Interviews from the Farm 62: Resonant Demonic Possession in Relationships


10 February 2010


Ok- So we’re talking about ‘Structural Resonance’ and specifically: ‘Resonant Demonic Possession’ - How does the ‘Mind Demon’ or the ‘Resonant Demon’ ‘Operate’, and all of-you now had to some ‘degree’ had an ‘Experience’ which You could Not-‘Control’ that would come ‘over’-you and ‘Dictate’ Your ‘Decision’, until you are taken through an ‘Explanation’ of ‘What it-is that has(is) ‘Happening’ to you’ and then it will ‘Release’ –but as long as the ‘Possession’ is ‘In-Control’, it Actually will ‘take’-you to a Particular-‘Point’ of‘Decision’ – Agree with that?

Everyone: Yeah

Bernard: You all have had,that ‘Experience’ which Indicate ‘What’? That You Do Not-Have ‘Free-Will’, your ‘Resonant Symbolism’ ‘Determines’ your ‘Outcome’, which is your ‘Pre-Programming’. All satisfied you’ve had now Experiences that Confirms that?


Bernard: Ok –so ‘Physically’ ‘Real Time’ You’ve ‘Experienced’ what happens If You go into an ‘Agreement’ based-on ‘Desire’, and‘that’ is Not your ‘Pre-Program’ = You’ll go Completely ‘Bananas’ in a way – and, what is the most ‘Relevant’ ‘Point’ that comes-up is one of ‘Rage’ and ‘Violence’ and ‘Aggression’ and ‘Resentment’, and you start to become rather ‘Nasty’ –You Noticed that?


Bernard: Because I mean, you have to ‘move’-from the ‘Position’ that you’re in, into ‘Another’-‘Position’ until you are in your ‘Programmed’-‘Position’ which you then ‘Believe’ ‘You have Chosen’
–and the ‘way’ it ‘moves’-you is through giving-you the ‘Experience’ that: ‘That’s not where you wanna be’ - you don’t wanna ‘touch’ that person, you don’t wanna be ‘close’ to that person, but have a-look: You started with the ‘Desire’, You ‘Wanted’ to ‘Be there’- it was a ‘touch’, it was a ‘moment’ - and you ‘Believed’ ‘You could ‘make-it’’ –but have a-look: You can’t,

You cannot ‘Sustain’ that point - Why? Simplistically because You’re Not-‘Equal’ to Your ‘Symbolic Program’ - it is, it ‘knows’-you ‘much better’ than You ‘Know’-‘You’. Your ‘Symbolism’, your ‘Resonance’ is ‘Self-Honest’ = it ‘Knows’ Everything you’ve already ‘Desired’, Everything you’ve already ‘Dreamt’-about, Everything you’ve already ‘Believed you should have’, Every-time you’ve had Sex or Masturbation ‘what you were thinking’ -

Every ‘single-thing’ you’ve ever done, Your ‘Resonance’ Know and is ‘Programmed’ As-it –and it Knows ‘The Real Truth’ about you, and it takes-you to that ‘Point’, like a Fucking ‘Train on a track’ –and there’s nothing you can do about-it.
So- If we…we’re just gonna have a little-bit of a ‘Overview’ so you can see

what are we ‘dealing’-with when we’re talking-about ‘Structural Resonance’.
Your ‘Structural Resonance ‘Preprogrammed’ Alignment’ is ‘How’ the ‘Soul’ has been ‘Programmed’-
The ‘Soul’ was ‘Programmed’ in-the ‘In-Between-Lives’-you wanna know ‘more’ about-that, read stuff from Newton on ‘Destiny of the Souls’, that’s the ‘closest’ you’re gonna get-to ‘How the ‘Preprogramming’ was done’, Okay? ‘How you ‘Chose’ Your ‘Lives’’ and stuff like that –
So, that is the ‘closest’ information, the ‘closest’-to ‘How’ the ‘Life-Between-Lives’ ‘work’ of All the written-work on the Planet at the moment, is Newton’s stuff. There’s a few reasons why Newton’s stuff is so ‘Effective’, he learned One of the Fascinating ‘Keys’ that is ‘Relevant’:

You have to ‘Ask’ the ‘Right Questions’ and you’ve gotta be ‘Able’ to ‘Ask Questions’ without ‘Wanting the ‘Answer’ to Be ‘What you ‘want’-it to be’ so that you can get a ‘RealAnswer’.
And you have-to Learn that if You ‘Change’ the ‘Question’= the ‘Answer’ is gonna ‘Change’
which means, if you are ‘Asking’ the ‘Question’ as an ‘Observer’ = You are ‘Determining’ the ‘Answer’ and it’s Not the ‘RealAnswer’, it’s the ‘Answer’ You-‘Want’ and you’re just ‘Fucked’, which is ‘Why’ the ‘whole-World’ is ‘Fucked’ – Everybody is ‘Waiting’ for a ‘Message’ or a ‘Messenger’ –We’re Not ‘Messengers’, We don’t have a ‘Message’! The Fuckin’-‘Message’ Is ‘The World’
The ‘Mind’ is Now ‘Externalized’ As ‘The World’, and slowly but surely - rather ‘Painfully’- Everybody is going to be taken ‘through the Mind’- And that is Done-by the ‘Resonance’ –If You do Not Get ‘Self-Honest’, oh by god!

Your ‘Living Process’ is gonna be one ‘Living Hell’.

What is ‘Self-Honesty’?
‘Self-Honesty’ is to Not-‘Suppress’ when you go-into a ‘Point’ where you Feel ‘Uncomfortable’ –and also not to ‘Try’ and ‘Change’ the ‘Other Person’ to-‘See’ What ‘You’ are ‘Seeing’, but to get-to the ‘Point’ that is ‘Principle’-based ‘Best for All’ –

If you are Not-‘Clear’ in your ‘Self-Honesty’ and ‘Actually’‘Acting’ in the way that’s ‘Best for All’ = You’re Not-gonna be able to ‘Stand’, it’s Impossible –you’re going to ‘Time-Loop’ and you’re gonna ‘attempt’-to move the information’ in a ‘way’ that: ‘You Win’-

You’ve been ‘Trained’ from ‘Birth’ to ‘Compete’ for One ‘Reason’-only: so that ‘You May ‘Survive’’, because ‘When You ‘Survive’’ = ‘You Win’
But I mean, you’re Not-‘Surviving’ ‘Death’, you’re going-to ‘Die’, you don’t ‘win’ – Ever
All that ‘Happens’ is: You are ‘Postponing’ the Inevitable ‘Awful Truth’:

that You are Not ‘In-Control’ of ‘Your Life’, ‘Something’ ‘Inside’-you is ‘In-Control’ of ‘Your Life’ and that ‘Something’ = You Have ‘Created’- That’s your ‘Resonances’. And you have ‘Created’-it according-to your ‘Environmental’ ‘Symbolism’ as an ‘Inter-active’ ‘Real-time’ ‘Communication-Device’ which through ‘Fuzzy-Logic’ will ‘Assess’ your ‘Environment’ and ‘Present’ as-‘Thoughts’ to-you the ‘Best Choices’ to make so that you can ‘Win’ ‘With’ a ‘Justification’ ‘Why’ You should ‘Make the Choice’ –and None-of-it comes-from you.

And Eventually, due-to all the ‘Uncomfortable Experiences’ you will have when you make the ‘Wrong-Choice’ according-to Your ‘Programming = You will end-up Making the ‘Right Choice’ about your ‘Programming’ and even ‘Believe’ you’ve ‘Made the Choice’.

All the ‘Knowledge’ you have is ‘Useless’, because it’s based-on: ‘Survival’ –it’s Not-based on ‘Life’.

So- this is going to take ‘some years’ to ‘sort’-out – In each case where it’s possible we’ll Assist with ‘How’-to ‘Design an Agreement’ ‘Mathematically’ where it is ‘Possible’ to ‘Face the Resonances’ - because the ‘Resonances’ are Using ‘Mathematics’, it is ‘Exact’ – it isn’t ‘Willy-Nilly’ just coming to ‘Conclusions’, it will take-you to the ‘Ultimate-Point’ where You Will ‘Face’ Your ‘Self-Honesty’ –

You Cannot ‘Manipulate’-it, unless you are ‘Equal’ to-it. And it’s Not going-to ‘Listen’ to you, it’s gonna take-you ‘Regardless’ - to your ‘Demise’ because: It ‘Stands’ as ‘Equality’- which means: ‘What You do to ‘another’, Your ‘Resonance’ is gonna do to ‘You’’ – Your ‘Resonance’ is gonna do-it to You, Not ‘anything’-else.

So- what you’ve already Noticed is: You can ‘Deal’-with a ‘Point’ and you can ‘Place’ the Information and then, within days, this ‘Intense’ ‘Discomfortable’, ‘Uncomfortable’ ‘Experience’ is ‘back’ –you just can’t ‘Commit’-Yourself.

The First-thing you have to Investigate when that happens-is: ‘Are you at the ‘Right Place’? Have you based your ‘Points’ on ‘Actual’-Communication? Have you looked-at the Total-‘Design’? Are you Willing to ‘Walk the Consequences’? Or, Do you have ‘Hidden-Desires’ and ‘Secret-Mind’ stuff?
If you have ‘Hidden-Desires’ and ‘Secret-Mind’-stuff and ‘Back-doors’, I mean - you don’t ‘Close’ those doors= You’re just ‘Fucked’. If the Person then wants to still go into an ‘Agreement’ with you just to be ‘Fucked’-later I mean really theymay do so, but then You can’t be ‘Trusted’, You will Not ‘be given’‘Responsibility’ in Life either, because your whole-life will be a ‘Search for your Satisfaction’ – Everything you do = you’ll Always Fail in

The ‘only-way’ you can be ‘Successful’ then is by Direct-‘Abuse’ of Others –which is ‘why’ you move to ‘Abuse’ ‘Automatically’ when you don’t get Your-‘Way’ –Make sense?

Everybody: Yes

Bernard: Ok, so - very ‘tough times’ in ‘Designing’ ‘Effective’-‘Agreements’ –also your ‘Endeavour’ must-be to ‘Stand’ in ‘Absolute Equality’ within your ‘Agreement’, that means to:

‘Assist’ Each-other to come to an ‘Equal-Expression’.
Where the ‘Point’ is The ‘Point’ that ‘works’ I mean, it is really, really, really ‘Easy’ –there is No-‘Effort’ in ‘Agreement’, it just ‘Flows’‘like a Ship on the Water where the Wind is Always-Perfect’ and it just ‘Moves’ –I mean, isn’t it? It is just ‘Spacious’

You are ‘Simply’, you would say ‘Compatible’- it’s not a matter of ‘Compatibility’, takes still Great-‘Effort’ to Make-sure One ‘Communicate’ –but the ‘Communication’ because it’s ‘Open’ and because it’s Realized-that

I mean, we’re going to-have to ‘Change’, it becomes ‘Easy’. It is When you have a ‘Back-door’, when there-is ‘Secrets’, when there-is ‘Hopes’ for ‘something-else’ in the Future’, where there-is a ‘Judgment’ = that’s where the things really get ‘tough’.

‘Agreements’ that ‘work’ will be ‘hard’ to come by. The Point is Not to just go-into ‘the First Agreement’ that ‘Presents’-itself, incessantly looking-for some form-of ‘Pleasure’ –I mean, that’s the same as entering any ‘Whore-House’ looking for ‘Free Sex’, it’s really what you’re Actually doing, You’re Not-Willing to ‘Pay the Price’ for a Proper ‘Agreement’ by having Some ‘Principles’
If You Have No-‘Principles’ = Don’t ‘Expect’ to Get Anywhere in ‘Process’

The Only-‘Principle’ from ‘My Perspective’ that is ‘Valid’ is: ‘To Do What is Best for All’ –

To ‘Stand’ where ‘It’s Best for All’ and to ‘Arrange’ My Life‘accordingly’, my ‘Agreements’ ‘accordingly’ to that Single-‘Principle’, because I know one thing: If I don’t ‘Do-that’, I will ‘Time-Loop’ and I will ‘Face the Consequences’ of what I Allow -simple as that.

Within-that I look-at that whatever-‘happens’, I must be ‘Functionally’-‘Effective’ –If I’m Not,in that Position ‘Functionally’-‘Effective’, by god I Stop, and I Change
And I know it is for a moment ‘unclear’ what I have to do, but it Will ‘Clarify’, it’s Not ‘The End of the World’ –

What is ‘The End of the World’ is if one go into an ‘Agreement’ where you ‘end-up’ Losing ‘Absolute’ ‘Control’ and go into ‘Anger’ and ‘Harm’ Each-Other –That is Not-‘Acceptable’.

You have-to Understand that these-things are gonna take years. It took your ‘whole lifetime’ to ‘Program’ yourself this way, you are Not going to ‘Solve’-this in a ‘week’ or ‘two’ or a ‘month’ or ‘two’ –this is gonna take minimum from 7 years to 14 years to ‘Solve’ this ‘Problem’ of your ‘Possessed Nature’ –‘that’ which ‘Possess’-you will ‘come-out’ in the Points where ‘You Think’ ‘You’ve got-it-all ‘Under Control’’.

And then, suddenly it’s Proven: you haven’t, because that is‘the Point’ where you are ‘Weakest’, where it is ‘Closest to the End’ = You tend-to ‘Give-in’ meaning: you tend-to ‘Submit’-to Your ‘Experience’, and end-up Not-‘Changing’.

If you’ve already ‘Submitted’ to-it and you didn’t Change = it’s too late, You can’t Change, it’s too late.

Everything you’re going to say, is gonna be a ‘Lie’.
You have to ‘Time-Loop’ because, the ‘Only Time’ this is ‘Valid’ is when it’s ‘Authentic’ and it’s happening in ‘Real Time’ - You Cannot ‘Plan’ the ‘Transcendence of Resonance’, you have-to in ‘Real Time’ ‘Transcend’-it where it is ‘Your Nature’ ‘Transcending’-it, Not Your ‘Mind’ or Your so-called ‘Will’

‘Self-Willed-Equals’ means: You have ‘Designed’-You As ‘Your Nature’ to be ‘Effective’ in Every Breath, ‘Self-Willed’, it doesn’t take Any-‘Effort’ - if it takes ‘Effort’= It’s Not ‘Real’.
If you have to Take ‘Effort’ to ‘Transcend’ = Your ‘Transcendence’ isn’t ‘Real’.

Make sense?

Everyone: Yeah

Bernard: So, we will be Starting with the ‘Mathematical Equations’ of ‘How’ this…All the ‘Variations’ of many, many, many ‘Symbols’ were ‘Designed’, so that you can start ‘working’ on your ‘Designs’.

Understand at this stage though, as you have noticed, when a person is Possessed you now know how that works - you know how it looks like and you know how it feels like – and you have seen that you can’t ‘control’ that, it requires Specific Intervention to help you get through the shit - and that how easy one can fool yourself into believing something when it isn’t Real

‘hope’ is the greatest danger that can exist because it makes you blind – when you make a Statement of yourself – you must make it till Death – you must make it as a Life-Time Statement – if you can’t make it and you cannot find a way to make it - you are not at the ‘right place’.

One can Design ‘temporary Solutions’ but I mean the Solution will fall inevitably – It has become Resonantly so acceptable to go into Agreements – or…Relationships, already knowing that it’s not going to last – it’s going to just be a little ‘path of growth’ and then I’m gonnamove on to the next little ‘patch of growth’ as if You are the only fucker ‘growing’ and the other person is just your Slave.
Have a look at the Implication: ‘I’m going into a relationship and now I’m ‘growing’, the Other one didn’t ‘grow’ and therefore I must leave them to find somebody else so I can ‘grow’’ – So who the Fuck is the abuser about these Fuckers that do this in the name of the ‘light’ and ‘love’ - ‘I’m busy growing’ – but look what they’re really saying: they’re ‘growing’ - the ‘other person’, the partner is not ‘growing’ – Who is causing that? They are Enslaving other people, it’s like bloody parasites and they do it in ‘beautiful words’, it sounds ‘so wonderful’ – I mean, you know: ‘our path has been ‘wonderful’ together, but we’ve‘outgrown’ each other’ – Oh how do you do that? So you went ‘up’ and I went ‘down’ – How did I ‘outgrow’ you? ‘Oh, we just don’t see ‘eye-to-eye’ anymore – ‘oh Fuck’, what happened? We became bigger – oh not closer - so there is no Oneness in this whole ‘growth’ thing – hmm, there’s no Equality – but nobody wants to be Self-Honest – it’s all Self-Interest.

And they sell this ‘shit’ like ‘candy’ as the ‘New-Age-Solutions’ to Existence – and what is being sold? Sweets! All the stuff that tastes ‘nice’: ‘love’ and so on – have a look - you say: ‘Just let’s ‘love’ it together!! Here’s the sweet, boy have this sweet!! This sweet is the Fuckin’ ‘lemonade of the lemon’!! It will last you ‘forever’ and You will be ‘eternally happy!!’ And ‘Oh My God!’,2013 you are Becoming a ‘Great Being’, a ‘Galactic Being’ imagine That!!!‘Oh My God!’ I can’t wait, I can’t wait! Oh HOO HOO! – ‘I can’t wait! I’m peeing in my pants!!!’

Look at the Deception – Why can’t you See the Deception? It’s the same ‘game’ Mum and Dad played – trying to shut you up and say: ‘don’t ask questions, Accept the World it is, here’s a sweet - be happy!’ That’s what the ‘New Age’ that’s what Religion is, that’s what’s Jesus – Jesus is a fucking lolly-pop, suck it and you’re ‘saved’!!

‘My God is Bigger than Yours’ ‘My God speaks to Me! And ‘He’ said!…’
Oh, really? Do you know you are FuckinPossessed

You must live, making sure there is no ‘God’, that is ever needed – because as long as ‘God’ is needed = Humanity cannot be trusted with any Responsibility, because you will always say ‘God, Fuckin help us’ - but you will not help Yourself – Make Sense?

All: Yeah.

Ok, so there’s a lot of work to be done, it’s gonna take years – some of you is required to be in the Matrix to support – whether you will or not, we will find out in the future – There is nothing that is guaranteed, the only thing that is ever clear is who Stands for Life and who doesn’t – We have only one fortunate point :

the Total Key of All Existence, which is Death – at Death everyone knows the ‘Truth’ and the Total Consequence Manifest –The design of Time is simplistically to make sure that one can Trap Yourself in your Deception so that you can See where you are Deceiving, because in Time there is ‘effects’ that you cannot ‘fix’ – that make sure that your bullshit Stops – that’s why Time Exist – because You are Deceptive, in your very Nature –and everyone who postpone shit in Time, you must know you’re lying – make sense?

All: Yeah.

Ok, those that has already gone to extreme points of ‘Resonance Possession’ – Really, walk with the interviews, do your feedbacks, see if you can Transcend – but remember, the moment the point becomes abusive and you are unable to stop the abuse, it is time to Stop.

The moment you cannot treat each other as Equals and Really Care for each other, I mean, it’sgonna be very difficult - you know - Who the fuck wants to live in a situation where somebody is not caring about: getting you to your Greatest Expression, and is only caring about how the fuck ‘they’ feel.
What about helping each other to really get to your Greatest Expression? Is that so difficult? I’m not saying that it’s easy – to Push somebody – to take them beyond anything they could ever believe they could have been, but I mean, it’s Fuckin possible.

So, my Principle is, Hear: Do what’sBest For All - in All Ways - in All Realities – in every way we ever Exist – and no Fuckin one will stand in my way with that – I don’t give a Fuck who agrees with me,because it doesn’t require ‘agreement’, what’s Best For All - - what’s Best For All, is beyond ‘agreement’. It is a Common Sense Reality.

There is no ‘Message’ – there is Reality, of what the Fuck has been Allowed.

Sadly, of the People on Earth Now: A very-small Group will Realize Themselves – A tiny, tiny, minute Group. An even smaller Group, will Stand, to Help Others, to Realize Themselves. Better make up your mind who the Fuck you’re going to Be.

There is no, ‘Great’ ‘Prize’ to be ‘win’…to be ‘won’, for Helping Others – there is no ‘Nice Feeling’ –
There is Securing Your Future, Your next Life, to enter in a Reality, of Your-Own Design – where Everyone Live as Equals. That’s the ‘payoff’ – a payoff you’re not going to see in ‘this-Life’. So you’re gonna need Common Sense because you’re not gonna See the Result. You may See the Result in the ‘small’, in the Agreements you do Dare to enter into.

But I mean, that even is a Fuckin, ‘risk’. So we will continue with the Resonant-Discussions, and the Resonant-Discussions will Only be done to people that visit the Farm, that is doing the Structural Resonance Alignments – Specifically, because through the Structural Resonance Alignments, we will be setting up a much bigger Farm, which will be done by 2013, which will be Focused on –
Leadership Development in the World, Specifically Developing Common Sense Leadership, that will work for Equality for All – where people will come and, learn on the Farm, how to work – with Earth, with Nature, with the Physical, with the Mind, with every Part – the Resonance, Everything, so that they can be Effective Human Beings, that Live with Dignity.

So those that Dare to take part – if you can’t be involved Yourself, you may be able to Help somebody else, or you may be able to Help with the Facilities, to be able to House, or Feed these People, while they’re being Trained.

We will be very Strict in our Selection – who’s gonna be involved in Supporting People – in terms of Leadership in the World. But eventually, at least, on the Farm will be as many as One Hundred Trainers, plus the Trainers that will be Placed World-Wide, that will be Focusing on Preparing: A New Humanity, One who Really Fuckin Care.

Okay, we will release how these things will work, shortly.