Interviews from the Farm 63: Energy and Science

By: Bernard Poolman
26 December 2009

‘Energy’ and ‘Feelings’ and ‘Science’ and ‘Ego’ - We seem to have an, an over ‘zealous’ Trust in our ‘Science’. Every Human-Being can feel various states of ‘Energy’, and when it is measured by ‘Science’, it’s measured by a ‘Machine’ - What does the ‘Machine’ measure? Variations in ‘Currency’, in ‘Frequency’. Isn’t it ‘strange’ that something so ‘common’ - happening to every Human-Being every day in so many different ways, cannot be ‘specifically’-measured by ‘Science’? And all it is, is a ‘Frequency’, ‘Thoughts’, ‘Frequencies’, ‘Energy’ – it´s very much-like Electricity, we can ‘harness’-it but we don’t know ‘what it is’. We can ‘generate’-it - we don’t know its ‘True Nature’. The Human Being take much for granted - Of a mind that is allowed to run rampant . And then one attempt with ‘Machines’ to ‘measure’ what the ‘Mind’ is, instead of ‘Direct Observation’, ‘Breath by Breath’, looking-at ‘what it is’ we as ‘Humans’ are doing , what are you ‘Feeling’? What are you Not-‘Feeling’? When do you change in your movement? When are you ‘pretending’? – When are you’re Lying? why is it so difficult to be Self-Honest? Why is it so difficult to ‘Look’ for Real? Why is the ‘Desire’ so important? Many ‘Whys’ but what about the ‘How’, ‘How’ is it that we are doing this? ‘What’ is it that we are doing? ‘When’ are we doing it? Best is to ‘Stop’ and first ‘Assess’.