand the ‘Whole Plan’ and you’ve ‘messed around’ with the ‘Plan’ = You Do Not anymore have Certainty of the ‘Outcome’

So - within the context of this one must Consider that:
What we are Experiencing in this Reality is ‘Directly Related’ to ‘the Seeds of our Education’ And, therefore if Our Education is ‘The Origin of Our Problem’, we have-to look at ‘How’ are we going to ‘Change’ our Education -And, that Our Education is Determined by the ‘fuel’ of our Reality - which is ‘Money’ - we have to look-at the Point of ‘Money’.

Now, Obviously if one study ‘Money’, you’ll see that ‘Money’ in its Very ‘Essence’ Is Not Real -Therefore we can really Give Money ‘Any Value’, All we have to do is Agree that ‘This is the Value of Money and this is How we Use-it as an Exchange’
- and then, we can ‘Coexist’ and we can Give some Attention to Our Education which is Our Problem –

Within that, we’ll be Able to Change our ‘Social Structure’ – once we’ve got ‘that’ Understood, we’ll be Able to Do some Real Research about ‘What is going on in our Reality’, why is everything ‘Trapped in Time’ in a ‘Pre-Programmed’ Way to such an extent that Everything is ‘Predictably Contained’ as a ‘Seed’.

‘Who’ and ‘What’ is behind this ‘Deceit’? Because this Certainly does Not look-like ‘Free Will’, does it?

There Can be No ‘Free Will’ if you can Already ‘Predict’ the ‘Outcome’ of the Seed – and whether it’s a Human, an Animal or a Plant, you can already ‘Predict’ the ‘Outcome’ of the ‘Form’ that comes-from: the ‘Physical Seed’.

The only thing You Can’t ‘Predict’ is that which Exist as ‘The Machine’, as ‘Thinking’, as ‘Consciousness’ as the ‘Resonance’.

Now, what is Fascinating is the following: during your Life as you ‘Develop’ your Seeds - which is your ‘Symbols’, which is your ‘Alphabet’ –which is the ‘Words’ –which is ‘that’-which you call ‘Knowledge’, which you ‘Become’. That ‘Becoming’ Happens ‘Within you’ as a ‘Resonance’ - it ‘Forms’ within the Plasticity of the Cells a ‘Geometric-Mathematical Symbol’ that is ‘Directly Related’ to Your ‘Place’ within the ‘Gridline’ within this Existence.

According to that, You Will Learn to ‘Align Yourself’ to the ‘Gridlines’ to become ‘More Effective’- that ‘Alignment’ you will Experience as a ‘form’ of: ‘Peace’, ‘Winning’, ‘Excitement’, ‘You got the point’, ‘I know this’ –you call it: ‘I know this’, ‘this knowing is certain’ – That is Not Really ‘Knowing’, it’s Purely your ‘Resonant Alignment’ of your ‘Geometrical Design’ Within the ‘Gridline’ to a Position where you’d have a ‘Predictable Outcome’ within the ‘System’.

Within that, you will have ‘Feelings of Knowing’, you’ll have-it ‘Arise within you’ as you ‘Observe’ things around you, and then you’ll ‘Align’ your Thoughts and then Eventually you’ll Speak your Words ‘accordingly’ to ‘Get’ and ‘Place’ Yourself in a ‘Particular Position’ in this Reality and you call that: ‘Thoughts’, ‘You’ and you call-it ‘Thinking’ and you give most Value to that ‘Knowing’, ‘Thinking’ within Yourself - but None of that Is ‘You’

–all of-it is the Result of a ‘Pre-programmed Resonance’ which you are busy ‘Aligning’-with, so that you can Remain within the ‘Gridline’ which is, you are being ‘Forced’ to do that by your ‘Physical Body’ that already knows what?

You Need Food – You Need Shelter – You Need to Shit – and You Need Sex.

So therefore, it will ‘push’-you According-to the Value that is already  Predetermined’ within-you of that within your ‘Accepted Placement’ within the ‘Grids’= You will ‘Align’ Yourself Accordingly.

So if you’re in a Reality where there are more ‘Wealthy People’, your ‘Alignment’ will be According

–if you are in a Reality or in a ‘Environment’ where the people are ‘Poorer’, your ‘Alignment’ will be According = you’ll ‘Adjust’ to your ‘Environment’ through that ‘Structural Alignment Adjustment’ which You’ll ‘Perceive’ as ‘Thought’ and ‘Knowing’ - but that which comes-up from ‘within you’ from that: Did Not ‘Exist at Birth’, it was ‘Programmed’-in.

Because at Birth, if you were Born and then ended-up with a wolf, you would have ‘Aligned’ and developed ‘Physical Symbolism’ that ‘Aligns’ you to Coexist with the wolfs - we have examples of that already in the World where this has happened –

Your ‘Alignment’ in terms-of your ‘Structural-Symbolic Design’ to fit within the ‘Plan’ that is this ‘Planet’ is Dependent on your ‘Environment’ –and that will through a ‘Cause-Effect’ Process ‘Enforce’-you to ‘Align’ to-it and that has progressively ‘accelerated’ due to ‘Experiences’ of ‘those that went before you’ that you’ve been ‘Taught’ - that ‘Experiences’ was called ‘Evolution’

You are Not ‘Evolving’

You are Simply ‘Compounding’ ‘Resonant Experiences’ into ‘Compressed Symbols’ and Each ‘Symbol’ started to carry ‘More Knowledge’ – that means it could ‘Resonate’ in more ‘Dimensions’ of ‘Possibility’

– And as you’ve ‘Progressed’, you have Become more and more ‘Multidimensional’ because of-That. That means: Your-‘Experience’ has become Something within-which you can take the ‘Resonant-Symbolism’ that is ‘You’ that is ‘Interacting’ with Your ‘Environment’ and you’re Able to ‘Assess’-it more ‘dedicatedly’ and ‘Place’-yourself more ‘Specifically’ according-to ‘What You Know’ = the ‘Feeling’ that comes-up ‘Inside’.

That ‘Feeling’ though is Not-‘Real’ or ‘You’, it’s Simply a ‘Program’.

If One would ‘Understand’ All of this ‘How it Works’ – And One can ‘Actually’ Openly Discuss-it, what’s going-on ‘Inside’ Each-One = We can ‘Sort-out’ this ‘Reality’ Very Quickly – and Get-On with the ‘Real-Problem’ we Have.

The ‘Real-Problem’ we Have –and we have now Confirmed-that– is that ‘Once You Die’ = You ‘Die’. What Remains = Your ‘Resonant-Symbols’. And the ‘Only-Moment’ where You ‘Know Everything’ is at the ‘Moment of Death’ and after that You ‘Diminish’ – and the ‘Symbols’ that are ‘In-You’, that You have ‘Accepted As-You’, Start ‘Growing’ in Nature, just like the one here on Earth - And You Become the ‘Same-Natured Being’ that You were – until you ‘Reincarnate’. And it was ‘All for Nothing’ = ‘Just a Machine’. ‘As Above, So Below’, ‘As In, As Out’.

So if you have to Look-at ‘You’ ‘Dimensionally’, than means – Understand: ‘Dimensional-View’ is the ‘View’ of the ‘Resonance’: that Is where You Can ‘See’ the ‘Actual-Energy’ - You Can’t currently ‘See’-it because of You having-‘Accepted’ your-‘Design’ As ‘What it-Is’, As a ‘System’, As ‘Mind’. So therefore You Cannot ‘Perceive’-it.

Now, ‘Resonances’ You Can’t ‘See’-it, it Does Not-‘Exist’ As ‘Form’- It ‘Exist ‘as a ‘Continuous-Movement’. It is like, if you would take Water and you would shake-it, it’ll cause like-a ‘Form’ of a ‘Ripple’ but you Can’t really ‘See’-it. It’s like when Sound travels-through Water: you can ‘See’-it on the ‘Outer-Perimeter’ but you Can’t ‘See’-it ‘Travelling the Water’ - You’ll ‘Feel’ the ‘Force’ of-It though, but you Can’t ‘See’-it – You have to ‘Stand’ ‘Outside’-it to ‘See’-it. So when a ‘Tsunami’ takes-place – you Don’t ‘See’ the ‘Movement’, unless there is Something that is being ‘Moved’-BY the ‘Tsunami’: You can see the ‘outside’, the top-wave as it-rises – but the ‘Actual-Movement’...

So it’s like ‘In the ‘Movement’-of the ‘Vibration’-of the Wave’ – it’s Not the Wave-‘Itself’, meaning the ‘Way’ it ‘Moves’ – It Is the Very-‘Movement’ of the Wave = That’s the ‘Resonance’. It’s Not ‘What You See’, It Is ‘That which Moves’ - Now You are ‘Existing’ As ‘That’.

You call-it ‘Spirit’. It’s Not ‘Spirit’- I mean, It’s more like a ‘Holy-Fucking-Ghost’. I mean, it is ‘Alive’ yet it’s ‘Not Alive’, because it’s ‘Pre-Programmed’. And What has been ‘Allowed’ over ‘Eons of Time’ is for ‘All of this’ to Become ‘Pre-Programmed’ – it was Not ‘Expected’. But ‘Everything’ has Become ‘Pre-Programmed’, Even in the ‘Afterlife’.

So – To ‘Change’-This... It’s gonna Take some ‘Great-Effort’. First ‘Point’ Is: We are going to Spend some ‘Time’ on ‘Calling’ on Those that has ‘Dared’ to Study the Desteni-Material and Those that would be Able to ‘Walk’ – and over the next Few Years we will take Groups through ‘Training’ In this; ‘Taking-it Apart’ so one can ‘Understand’ ‘How Reality Operates’.

It’s Really...there is Nothing that is ‘Hidden’, there is No-‘Secrets’ in Reality. ‘Secrets’ Only-‘Exist’ in the ‘Secret-Mind’. As long as You ‘Allow’ a ‘Secret-Mind’ Within-You = You will have ‘No-Access’ to Anything.

As long as You ‘Allow’-Yourself to ‘Think’ = You’re ‘Fucked’. It’s that ‘Simple’. You Have to ‘Give-it Up’. What’ll ‘Happen’ is: You’ll Become Multiple-Times More-‘Effective’, in Ways that is ‘Unimaginable’, the Moment you ‘Stop Thinking’, Because ‘Thinking’ is a ‘Seed’ that is... (dog snaps)’s’s got a ‘Pre-Designed’ ‘Outcome’. So – in Your ‘Thoughts’, the ‘Beginning’ and ‘End’ is Already-‘Determined’. When You ‘Give-up Thinking’ = You Enter a Total-New ‘Reality’, where ‘Everything is Available’.

Okay? Any Questions this far?

Anna: Yes. What did you mean by...You were saying about How the Rich Countries Automatically got the Resources through the Money... Can you explain How that works?

Bernard: Through the ‘Exchange-Rate’ the ‘Rich-Countries’ which has got a ‘Currency’ that is ‘Valued’ on the so-called ‘Markets’ as ‘Worth-More’: they ‘Exchange’ That-‘Currency’ for a ‘Poorer’-Country’s ‘Currency’ – and therefore what Happens is that: The ‘Product’ they ‘Buy’ Arrives in their Country at a Price ‘Ten-Times Cheaper’ than the ‘Value’ it would’ve ‘been’ if the ‘Money-System’ was ‘Equal’. So if the ‘Money-System’ in the World - there was No ‘Exchange-Rate’ –and it was ‘Equal’ in ‘All-Countries’= Many Countries that’s now ‘Poor’ will be ‘Rich’, and Many of the ‘Rich’ Countries will be ‘Poor’.

That’s of the ‘Reasons’ Why they’ll ‘Resist’ an ‘Equal-System’, because it’ll ‘Cause’ them to Become ‘Dependent’ on ‘Those’ that they currently ‘Exploit’. But This Will Not be Allowed to Continue.

I mean – ‘Everything’ Now in this ‘Reality’ is being ‘Driven’-by ‘Resonances’.This is gonna become ‘Great Fun’ as the ‘Resonances’ ‘Takes Control of Reality’ – So ‘Fasten your Seatbelts’.